Definition of Methodology:

  1. A system of general principles or rules from which certain methods or techniques can be derived to interpret or solve different problems in certain subjects. Unlike algorithms, the method is not a formula, but a set of methods.

  2. A system of methods used in a given field of study or activity.

Synonyms of Methodology

Foresight, Culture pattern, Scheme of arrangement, Good condition, Neatness, Rationalization, Game, The drill, Doing, Observable behavior, Behavioral norm, Tone, Line of action, Lines, Contrivance, Means, Mechanism, Process, Good trim, Fashion, Graphing, Organization, Mode of procedure, System, Guidelines, Modus vivendi, Air, Anality, Course of action, Proceeding, Trimness, Posture, Goings-on, Method, Algorithm, Mode, Approach, Operation, Method, Motions, Poise, Conception, The way of, Schedule, Tack, Orderliness, Schematism, Strategy, Manner, Discipline, Enterprise, The picture, Schematization, Forethought, Line, Guise, Acts, Demeanor, Behavioral science, Systematization, Conduct, Process, Arrangement, SOP, Technique, Fine fettle, The how, Gestures, Bearing, Idea, Formula, Methodicalness, Order, MO, Technique, Affectation, Manners, Device, Envisagement, Setup, Behavior, Calculation, Charting, Planning function, Ground plan, System, Line of action, Practice, Way, Plan of action, Presence, Pattern, Schema, Methodology, Social science, Manner of working, Intention, Agenda, Address, Pose, Design, Good shape, Plan, Figuring, Doings, Measure, Custom, Procedure, Lineup, Tactical plan, Approach, Movements, Series of steps, Layout, Way of life, Maintien, Folkway, Way, Port, Prearrangement, Master plan, Mapping, Mien, Ways, Praxis, Program, Routine, Proceeding, Long-range plan, Deportment, The big picture, Planning, Actions, Tidiness, Behavior pattern, Mode of operation, Blueprint, Methods, Attack, Tactics, Means, Modus operandi, Style, MO, Form, Modus operandi, Carriage, Course, Moves, Strategic plan, Policy, Program of action, Stratagem, Comportment, Blueprinting, Wise, Standard operating procedure, Action, Activity, Plan, Scheme, Operations research, Strategy, Systematicness, Disposition, Working plan, Apple-pie order

How to use Methodology in a sentence?

  1. Mr. Fathersmith looked at his accountant, who, instead of dealing with all the business at once, made a bad decision by leaving a lot of notes at the last minute.
  2. The golf instructor has specific teaching methods and rules that govern the golf swing and other aspects of the game.
  3. While studying psychology at university, I took several courses to study methods suitable for experimental research.
  4. A way to learn the concept of attention.

Meaning of Methodology & Methodology Definition

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A system of practices to solve a specific problem.