How Tall Was Achilles

How tall was Achilles? The height was 6 feet, 4 inches. One of the most well-known Greek mythology heroes is the warrior Achilles. For Helen of Troy, Athens and Troy engaged in a ten-year war. The reason Achilles is so well-known is because of this conflict. Apart from his bravery during the Trojan War, Achilles is most well-known for bringing Helen of Sparta to Troy and rallying the Greek armies to return her to her husband, Menelaus.

Who is Achilles?

For Helen of Troy, Athens and Troy engaged in a ten-year war. The reason Achilles is so well-known is because of this conflict. Achilles is most renowned for his heroics during the Trojan War. Achilles’ parents are where the story of the hero begins. His father is Peleus, the ruler of the Myrmidons. His mother is a sea or minor deity named Thetis.

Despite their mutual admiration for Thetis, Zeus and Poseidon avoided her due to a prophecy that stated her kid would become a much more powerful being than his father. Thetis refuses to wed Peleus in some mythologies, but they cooperate more in others. In any case, after Thetis and Peleus marry, she gives birth to Achilles.

Achilles Heel

Thetis is a loving mother who does not want to lose her son, which is her Achilles Heel. She becomes even more concerned about the prophecy that Achilles will suffer a valiant death in battle. In an effort to save Achilles the agony of death, Thetis attempts to make him immortal. She submerges him in the River Styx’s enchanted waters, making every part of his body that comes into contact with the water immune to injury.

The origin of the phrase “Achilles heel” can be traced to a Greek legend. A person’s Achilles heel is typically described as their weak point. It alludes to a concealed or unspoken vulnerability that, if discovered, may bring down a powerful individual.


The hero was born to Peleus and Thetis, a Nereid, according to the Greek legends of Achilles. In some accounts, his mother is said to have carried him through a celestial fire. But she grabs his heel when she submerges him so he won’t fall. We could presume that the only other part of his body where he might be wounded is his heel since the water does not reach where she touches him. Because it is so difficult to harm him, Achilles has the potential to develop into a great warrior who is superior to practically all other men.

Has Achilles Ever Spent Time With a Different Man?

When Achilles was a little boy, he became good friends with a boy by the name of Patroclus. After being exiled for accidentally killing another youngster, Patroclus migrated to live with their family.

The two men’s relationship is more explicitly characterized as a love affair in other prehistoric writings. Their intimate bond is a significant component of the plot, despite the fact that Homer did not depict them as lovers in the Iliad.

In ancient Greece, men frequently engaged in sexual encounters with both men and women. In ancient Athens, it was typical for older, mostly married men to date younger men. However, despite the prevalence of these kinds of partnerships in ancient Greece, neither heterosexuality nor homosexuality existed.

Height of Achilles

The person stood 6 feet, 4 inches tall. Another soldier who took part in the Trojan War was Patroclus. He and Achilles are really close. The two grow up to be best friends and engage in lifelong conflict together. Because of how much they adore each other, people have regarded them as lovers since ancient times.

Real Name Achilles
Gender Male
Height 6’4”
Weight 129 kg
Marital Status Single
Universe Trajon war, Earth-Two, Earth-

Although the nature of the two men’s relationship with one another is not totally clear, it is clear how much love they have for one another.
The man-breaker Achilles returned to the combat wearing his divine armor, still enraged. He routed the opposition from all sides and delivered a long column of Trojan heroes to Hades.

The Trojan War

Achilles is well remembered for winning the Trojan War and becoming a hero. The Greek troops cooperate to return Helen of Sparta to her husband Menelaus after Paris transports her to Troy. Thetis is aware that the now-teenage Achilles is a superb fighter, but she chooses not to enlist out of concern that he may perish.
To keep her infant safe, she disguises him as a girl and conceals him on the island of Scyros. He marries Deidamia, the daughter of the local king, during this time. He participates in the Trojan War and goes by the name of Neoptolemus.
During that time, he is in charge of razing numerous towns close to Troy and establishing a reputation as a terrible warrior. Fighting breaks out between Achilles and Agamemnon for a woman who was captured during a war.

Facts About Achilles:

  • Achilles Was Near-Godlike
    Not just any hero, Achilles stood out. You should be aware of the fact that Achilles was more than simply a hero; he was a god, and possessing immortal blood was one of the main reasons for his enormous success. King Peleus and Thetis had a son named Achilles. Thetis was a sea n*mph, and Peleus was a descendant of Zeus. His ancestry therefore gave him great authority.

  • His Mother Tried To Make Him Invincible
    Thetis felt a strong desire to shield her son from any harm, as do the majority of mothers. She attempted to make Achilles unbeatable in order to shield him from harm.
    Thetis felt a strong desire to shield her son from any harm, as do the majority of mothers. She attempted to make Achilles unbeatable in order to shield him from harm.

  • He once pretended to be a girl.
    This Achilles-related truth might come as a surprise to you, but it serves as another another illustration of how far Thetis would go to save her son. Thetis was determined to prevent her son’s sad death in the Trojan War, which was foretold by a seer at a young age. She sent him away to live with the royal family on the Greek island of Skyros in order to protect him. Here, she compelled him to pose as a girl to conceal his true identity.

  • He was unable to avoid his fate.
    Among all the information on Achilles, I think we can all agree that he couldn’t avoid his destiny forever because, according to Greek mythology, destiny is unavoidable. He was quickly identified when Odysseus arrived in Skyros and presented the daughters of Lycomedes with some exquisite presents. A helmet and sword might be found among the priceless jewellery and elegant clothing. Being the born warrior that he was, Achilles couldn’t help but reveal himself to Odysseus as soon as he made his decision.

  • The Trojan War Was Achilles’ most famous contribution to history.
    Achilles truly started to flourish during the Trojan War. When compared to later sources, the information on Achilles in the Iliad varies, but one thing is definite. He was the greatest fighter in Greek mythology, and the outcome of the battle depended heavily on his participation. He battled the Trojans for ten years, helping Greece prevail and ultimately bring Troy to its knees.

  • Achilles was obstinate
    It’s unlikely that this Achilles fact will shock you. You could say that, as the powerful person he was, he was accustomed to getting his way. When he didn’t, it also implied that he was incredibly stubborn. Achilles declined to take part in the war after Agamemnon took Briseis, a lovely slave from Troy. No one could convince him otherwise, despite the fact that his soldiers were perishing all around him.

  • He was devastated at Patroclus’s passing.
    Patroclus chose to take the lead because Achilles declined to engage in combat. He entered battle decked up in the armor of Achilles. But sadly, Hector, the son of King Priam of Troy, killed Patroclus since he was not even close to as strong as Achilles in battle. When Achilles learned of his passing, he was devastated. Hector was killed and his body was dragged behind his chariot when the furious man returned to the battle.

  • Many individuals thought that Patroclus was his lover.
    Achilles’ closest buddy and confidant was Patroclus. Although it was never stated in the Iliad, many people assumed that Patroclus and Achilles were lovers. It may come as a surprise to learn this about Achilles, but same-sex relationships were accepted and popular in ancient Greece.

  • Achilles Had Integrity
    The traditional funer@l rites that were performed upon a loved one’s passing were very significant in ancient Greece. The women would dress them after washing and oiling the body. Hector’s father, King Priam of Troy, was anxious to bring his slain son’s body home so that he may be properly buried.
    One of the well-known facts about Achilles is that he was deeply saddened and furious following the death of Patroclus. Achilles ultimately made the right choice, though, and returned Hector’s body to Troy.

  • In The Iliad, Achilles’ fate is unknown.
    Despite being the main character in these epic works, the Iliad makes no reference of Achilles’ method of passing away. However, later stories blame Achilles’ weak spot for his demise. The majority of accounts describe Paris, Hector’s brother, killing Achilles with a deadly arrow in the heel.


When Achilles learned of the tragedy, he lost all control over his anger. He resolved then and there to battle and exact terrible retribution for his friend’s passing. He requested new armor from his mother Thetis right away, and she promptly contacted the god of metallurgy, Hephaistos, to have the best, most exquisite armor ever created for a hero manufactured for him.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How did he appear?

According to the Iliad, Achilles is the most attractive young man in the Greek camp. Additionally, he has reddish blonde, glossy hair. Nireus was the most attractive Danaan that arrived to Troy. But because of his frailty, a small army pursued him.

2. How far was Achilles’ spear throwable?

It is believed that Achilles throws at a 45-degree angle. We estimated that the distance between the bodies was equivalent to 1.5 Manhattan blocks (approx. 250 meters). This would total 375 metres in length.

3. Did Achilles exist?

There is no evidence to support Achilles’ or the other fictional characters’ natural origins. The longer answer is that it is possible that some honest individual served as the inspiration for Achilles, just as an honest person served as the inspiration for every other character in literature.

4. What gave Achilles such strength?

The River Styx had extraordinary abilities and was located in the Underworld in Greek mythology. All places except where his mother was holding him by the heel became secure for Achilles. Achilles was extremely strong due to his half-god status, and he rapidly rose to the rank of legendary warrior.

5. Are Achilles able to beat Hercules?

The scholars believed that Hercules survived Achilles until the Trojan War hero killed him with his heel and that Achilles was prevented from harming Hercules before he passed away by the Nemean Lion’s skin.

6. What did Achilles worship?

Achilles was a great soldier and an epic warrior in Greek mythology. He was conceived by the sea goddess Thetis and the Myrmidon king Peleus. Achilles is a well-known literary character.

7. Did Achilles have a father?

Neoptolemus, according to Greek mythology, was the child of King Lycomedes of Scyros’ daughter Deidamia and Achilles, the commander of the Greek army at Troy. He occasionally went under the moniker Pyrrhus, who had red hair. In the last year of the battle, the Trojan prophet Helenus begged the Greek hero Odysseus to accompany him back to Troy.

8. Where is Achilles’s tomb?

Beşika Burnu is located in Canakkale Province, 2 km south of the contemporary settlement of Yenikoy. The Ezine district is where it is. People once believed that Achilles passed away near Beşiktepe, a tumulus close to the coast.

9. Did Achilles engage in combat?

The majority of us believe that he was a mythical Greek hero. The truth is that there might have actually been a Thessalian warrior, but since they were illiterate, they later made up tales about him. According to legend, when he was a newborn, Thetis, his mother, gave him immunity to injury by submerging him in the River Styx.

10. How tall were the Greek Titans?

The youngest of the first-generation Titans, Kronus, was instructed to lead them in victory over their father, Ouranós, by their mother Gaia. Titans stand twenty to thirty feet tall. They typically dress in traditional Greek garb like togas and loincloths.

11. Hector or Achilles: Who is superior?

Hector is more courageous and morally upright in the Iliad than Achilles, who is stronger and a better combatant. Hector defends his people, making him a hero. On the other hand, Achilles never battles for anyone but himself.

12. Who was Achilles’ victim?

Paris, the prince of Troy, shoots an arrow at Achilles, killing him. In one version of the story, Achilles is slain while trying to attack Troy’s walls and take control for himself.


The Achilles stood at 6 feet 4 inches. The strongest and bravest soldier in the Greek army during the Trojan War, according to Greek mythology, was Achilles. He was conceived by the sea goddess Thetis and the Myrmidon king Peleus. The narrative of Achilles is told in the Iliad and other writings. Heel refers to the greatest weakness, and the reason for his demise was his primary weakness. Achilles is inaccurate as well, in our opinion. There are some atrocities that even his culture, which has undergone a tremendous lot, cannot tolerate.

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How Tall Was Achilles

The Achilles stood six feet four inches tall, towering over everyone. Achilles and the other figures from Homer’s works may or may not have actually existed. The longer response is that, like all of Homer’s other [characters], it’s plausible that Achilles was influenced by a real person. ( Achilles, the famous warrior, is one of the most well-known characters from Greek mythology.