5 Most Played Online Multiplayer Games of 2020

Video games are an important part of our everyday lives. We enjoy a lot of video games every day. Some of the games are offline, some of them online. The most famous among all the gamers is online multiplayer gaming. So I decided today to bring some of the most played games to you. This year there were 5 games that were created a lot of excitement amongst the gamers.


Fifa is a soccer video game. Electronic Arts Fifa is being released and developed (EA). It began its journey in 1993 and is Guinness World Records’ best-selling video game. It’s essentially a PC game, but there’s also a smartphone edition. Plays can download from the Google Play Store, Android Store, and Apple Store, for the smartphone edition. Players must purchase this game for the PC version. You can also compete multiplayer in this game with mates as opponents.


One of the famous online video games still dates, Players Unknown Combat Bound is known as PuBG.

This game is being distributed by Tencent, a Chinese corporation. Pubg has gained recognition for its gameplay and competition. It does not endorse low appliances since the graphic is exceptionally fine. For this game, nearly all players need a 3 GB RAM computer. This game has a number of maps, players have five maps to play for classic matches.

The maps are Erangal, Miramar, Livik, and Shock. Players are playing conventional level and level development tournaments. Six degrees of Silver, Gold, Platinum, Gem, Crown, and Ace are available. Players train the model for practice (Arena, TDM, Warehouses, Gun Match, Cherepark, etc).

There is also a zombie mood for the new addition. Pubg’s a simulation of survival. Of the 100 players and the killed enemies, players must at last survive. 100 player who eventually succeed by murdering other players He or his team has WWCD together in the classic tournaments (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner). Officials in Pubg organized a variety of tournaments to raise money by playing such tournaments. This is a career for many players who play PUBG.

3.Among Us

Shhhhhh! Shhhh! Shhhhhh! There’s an impostor between us. That’s the beginning of the game. Among us Free is today one of the world’s most playing multiplayer video games. Three maps can be played in the game. The game is so fun to play at any age. This game is so basic. In this gameplay, players have two rules.

You’re a cremate. Another is an imposter. That one. Crewmates have several assignments to do their work one day, locate the impostor, and remove the impostor. Murdered by the impostor’s mission to win the game can be accomplished.

The tax collector must kill the others in order to win. The game can even be sabotaged by an impostor. At a time in this game, ten players will play. Players will play with nearby friends. You can also play the random language of choice, from which players can be discussed whether the impostor is to be removed.

4.Free Fire

!Free Fire
Those who want to witness the great voyage with low-quality equipment in an online video game. The perfect game for them is Freefire. It’s a royal game of war. Fifty players land on a map, destroy each other, and eventually escape. And he’s got booyah who survives last. Character is the key thing in this video. By playing classic matches, players can unlock characters.

Players require diamonds to unlock the most significant characters. And on this diamond, players must invest real money. Extraordinary screens and dresses can be accessed by using diamond matches. It’s Google Playstore’s most successful and highly rated game.


Roblox’s game idea was fascinating, players can plan their own game and play other players. It’s a simulation online. The game was released in 2006. David Baszucki and Erik Casse created this game. It’s free Roblox. And good critical reviews are being received. Players will buy their character sale and decorating. They can sell their generated character if someone has a premium membership. It is considered a full-time job for many people. And they receive a lot of dollars.


Finally, if you find that you are a real gamer, you should try the most played titles. I would like to suggest this. At least once you can play these and see why they are so renowned