Definition of Hybrid:

  1. The offspring of two plants or animals of different species or varieties, such as a mule (a hybrid of a donkey and a horse).

  2. Something having two kinds of components that produce the same or similar results, such as a vehicle powered by both an electric motor and an internal combustion engine as sources of power for the drive train. The popularity of hybrid vehicles has grown tremendously as gas prices continue to reach record highs..

  3. A thing made by combining two different elements; a mixture.

  4. Of mixed character; composed of mixed parts.

Synonyms of Hybrid

Cross, Cross-breed, Mixed-breed, Cape Colored, Eurasian, Bastard, Blend, Cattalo, Citrange, Combination, Composite, Compound, Contamination, Cross, Crossbred, Crossbreed, Crossed, Griffe, Half blood, Half-bred, Half-breed, Half-caste, High yellow, Hinny, Hybrid word, Hybridism, Interbred, Ladino, Liger, Macaronic, Macaronicism, Mestee, Mestiza, Mestizo, Metis, Metisse, Mixblood, Mixed-blood, Mixture, Mongrel, Mulatto, Mule, Mustee, Octoroon, Plumcot, Portmanteau, Portmanteau word, Portmantologism, Quadroon, Quintroon, Sambo, Tangelo, Telescope word, Tigon, Zebrass, Zebrule, Mixture, Blend, Mingling, Combination, Compound, Fusion, Composition, Concoction, Brew, Alloy, Merger, Union, Amalgamation, Amalgam, Coalition, Cross, Hybrid

How to use Hybrid in a sentence?

  1. The final text is a hybrid of the stage play and the film.
  2. Mexicos hybrid postconquest culture.
  3. A hybrid of wheat and rye.

Meaning of Hybrid & Hybrid Definition