Definition of Recognition:

  1. Recognition of the presence, legitimacy or legal status of an object.

  2. Accounting: Inclusion or recording of cash items in books or financial statements.

  3. Identification of a person or thing or identification of people from past or known meetings.

  4. General: Identification, knowledge or details (quantity, value, qualification, size, opportunity, authenticity, etc.) of an event, item, person, trend or its right before acceptance, inclusion or registration.

Synonyms of Recognition

Chance discovery, Perception, Cognition, Slant, Renown, Noesis, Peripeteia, Declaration, Assimilation, Name, Figure, Remembrance, Recollection, Plan, Rising action, Puff, Allowance, Disclosure, Right, Kudos, Excavation, Design, Continuity, Good word, Concession, Realization, Acknowledgement, Popularity, Mindfulness, Publicity, The bubble reputation, Commendation, Device, Subplot, Angle, Identification, Glory, Spotting, Granting, Apperception, Contrivance, Plug, Complication, Thanksgiving, Treasure trove, Architectonics, Sensibility, Credit, Mythos, Topic, Switch, Buildup, Identification, Acclaim, Lucky strike, Distinguishment, Promotion, Acceptance, Unearthing, Rediscovery, Appreciation, Determination, Theme, Cognizance, Insight, Find, Mood, Report, Paean, Invention, Uncovering, Boost, Awareness, Casual discovery, Honor, Motif, Character, Architecture, Movement, Attention, Espial, Notoriety, Trouvaille, Vogue, Detection, Notoriousness, Background, Due, Line, Notice, Tone, Action, Fable, Benediction, Gimmick, Note, Serendipity, Blurb, Thank-you, Celebrity, Twist, Confession, Avowal, Eclat, Fame, Trove, Repute, Crediting, Exhumation, Characterization, Argument, Bringing to light, Episode, Praise, Scheme, What is owing, Catching, Finding, Determining, Consciousness, Concession, Recall, Development, Profession, Locating, Discovery, Grace, Story, Hymn, Prayer of thanks, Finding out, Secondary plot, Denouement, Thematic development, Exposure, Honorable mention, Atmosphere, Thanks, Conceding, Strike, Subject, Admission, Incident, Reputation, Anagnorisis, Location, Local color, Falling action, Thank offering, Acknowledgment, Acceptance, Reclame, Color, Famousness, Reidentification, Admission, Structure, Appreciativeness, Hype, Catastrophe, Plot, Revelation

How to use Recognition in a sentence?

  1. He saw her leaving without paying any attention.
  2. The union needs to be properly identified.
  3. The baseball player was most recognizable when he showed up at a restaurant and asked her to sign several autographs.
  4. I sold 4 million books, which the company recognized as my best-seller of the year.
  5. Sites like Facebook help tag friends on uploaded photos, using state-of-the-art facial technology to recognize the faces of people they know.

Meaning of Recognition & Recognition Definition

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