Definition of Intimidation:

  1. The action of intimidating someone, or the state of being intimidated.

  2. Unlawful act of intentionally coercing or frightening someone to do (or to not do) something against his or her will, such as forcing someone to give money by threat of violence. Commission of a crime under intimidation may avail an accused the defense of acting under duress.

Synonyms of Intimidation

Frightening, Menacing, Terrifying, Scaring, Alarming, Terrorization, Terrorizing, Cowing, Subduing, Daunting, Unnerving, Admonition, Argumentum baculinum, Bluff, Bluster, Bluster and bluff, Blustering, Boastfulness, Bravado, Browbeating, Bulldozing, Bullying, Bustle, Caution, Cautioning, Caveat, Coercion, Commination, Cowing, Demoralization, Denunciation, Determent, Deterrence, Duress, Empty threat, Expostulation, Fanfaronade, Flurry, Fluster, Foreboding, Frightening, Frightening off, Fuss, Hectoring, High pressure, Idle threat, Imminence, Implied threat, Menace, Monition, Pressure, Promise of harm, Psychological warfare, Rant, Remonstrance, Rodomontade, Side, Splutter, Sputter, Strong-arm tactics, Swagger, Swashbucklery, Sword of Damocles, Talking out of, The big stick, The bludgeon, The club, The jackboot, The mailed fist, The strong arm, The sword, Threat, Threateningness, Threatfulness, Violence, War of nerves, Warning

How to use Intimidation in a sentence?

  1. The bully at the school used a variety of intimidation tactics to make us all feel fear and give him our lunch money.
  2. The Internet has become a place of intimidation for many due to the ability for people bullying and trolling to remain anonymous from the victim.
  3. The intimidation of witnesses and jurors.
  4. There was an element of intimidation involved in meeting the vice president for the first time, but fortunately he was nice.

Meaning of Intimidation & Intimidation Definition