Definition of Depression:

  1. Feelings of severe despondency and dejection.

  2. The action of lowering something or pressing something down.

  3. Lowest point in an economic cycle characterized by (1) reduced purchasing power, (2) mass unemployment, (3) excess of supply over demand, (4) falling prices, or prices rising slower than usual, (5) falling wages, or wages rising slower than usual, and (6) general lack of confidence in the future. Also called a slump, a depression causes a drop in all economic activity. Major depressions may continue for several years, such as the Great Depression (1930-40) that had worldwide impact. See also recession.

  4. A long and severe recession in an economy or market.

  5. A region of lower atmospheric pressure, especially a cyclonic weather system.

  6. The angular distance of an object below the horizon or a horizontal plane.

Synonyms of Depression

Melancholy, Misery, Sadness, Unhappiness, Sorrow, Woe, Gloom, Gloominess, Dejection, Downheartedness, Despondency, Dispiritedness, Low spirits, Heavy-heartedness, Moroseness, Discouragement, Despair, Desolation, Dolefulness, Moodiness, Pessimism, Hopelessness, Schmerz, Slough of Despond, Abatement, Abridgment, Abstraction, Abulia, Aching heart, Agony, Agony of mind, Alienation, Alleviation, Alveolation, Alveolus, Anguish, Antrum, Anxiety, Anxiety equivalent, Anxiety state, Apathy, Armpit, Attenuation, Bad times, Bale, Basin, Bitterness, Blank despondency, Blaze, Bleakness, Bleeding heart, Blues, Boom, Bottoming out, Bowl, Broken heart, Business cycle, Business fluctuations, Bust, Catatonic stupor, Cavity, Cheerlessness, Cleft, Comfortlessness, Compulsion, Concave, Concavity, Contraction, Cooling off, Couchancy, Crater, Crena, Crisis, Crushing, Crypt, Cup, Cut, Dampening, Damping, Death wish, Debasement, Decrease, Decrement, Decrescence, Deduction, Deepening, Deflation, Dejectedness, Dejection, Dent, Depreciation, Depth of misery, Desolation, Despair, Despondency, Despondentness, Detachment, Digging, Diminishment, Diminution, Dimple, Dip, Discomfort, Discouragement, Disheartenment, Dismalness, Dispiritedness, Distress, Distressfulness, Down trip, Downcastness, Downer, Downheartedness, Downturn, Dreariness, Drilling, Drooping spirits, Dying, Dying off, Economic cycle, Economic expansion, Economic growth, Economic stagnation, Elation, Emotionalism, Euphoria, Evil day, Excavation, Expanding economy, Expansion, Extenuation, Extremity, Fade-out, Fold, Folie du doute, Follicle, Funnel chest, Gash, Gloom, Gloominess, Glumness, Grief, Grievousness, Growth, Hack, Hard times, Heartache, Heartlessness, Heavy heart, Heavy weather, High growth rate, Hole, Hollow, Hollow shell, Hollowness, Hopelessness, Hypochondria, Hysteria, Hysterics, Impression, Incision, Incurvation, Incurvature, Incurvity, Indentation, Indifference, Infelicity, Insensibility, Jag, Jog, Joggle, Joylessness, Kerf, Lacuna, Lamentability, Lamentation, Languishment, Lessening, Lethargy, Letup, Low, Low spirits, Lowering, Lowness, Lowness of spirit, Lying, Lying down, Malaise, Mania, Market expansion, Melancholia, Melancholy, Mental distress, Miniaturization, Mining, Misery, Mitigation, Mournfulness, Nick, Nock, Notch, Obsession, Oppression, Pain, Painfulness, Pathological indecisiveness, Pathos, Peak, Peaking, Pessimism, Pit, Pitiability, Pitiableness, Pitifulness, Pocket, Poignancy, Preoccupation, Probing, Proneness, Prosperity, Prostration, Psychalgia, Psychomotor disturbance, Punch bowl, Rainy day, Recess, Recession, Reclining, Recovery, Recumbency, Reduction, Regrettableness, Relaxation, Sad times, Sadness, Sagging, Scaling down, Scoop, Score, Scotch, Self-destructive urge, Sharpness, Shell, Shortness, Simplicity, Sink, Sinkage, Sinking, Sinking heart, Sinus, Slowdown, Slump, Socket, Sorrowfulness, Spiritlessness, Squatness, Squattiness, Stormy weather, Stumpiness, Stupor, Subjacency, Subtraction, Suicidal despair, Supineness, Taedium vitae, The blues, Tic, Trough, Tunneling, Twitching, Unhappiness, Unresponsiveness, Upturn, Vug, Weakening, Weariness of life, Withdrawal, Woe, Woebegoneness, Woefulness, Wretchedness, Recession, Slump, Decline, Downturn, Slowdown, Standstill

How to use Depression in a sentence?

  1. Self-doubt creeps in and that swiftly turns to depression.
  2. Hurricanes start off as loose regions of bad weather known as tropical depressions.
  3. Angular depressions at the base of siltstone laminae represent casts of halite that was dissolved by lower-salinity waters that introduced silt.
  4. During the economic depression , the stock market plummeted, many businesses were forced to close their doors, and millions of people lost their jobs.
  5. The depression in the housing market.
  6. Depression of the plunger delivers two units of insulin.
  7. Sarah sighed, staring at the layoff notice. Since the economy had fallen into a depression , many of her friends had lost their jobs, and now so had she.
  8. The depression left the housing market in poor condition, which forced Henry to lay off half of his work force.

Meaning of Depression & Depression Definition