Best Depression relief apps you can use

Depression is the gift of a fast-paced, nerve-wracking modern life, which strikes at everyone in different ways. Sometimes it causes deep depression, sometimes it affects your health in the form of loneliness, grief, or extreme stress. Along with the treatment of depression and the use of drugs, we also need to balance mental health. In today’s fast-paced world, every second person seems to be suffering from depression. You will find very few people who can shed tears, such people are called “Motivational Speakers”. Whether it’s getting rid of depression and rejuvenating your heart, or career-building counseling, the world of counseling is now commercialized, as you can see in the form of inspiring books, in which hidden advice can turn your life around. Do what you want, like play games, do healthy and interesting activities like hairstyle, ear piercing, etc. It is important to be interested in reading in order to read. However, the same thing is now available for free in the form of an app on your Android and iPhone. Let’s take a look at some of the best apps to help you get rid of depression.

Moodpath: Depression and anxiety tests

Available on iPhone and Android, this free app maps your mental health and determines your mood. It contains a 14-day questionnaire for emotional well-being, the answers to which will bring you out of the whirlpool of despair over treatment and into the realm of hope. Not only that, but you can find a cure for pain by talking to psychologists, psychiatrists, and professionals. The more than 150 exercises involved in it have a magical effect in keeping your mental health fresh. During the Depression and Anxiety Tests, the flowers of hope will bloom and spread the colors of happiness on your face.

Talklife: We are a new group

Also available on iPhone and Android smartphones, it is a free app, through which you can talk to friends and experts about the causes of depression. This app offers connections and community support, where thousands of people are there to talk, listen, and help you. If you want secrets to explain the cause of your sadness, this facility is also available in group settings, where you can talk openly with psychologists.

Daylio: Familiar with the mood

If you have mood swings or mood swings, this Mood Famous Free app stores the details of daily activities and moods in the app via graphics, working as a mood tracker for you, allowing you to control your mood. Understand better. This feature is available for free on iPhone, Android.

Youper: Artificial intelligence advisor

This app gives you tips on how to deal with depression while working as an artificial intelligence advisor. It is also helpful in changing the way of thinking and balancing attitudes. However, the techniques given here are awaiting your response. You can also use it to promote communication and public relations. This app can be downloaded for free on iPhone and Android systems.

Depression CBT

There are self-help international articles on cognitive bioremediation therapy (CBT), like a diary for your heart. Full of mood tracking and motivational features, this app is a treasure trove to keep your mood good. The Depression Test tells you where you are at the moment. This app is only available to free of charge on the Android system.


Available for free on iPhone and Android, this is a focus-enhancing app. With its help, you come to the path of acceptance and peace knowing your feelings and emotions. Developed by a psychologist, the app includes a number of supportive techniques, such as visualization, mindfulness meditation, and file relaxation, which help relieve stress and fight depression.


Available on iPhone and Android, this app, which makes you feel happy by name, has many games to take away your sadness. Games based on positive technology, mindfulness, and CBT create energy in the body and soul by eliminating depression, anxiety, and stress.