How many BTS albums are there?

22 albums have been released by BTS till 2020. BTS, aka Bangtan Boys, contains seven-member all together and have released 11 albums since 2013.

How many BTS albmus are there?


This bts album brought success to them. This album was released in 2014. Bts were releasing albums since their debut continuously. BTS debut in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment. It is seen that most of the songs released by BTS are being composed and written by them . Out of all the meres, RM(Kim Namjoon) creates most of the songs. But are you curious that What Is The Meaning Of BTS? or are you thinking that BTS means BEHIND THE SCENE.If yes then you are wrong… DARK AND WILD is the album that come in the early years of BTS debut . It was the album mixed with different songs. But due to BTS not being so popular it didn’t get much popularity among the fans . It contains many pop style type music composed and produced by a rap line including RM(Kim Namjoon) who is pro at brain exercise games. J-Hope, and Suga . This album did not contains strong feelings in their lyrics and BTS members also said that they don’t put much efforts in those songs , resulting in the song not being much famous as it could be from the rest of the albums of BTS. According to the BTS ARMY it was one of the best album of bts.


On July 30, 2014, Big Hit Entertainment posted an announcement on BTS’ official site, and on August 5, they made an announcement of releasing their songs on YouTube. They first released the trailer of the songs which highlighted different scenes of the albums. One scene from the trailer included some woods, while another demonstrated highly contrasting relinquished wood structures and RM was seen to sing in that part. On August 7, 2014, the Big Hit Entertainment also released some of the secret photos of the albums and that gave glimpse for the new album. BTS additionally delivered a B-Side Song named “Let Me Know”. The important part of that song is that it was of free streaming, and that song was made and created by Suga. The Big Hit Entertainment later delivered the collection’s whole songs on the social media pages like Facebook and Twitter pages. The album ‘WILD AND DARK’ have 14 tracks, with "DANGER " written in red, showing that it was the title song. Big Hit Entertainment later released two music videos for the lead single track “Danger”. BTS also released the audio collection of their songs of the whole album on their own SoundCloud page which also have short selections of songs from the tracks and that contains a lot of their hip-hop songs , and that also contains R&B sounds and electronica components. On October 21, BTS also made official the 19 photos of the somewhat different and their mature track song called "War of Hormone’’ through their own Facebook page and Twitter account. The little clip of their song of album ‘DARK AND WILD ‘’ containing song of ‘DANDER’ delivered on November 13. The song was released in collaboration with the Vietnamese vocalist, Thanh Bùi. So if you don’t know How to get rid of depression? then you should consider listening this album as it gives you the answers of How to live a healthy lifestyle? without being depressed.


On August 19, 2014, the music video for all the album songs were made officially free to watch on YouTube. It included the videos in which the members are wearing dark color and performing in a location of trains , and in a stockroom with empty shopping carts. The music video for “Battle of Hormone” was made available on YouTube on October 21, after BTS’ official promotions. The music video of these albums shows some of the members of the BTS wearing retro outfits and moving and dancing in open air locations . Zanybros created the “War of Hormone” music video.[20] For both "Danger " and “War of Hormone,” the band did the choreography that was made by Son Sungdeuk. After one month, the remixed form of the “Danger” music video, that was created by BTS and a Vietnamese artist and lyricist Thanh Bùi, was made delivered on YouTube. The "Danger " music video was created and coordinated by Lumpens and GDW. Some of this album songs are also included in sing list of 5 Professional Karaoke Machine With Songs

Advancements to success by Albums:

BTS held a public interview and a press conference on August 19, 2014, performing “DANGER l”, “War of Hormone”, and “Let Me Know”. The group then perform a lot of their song sin different music c shows showing off their talents to the audiences . These all the music programs begin on August 21, while other songs were also included in the performance. The BTS performed “DANGER” that was the single track of the album ‘WILD AND DARK’. The whole boygroup receives a lot of praises when their song like ‘War of Hormone" released on October 23 . But the group also rouse to the peaks of success just after the arrival of its music video on YouTube. On October 17, the group of boys also held some programs of BTS Live Trilogy Episode II: The Red Bullet show that also shows the glimpse of their future album. This promotion of album started from AX-Korea as their first venue and finished on December 20 in Bangkok. Their success led them in the list of Best Talented Music Composers

Business Of albums

The two song tracks from Dark and Wild found their position on the 2014 Billboard World Digital Songs for many weeks after the release . The ‘DARK AND WILD’ album appeared at number 2 on Gaon Weekly Chart for consequently three days from August 2014. After few days the position of the album was changed to number 3 at Gaon Monthly charts. Not only this album was praised inside of Korea but this album also lead them to get the position Billboard and this was the second time BTS got positioned in the Billboard list and it remained on the Billboard World Albums Charts . It remained on number 11 on the list of Billboard for many weeks. It also won Album Division at the 29th Golden Disk Awards in 2015. Apart from this it also appeared fourteenth on the list of albums in South Korea Gaon Album Chart in 2014.

Summary: Not only this but Suga, Jin , JHope, Jimin, V(Kim Taehyung) and Jungkook also creates a lot of songs in the recent times. The following contains the list of their albums since their debut. All of their albums chart in top 100 songs in the first week of their release. That shows that all the members were incredibly talented from the very start.


The main message the group delivers behind the lyrics is that one should love oneself and accept the ways they are . The album also contains a song ‘NO MORE DREAMS ’ in which the main message according to the leader of the group is that one should never let go off their dreams no matter what the situation is. The group members say that all the member work ■■■■■■■ this album. In the song ‘ALWAYS’ RM said that one day he wishes that someone would have killed him in the loud noises of the city. But little did they know that they will be more famous than they would imagine in the following years. It is a well-known fact that BTS got attacked with PLAGIARISM by haters due to copying of MV , but the message that the album contains is unique and gives you answer as Why it is Important to Improve Yourself?


In this album, Big Hit Entertainment also received some plagiarism issues because in one of their song they performed with the uniforms and previously another group also used school uniforms. In spite of the fact that BTS had achieved big success by their successes but still they were continuously targeted by bullies and haters on the web, including allegations that their is plagiarism in their songs. Big Hit Entertainment, the BTS company said in an official post on Facebook) denying all these also news . In one of the songs, BTS has worn school uniforms and according to the haters,one group in Korea has also done performance in school uniforms before. Many songs in this albums include lyrics that gives answer of DEPRESSION a silent KILLER

Love Yourself around the world - Album

On September 24, 2018 BTS was invited at the UN General Assembly and in that meeting the leader of the group delivers the speech that featured their message behind the songs. The meeting at UN was held one year after the release of the album . In the speech, RM told that it should not concern that who you are and what you are from, just speaks and love yourself and accept yourself the way you are . In the speech , RM told about his childhood in Ilsan . It was a seven-minute speech , but the message the speech delivers was ever-lasting. Not only this,according to RM this album will let people How To Become Your Best Self

Furthermore, in this meeting , RM started the speech telling about his early age and also told that what message their album has in ‘LOVE YOURSELF’. Rm told that the members put their blood , sweat and tears in all their songs in the ‘LOVE YOURSLEF ‘ album. LOVE YOURSELF features songs that are also included Best Depression relief apps you can use free.

bts albums


Their recent albums BE was blockbuster. The albums contain songs including dynamite that is all in English words. This is the first song of BTS that include no rapping by the rap -line. The


This is the album made with collaboration of a Japanese studio with BTS (BAGTAN BOYS) and was made official on July 14, 2020. The songs in this album contains Japanese words from their Love Yourself: Answer (2018), Map of the Soul: Persona (2019) and Map of the Soul: 7 (2020) collections.Jungkook the youngest of all BTS mebrs got himself a tattoo in this era and his tattoo is in the list of Tattoos of Top 30 Celebrities to Die for . This album include following tracks.

  1. Persona
  2. My time
  3. Boy with luv
  4. Make it right
  5. Louder than ■■■■■
  6. Ugh
  7. On
  8. Friends
  9. Moon
  10. 00:00
  11. black swan
  12. interlude
  13. filter
  14. inner child


This album was released on 12 June ,2013 . It included songs like

  1. Intro: 2 Cool 4 Skool (feat. DJ Friz)
  2. We Are Bulletproof Pt.2
  3. Skit: Circle Room Talk
  4. No More Dream
  5. Interlude
  6. I Like It
  7. Outro: Circle Room Cypher
  8. Hidden Track: Skit: On The Start Line
  9. Hidden Track: 길 Road/Path

An important event that happened in this era is that Taehyung brought new fans to BTS due to his beauty. He says that he drinks lots of water every day, so if you are wondering How much water should you drink a day? to become attractive like V, then according to doctors you must drink 8 glasses of water.


This was their second album in a year . It included following songs

  1. N.O
  2. We On
  3. Skit: R U Happy Now?
  4. If I Ruled The World
  5. Coffee
  6. BTS Cypher Pt.1
  7. Attack on Bangtan
  8. Satoori Rap
  9. OUTRO : Luv In Skool

This album also contains some Best Life Advice


This album was released on 13 May 2014 . It includes the following

  1. Miss Right
  2. I Like It (Slow Jam Remix)
  3. Intro : Skool Luv Affair상남자 Boy In Luv
  4. Skit: Soulmate어디에서 왔는지
  5. Where Did You Come From
  6. Just One Day
  7. Tomorrow
  8. BTS Cypher Pt.2: Triptych
  9. Spine Breaker
  10. Jump
  11. Outro: Propose


This album was released on 24 December 2014 and included the following songs

  1. INTRO
  3. JUMP
  4. Danger
  6. Just One Day
  7. I Like It

It was rumored that during the release of these songs , all BTS members did DASH diet: A Healthy eating to make themselves look slim on television.

Most beautiful moment in life:

This album was released on 29 April ,2015. This album is all about making yourself pretty and attractive in your eyes and if you are wandering How To Be Pretty then you should seriously listen to this album. It included songs like:

  1. I NEED U
  2. 잡아줘 Hold Me Tight
  3. Skit: Expectation
  4. DOPE
  5. Boyz With Fun
  6. Converse High
  7. Moving On
  8. Outro: Love is Not Over

There was a rapid increase in ARMY after the release of this album.



Apart from knowing How many BTS members are there? you should also know some other related information of this famous K-pop group.

Which BTS song is the best according to MV?

When we talk about BTS ages then out of all, Jungkook is the smallest and likes to play 5 Most Played Online Multiplayer Games of 2020 but according to ARMY he has performed the best in Blood Sweat and Tears MV , which is also considered the best MV of all BTS

Who is the most intelligent in BTS ?

RM has an IQ of 148 and he is all the most intelligent in all BTS. He says that he likes to read Best Historical Fiction Books

Who is the maknae?

Jungkook being the smallest in all is the maknae. He is 23 years old in 2020. Jin is the oldest of all the members.


If you have free time and you are thinking that why I am so Bored then start searching the internet for some of Bts albums and the meaning behind each Bts albums. Not only it will be the best Brain Exercise Games in a way that you will learn Korean language while learning the meaning but also the lingering meaning behind their every song.