Definition of Argument:

  1. An exchange of diverging or opposite views, typically a heated or angry one.

  2. Any of the noun phrases in a clause that are related directly to the verb, typically the subject, direct object, and indirect object.

  3. A reason or set of reasons given with the aim of persuading others that an action or idea is right or wrong.

  4. A summary of the subject matter of a book.

  5. In computing, a parameter or value entered by a user in response to the requirements of a software function. Only when the user enters the required information, the program proceeds to the next step.

  6. An independent variable associated with a function and determining the value of the function. For example, in the expression y = F(x₁, x₂), the arguments of the function F are x₁ and x₂, and the value is y.

Synonyms of Argument

Quarrel, Disagreement, Squabble, Fight, Difference of opinion, Dispute, Wrangle, Clash, Altercation, Feud, Dissension, War of words, Contretemps, Exchange of views, Kilkenny cats, Action, Addend, Affray, Altercation, Anagnorisis, Angle, Answer, Antilogarithm, Apologetics, Apologia, Apology, Architectonics, Architecture, Argumentation, Argumentum, Assertion, Atmosphere, Background, Barney, Base, Basis, Bicker, Bickering, Binomial, Blood feud, Brawl, Broil, Case, Casuistry, Cat-and-dog life, Catastrophe, Characteristic, Characterization, Claim, Coefficient, Color, Combat, Combination, Complement, Complication, Conflict, Congruence, Cons, Consideration, Constant, Contention, Contentiousness, Contest, Contestation, Continuity, Contrivance, Controversy, Cosine, Cotangent, Counterstatement, Cube, Cut and thrust, Debate, Decimal, Defence, Defense, Demurrer, Denial, Denominator, Denouement, Derivative, Design, Determinant, Development, Device, Difference, Differential, Disagreement, Discriminate, Disputation, Dispute, Dissension, Dividend, Divisor, Donnybrook, Donnybrook fair, E, Elenchus, Embroilment, Enmity, Episode, Equation, Evidence, Exception, Exponent, Exponential, Fable, Factor, Falling action, Falling-out, Feud, Fight, Fighting, Fliting, Flyting, Formula, Foundation, Fracas, Fray, Function, Fuss, Gimmick, Ground, Hassle, Head, Hostility, Hubbub, Hurrah, I, Ignoratio elenchi, Imbroglio, Incident, Increment, Index, Integral, Line, Litigation, Local color, Logic, Logomachy, Matrix, Matter, Minuend, Mood, Motif, Motive, Movement, Multiple, Multiplier, Mythos, Norm, Numerator, Objection, Open quarrel, Paper war, Parameter, Passage of arms, Peripeteia, Permutation, Pi, Plaidoyer, Plan, Plea, Pleading, Pleadings, Plot, Point, Polemic, Polemics, Polynomial, Position, Posture, Power, Proof, Proposition, Pros, Pros and cons, Quarrel, Quarreling, Quarrelsomeness, Quaternion, Quotient, Radical, Radix, Reason, Rebuttal, Reciprocal, Recognition, Refutation, Remainder, Reply, Response, Rhubarb, Riposte, Rising action, Root, Row, Rumpus, Scheme, Scrap, Scrapping, Secant, Secondary plot, Set-to, Sharp words, Sine, Slanging match, Slant, Snarl, Spat, Special demurrer, Special pleading, Squabble, Squabbling, Stance, Standpoint, Statement, Statement of defense, Story, Strife, Structure, Struggle, Subject, Subject matter, Submultiple, Subplot, Subtrahend, Summation, Summing up, Switch, Talking point, Tangent, Tensor, Testimony, Text, Thematic development, Theme, Thesis, Tiff, Tone, Topic, Tussle, Twist, Variable, Vector, Vendetta, Verbal engagement, Versine, War, War of words, Warfare, Wherefore, Why, Whyfor, Words, Wrangle, Wrangling, Reasoning, Line of reasoning, Logic, Case, Theme, Topic, Subject matter

How to use Argument in a sentence?

  1. Ive had an argument with my father.
  2. It does not contain a semantic predicate, either, because the anaphor is not an argument of the verb.
  3. Abels theorem states that any such sum can be expressed as a fixed number p of these integrals, with integration arguments that are algebraic functions of the original arguments.
  4. There is a strong argument for submitting a formal appeal.

Meaning of Argument & Argument Definition