What is the meaning of BTS?

BTS is not just a name, but it is now a brand name. Their popularity is evident from the fact that their every album charts the billboard list and in the first week of their album release their all songs trends on YOUTUBE.

What is the meaning of BTS?

WHY BTS? :hole: :hole:

BTS means Bulletproof Boy scouts. BTS is a Korean pop group that contains 7 members in their group. According to some rumors, there are two more members besides the seven but before they debuted the two members backed away leaving them only to seven members groups. BTS is not only the name, but they are also a whole brand name as I said above. They are the most talented boy group ever considered in the history of K-pop. BTS is a mixture of artists that include RM(RAP MONSTER), who is also the leader of the group. According to fans he has some Situational leadership qualities. Min Yoongi , Hobi hoseok , Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook, Kim seokJin(who knows the German Language, Park Jimin . Rap Monster (RM) full name is Kim Namjoon. They are seven group members that rap, sing and dance. Rap Monster (RM) ,Min Yoongi , Hobi hoseok is the rapper. Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook is the main vocalist. Hobi hoseok is the main dancer while the side vocalist is Park Jimin and SeokJin. Only four members have the stage that includes V for Kim Taehyung, Jhope for Hobi hoseok , Suga for Min Yoongi, Rm for Kim Namjoon. Like every other group, this K-pop group starts from the ground. In the first, they were neglected by various music awards shows.BTS is not the only K-pop brand but there are hundreds of other KPOP groups as well. BTS called their fans BTS ARMY

BTS AWARDS :blossom: :blossom:

People will recognize as soon as you state the name of BTS. Their popularity is increasing by seconds now. Ever since BTS gain popularity for ‘I NEED U’ song of their album, the awards of them increase years by years. In Korea, there is a whole music world where other K-pop groups also perform. MAMA is the Korean award show where different K-pop groups like black pink, Ateez, Mamoo, Gfriend, and many more K-pop groups perform. In the recent interview, the group leader RM told the audiences that MAMA (Mnet ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS) is the only award to which they were not invited to back in their debut days. But now the irony is that they are the ones to get the most MAMA awards in history. They are now considered as Best Talented Music Composers

LISTS OF AWARDS WON BY BTS :anger: :anger:

This is a countless award and got by BTS, not only this they are the only boy band who got the most nominees. BTS, a South Korean K-pop boy band that debuted in June 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment. On May 5, 2015, the band won their first number-one win on South Korean music program SBS . This was the first-ever win of the group after 2 years of their debut. This win shocked not only the boys in the group but their entertainment company as well. The Big Hit Entertainment company was not much famous as the other companies of Korea. BTS were the first group they were leading. After the years when Bts got successful by leaps and bounds then the entertainment company, Big Hit Entertainment also debuted a girl’s group, but this girl group got into a scandal and was soon dispatched. After years of the girl’s group dispatched , the company decided to debut another boy group named TXT(Tomorrow X Together) which are also popular but are not much as BTS. BTS are considered to have the most big concerts.

AWARDS OF BTS IN 2015 :point_left:t2: :point_left:t2:

Back then in 2015 , the bts were not a popular group so they receive no awards but when their song ‘I Need U’ came out it broke the records. With the increasing popularity they were invited to many awards shows including MAMA also. BTS wins Disc Bonsang for their song The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 1 while due to their dance in their single song ‘I need U’ they receive Best Male Dance awards in the same year. BTS albums have a different genres in them and according to the genre they wear their dress. In their recent album, dynamite they use 90s Hip Hop Fashion

AWARDS OF BTS IN 2016 :globe_with_meridians:

The boy group, BTS, got nominated for three awards this year , including Popularity Award, Singer, Best Icon Award, Singer, Best Artist Award, Male Singer. But they won only two awards namely that were Best Icon Award, Singer and Best Artist Award, Male Singer.
This award was introduced in 1990. Bts were nominated for this ward and they also win the award for two times in arow.

AWARDS OF BTS IN 2017 AND 2018 :soccer: :soccer:

BTS, got nominated for award Popularity Award, Singer, but unfortunately, they didn’t win this award. Despite this the K-pop group, BTS, won something big. They won the top social artist award at the billboard awards. They were the boy group that broke the winning streak of Justin Bieber, who was winning the award for almost 7 years in a row. The boy group, BTS, won this award for their song, Blood Sweat and Tears. BTS are now winning this ward continuously with a streak of four years from 2017 till 2020. Let see who the group will be breaking this award in the future. After their win in 2018, theBig Hit Enternamint for which bts were working invested a whopping amount in the Stock market leading them to contribute a big part in Korean economy. The award nominees for BTS in 2018 was big. They were nominated for Popularity Award (Singer), Korean Tourism Appreciation Award, Fabulous Award, Artist of the Year – Music, and Daesang Award (Singer). The group not only was nominated in all these awards, but they won all the above-mentioned awards.

bts meaning

Daesang Award : AND Best Icon Award: :cherry_blossom:

Daesang is the Korean word and the award given to only the K-pop group. This award is given to the artist that sold the most copies and broke many records in the year. This Daesang ward, in short, is given to the grip seeing their yearly performances
This award was introduced in 2015. Bts were nominated for this award but they didn’t win this award.

Korean Tourism AND 2019 NOMINATIONS :cherry_blossom:

This award was given to BTS in 2018, no doubt the group greatly increases the tourism in their country this year. Many new fans entered BTS fandom that is called ‘Army’ in this year. BTS concerts were held mostly in Korea due to the budget in the first few years of BTS debut , so a lot of Fans i.e. army visited Korea to attend their concert leading the tourism industry to be benefited from this . This is one of the biggest reasons why the K-pop group, BTS, won this award in 2018. Due to the increase in tourism , Korea soon came on the list of Best Countries To Visit for holidays. BTS was nominated for awards of AAA X Dongnam Media & FPT Polytechnic Popularity and Popularity Award – Music Award but unfortunately, they didn’t win these awards.

AAA X Dongnam AND 2020 :cherry_blossom:

This award is one of the few awards that BTS never wins. BTS got nominated for this award only once, but never did they win this award . The venue of this and is mostly Korea but due to some technical reasons this award ceremony was held outside of the Korea in Vietnam. Many artists that visit [Vietnam for attending the awards also visited 9 best places during Vietnam visit. BTS, that stands Bangtan Sonyeondan , that later changed their name to Bulletproof Boy Scouts got nominated for Popularity Award but did not win this award. Instead, they won the Artist of the Year, U+ Idol Live Popularity Award, Daesang award. They receive award for their song ‘Love Yourself: Answer’.

Summary: Well the first years of BTS were really pathetic they did diet , exercise and continuously practiced their dance moves. But no one notices, at the end, they got success with their song name ‘I Need U’

GOLDEN DISCS AWARDS- KOREA :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:

BTS are the brand people that always gets these awards. The Golden Disk Awards is a yearly South Korean music awards that gives local music artist the awards as an appreciation. This GOLDEN DISCS award was designed with the reason to further increase the musical variety in whole Korea and find new talents that add to the development of the music.From its initiation in 1986, the occasion was known as the Korea Visual and Records Grand Prize Award, in Korean, it is written as (대한민국 영상음반대상) until 2001 when this whole award show was changed to the name of Golden Disk Awards. The location of this award show changes every time, first, it was held in South Korea until 2012, then it was held in Osaka, Japan. This award is considered one of the few Cash awards in Korea.

This Golden Disk awards was also held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2013, and in Beijing, China in 2015. The Golden Disk Awards prizes was given the design by Kim Su-Hyeon, a teacher at Chungbuk National University. As of the 34th Golden Disk Awards, there are many categories of the award shows namely Album of the Year (called Album Daesang) and Digital Song of the Year (sometimes called Digital Song Daesang).

2014 and 2015: :cherry_blossom:

BTS was nominated for award Newcomer Award and they successfully won this award. Bts in this year continuously relesad the songs. At that time all the Bts members ages were small. Jeon Jugnkook , the main vocalist of the group was only 13 years old that time. Bts released their album Dark & Wild in 2015 that include many famous BTS Songs namely ‘War Of Hormone’. Due to the popularity and lyrics of this song the group won the Disk Bongsang award.

2016 Awards and 2017: :cherry_blossom:

Bts released the album named The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1 that included songs like dope, hold me tight, I need U, and many more songs. They again received the award, Disk Bonsang for this album. They got nominated for the Global Popularity Award in the same year. Bts made a streak by winning the Disk Bonsang in the third row, the were nominated for Golden Disk Asian Choice but didn’t win this award. But instead, they won Global K-Pop Artist Award .

BTS DISBANDING AND AWARDS IN 2018: :cherry_blossom:

BTS won Disk Bonsang ward again for their album Love Yourself 'Her’ . they got nominated in Digital Daesang but didn’t win the award.In the sam year, SeokJin the oldest member of the boy band got himself an Online Education Degree. During Mama 2018 in Hongkong, Jin revealed the fact that BTS nearly disband at the beginning of the year 2018. Although no reasons were told by SeokJin about their disbanding according to the fans there are many possibilities that they will try to disband. Although it is a well-known fact that BTS was the only K-pop group that famous more than any other K-pop group in history.

  1. In Jin’s family the closest relative died leading him to depression.

  2. V lost a relative (his grandmother). According to V(Kim Teahyngy ), his grandmother brought him up for almost 14 years.

  3. RM had some medical issues particularly breathing problems.

  4. Exhaustion from practices. Sw

  5. Relationship issues (friends, family, colleagues, wives/girlfriends)

  6. Jungkook medical issues.

  7. Troubles to meet their family members because fans kept interrupting in their privacy.

  8. Death threats.

  9. Languages issues. Bts has mostly used Korean words in their songs because except RM no one in the group knows much English.

  10. Low security. To solve this problem Big Hit Entertainment gives a separate apartment to the

  11. They don’t feel happy anymore by performing

  12. Feeling of not fulfilling the desires of their fans .

  13. Journalists and reporters’ were ready to interrupt their personal lives badly

  14. Fanfictions making them uncomfortable.

  15. An excessive amount of desires coming from their notoriety

  16. Harassment done by friends to them due to their popularity.

  17. Fans thinking that they are perfect but in actual they are not perfect. They are normal human beings with some defects.

  18. Feeling that they don’t deserve much success.
    bts Jhope

BTS DONATIONS AND FANS :cherry_blossom:

In 2015, BTS gave seven tons (7,187 kg) of rice to K-pop Star Road opening service held in Apgujeong-■■■■. The next year they took part in ALLETS’s “We should Share the Heart” cooperation and with Naver to raise gifts for LISA, a Korean clinical foundation that gives ■■■■■ and blood donation.

In January 2017, BTS and Big Hit Entertainment gave ₩100 million ($87,915) to the 4/16 Sewol Families for a Society, an association associated with the groups of the 2014 Sinking of MV Sewol. They gave ₩10 million and Big Hit Entertainment gave an extra ₩30 million. The money was given to them in secret. Later that year, BTS authoritatively dispatched their ‘Love Myself’ album, and do an activity that devoted to create viciousness against kids and their parents and to offer help for survivors of floods working in association with the Korean Committee for UNICEF. It was rumored that some BTS members also covers flood victims Flood insurance.

BTS called their fans Army that stands for Adorable Representative M.C for Youth. The fandom contains 90% of girls and 10% boys. The real meaning of this name is that army is used to protect the people and is a symbol of safety. the fandom of BTS says that this means that BTS and Army will always be together. Apart from BTS lovers, the BTS haters are called kpoppies. This name is not given by the group themselves but is given by the ARMY. According to ARMY, this kpoppies word means annoying stans of k-pop. One reason that K-pop fans love BTS is that the music videos of their song show a lot of Cultural diversity of Korea.

Summary: When BTS made a decision to disband then the fans were all sad and in agony. But later it was released by the entertainment company that the contract with them has been revied that brought happiness to the whole fandom. The most impressive thing of BTS is, which fans also feel is that they always considered Time as their Money. They practiced a lot and successfully won all the award shows. With their wins, all the hater’s mouths were zipped in one go.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:

There is a lot that poeple don’t know about BTS. Some people think that BTS is simple a bit group that sings or dance. But the truth is that BTS sings as well as dance. Due to the increase of their popularity, the tourism of Korea has widely increased and now Korea is in the list of Top 20 Countries To Visit in 2021

What is Big Hit Entertainment? Who is ■■■■ Si-hyuk?

Big Hit Entertainmen is a South Korean organization established by ■■■■ Si-hyuk in 2005. ■■■■ Si-hyuk, referred to expertly as “Hitman” ■■■■ . He is a South Korean lyricist, writer, , and music chief. He is the co-CEO of Big Hit Entertainment.

Who is the best BTS rapper? and the worst BTS rapper?

The best BTS rapper is either RM (Kim Nam-Joon) or SUGA (Min Yoon-Gi). Well, none rap bad according to their fans. So in nutshell, every rapper in the group rap really well.

Who is the best in BTS as a dancer? or the most exceedingly terrible BTS artist?

The best BTS artist is either Jimin (Park Ji-Min) or j-Hope (Jung Ho-Seok). Well, none of the singer, sings badly according to their fans.


BTS is not only the name of seven-member but a whole different world. BTS is basically a kpop group so they don’t have any sad songs that include slow tunes. As pop is all about buzzing music so is K-pop. Due to its popularity, BTS gained many different group also become famous. BTS is the only boy group to ever perform in Saudi Arabia, the country where there is a banning of every kind of music. BTS is not much popular in Korea but they are very poplar in America and Philippines.