Definition of Skill:

  1. Professional roles related to skills and abilities or ideas (knowledge), objects (technical skills) and / or individuals (mutual abilities) acquired through targeted, organized and sustained efforts to coordinate and adapt complex activities. See also competition.

Synonyms of Skill

Atavism, Transcendency, Method, Privilege, Anterograde memory, Prepotency, Aptitude, Craft, One-upmanship, Ability, Recollection, Deanship, Preponderance, Predomination, Skillfulness, Prerogative, Preeminence, Greatness, Science, Right-of-way, Technology, Adroitness, Computer memory, Technic, Adeptness, Expertise, Handiness, Dexterity, Predominance, Proficiency, Success, Souvenir, Screen memory, Dexterousness, Ingenuity, Readiness, Mechanism, Mastery, Ascendancy, Engram, Mind, Cleverness, Affect memory, Favor, Experience, Prepotence, Technical knowledge, Know-how, Disk memory, Majority, Artistry, Faculty, Mastership, Virtuosity, Memory bank, Collective memory, Strength, Forte, Priority, Memory trace, Mnemosyne, Visual memory, Superiority, Drum memory, Prowess, Technique, Technical know-how, Lead, Race memory, Technical skill, Finesse, Mechanics, Deftness, Facility, Expertness, Gift, Mneme, Remembrance, Emotional response, Kinesthetic memory, Seniority, Sleight, Knack, Talent, Transcendence, Precedence, Memory, Capability, Inimitability, Incomparability, Memory circuit, Accomplishment, Verbal response, Information storage, Prestige, Expertism, Art, Quickness, Cunning, Command, Ease, Technics, Tape memory, Excellence

How to use Skill in a sentence?

  1. He has an extraordinary ability in this game and because of this he becomes even more attractive in the professional team.
  2. The candidate had great skills because he had years of experience as a system administrator in a law firm.
  3. I used a lot of skills in my current job, but my favorite is programming hardware that was not used in our facilities before.

Meaning of Skill & Skill Definition

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