Definition of Target:

  1. A person, object, or place selected as the aim of an attack.

  2. Select as an object of attention or attack.

  3. Any objective of economic policy.

  4. The value of an economic variable that policy makers regard as ideal and use as the basis for setting policy. Contrasts with instrument.

  5. The level of an exchange rate that guides exchange market intervention by a central bank or exchange stabilization fund.

  6. A small round shield or buckler.

Synonyms of Target

Pick out, Single out, Select, Choose, Decide on, Earmark, Fix on, Buckler, Target, Aim, Alpha decay, Atom-chipping, Atom-smashing, Atomic disintegration, Atomic reaction, Atomization, Beta decay, Bombardment, Breeding, Bullet, Butt, By-end, By-purpose, Byword, Byword of reproach, Chain reaction, Cleavage, Derision, Destination, Disintegration series, Dissociation, Dupe, Duty, End, End in view, Exchange reaction, Fair game, Fall guy, Figure of fun, Final cause, Fission, Fission reaction, Fool, Function, Game, Gamma decay, Gazingstock, Goal, Goat, Ionization, Jest, Jestingstock, Joke, Laughingstock, Mark, Mockery, Monkey, Neutron reaction, Nonreversible reaction, Nuclear fission, Nucleization, Object, Object in mind, Objective, Photodisintegration, Prey, Proton gun, Proton reaction, Purpose, Pursuit, Quarry, Quintain, Reason for being, Reversible reaction, Scapegoat, Sitting duck, Splitting the atom, Stimulation, Stock, Teleology, Thermonuclear reaction, Toy, Ultimate aim, Use, Victim, Whipping boy, Prey, Quarry, Game, Kill, Bag

How to use Target in a sentence?

  1. The companies target customer is important to know when selling the product because it allows us to have better sales.
  2. Our sales team management has set a target for each team member to make twenty sales calls per day, either in person or via telephone.
  3. The target in the trade between the two firms was determined to be of utmost importance by the senior manager.
  4. Two men were targeted by the attackers.
  5. It was soldiers armed with targets such as these under the command of Gonzalvo de Cordoba who defeated the Hapsburg-Valois pike formations in the Italian wars.
  6. The airport terminal was the target of a bomb.

Meaning of Target & Target Definition

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