Definition of Accumulate:

  1. Usually over a period of time, enough to accumulate or accumulate. I tried to gather all the neighborhoods in the state that the United States Mint issued.

  2. Collect or receive incremental amount or money.

Synonyms of Accumulate

League, Widen, Comprise, Round up, Stock, Compile, Hive, Assemble, Make up, Spread, Bridge, Lay away, Get ahead, Collect, Put away, Copulate, Merge, Mount, Put up, Lay in, Tie, Assemble, Cull, Drive together, Knot, Pluck, Scrape up, Whip in, Conjoin, Take in, Hold, Put together, Lump together, Dig up, Accrue, Store up, Weld, Yoke, Partner, Cover, Treasure, Snowball, Backlog, Lay up, Amass, Join, Hoard up, Save, Treasure up, Stick together, Proliferate, Encompass, Keep, Pair, Grow, Include, Agglomerate, Roll into one, Go up, Squirrel away, Lay together, Bunch together, Appreciate, Grub up, Bunch, Rake up, Clap together, Squirrel, Batch, Scrape together, Fund, Wax, Cement, Grub, Piece together, Gather, Save up, Gather, Aggroup, Cumulate, Marshal, Increase, Group, Scare up, Multiply, Aggregate, Pile, Gain, Articulate, Get in, Crescendo, Conjugate, Strengthen, Gain strength, Raise, Swell, Intensify, Solder, Cluster, Gather in, Compare, Splice, Hide, Garner up, Bloat, Agglutinate, Pick up, Get together, Mobilize, Run up, Colligate, Couple, Connect, Pile up, Collect, Gather into barns, Stock up, Band, Corral, Clump, Glue, Balloon, Bracket, Bond, Develop, Store, Juxtapose, Boom, Muster, Pick, Combine, Collocate, Bridge over, Heap, Span, Broaden, Rally, Chain, Mass, Associate, Rise, Roll up, Glean, Embrace, Secrete, Lay by, Lay down, Bunch up, Shoot up, Gather together, Link, Draw together, Breed, Heap up, Stockpile, Tape, Bulk, Dredge up, Conglomerate, Accouple, Conglobulate, Garner, Unify, Marry, Unite, Concatenate, Advance, Hoard, Take up, Bring together, Match

How to use Accumulate in a sentence?

  1. The researchers did not gather enough evidence.

Meaning of Accumulate & Accumulate Definition

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