Definition of Schedule:

  1. Auxiliary, explanatory, or supplemental document that forms part of a principal document, such as a list of individual items (with their descriptions and values) covered by an insurance policy, or a depreciation schedule that provides supporting details to a financial statement.

  2. Written or printed catalog or list of charges, items, prices, etc., arranged or organized in alphabetical, chronological, magnitudinal, or any other classification or order.

  3. Timetable for a program or project showing how activities and milestone events are sequenced and phased over the allotted period.

Synonyms of Schedule

Active list, Agenda, Allocate, Allot, Appoint, Approach, Appropriate to, Arrange, Arrangement, Assign, Assign to, Attack, Batting order, Bill, Bill of fare, Blacklist, Blueprint, Blueprinting, Book, Budget, Calculate, Calculation, Calendar, Card, Carte du jour, Cast, Catalog, Chart, Charting, Checklist, Civil list, Conception, Concert, Contrivance, Contrive, Cost, Cost out, Cut out, Dedicate, Design, Destine, Detail, Device, Devise, Disburse, Disposition, Docket, Earmark, Enroll, Enter, Enterprise, Enumerate, Enumeration, Envisagement, Expend, Fate, Figure, Figuring, File, Forecast, Foresight, Forethought, Fork out, Frame, Game, Go through, Graphing, Ground plan, Guidelines, Idea, Impanel, Incur costs, Index, Intend, Intention, Inventory, Invest, Itemization, Itemize, Items, Keep score, Lay out, Lay plans, Layout, Line up, Lineup, List, List of agenda, Listing, Long-range plan, Lot, Make a projection, Make arrangements, Make assignments, Mapping, Mark off, Mark out for, Master plan, Menu, Method, Methodize, Methodology, Open the purse, Operations research, Ordain, Organization, Organize, Outlay, Outline, Pay, Pay out, Pigeonhole, Plan, Plan ahead, Planning, Planning function, Playbill, Portion off, Post, Prearrange, Prearrangement, Procedure, Program, Program of action, Program of operation, Programma, Project, Prospectus, Protocol, Put out, Rationalization, Rationalize, Record, Register, Registry, Repertory, Reserve, Restrict, Restrict to, Retired list, Roll, Roll call, Roster, Run through, Schema, Schematism, Schematization, Schematize, Scheme, Scheme of arrangement, Score, Set, Set apart, Set aside, Set off, Set up, Setup, Shape, Shell out, Sick list, Sink money in, Slate, Spend, Splurge, Squander, Strategic plan, Strategy, System, Systematization, Systematize, Table, Tabulate, Tactical plan, Tactics, Tag, Tally, Tally sheet, The big picture, The picture, Throw money around, Time, Timetable, Way, Work out, Work up, Working plan

How to use Schedule in a sentence?

  1. Try and make sure to always stay on your schedule so that you dont fall behind and need to play catch up.
  2. We were right on schedule for our trip and would be arriving right when we said we would, which was at 8 o clock am.
  3. You should always try to adhere to a strict schedule so that you end up being in the right places at the right times.

Meaning of Schedule & Schedule Definition

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Schedule: What is the Meaning of Schedule?

  1. List of insured locations or assets, such as computers, survey equipment, or vehicles. You can also consult the basic or basic insurance list.

  2. Attachments to Lists in Insurance Jirgan - Explain any additions, costs or explanations to your policy (for example additional insurance coverage for your company or mold protection).

  3. A list of individual items or groups of items covered by the policy, or a list of specific benefits, expenses, credits, HTA, or other items.

  4. A list of properties or items insured under the policy.

  5. A document that details your insurance coverage based on the information provided to your insurance company.

  6. An appendix is ​​a document that contains important information about you and your policy and is part of your police record.

  7. Schedule can be defined as, List of coverage or values ​​for insured goods or persons.

  8. Schedule means: Specifically the description of the insured item, including the description and amount shown on each package, or a formula that includes the various credit factors and surcharges used to obtain the rate setting. Evaluate the calling plan. (See rules)

Meanings of Schedule

  1. Plan to implement a process or procedure with a list of scheduled events and times.

  2. Attaching formal or legal documents, especially in the form of lists, tables or inventories.

  3. Any of the forms (labeled "A", "B", etc.) (with reference to the UK income tax system) were issued to complete and relate to different classes in which taxable income is distributed. Has been

  4. Organize or plan (an event) that will happen at some point.

  5. Add (a building or location) to the list of protections or legal protections.

Sentences of Schedule

  1. A clear installation schedule and accessories are required.

  2. The Cowley Bridge is scheduled and preserved as an ancient monument.

Synonyms of Schedule

slot in, fix a time for, make arrangements for, programme


How Do You Define Schedule?

  1. Schedule can be defined as, List of insured locations or assets, such as computers, surveying equipment, or vehicles. It can also refer to a list of basic or basic insurance.

  2. Schedule refers to

    A schedule in the Insurance Jargon for lists - used to establish various additions, exclusions or clarifications to your policy (e.g. additional Lemoes coverage or cover and print for your company).

  3. Meaning of Schedule: A list of individual items or groups of items included in the policy, or a list of benefits, costs, credits, HTA, or other specified items.

  4. The definition of Schedule is: List of property or items insured under the policy.

  5. Schedule means, A document that details your insurance coverage based on the information provided to your insurer.

Meanings of Schedule

  1. Attachment of formal or legal documents, especially in the form of lists, tables or lists.

Sentences of Schedule

  1. This single is scheduled for April.


What is The Definition of Schedule?

  • A simple definition of Schedule is: List of coverage or values ​​related to insured goods or persons.

  • A simple definition of Schedule is: List the various features included in the guide. Fee calculation system.

  • Schedule means: It lists your policy (sum insured), the small ones you are entitled to (if applicable), insurance, premiums paid, and applicable installments. Some policies will give you a new schedule if you renew your policy or change policy details.

  • The part of the policy that contains specific information about a particular risk. Most policies are the same for all risks in the line of business covered by the same insurer.


Schedule means,


Schedule can be defined as, Documents that detail your policy coverage.

This is part of the insurance contract and contains information about insurance data, the policy part that applies to you, your car data and information about your deductions and records.