WoW Paladin

What is wow paladin? Paladin is a hybrid class capable of playing all three major roles, including healing, tanking and DPS. They have auras, blessings and symbols that provide useful weapons to other players while wearing plate weapons to greatly reduce injuries and strong defensive skills. Paladins are considered sacred knights or in the case of blood elves, blood knights. The Paladins start a game that can be worn on a plate. Paladins can use a shield. Paladins use melee weapons, including two handed axe, frames and swords, and polearms.

wow paladin

Should you play a paladin in WoW?

If you are just starting out with World of Warcraft (WoW), the list of category options you can find may be difficult. Which class is the best? Which class enjoys the most? Which class will you enjoy? There is no one-size-fits-all answer - and you might want to try a few classes before finding the right fit. But where to start?

As Blizzard puts it, paladins are called “protecting the weak, bringing justice to the wicked, and conquering evil in the darkest parts of the world.” But your paladin may have its own motives - indeed, within the game you are sure to meet paladins with less pure motives. In fact, one of the interesting things about the paladin class is how various paladins are different: while the union paladins fall heavily on the definition of the Blizzard class, the blood palfins, who call themselves the Blood Knights, were never good boys.

A class built around versatility

How to play paladin depends largely on your current performance:

:one: Holy paladins

Holy paladins tend to sit back, where they have a clear view of the action and can keep their intentions healed. They can heal both single and multiple targets and can survive into melee - which sometimes happens, generating more holy power or regenerating mana by contacting the Seal of Insight.

:two: Protective paladins

Protective paladins will be in the front and center, absorbing hits with their heavy clothing and shields and using holy magic to reduce their damages and keep the attention of the target.

:three: The retribution paladins

Retribution paladins will be in the middle of the action, beating their enemies with heavy weapons and holy magic.

Paladins Have Access to Various Buffs

All paladins have access to various buffs that they can use to help their team. While you can look at this kind of thing in the background of healers, any savvy paladin can offer a lot of help to their team or themselves, if they travel on their own.

:arrow_right: Blessings

You can have one of these buffs per paladin so if you are in a group with two paladins, you can have both, but if not, you have to choose. Your choices are the blessing of the Kings, which is a beautiful nuisance around everywhere, or druids, hunters, and monks have the same buffs that will not accumulate your blessings; and Blessing of Power, although shamans and hunters with similar buffs will not accumulate.

:arrow_right: Hands

Each of these characters provides great help, through on a cooldown. Your options are: Free Hand, Hand of Protection, Self-Sacrifice Hand, Hand of Salvation, and Hand of purity (talent).

:arrow_right: Healing

Although all specs have the ability to heal, paladins can be considered holy and probably do not like it. But they will still appreciate Lay on Hands, instant-cast, zero-mana healing that cures any purpose for the value of your life. With 10 minutes of cooling, this spelling is easy as one of the best scary buttons in the game.

:arrow_right: Crowd Control

If you want more use, paladins can download talent conversion, CCs demons, dragonkin, giants, humanoids, and undead for one minute.

And this is a long way from all that paladin can do: anything spec, flexible paladin, capable of healing, protecting others, beating, and removing damage. They are multitool for WoW classes - and we mean that in the best possible way.

Who should (and shouldn’t) play a paladin?

We think you will like paladins if:

  • You want a category with high survival: you can’t do much better than paladin! However, hunters also get good marks here for their pets.

  • You want to be able to switch between different class roles easily (but remember that druids can do this too)

And you may not like paladin if:

  • You really want to play the race without the five little ones found in the paladins. Blizzard has added new racing options to the class since the game was released and could add more in the future. but we don’t encourage you to catch your breath.

  • Are you interested in doing scheduled damage or want to play the caster section? While paladins use holy magic, they are not casters organized like mages, warlocks, druids - distant attacks are not their special thing.

  • You just want to hit things. Recovery paladins can do this, too, but if you don’t want to deal with all the other things paladins can do, you might be interested in the clean DPS section.

Important Changes to Leveling a Paladin in the Shadowlands Pre-Patch

The Shadowlands contract system is not released in the pre-patch, so it will not be covered here. Players will not have a chance to choose a contract until their first character reaches the 60th level in Shadlandslands.

  • There is a new tab in your spelling book between General and your talent, called “Paladin”. These are skills that are now shared by all Paladins, regardless of technology.

  • New Paladins will not start by default (Retribution). Until they are allowed to choose a spec at level 10, their skills are derived from the typical Paladin skills found in all technologies.

  • Experienced Paladins will see if some of the talents have been used or rearranged, and may need to find other talents.

  • Holy Power is back as the second source of Holy Paladins!

Best Paladin Leveling Spec in the Shadowland

For beginners altogether in the class, although each technology has its strengths and weaknesses, we recommend protection as a spec of the best Paladin leveling spec. Although Protection is a Paladin tanking spec, it is still able to withstand severe damage with skills such as Avenger’s Shield and Judgment, and has the resilience of resisting multiple mobs at the same time. Because protection is a function of the tanks, it also means you can use it to quickly get into the underground pits!

If you were intimidated in the hope that you would play tank, maybe Retribution is something special for you. Revenge is a specialty of Paladin’s DPS, which allows you to defeat enemies with the power of Light with powerful abilities like Blade of Justice and Termlar’s Verdict. Revenge does more damage in general than Protection, but in exchange, it has a shorter life.

The last performance Paladins has, the Holy One, is not recommended for measurement. While Holy Paladins can deal with decent damage with Crusader Strike and Holy Shock, Holy will not be able to do as much damage or survive as many crowds as defense or retaliation. However, because hole measurement is a popular method, the holy Paladins are able to benefit from that by using their quick cooling line to put chains in the prison over and over again.

Choosing a Paladin Specialization

Before level 10 you are just a Paladin with a conflict of skills in Paladin. When you reach level 10 you get a choice, Holy, Protection or Retribution. While it can be augmented by all special Paladin technology, we do not recommend that you go to the Holy Place unless you want to measure only with healing holes.

In level 10 you will choose the technology. You can switch between specials by opening the Specialization & Talents tab (or pressing N to open it quickly), selecting your preferred technology, and clicking the Activate button. No swiping costs!

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Holy: Use Crusader Strike and Judgment as it has great destructive power, with Holy Shock that can be used to injure or heal. Flash of Light is your main healing spelling. At higher levels you will learn many healing spells, such as Light of the Martyr to heal a person quickly to get your life back, Light of Dawn to heal multiple partners at once, and Beacon of Light so that all your healing is copied to the selected target.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Protection: Use Crusader Strike and Judgment to deal with damage, with Avenger’s Shield working to attack multiple targets. At higher levels you will learn many spells to hurt multiple enemies at the same time, such as the Hammer of the Righteous, dealing with multi-purpose damage while standing in your Dedication, and defensive tank skills like Ardent Defender, that can save you from dying!

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Retribution: Use the Crusader Strike and Judgment to deal with damage and create Divine power, and apply them to skills like Templar’s Verdict or Divine Storm. At higher levels, you will learn powerful skills such as the Blade of Justice to produce more holy powers and Wake of Ashes, a powerful skill that tackles the heavy damage of AOE and focuses on the objectives of the Undead and Demon.

Choosing a Race for your Paladin in Shadowlands

Choosing your race can be a daunting task, as it defines the look of our character and is an expensive situation to change. Unlike in the past, Racial Features does not give players many exit benefits, most race benefits are limited to helpful or professional bonuses.

The Paladins can choose from as many races as possible, divided into default and combined races:

:one: Default races

Default races are instantly available to play when you start your WoW account.

:two: Combined races

Combined races are closed races after certain requirements that need to be met before you can create the characters of that race.

Each race has different race skills and spells, but there are no races that offer immediate benefits compared to the others, so you can build your Paladin into any race that suits your best! Paladins can choose from the following races.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the frequently asked questions related to WoW paladin;

1. Is prot paladin good in BfA?

Prot paladins worked on the field when they played as a healer and were really popular in the first two seasons of BfA. Prot has taunt debuff and many CCs perform reduced treatment. But by all means go to the bg’s if you do not try to push any measure in the RBGs.

2. Can a Paladin use a staff?

Staves are often a popular weapon for casters. This is because they often have large numbers of Intellectual or give bonuses that increase throwing spells. Only classes can handle staves with Paladin, and Rogues.

3. Why are Tauren Paladins?

These existing ‘paladins’ as well as the famous Seboni, the tauren priests led by Tahu Sagewind also used the power of An’she. The emergence of the Sunwalkers is a sign of turbulent times and as a result, the endless work of the tauren race has on Mother Earth, where hope is their greatest weapon.


The paladin is a holy knight, a hybrid category capable of playing various roles - healing (holy), softening (protection), and DPS (retribution). They have the advantages of providing buffs that are useful for other athletes while resisting heavy physical damage with plate clothing and strong defensive skills.

:small_blue_diamond:Through holy specialization, paladins are able to enhance their healing even further. The most important talent of the spec, [Beacon of Light], allows a different amount, depending on the Heal used, of Paladin healing to be placed on the friendly target affected.

:small_blue_diamond: Protective paladins are excellent tanks. By using a shield and wearing armor, they can reduce body damage. They also succeeded in softening the masses at the same time by means of [Hammer of the Righteous], [Holy Wrath], and [Sanctification].

:small_blue_diamond: The retribution paladins are focused on the melee and are able to increase their DPS to a great extent and fight multiple targets simultaneously with efficiency.