BTS Members Birthday

To be honest it somewhat seems like a job of an ARMY to keep track of each BTS members birthdays.

BTS Members Birthday

BTS Band members birthday Order wise

When is BTS birthday? According to some ARMY’S they celebrate little on their own birthdays but when it comes to BTS birthdays then according to the fans , they celebrate like its their own birthdays and we think that this should be the appropriate act as well. WHY? Because we are ARMY! Since the debut BTS has become the famous and greatest boy group in years, breaking the barriers of language in music . If you are wondering that who is the eldest in whole BTS group and How many BTS members are there?then you should know that they are seven members altogether and the eldest in group is now 29 years old as of 2020 and is none other but our worldwide handsome KIM SEOKJIN, who is funny and do a lot of dad’s jokes making all BTS members laughing on the ground but the only member that doesn’t laugh on his jokes is our savage SUGA(rapper).

Then it comes to our rapper Suga who is the eldest after Jin, Rm, and Hobi (both being rappers) are of same age and our handsome Kim Taehyung and Park Jimin are of same age that is 25 years as of 2020 . Maknae is Jungkook who according to some ARMY’s name should be ‘KOOKIE’ . Rm being the brain of all has an IQ of 148 and is also the leader of BTS. RM was the one that requested Band PD(BTS director) that he don’t want to go solo when he was asked that if he wants to disband from the BTS.

No doubt he is the most loyal . He says that he is fan of some . RM has a great role in composing all BTS albums. Now BTS are considered Best Talented Music Composers.

1. RM Birthday

RM came into a KIM’s family on September 12, 1994. As of 2020, he is 26 years old and he is the most genius and intelligent of all. Being born in September he sure has got some VIRGO qualities and he is also head of all the BTS. He was popular before joining BTS and according to Jeon Jungkook , RM was the one that made Jungkook come into the group. Keeping in fact that Jungkook also auditioned in other companies like JYP Entertainment company that currently has K-pop group like GOT7 and TWICE working under them , but still Jungkook decided to work under BTS because f RM.

That is what we called VIRG energy , which means a Virgo attracted by VIRGO. He is also the one in BTS that self-learn the whole English language. With the coming years , RM English fluency increased. He has got some excellent situational leadership qualities.


While it was difficult for RM to do anything exceptional for his birthday this year, but all BTS members decide to give a surprise to RM. Going live on platforms like VLive on his birthday, RM’s stream was interrupted in between stopping him from receiving birthday wishes from ARMY, because his VLIVE was interrupted by his group mates Jin, Suga, Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope that came along to him with cake. Not only this they also sing some birthday songs to RM. RM also likes to read books on his birthday.


RM thoughts on his birthday

Rm said that it was awkward for him sometimes when people sings him some birthdays songs and being an adult that we also hated this , but what should we do when all the members planned together this act. ! Keeping in mind that

RM is intelligent and has habit of reading Best Historical Fiction Books

They have following qualities

  1. Dedicated

  2. Virgos realize that difficult work pays off and may even go to the last in achieving their success

  3. Innovative

  4. Virgos are innovative and they have a unique way of describing themselves in anything interesting. Their imagination always led them to success road, and they think a lot about everything . they are a fan of, dance, and music.

  5. Virgo’s have got the best Smile line

  6. They always have got something to learn so in Virgos’s case they instead of thinking How Many Episodes are in Fairy Tail? they read some Life Changing Books

2. Suga’s Birthday

Job of an army include celebrating savage member birthday in a lavish way. Now coming to our savage king and rapper Suga, you’re presumably shocked to discover Suga is a Pisces. He was brought into world on 9th March ninth, 1993, Suga is the only one that has flat face when ever Kim Seokjin starts radiating his Sagittarius qualities by telling some of his dad jokes .

Min Yoongi aka SUGA never laugh on any of Kim SeokJin jokes. According to SUGA, all of the jokes that our worldwide handsome Kim SeokJin gives is not funny and are cheap. Well Suga this is something more savage but never mind his jokes are sometimes funny in a way that someone can not shut his mouth without laughing. SUGA is Pisces and Pisces are generally known as more humane and compassionate. We don’t know how Suga cannot laugh on Jin’s jokes but to be honest his jokes must be included in Best Depression relief apps you can use


Indeed, even with snappy and snarky comments, it’s clear that SUGA Is the most savage one and he is also hardworking and genius apart from this. The 27-year-old isn’t the best at indicating his own feelings, yet with his little acts he makes people around him know the fact that he is probably the most caring and also love other people. Suga importance in the group can be seen from the birthday wishes he got all around from the world and from all his group mate.

Pisces is known as the most imaginative of all zodiac signs, and they often express their uniqueness in their work.They are visionary and are fans of music and dance. Not only this they have an imaginative quality state.

They include the following qualities

  1. They are Compassionate and Innovative
  2. They like to be independent by themselves.
  3. They have king-like heart
  4. They lift others in sad times and make others free from
  5. They always have answers for How to get rid of depression?

Summary: ARMY’s loved all the BTS members equally and it’s nothing unexpected when the birthday celebrations of our favorite people come around. So if you are a baby army or a new army that recently entered to the ARMY world then there is a lot you should know about the whole group but let us start with the simple one first . 2 BTS members are VIRGO, while the other are Capricorn, Pisces, and Sagittarius.


Kim Taehyung’s birthday is celebrated religiously around the world as an ARMY’s job. Being also the heir of Kim family apart from RM, he was also a companion of Jin by being born on December 30th, 1995, the 24-year-old V isn’t anxious about what other pole around him think of him nor does he shows any mercy to his haters. That is what we called Capricorn energy. He with his own lavish fashion sense makes his haters down in one go. He not only was placed on number 1 in the list of the most handsome people on the world, but he is also the one that is pure from his hearts as well. This pure-hearted V is one of the few members of BTS that post frequently on ARMY’s photos on Weverse.

Weverse is the Korean social media app that is used frequently by Korean personalities and V is one of them that frequently interact with his fan aka ARMY through this app. V is said to be a fan of CELINE(a Paris based company ). V has a great fashion sense, and he is also a fan of Gucci. He is the living example of How fashion can change your life?. Additionally he likes to wear 90s Hip Hop Fashion


All their group mates love him very much not because of his looks but because V has got some kind and loving heart, according to jin he is the one that is close to his heart. No doubt that this is the very reason why V is considered important in all BTS members. V not only has a kind heart but has a personality that is happy from small acts of kindness, not only this V is someone that wish other BTS members via social media all the time. But when the members wished him birthdays through social media last year then his happy face was something that can tell us how much he loved the members telling him birthday through social media.

They have following qualities

  1. They are very sensitive

  2. They have unique imaginative qualities.

  3. Their mood changes in seconds.

  4. They are beautiful /handsome and look breath-taking when wears Monochrome outfits and Different Types Of Jackets

4. Jeon Jungkook Birthday

Jungkook birthday is always celebrated with full responsibility around the world by ARMY’S as their jobs .The maknae , was Jungkook brought into this world on 1st September 1997. Indeed, he also got some Virgo energy because of his birthdays. The 23-year-old maknae of the group also has same qualities as the group leader RM but besides all the qualities than RM has . He also is considering the most hard-working member of all the BTS members. He is the one that has got the attention of audiences every time he comes with something new. The ARMY’ s has not come yet from his performance in his solo ‘MY TIME’ . According to ARMY’s and Jungkook himself, ‘MY TIME’, his solo song radiated some energy of Jungkook’s life . No doubt that is what his unique quality is part of all the BTS members.

Jungkook- The Maknae

.Not only it is a well-known fact that ARMY’s love Jungkook the most but also it is the VIRGO energy also that makes Jungkook famous in all the BTS. According to the fans, Jungkook radiates rabbit energy and that is the reason why his representative emoji is ‘rabbit’ . Jungkook says that according to him. KIMSEOKJIN is the one that he is close to in all the BTS members. Jungkook says that his favorite personality is RM(Kim Namjoon). RM was the reason to why Jungkook is in BTS.

Being the youngest in all the BTS members, Jungkook is also a billionaire. Not only he is hardworking, but he did all his hard work from his early ages. He was just 13 years old when he auditioned in a Big Hit Entertainment company and got selected in the first attempt.

Virgo have following qualities

  1. They are firm in their decisions.
  2. They are Persistent
  3. They have soft and kind heart.
  4. Apart from all the positive qualities they got some very irritating negative qualities including
  5. Overthinking
  6. Judgemental
  7. Overly- critical



To fulfil your job as an ARMY , you must know the birthday of world wide handsome.From the oldest member of BTS to the one that is near to going to his ARMY, Jin was brought to the world on 4th December 1992. The Sagittarius in all BTS members 27-year-old Jin has consistently had included in his music something that is unique in music. Prior to joining BTS, Jin was a nerdy person. Jin has got some business skills also because now he is the owner of a restaurant that was opened in Seoul in 2018.

The restaurant that Jin opened has Japanese food. Jin no doubt is the gear t cook and according to him, Jungkook is the one that steals his food the most. It is also apparent that Jin is like another parent to Jungkook because on his live streams that were called ‘EAT JIN’ ., Jin cooked something and invited Jungkook to eat.


It is not true to deny the fact that SUGA is the most savage and he is the one member that doesn’t even smile. While jin has got some Sagittarius skills and he always make he room light be telling his dad jokes you can also see how Jin makes the room light by simply glancing back at his VLive for his birthday a year ago, about seeing it you can surely know how he makes the room laugh in only a split second with his jokes.


To complete your responsibility as an army, you must and should know Sunshine’s birthday. J-Hope brought into the world on 18th February 1994. J-Hope is the Aquarius in all BTS members. Jhope got his stage name from his fans because he is the most smiley person among all the BTS members, and he is the most caring person to be in the whole BTS. Recently in the YouTube channel of BTS, Jungkook says that he posted a message on the group asking for some opinions about something but only Jhope reply while others only ignore the message.

This shows how much he cared for all member’s feelings. Jhope just like Suga got a bunch of birthday wishes from all across the worked on his birthday and he says on his last birthday while celebrating with Army that he wants someone in his life this year that can make him happy and that can understand him very well. Well, we hope that our sunshine Hobi got someone really special that can make his life good in the coming years. WE wish all the best to our Hobi for this purpose, cheers!


ARMY always have kept the track of the Mochi also called Jimin. Our very one PARK JIMIN aka the flirty members according to the ARMY’ S is the shortest in height in all the BTS members. He says that he likes his eyes the most in all of his faces. He was born on 13th October 1995. The Libra in all BTS members, 24-year-old Jimin is apparently the one that laughs at Jin’s jokes, According to one rumors, if Jimin doesn’t laugh on Jin’s joke then he got angry in a split second. Jimin behind having the Libra energy because he is the one that always checks if other members are in good condition or not. Jimin is the one that keeps making sure that all the members are in good mental health.


Any ARMY who loves BTS knows Jimin is the one that plans every birthday with the members. While everybody has a unique quality, Jimin consistently does an amazing job for birthday celebrations. Once more, Libra energy. Jimin celebrates Jungkook birthday by one of the 20th Birthday Ideas

BTS Members


Besides knowing when and where did each BTS member was born , there are a lot you need to know as BTS ARMY.

Who is the smallest in age?

Jungkook is the smallest in age in all.

Who can rap and sings as well?

V (Kim Taehyung) can sings and rap as well

Who is the visual king?

All BTS members are breath-taking to see , and that is the reason all members of BTS Aare included in the list of handsome faces.


If you know What Is The Meaning Of BTS? then probably you must be a ARMY, ■■■ you need to know all the birthdays of BTS members . All the BTS members love each other and celebrate each of their birthdays like a family.