What is Bts Members Height?

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BTS members heights are from 170-178 cm. BTS member’s heights in meters are from range 1.74-1.81m .

What is Bts Height?

BTS - A BIG NAME :star2: :star:

But who are BTS and What Is The Meaning Of BTS? . BTS is Short for Bangtan Sonyeondan which means Bulletproof Boy Scouts, BTS come into being in 2013 in Seoul, South Korea.BTS debuted under the small company called Big Hit Entertainment… All the BTS members struggled a lot in making their names and in becoming what they want to be in future lives and well we all know that every member in them has pretty much accomplished that. This boy band consists of mixture of people from different areas of Seoul , Busan , Ilsan and Daegu . This K-pop group starts from nothing but now they are on the verge that everyone in the world knows who the are? and from where they belong . Not only this due to BTS population, their own country Korea has entered into the list Best Countries To Visit in 2020. Rap Monster(RM) who is also called as Kim Namjoon with Seok Jin, Min Yoongi also known as Suga, J-Hope(Jung Hoseok ), V(Kim Teahyung ), Jimin, and Jeon Jungkook. They consist of only 7 members. there were rumors that there were more members in BTS in the start of them but later only 7 of them remains in the group . this world biggest boy group first debuted in 2013 with alum ‘2 Cool 4 Skool’ in which the members did the school type concepts songs in it all the members songs have some melodic rhythm in their songs and therefore all they become into the most popular boy band now called as BTS . BTS has included the concepts of socializing as well as , talking about topics of tormenting, emotional wellness, and love for oneself, among others, depression, self care etc. topics in their songs. May be that is the biggest reason of why there every song are a hit every time they release. Their recent dynamite is the only English song and was on top 100 in their few weeks. No doubts there are more efforts done by BTS ARMY in making them famous.That is the reason that on every BTS Members Birthday there songs trends on Youtube. There are list of BTS albums available on Youtube.

WORTH OF BTS :money_mouth_face: :moneybag: :money_mouth_face:

Starting at 2019, BTS with their album release has shows that they have broken the graphs and records in both Korea and the US. With their collections ‘Love Yourself: Tear’, ‘Love Yourself: Answer and ‘ Map of the Soul: Persona’ that talks about self love and care hits the highest points in streaming and record-breaking. Not only this they are also the only group that is now face to face with The Beatles. They have additionally gathered various acknowledgment from different political personalities in Korea and around the world, getting different awards like ‘tourism award for Korea’ from the Korean Government not only this due to their concert many stadiums are sold within minutes . ARMY says that it looks like heaven to see the BTS members perform live in any concert. Apart from all this , BTS are the one that also have given speech in United Nations on the topic of YOUNGER. There is album ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ was focused on the concept of self care and accepting your self as the way you are. No doubt why they are Best Talented Music Composers
Let us see who the tallest member sand is who is the smallest member in all of the BTS. By seeing from a naked eye, there isn’t any major difference between the height of every member but let us see on the figures.

KIMSEOKJIN: :man_curly_haired:

Jin’s is 179 cm/5’10.5″ and is second tallest in all the BTS (the second tallest) and he weighs around 63 kg/139 lbs.

  1. When talking about Bts ages, he is the eldest of all.
  2. He is the Vocalist
  3. His birth name is Kim Seok Jin
  4. He came into world on December 4, 1992
  5. he was born in city Gwacheon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea)
  6. Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)
  7. Being the joker guy, he is Sagittarius
  8. He has got some real blood type O
  9. He is the first to graduate from Konkuk University; Hanyang Cyber University
  10. He likes to study arts and has degree of Art and acting (Konkuk University)
  11. He likes 4 of all the numbers and likes his hairs to be of blue color.
  12. Favorite season: Spring
  13. Favorite food: Lobster, Steak, and Korean cold noodles (Naengmyun).
  14. Family: One elder brother
  15. Hobbies: Cooking, playing Brain Exercise Games playing the guitar, gathering Polaroid photographs

bts height

JIN- A COMPLETE FUN PACKAGE :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

He is the first one to join BTS in the age of 20. Due to being elder in all BTS members he is called “eomma” or mother by his group mates apart from this he is good in cooking and cleaning and do this lot in their run BTS shows Initially explored by SM Entertainment while in middle school, he dismissed the idea of being in the lane of K-pop first thinking that the SM Entertainment are some group of old cheaters. But later e regretted his decision and joined BTS. He is also the first one to join BTS and also the first who was being called ‘WORLDWIDE HANDSOME’ . He says that he was really shocked that people know him alt outside of Korea as well. He is notorious for his terrible Korean jokes and father jokes. He joined Big Hit Entertainment at 21 years of age and was a student in a high school that time . but the people of the big hit entertainment saw him when he was in the middle of separating his school and requested him to join the big hit entertainment company. He like s to become an entertainer therefore he took his education in arts filed and according to him he did not join any singing club to further enhance his singing skills , which means he has a born skill of singing. But according to critics he tried really hard to further enhance his singing skills when he was under debut in the big hit entertainment. like every other BTS member, Jin also has some great qualities in it no 1 is that of his flying kiss, and last but not least is his skills of making paper hearts. He has a unique quality to wink his eyes whenever someone stares at him. No doubt he knows how to people happy by giving them by his jokes that How to get rid of depression?

bts jin height


HEIGHT : 176 cm/5’9
Suga looks short but definitely he is not the shortest in BTS he is at 176 cm/5’9″, however he’s the slimmest, weighing just 59 kg/130 lbs!

  1. He is the Lead rapper
  2. his birth name is Min Yoon Gi
  3. he came into world on March 9, 1993
  4. he was born in city Buk-gu, Daegu, South Korea
  5. Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs)
  6. He is the savage of all again Pisces as his star.
  7. He got blood of O
  8. He has completed his education from Global Cyber University
  9. He is also lover of arts and took Liberal Arts Major
  10. He likes 3 of all number
  11. He likes to wear White
  12. He likes to eat Meat
  13. Family: Parents and brother
  14. Hobbies: Taking photographs, sitting idle and skipping work

Not only this, there is a lot about SUGA , so instead of thinking How Many Levels Are There In Candy Crush? you should use Internet-based technologies to know much about this most savage korean rapper.

Related facts

Our savage min yoongi is said to have a studio by the name of ‘genius lab’ .
He is the only member in all of the BTS that has collaborated the most with the female artist in all of the BTS .
According to the members, Suga looks like a cat
He used to work part time , once he got injured due to the accident that caused him to stop dancing for the time being.

Summary: Apart from knowing How many BTS members are there? you should also know that every BTS members has got some unique skills from RM being the fan of Brain Exercise Games to Jungkook being the pro in playing Halo games in order

RM :running_man: :running_man:

Height: 181.68 cm (5’11")

Position: Leader, rapper
Real name: Kim Nam Joon
Date of birth: September 12, 1994
Birthplace: Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Weight: 67 kg (147 lbs)
Zodiac sign: Virgo
H has got a unique blood group with A type.
Education: Apgujeong High School; Global Cyber University
Favorite number: 1
Favorite tone: Purple, dark, and pink
Favorite food: Meat (Samgyeopsal), and Korean noodles (Kalguksu).
Family: Parents and a sister
Hobbies: reading Best Historical Fiction Books and writing songs
RM songs are included in 5 Professional Karaoke Machine With Songs

Some fact about RM

Rm is the one that knows English in all the BTS members. Recently he was seen to wear a ring on his ring finger that creates some tension among the fans. He says that he learns English by himself by and American sitcom ‘Friends’. he says that he also visited a contry New Zealand when he was young to further study. Rm has got some great IQ level with a 148 scores. In the recent interview in one of the Korean show, one can see that rm is really efficient in making the opponent shocked by his calculating the difficult mathematical equations in his head. According to Suga, Rm is the only member that studies a lot of books, and not only this he used to visit museums in his leisure time. On many occasions, Rm has also appreciated the fact that other members have done well in speaking English in some American shows. According to fan, he is the one that supports lesbians and gays the most and is the one to raise his voice for them.


Our president is the tallest in all the BTS and is also the brain of all the BTS . He stands second in all the BTS members with, coming up to 181 cm/5’11". He weighs around 67 kg/148 lbs and is one of the heaviest among all the boys.

Kim Namjoon also the main rapper in the group and also the most intelligent in all, this rapper is said to cowrite most BTS songs. He is the one that delivers the speech in the united nations representing Korea. Talking about RM height than one Twitterati said that he sees RM in real life and someone that has seen RM before in his life would definitely say that he is the tallest among all the individual and has delicate features that are overshadowed on the television. According to that Twitterati, everyone in the BTS is tall but RM of all he is the tallest among all and has sharp features as well. . He also says that although Jimin looks like a short one, he is not much short.

height of bts

5. JIMIN HEIGHT :koala: :koala:

HEIGHT: 175 cm/5’9″
Among all the BTS members, he is the one that has got less height and is the slimmest in all BTS members, with only 61 kg/134 lbs.
Jimin, no doubts are the prince charming of the group, but he is the shortest in all the BTS member. All the BTS members always make fun of him due to being short, especially Jungkook. But no doubt our Jimin is the multi-talented member in all the BTS. He has a height of about at 175 cm/5’9″ tall. Jimin is said to be the most fashionable person in the whole of the BTS. But he is the shortest in all the BTS. Jimin, who is the main dancer and main vocal in all of the BTS is only 173 cm, bringing him to the bottom list of BTS member height and he also slimmest like yoongi , which is the rapper in BTS. But according to some people, Jimin looks short but is not short as he seems to be. Jimin being the shortest is the cutest of all the BTS members, and there are various clips in which Jimin has requested his group mates to stand below level than him so that look tall.


One Twitterati said that she was asked by one of her students that how much is her height and when she said that student that her height is 173 cm then that kid makes fun of her and told that she the teacher is of the same height as BTS Jimin. The teacher on that post then added that he was astonished that someone of his height is said the shortest in the group.
But apart from all this, we can’t be particular of what Jimin and other members height are, but we are pretty sure by seeing them on television that all of them have a great diet and they all took special care of how they look and how they are being perceived by the audience. Some said that Jungkook of all the BTS has got some great height and features.

6. V HEIGHT :tiger: :tiger:

V has got some features similar to Jin , the vocal of the group. He also stands second tallest in the group as jin with 179 cm /5’10.5″, however, he weighs less than jin and has a weight that is similar to Jimin that is only 62 kg/137 lbs. This handsome member of BTS has carried all the BASIC FASHION TRENDS 2020 in his music videos.

7. Jungkook - The tall one :rabbit: :rabbit:

Jungkook is 178 cm/5’10 tall and is said to be weighed the more in all the BTS members and is around 70 kg/154 lbs . WELL, it is really surprising that all the BTS members are just at the ideal weight and height. Apart from this, he has a soothing voice that has self-care messages that can make you get rid of DEPRESSION a silent KILLER

J-Hope’s Height :smile: :smile:

Our hope , JHope height is 177 cm/5’10 and is the rapper and has got great weight with weight of 65 kg/143 lbs. Jhope has a unique quality to rock 90s Hip Hop Fashion

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS :arrow_down: :arrow_down:

There are a lot you need to know about bts, apart fromBts names: and BTS albums like some of the members physique

Who is called Mochi in all Bts members?

Jimin is called Mochi by his group mates because he has puffy cheeks.

Who is the shortest in all BTS?

Jimin is the shortest in all group, he is the shortest in all composers of Best Top 20 Composers

Who is smallest in age but tallest in BTS heights ?

Jungkook is the tallest in all bts , not only this he is also called bunny kookie by his members due to his cute actions. Jungkook has played all Educational Games Online, this confession was done by Jungkook in one of ‘RUNBTS’ episode.

CONCLUSION: :high_brightness: :high_brightness:

No doubt BTS due to their songs records are now included inBest Talented Music Composers and their everysong is ranked on Billboard on top. Apart from all this , all the bts members have perfect height and weight also.