Definition of Insight:

  1. Ability to have an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of something or other.

  2. Commenting on the true nature of something. Companies use product testing to gather information from people with different backgrounds, experiences and feelings to find out how consumers might react.

  3. Knowledge in the form of point of view, understanding or derivation. A person may think for a long time or suddenly think of something out of nowhere, such as a sudden revelation or understanding. The management was of the view that in order to make the company look cheaper, the expenses would be reduced in case of reduction in sales before the release of the planned profit.

Synonyms of Insight

Anticipation, Satori, Cognition, Intuitiveness, Subconscious knowledge, Noesis, Anschauung, Sagaciousness, Appreciation, Cognizance, Precognition, ESP, Acuteness, Psychometry, Intuition, Breadth of view, Sixth sense, Farsightedness, Sagacity, Lucidity, Intuitive reason, Foresight, Sageness, Awareness, Perspicuity, Understanding, Foresightedness, Cogency, Perspicaciousness, Perceptiveness, Flair, Appreciativeness, Longheadedness, Comprehension, Perspicaciousness, Penetration, Intuition, Perspicacity, Imagination, Perception, A priori knowledge, Sensitivity, Sapience, Intuitivism, Astuteness, Knowledge without thought, Acuity, Immediate cognition, Sensibility, Cognizance, Sagacity, Prescience, Second-sightedness, Percipience, Realization, Shrewdness, Astuteness, Critical discernment, Recognition, Awareness, Second sight, Clairvoyance, Farseeingness, Extrasensory perception, Wisdom, Subconscious perception, Discrimination, Penetration, Understanding, Sharp-wittedness, Judgement, Vision, Notice, Buddhi, Discernment, Trenchancy, Judgement, Acumen, Apprehension, Discernment, Mindfulness, Perspicacity, Acumen, Longsightedness, Note, Inspiration, Sharpness, Acuity, Perception, Comprehension, Incisiveness, Judgment, Apperception, Unmediated perception, Sharpness, Appreciation, Vision, Far-sightedness, Perspicuousness, Clairsentience, Intuitionism, Sageness, Consciousness, Flair, Providence, Premonition, Direct apprehension, Acuteness

How to use Insight in a sentence?

  1. Will sat in his chair: he had a new idea, he knew how to solve the problem he had been struggling with for a long time.
  2. This article is based on a complete understanding of Shakespeare.
  3. When a new employee assumes his new position, his manager realizes that he is overwhelmed by what he expects.
  4. With first-hand testimony from genocide survivors, we will gain a better understanding of situations and lives in times of extreme human danger.

Meaning of Insight & Insight Definition

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