Family Feud Hosts

Family Feud Hosts play an important role in the game show Family Feud is a famous American television game show released in 1976. It has different hosts and announcers in its different runs and seasons.

Family Feud Hosts

Up till now, family feud hosts have been changed in every season and they were as follows.

S.No Hosts Time period
1 Richard Dawson 1976-85, 1994-95
2 Ray Combs 1988-94
3 Louie Anderson 1999-2000
4 Richard Karn 2002-06
5 John O’Hurley 2006-10
6 Steve Harvey 2010-2020

What is Family Feud?

The Family Feud is a popular American Television Gameshow that was originally created by Mark Goodson. It is a platform where two families compete to give the most popular answers and responses to the survey questions in accordance to win cash and prizes. The running time of the show is around 22-26 minutes. The lowest age to take part in the Family Feud is 15 years. However, there must be at least one contestant who is 18 years old. The two families are seated opposite each other and then the host starts hosting by asking the survey questions. Each round in the show starts with “face-off” questions that serve as “Toss-up” questions between the two groups.

The show was originally started in 1976 and has three different runs. It has been hosted and announced by six different Family Feud Hosts in its different seasons and runs. Talking about the fame of the show, in its debut year it was considered the number one Game show due to its original version however, with the change in time and viewing habits, the ratings were decreased. In 2013, the show was placed at third position in the list of the top 60 greatest game shows of all time. The program has delivered various regional variations in more than 50 global business sectors outside the United States. Reruns of Steve Harvey-facilitated episodes air on Game Show Network, while reruns of prior versions air on Buzzr. Besides TV programs, there have been additionally many home versions delivered in prepackaged game, intuitive film, and computer game configurations.

Family Feud Hosts:

For more than 40 years, the Family Feud is performing the same job as its title indicates; set two different families against each other in order to point out who can give the most common and popular answers to the survey questions asked from them. In the entire time period of more than 40 years, the show has been hosted by a number of hosts and each of them had contributed a lot to increase the ratings and success of the show. It should be kept in mind that the basic format of the show has never been changed with the change in hosts and announcers. Here are the list and details of the hosts who have made a lot of fun on Family Feud over the years.

Richard Dawson:

|Full Name| Richard Dawson||
| — | — | — | — |
|Duration of hosting Family Feud|1976-1985, 1994-1995|
|Date of Birth|20 November 1932||
|Country born| Gosport, Hampshire, England||
|Died|on 2nd June 2012 in Los Angeles, California, Us||
|Resting place| Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, Westwood, California, U.S|
|Occupation|Actor, comedian, game show host, and panelist||
|Spouses|Diana Dors (married in 1959-divorced in 1967) Gretchen Johnson(1991) ||

The original host of the Family Feud is still considered as one of the most legendary game show hosts of all time. It was Richard Dawson, who started the journey of Family Feud in 1976 and hosted till 1985. He was back for a single season in 1994 and continued till 1995. He was the first host of the show and performed the role as nobody could ever perform. Dawson’s signature style and his habit of kissing all the women in the contestants made him famous among the public and earned him wide recognition around the world.

Richard Dawson opened his eyes for the first time in England as Colin Lionel Emm. Initially, he was an actor and comedian by profession, and later on, he started his hosting career by Family Feud which is the long-running stint in his entire career. Moreover, he had been starred in “Hogan’s Heroes” and “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in”. He has given many years to the “Match Game” by serving himself as a Panelist. Dawson died on 2 July 2012 from esophageal cancer leaving behind a great legacy in the Family Feud iconography Richard had 2 sons with his first wife was an actress named Diana Dors they ended up their relation with divorce and he gained his sons’ custody with his second wife Gretchen Johnson who was a contestant on Family Feud they also had a daughter with their marriage. Although there are many modern-day viewers who have a special place in their hearts for Steve Harvey, Richard Dawson is someone whose name will always be associated with the Family Feud Richard has done various films and they are as follows.

Richard Dawson’s Filmography:

He also has earned a lot of fame being an actor name of the films he had done are as follows.

|Year| Name of the Film||
| — | — | — | — |
|1962 |The Longest Day|
|1963|Promises! Promises!||
|1965|King Rat ||
|1966| Out of Sight, Munster, Go Home!||
|1968|The Devil’s Brigade|
|1973| Treasure Island||
|1978|How to Pick Up Girls!|
|1987|The Running Man||

Richard Dawson’s Television Series:

Richard being the host of family feud also has done many Television series and they are as follows.

Name Name of T.V Series
1963 The Jack Benny Program
1963 The ■■■■ Van ■■■■ Show
1964 The Outer Limits
1964 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
1965-1971 Hogan’s Heroes
1967 Mr. Terrific
1970 McCloud
1970-73 Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In
1971-72 Love, American Style
1972 Wait Till Your Father Gets Home
1973-78 Match Game
1973-74 The New ■■■■ Van ■■■■ Show
1975 The Odd Couple
1975 McMillan and Wife
1976-1985, 1994-95 Family Feud
1978 Fantasy Island
1978 The Love Boat
1979 Bizarre

Below is the video of the family feud hosts show so that you may watch a glimpse of it.

Ray Combs:

The second name in the list of Family Feud hosts is Ray Combs. Ray Combs joined the Family Feud when the show was aired again in 1988 after a three-year gap after the first departure of Richard Dawson. He hosted the show for a long time from 1988 to 1994. His Biography is listed below.

|Full Name|Raymond Neil Combs Jr.||
| — | — | — | — |
|Duration Of Hosting Family Feud |1988-1994|
|Income|$1million per year||
|Date of Birth|April 3, 1956, ||
|Country born| Hamilton, Ohio, U.S.||
|Died|on 2nd June 1996 in Glendale Adventist Medical Center, Glendale, California, U.S.||
|Education| Garfield High School|
|Occupation|Stand-up comedian, game show host, and actor||
|Spouse|Debbie Combs married in 1977 and divorced in 1995||

Ray Combs was a successful actor and comedian who ■■■■■■ well in the game show’s style and format. Although, he wasn’t taken by the audience immediately as most of them were much likely to Richard Dawson but, he made a separate space for himself gradually with the passage of time. He hosted the show until 1994 and after some time, when the ratings of the show started to decrease he was replaced by the original host of the show Richard Dawson by producers with the idea of increase ratings Ray also had appeared as a ring guest for the World Wrestling Federation at WrestleMania VIII.

Ray had a car accident due to which he got an injury in his spinal discs which left him in pain continuously. Ray hosted Family Challenge from 1995-1996 on The Family Channel he has made a lot of appearances on the Game Show Network. He attempted suicide at the hospital. His filmography is listed below.

Ray Comb’s Filmography:

Year Name of the film
1985 The Facts of Life
1986 You Again?
1987 The Golden Girls
1988 Amen
1988 227
1988-1994 Family Feud
1992 WrestleMania VIII
1992 The Larry Sanders Show
1993 In Living Color
1993 Survivor Series
1995 Vampire in Brooklyn
1995–1996 Family Challenge

Louie Anderson :

Family Feud was off aired for around four years and was brought back in the union of a new host, a standup Comedian Louie Anderson, in 1999. The joke artist was viewed as an impossible decision to restore the game show at that point, is as yet seen as such today. Just before joining the Family Feud, Louie Anderson has earned huge success and fame by starring in and creating his autobiographical animated series “Life with Louie” and it was seen clearly that his efforts for this series were not similar to his game show host efforts. It was observed that Anderson did not perform a good job in the show during his three-year span. For restoring the long-running game show, his hosting abilities were not ideal.

His biography is listed below.

Full Name Louis Perry Anderson
Duration of Hosting Family Feud 1999-2002
Date of Birth 24th March 1953
Age 68
Country born Saint Paul, Minnesota, U.S
Profession Stand-up comedian, author, game show host, and Actor
Spouse Unknown
Marital status Divorced

Louie Anderson was departed from Family Feud in 2002, the time at which he publically claimed that the show will not last longer which was completely a wrong prediction. It is seen that he is, as of now, more stable than ever. He brought his sixth standup comedy special “The Big Underwear” in 2018. Apart from that, he is the winner of the ■■■■■■■■■ Emmy Award 2016 for the best supporting actor for his role as “Christine Basket” in a TV series named “Baskets” presented by the FX series.

Louie Anderson’s Filmography:

Apart from being a host of a family feud, Louie was a brilliant actor his filmography is listed below.

Name Name of Films
1984 Cloak & Dagger
1986 Quicksilver
1986 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
1986 Ratboy
1988 The Wrong Guys
1988 Coming to America
1992 Bébé’s Kids
1996 Mr. Wrong
2002 Do It for Uncle Manny
2005 Back by Midnight
2007 Cook Off!
2017 Sandy Wexler
2021 Coming 2 America

Louie Anderson’s T.V series:

Some of Louie Anderson’s T.V series are as follows.

1986-1988 The New Hollywood Squares
1986 Remington Steele
1987 Trying Times
1989 The Jim Henson Hour
1994 Grace Under Fire
1995–1998 Life with Louie
1995 Love & War
1996 The Louie Show
1997 Chicago Hope
1999 Touched by an Angel
1998–2002 Hollywood Squares
1999–2002 Family Feud
2000 To Tell the Truth
2000 Ally McBeal
2001 Nash Bridges
2001 Scrubs
2001 V.I.P.
2005 Half & Half
2005 Joey
2006 The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
2006 Tom Goes to the Mayor
2015 Pickle and Peanut
2016–2019 Baskets
2016 Drunk History
2017–present Funny You Should Ask
2020 Young Sheldon
2020 Search Party

Richard Karn:

Louie Anderson was replaced by Richard Karn in 2002. He hosted Family Feud for almost four years till 2006. Supplanting a setup joke artist with a previous sitcom entertainer end up being a dreary choice in the humor office, however, as Karn battled through the greater part of his endeavors to drive a joke home. Yet, he obviously needed to make the gig work and showed extraordinary excitement for the game by attempting to keep the visitor families engaged between questions.

Before joining Family Feud, Richard Karn was serving himself as a co-star on a famous sitcom “Home Improvement” which was very well-known to television viewers. After leaving Family Feud in 2006, he was back to the hosting life in 2008 by replacing Patrick Duffy in a Gameshow “Bingo America” which was a short-lived show on GSN. Most freshly, he has starred as Maya Ishii-Peter’s father on Hulu’s “Pen15”.

Some facts about Richard Karn are as follows.

Full Name:

Richard’s full name is Richard Karn Wilson.

Date of Birth:

Richard host of the family feud was born on 17th February 1956. He is 65 years old.

Country Born:

Richard was born in Seattle, Washington, U.S.


He is an Actor, game show host, and an author by profession.

Marital status:

His marital status is married to Tudi Roche and with her, he has 1 child.

Duration of Hosting Family Feud:

He hosted a family feud from 2002 to 2006.

Books written by Richard Karn:

Book Name Year
House Broken 1999
Handy at Home 2002

John O’Hurley :

After the departure of Richard Karn, John O’Hurley was the next host of Family Feud in 2006. From hosts of the list, nobody has the quintessential look, the manufacturing plant model energy, and particularly the million-dollar voice of a game show host very like John O’Hurley does. Without a doubt, his stretch on Family Feud presumably would have kept going any longer notwithstanding his own inevitable choice to make an exit. His glow and polished methodology were huge draws for watchers. He additionally realized how to have a great time on the show.

In a 2017 meeting with Fox News, John O’Hurley said that Family Feud was starting to turn into a misnomer, guaranteeing that each and every other inquiry and answer would wind up being a “■■■■■ joke.” Feeling that the substance of his “family” program was not, at this point reasonable for families, he left the show in 2010 following four years.

Apart from Family Feud, Hurley has also gained wide recognition by performing many other roles. His most famous role was Elaine Benes’ Boss J. Peterman on “Seinfeld” whom he showed from 1995 to 1998. He keeps on showing up on TV, face to face, or from a recording, and has hosted Purina’s yearly National Dog Show each Thanksgiving since 2002.

Some facts about John O’Hurley are as follows.

Full Name:

John’s full name is John George O’Hurley Jr.

Date of Birth:

John host of the family feud was born on October 9, 1954. He is 66 years old.

Country Born:

John was born in Kittery, Maine, U.S.


John has a height of 6 ft 3 inches.


He is an actor, an author, a comedian, a television personality, and a game show host by profession.

Marital status:

His marital status is married to Eva LaRue in1992 and got divorced in 1994 secondly he got married to Lisa Mesloh in 2004


John has completed his schooling at Kingswood-Oxford School and studied at Providence College

Duration of Hosting Family Feud:

He hosted a family feud from 2006-2010.

Books written by John O’ Hurley:

In 2006 John wrote a book named “It’s Okay to Miss the Bed on the First Jump”.

In 2007 John has written a book named “Before Your Dog Can Eat Your Homework, First You Have to Do It”.

In 2013 he wrote a book named “The Perfect Dog”.

John O’Hurley’s Video Games:

Below is the list of the video games of John O’ Hurley.

S.No Year Name of the video games
1 In 2003 SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom
2 In 2006 Family Guy Video Game!
3 In 2008 Fable II
4 In 2010 Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet
5 In 2010 SpongeBob’s Boating Bash
6 In 2020 SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated

Steve Harvey:

Family Feud got more attention from the viewers, more spicy humor, and more memes than ever after the joining of one vocal man, Steve Harvey. After he has taken over the position from O’Hurley, the show has got incredible success, and hence this move has been proved successful for him to beat out all the hosts before him. His outstanding sense of humor, transparent joy in the participants, and flawless timing have made him the most successful host of Family Feud.

Steve Harvey brings a fairer, edgier tone to the show. He is particularly well known for shameless getting down on participants for their badly educated answers Shorts clips of his funny moments and jokes are available on YouTube. His shenanigans have regularly been grain for water-cooler laughs. Moreover, Harvey also hosted the 2015 edition of “Celebrity Family Feud”. In short, we can say that there was a time when Family Feud was unimaginable without Richard Dawson; similarly, it is quite difficult to predict what the show will be like without Steve Harvey.

Some facts about Steve Harvey are as follows.

Full Name:

Harvey’s full name is Broderick Stephen Harvey.

Date of Birth:

Harvey host of the family feud was born on January 17, 1957. He is 64 years old.

Country Born:

Harvey was born in Welch, West Virginia, U.S.


Harvey is a Comedian, Television presenter, Actor, Game show host, Broadcaster, Author, and Businessman by profession.

Marital status:

His marital status is married and he is thrice time married firstly he got married to Marcia Harvey
​in 1981 and then got divorced in 1994.secondly he got married to Mary Shackelford in 1996 and then got divorced in 2005 third time Harvey got married to Marjorie Bridges in 2007. Harvey has 7 children.


Harvey has completed his schooling at Glenville High School.

Duration of Hosting Family Feud:

He hosted a family feud from 2010-2020.

Awards and Honors of Steve Harvey:

Steve Harvey has got many awards and the list of winning awards is as follows.

Year of Winning Award Name of the Award
1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series
2000, 2001, 2002 Outstanding Comedy Series
2001 Entertainer of the Year
2007 Radio & Records
2011 BET Humanitarian Award
2013 Favorite New Talk Show Host
2013 Hollywood Walk of Fame
2013 Network/Syndicated Personality of the Year
2014, 2015, 2017 NAACP Image Awards Outstanding News, Talk, and info series
2014 Outstanding Game Show Host
2014 Award for Outstanding Talk Show Informative
2014 NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame
2015 NAACP Image Awards Outstanding Host
2015 Award for Outstanding Talk Show Informative
2015 Network/Syndicated Personality of the Year
2016 NAACP Image Awards Outstanding Host
2016 NAACP Image Awards Outstanding Variety Series as a host of family feud
2016 Honorary Doctorate Degree Received
2017 Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host
2017 Outstanding Game Show Host of family feud
2018 Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host


Although the above list describes all the regular hosts of the Family Feud there is one name that should also be included in the list that is Al-Rocker. Al-Rocker was the host of an edition of the same game show “Celebrity Family Feud”. He has also appeared in other numerous celebrity game shows and also, he has been the host of MSNBC’s short-lived game show “Remember this”.

Which Family Feud Host killed himself?

It was Ray Combs, the second host of Family Feud, who committed suicide and killed himself. As mentioned above, Comb hosted the show for a long time period of six years and greeted his viewers with extreme enthusiasm and his watchers also liked his comedy, but behind the scenes, there were different things happening to him. When the show’s ratings started to decrease, his life also fell apart.
It was concluded that Combs would be terminated from the show in 1993 to clear a path for the arrival of the first host of the show, Richard Dawson. The show was in a spiral, with numerous stations dropping it from their timetables. The expectation was that Dawson’s fame could invert the decay. Brushes recorded his last scene in 1994. He left with a noteworthy joke after a competitor neglected to get any focuses in the last round. “Thought I was a failure till you strolled up here,” he said to the competitor, “and you caused me to feel like a man.” As soon as shooting wrapped, he strolled off the set and drove home without even a farewell, leaving the candidates celebrating in front of an audience without him.
Facing hardships and bad days in one’s profession is not a new thing, but for Comb it was really heartbreaking. It was not the only downfall in his life; he has faced many other issues as well including extreme financial crises and later on, health issues due to a car accident. After trying again and again to restart his career, he wasn’t succeeded and one day he was found hanging in the closet of his room. He took his life when he was just 40 years old.

Summary: :writing_hand:
Family Feud is a well-known American television game show which has different runs and seasons. Family Feud has been hosted by six different hosts. These six Family Feud hosts were Richard Dawson who was the original host of the show; Ray Combs, Louie Anderson, Richard Karn who was a great comedian, John O’Hurley who added a lot of joy to the show and Steve Harvey who is the most liked host of the show by the viewers. One of its hosts, Ray Combs, had committed suicide and killed himself.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some questions that are asked frequently about Family Feud Hosts and they are as follows.

1. Who is the host of Family Feud 2021?

Steve Harvey is the only personality who is the hilarious hosting personality he entertains people with his comedy Harvey will definitely host a version in Africa which has been cleared from the video of supercut.

2. Who is the Best Family Feud host?

Here is the list of the best Family Feud Host whose ranking is on top and they are as follows.

  1. Richard Dawson
  2. Richard Karn
  3. Steve Harvey
  4. Louie Anderson
  5. Ray Combs
  6. John O’Hurley

3. How much does Steve Harvey make on Family Feud?

Steve Harvey’s average annual salary is $45 million and at least he earns $10 million from hosting of the family feud.

4. Who was the first host for Family Feud?

In Family feud first host was Richard Dawson who was running the show for a long-time Richard being a comedian has appeared in many programs and went as a guest on various TV shows.

5. Is Steve Harvey a billionaire?

Host of a family feud Steve Harvey’s net worth is $200 million who is also a comedian, producer, writer, and actor.

6. What do the losers get on Family Feud?

It depends! Before losing if they win 1-4 games so they are complemented the overall sum of money they made in the “Fast Money” bonus round they actually get a prize that consists of a $500-Gren Dot Visa debit card.

7. How do you get picked for Family Feud?

In order to get picked for Family feud, you must have the following.

  1. Five family members either related by legal adoption, marriage, or by blood.
  2. You must be a U.S citizen or should have permission at least to work within the U.S.
  3. Contestant must be 15 years or older than 15 years because of the nature of the questions that are asked during the show.

8. How many episodes of Family Feud are filmed in a day?

Within 2 days you could film up to 5 episodes and also it is possible to film in a single day multiple episodes.

9. Can I play Family Feud online for free?

Yes, you can play family feud anywhere you’d like just with 4 modes of the game you will have to choose you will find that there is something there for everyone you have to answer the best Feud surveys and play in the game show.

10. Is there a family feud app?

Yes, you just need to download the Family feud application which is free for Android also for Apple iPhone and iPad.

Conclusion: :books:
Family Feud is the longest-running American television game show. In its entire running time period, there were different Family Feud Hosts from time to time. Some of them were really enjoyed by the viewers and some were not. Family Feud is a competition among two families who gives the most likely answers to the survey questions.

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