Definition of Technology:

  1. Apply scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.

  2. Selected application of information in the design, manufacture and use of goods and services, and the organization of human activities.

    Technology can be described as: incomprehensible: projects, models, user manuals, prototypes. Writer: Counseling, problem solving and training methods. Advanced: Complete or almost entirely intelligent technology that gradually combines better matter and always stronger forces. Intermediate level: Partially intelligent semi-automated technology that handles fine matter and intermediate forces. Low cost labor technology that deals only with coarse or coarse materials and weak resistances.

Synonyms of Technology

Technique, Field of study, Technical know-how, Field of inquiry, Technical knowledge, Domain, Social science, Natural science, Academic discipline, Discipline, Academic specialty, Applied science, Province, Study, Method, Area, Arena, Art, Technics, Field, Specialty, Sphere, Mechanics, Technical skill, Skill, Science, Technicology, Craft, Technic, Concern, Pure science, Department of knowledge, Ology, Mechanism

How to use Technology in a sentence?

  1. I ran a marketing campaign for a cell phone company. Therefore, it is important that you understand the latest technologies as well as future technological possibilities.
  2. There have been so many technological advances over the last decade that it is almost difficult to keep up with all the changes.
  3. Over time, technology has become so important to people that it has reached the point where most people fall asleep with the phone or tablet they have.
  4. Advances in computer technology.

Meaning of Technology & Technology Definition