What are 5 Concrete Reasons to Pick Athenahealth Billing System for your Practice?

What is a Billing System?

These days software for medical practices have gotten quite advanced and are a very integral part of managing any type of medical related practice. From EHRs to billing systems, all of them are important for you to be able to have a good experience managing your medical practice. A billing system is a software which helps you do the billing for your patients as well as manage the overall finances of your medical practice. One of the most popular software for this is athena billing system.

You might have come across many athena billing reviews that might have attracted you to this software but at the end of the day you should do considerable amount of research before you commit to a software and this piece wants to tell you all about athena beyond what you will find out from athena billing software reviews.

Reasons to Pick Athena Billing System

If you are considering getting an Athena Billing system for your medical practice then it is a good idea to know what the software is all about.

One Stop

A great advantage of this software is the fact that you can easily do everything in one place. This software is your one stop to managing all your billing related to your clients and patients so that you never have to scramble to find things again. It manages all your billing related documents, it also sends notifications and reminders for when a bill is due or has gone beyond a due date. It also ensures that your patients who have pending bills are notified about that. Athena medical billing reviews does a great job in terms of making sure that you have a one stop place for all your billing related needs.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management is a way for medical related practice to be able to find out how the medical practice’s financial health is doing. A medical practice especially an independent one needs to know what their financial health is doing to be like. With the revenue cycle management feature of athena medical software athena billing system, you can find out how much money you are expected to have come into your medical practice as well as and have a good idea of what your estimated income will be like. Overall, the athenahealth billing reviews give glowing reviews to this software for this feature alone.

Claim Approval Rate

A very important aspect of getting a billing system is to ensure that you are getting the most out of it. A lot of Athena billing software reviews talk about how this software has helped with more claims being approved. This again, is a claim that the software makes that it will reduce your claim rejection rate significantly so that you can enjoy the software and reap as much benefit from it as you can. This software helps you at the end of the day to increase your income because fewer claim rejections means more income for your practice.

Reduced Costs

Another big perk of having a medical billing software like athena billing system is that it will help you reduce costs which were there before like those of paying people to do your billing and other related acts which were done manually by hired help before. Your need and dependence on accountants and professionals who do billing is reduced greatly which means that you save money on paying people for their services and in the long run this software ends up paying for itself and then some!

Integrated System

One big perk of this software is that it will be able to integrate it to your software for practice management and EHR completely. So this helps you have everything in one place so you can easily take care of all your needs related to your medical practice. Having a billing system like athena billing system means that you can integrate everything in one place since athena medical software is very extensive and caters to all kinds of needs that you might have related to a medical practice. With integration your patient information, your appointment schedules and everything else will easily be available in one place.

Should you Invest in AthenaHealth Billing system?

So the final and most important question you might have now is whether the athena billing system is actually worth the money being spent on it. While we do think this is a good software, we cannot make this decision for you since at the end of the day, it is your decision to make. We have listed the various features this software has so what we can suggest is that you make a list of the features you would like your billing software to have and then cross reference it with the features in AthenaHealth EHR software so you can see whether it will be compatible with you and your needs. At the end of the day, you should ensure that you are getting features which are completely appropriate for your needs since that is the most important thing.


At the end of the day, you will have to make the decision and no one else can make it for you. We also suggest that if you are unable to make the decision on your own that you can consult a professional consultant who will make a recommendation for you. Hopefully whichever billing software you get, you will benefit greatly from it.