How old is kratos

How old is kratos? Kratos is 200 years old at the end of God Of War IV, although his age is never revealed in original game.

Kratos who is a fictional antihero game character created by david jaffe, one of the best game creator. Kratos belongs to the history of spartans of Greece.

According to reddit, It is believed, that kratos is 1000 year olds give or take 4 – 5 years. Although the age provided by them is also not true or trustable. It depends in your own estimation.

How old is kratos?

Kratos Zeus, who is one of the spartans, and best fighter in the God Of War game series, is believed to be 200 years old. Although, the creators themselves haven’t talk about hia age. No doubt, its clear that he never ages.

As the age is never revealed by the creators, we are forced to make our own nearly accurate estimation of his age.

Upon my estimation kratos must be 200 years old at the end of God Of War IV Game series.
The below is my estimation regarding the age of kratos at the end of God of War IV,

In spartans history, an spartan cannot perform wedding before they aged 30. So, it means that when Kratos married Lysandra “Faye” Laufey, he must be 30 years old. Both of them had two childs.

His first child was 8 years old when he was tricked by greece to kill his own family with his bare hands. Suming up, 30+8 = 38 years old. That means he was 38 when he killed his old family.
After the events of god of war three when you go in the tyr’s Vault, but after a while, you find a few things that has some meaning.

Firstly, you woud see a vase inside, stimulating kratos as the Ghost of Spartans, portraying that it must have been placed there before the temple was submerged, although such things would never be there.

A sign “tapestry” on the way to the box shows tyr visiting Greece, at that time kratos have no clue about tyr, so it is assumed that these are the events happen at the end of god of war 3.

Now for greece to recover after the revenge attack of kratos for his family would not be more than decade. That means he was 48 or 50 year old till greece was recovering from the revenge of kratos.

Now as we know, when we use the realm travel door in tyre’s temple with kratos wife faye, she says to us that temple was asleep for 150 winters, concluding that when kratos entered there he was also fall asleep until 150 years. This is the last event of God Of war.

Know going back to the beginning, how old is kratos?, Suming up all the years kratos lived till end of the god of war he is 200 years old at the end of gow 4 with a difference of 2 to 3 years. The age estimated by me is the least inaccurate.
According to reddit, kratos would be 1000 years old.

Because, The genuine memorable occasion that gives the premise to Fimbulwinter (which occurs toward the finish of the game) began in 535 AD. This is well inside the sensible scope of Barlog’s assertions, occurring in the AD’s nevertheless occurring more than 250 years before the Viking age. In this manner, we can appraise that God of War 4 occurred in 534/535 AD; We can likewise generally relate the date toward the finish of God of War III to the notable obliteration of Sparta through destructive tremor, which occurred in the year 464 BC. This implies that about 999 years has passed between the finish of GOW3 and the finish of GOW4. [This is in accordance with Barlog’s assertions of “around 1000 years” passing somewhere in the range of GOW3 and GOW4.

Who is kratos?

Kratos is a fictional video game character, created by david jaffe and voiced by christopher judge. He is the main protagonist of santa Monica Studios God Of War game series.

The series God of War is based on greek mythology, before the creators decide to shift the series to Norse mythology, as it was much better than mythology.

Kratos is the only son of his father and the mother. His father is the famous Zeus. His origin lies in sparta’s ancient greece history.

Kratos–what does it means?

Kratos is none other than a greek word that means power and strength, in greek it is used to show power or strength to a person, in God Of War it refers to kratos itself.

Kratos which is pronounced as cratus is a greek language word, used to refer for a person who has more strength and power

Kratos and God of War

Kratos is a computer game character and the hero of Santa Monica Studio’s God of War arrangement, which depended on Greek folklore, prior to moving to Norse folklore. Kratos, otherwise called the “Apparition of Sparta”, first showed up in the 2005 computer game God of War, which prompted the improvement of seven extra games including the character as the hero. Kratos additionally shows up as the hero of the 2010 and 2018 comic arrangement, just as the establishment’s three books that retell the occasions of three of the games. The character was voiced by Terrence C. Carson from 2005 to 2013, with Christopher Judge assuming control over the part in 2018’s continuation, likewise named God of War. Antony Del Rio voiced the character as a youngster in God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

He made his first appearance in God of War(2005). The character was created and written by David Jaffe, designed and choreographed by charlie Wen.

The vioce of Kratos is done by three voice artists Terrence C. Carson (adult, 2005–2013), Christopher Judge (adult, 2016–present) and Antony Del Rio (child, 2010).

All through the arrangement, Kratos is depicted as a wannabe, frequently performing sketchy activities. In spite of the fact that his backstory is found in the first God of War, Kratos’ youth is uncovered in Ghost of Sparta and the introduction of his girl is investigated in the God of War comic arrangement (2010-11).

In Ghost of Sparta, it is uncovered that the prophet had anticipated that the death of Olympus would not occur by the hands of the Titans—detained after the Great War—yet rather by a human, a checked champion.

The Olympians Zeus, Athena, and Ares accepted this champion to be Deimos, Kratos’ more youthful sibling, who had a peculiar pigmentation. Ares and Athena intruded on the youth preparing of Kratos and Deimos in Sparta and seized Deimos. Kratos endeavored to stop Ares, yet Ares cleared him aside and scarred him across his correct eye. Taken to Death’s Domain, Deimos was detained and tormented for a long time by the lord of death, Thanatos.

Trusting Deimos to be dead, Kratos stamped himself with a red tattoo, indistinguishable from his sibling’s skin coloration, to respect his kin.

Kratos abilities

1. Assimilation

Assimilation is power essentially seen when Kratos murders a foe. This could incorporate Power Absorption (in the God of War arrangement seen as red spheres), keeping up the vanquished foe’s force, and life or supernatural Absorption found in God of War when executing certain foes

2. Movement

The ability to offer life to lifeless things, Zeus utilized this ability to rejuvenate the Colossus of Rhodes.

3. Audiokinesis

Sound control is power that can make, and control sound waves and different sound in specific regions. In the God of War arrangement most prominent this forces are from the Siren

4. Electrokinesis

Zeus can make and control power and lightning. This force is likewise controlled by his sibling Poseidon. Oceanus’ body is additionally encircled by lightning. Zeus’ champions can utilize roar also

5. Flight and fly

Flight is simply the capacity to unreservedly suspend or move oneself noticeable all around. It tends to be accomplished through wings or mysterious forces. The last is frequently seen as a more grounded rendition of levitation, while the previous is an improvement over coasting.

6. Hallucination Casting

This permits a God to project hallucinations that can be lasting or impermanent, contingent upon the client, and can be of the environmental factors, duplicates of themselves, different creatures and other mystical or extraordinary things. These dreams can likewise be tactile, a light or sound-based impact, or an adjustment of mental discernments. It is extraordinary compared to other kratos capacity.

7. Psyche Control

This force that can handle minds. In the God of War arrangement this force can torment the person in question. Most striking quality in the last fight with Zeus from God of War III. Zeus had Kratos with dread catching Kratos inside his own psyche.

8. Necrokinesis

This permits certain clients to gather and control the dead through articles or powe

9. Clairvoyance

A force showed by Aphrodite, permitting her to peruse, feel, and comprehend somebody’s contemplations and sentiments. In God of War III, Zeus had the option to speak with Kratos from a long way away.

10. Teleportation

Teleportation is the development of items or rudimentary particles starting with one spot then onto the next, for instance, going anyplace on the planet or universe, and space pretty much quickly. All divine beings have this force

11. Superhuman Durability

Superhuman strength, allowing invulnerability to assaults that can undoubtedly execute a human. This force is a restricted type of power. Kratos had this force, as just ground-breaking assaults, or heavenly wizardry could hurt him. Because of this kratos capacity he can persevere through numerous occurrences.

12. Superhuman Strength

Superhuman strength is the capacity of better or expanded actual strength thought about than that of normal grown-up people. Super strength normally boils down to the individual relying upon their species, age, size, and even mysterious abilities. Kratos’ solidarity is clearly unparalleled and almost limitless, more grounded than Zeus and Hercules. Almost certainly that’swhy kratos capacity are much diversed that we think.

13. Superhuman Agility

This capacity furnishes the client with superhuman dexterity, reflexes, adaptability, and speed, which permits them to perform mind blowing accomplishments, like high bounces and significant distance jumps with little exertion, cruel adaptability, and moving at speeds quicker than the eye can see, permitting them to cover significant distances in a short measure of time and surpass humans easily.

Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

There are some frequently asked questions related to the” how old is kratos” article.

Q. Did kratos ages?

Keatos is one of the spartans, and spartand are never seen to age as they are seem like immortal, although they can be killed.

Yes, kratos never ages but can die, that means they can die but never ages.

Q. Is kratos immortal?

Kratos is the son of Zeus who was the most strongest spartan in his era, although he too died in the battle. Concluding, that spartans are not immortal whether he is Zeus or his don Kratos.
Immortality is not one of their features.

Q. What was the age of kratos when his daughter was born?

Kratos was 31 years old when his daughter was born, he had been there and was very happy to see her. Although the age of kratos is not accurate 100% because,

Estimating age of kratos accurate is nearly impossible, although we can conclude nesrly accurate answer. More details would be available above under how old is kratos.


Kratos is 200 years old according to my estimation talked above, based on the facts of his life between his marriage to god of war 4.

Although his total sge from the beginning, means from god of war 1 would be 1200 years.
If we believe on the facts the user of reddit has provided than its nearly accurate that kratos is 1200 years old.

Although you can never reveal real age of kratos but upto my estimation he should be 200 years old with a difference of only a year or two.

How old is god?

About 7,000 years old
I can say that before the end of the Neolithic period there was no God, and that means that God is about 7,000 years old.

Is kratos a god?

Yes, Kratos (“Power, May”) was a small Greek god, he and Bia (“Violence”) initially kept Prometheus chained to the rocks of the Caucasus. Minor gods showing abstract names.

How old is kratos?

Kratos is 200 years old.

Who is kratos?

In Greek mythology, Kratos (or Cratos) was the personification of divine power. He is the son of Pallas and Styx Kratos, and his brothers Nike (“Victory”), Bia (“Force”) and Zelus (“Zeal”) are character traits.

Is kratos a real god?

There is a Greek god named Kratos, but surprisingly, it does not appear that the Kratos video game character from the God of War series deliberately took the name of a true mythological god.

Is kratos immortal?

It is not immortal because it can die. He is very strong and very difficult to kill. He was also quick to recover from a non-fatal injury. At the end of GoW 3, Greece could hardly kill Kratos and was found alive when he reached a Norse legend. Because Atreus and Faye

How old is kratos in god of war 4?

200 years old

Kratos backstory

Kratos (Greek: Κράτος) is the protagonist of the God of War series. Born in Sparta, Kratos was a respected soldier and Spartan general until he died when he killed his wife and daughter. He earned him the nickname “Ghost of Sparta”. After that, the God of War quit his service, eventually killing him and ascending to godhood before taking revenge on his father. Olympic athletes and the titans who betrayed him

After successfully meeting his revenge, Kratos settled in Midgard in ancient Norway and fled to the Scandinavian world, where he married another woman, Faye, and gave birth to a son named Atries. travel. Sprinkle the ashes on the tops of the nine kingdoms.

Kratos abilities

Kratos can swap items with divine weapons like Gauntlet of Zeus (Thunder), magical weapons like Typhon’s Bane (Wind), or power given to her (basic powers in God of War: Ascension, etc.).

When was kratos born?

Kratos was born 200 years ago.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: How old is Kratos in the new war god?

150 years old
30 + 150 + 10 + 10 = 200 This is a rough estimate. But at least Kratos is 150 years old.

Q: Can Kratos die of old age?

Kratos became a functional immortal after becoming god: no illness or aging.

Q: How old is Kratos’s son?

While the game doesn’t make it clear - at least as far as I remember - Atreus was about eleven or twelve years old in God of War, apparently. It was fair to assume that over a period of three years he would be bigger, stronger, and a little more comfortable with his god-like abilities.

Q: Did Kratos regret killing Zeus?

Kratos complained of killing Zeus because he hoped that he would walk away as always and live his own peaceful life. Yes, the gods are terrible to him. But killing them didn’t cancel what they had done, it was just an unreasonable vengeance, inflicting more suffering on his anger that would add to the cycle.

Q: Is Kratos Loki’s son?

It was finally revealed in God of War that the son of Kratos that Atreus went to was actually a Norse Loki god, MCU fans will definitely be familiar with this character. But in Norse mythology, the driving force behind Ragnarok is the Trickster god.

Q: Is Kratos stronger than Goku?

Kratos has more experience in killing GODs than Goku. He killed all the Greek gods and will kill all the Norse Gods with GOW 6 … Kratos can pull back and throw Goku’s Kamehameha or Spirit Bomb at him with full force.

Q: Why is Kratos to cold to his son?

He was cold due to his past. But he still cares about him because he is his son. Nice and complex personality. Not consoling him and walking out of his ways of comfort are not the same. She shows that she is kind, she doesn’t know how to show it.

Q: Did Kratos kill all the gods?

This is Atlas. Meanwhile, Kratos eventually kills most of the Greek pantheon: Ares, Hades, Poseidon, Hephastus, Hercules (the most powerful god in the body), Thanatos (god of death) and Zeus (including the kings of the Greek gods, the most powerful of the Greek gods).

Q: How tall is Kratos’ son?

Possibly due to Jötunn legacy; Magni is remarkably tall, rising at least one meter above Kratos, which itself is about 6 and a half feet taller.

Q: How did his second wife Kratos die?

There were two, his first wife, Lysandra, accidentally killed by Kratos in anger. His second wife Fay died. But he never said why the pier was. Seeing that his son Atreus had a disease that nearly took his life, I thought he had the same disease.


In Greek mythology, Kratos (or Cratos) was the personification of divine power. He is the son of Pallas and Styx Kratos, and his brothers Nike (“Victory”), Bia (“Force”) and Zelus (“Zeal”) are character traits. Kratos is 200 years old and calls himself God. It is a character of a movie.