Definition of Survey:

  1. (of a person or their eyes) look carefully and thoroughly at (someone or something), especially so as to appraise them.

  2. Examine and record the area and features of (an area of land) so as to construct a map, plan, or description.

  3. Investigate the opinions or experience of (a group of people) by asking them questions.

  4. An act of surveying an area of land.

  5. Marketing: A detailed study of a market or geographical area to gather data on attitudes, impressions, opinions, satisfaction level, etc., by polling a section of the population.

  6. A general view, examination, or description of someone or something.

  7. Real estate: A map or plat drawn by a licensed-surveyor after measuring a piece of land, to show its area, boundaries, contours, elevations, improvements, and its relationship to the surrounding land. A property survey confirms that a particular piece of land or building is sited in accordance to its legal description.

Synonyms of Survey

Abbreviation, Abbreviature, Abrege, Abridgment, Abstract, Analysis, Appraisal, Appraise, Appraisement, Appreciate, Approximation, Article, Assay, Assemblage, Assembly, Assess, Assessment, Assize, Assizement, Audit, Autopsy, Boss, Brief, Calculate, Calculation, Calibrate, Caliper, Call-up, Canvass, Capsule, Causerie, Census, Chaperon, Check, Check a parameter, Check out, Check over, Check up, Check up on, Collection, Colligation, Collocation, Combination, Command, Comment upon, Comparison, Compend, Computation, Compute, Con, Concourse, Concurrence, Condensation, Condensed version, Conduct a poll, Confluence, Conflux, Congregation, Conspectus, Consumer research, Consumer-preference survey, Contemplate, Contemplation, Convergence, Corralling, Correction, Criticize, Data-gathering, Deal with, Descant, Determination, Dial, Digest, Discourse, Discuss, Discussion, Disquisition, Dissert, Dissertate, Dissertation, Divide, Domination, Draft, Enquiry, Epitome, Essay, Estimate, Estimation, Etude, Evaluate, Evaluation, Examination, Examine, Excursus, Exposition, Eye, Eyeball inspection, Eyereach, Eyeshot, Eyesight, Fathom, Feature, Field of view, Field of vision, First approach, Gathering, Gauge, Gauging, Give an examination, Give the eye, Give the once-over, Go into, Go over, Graduate, Handle, Hard look, Head, Homily, Horizon, Ingathering, Inquire into, Inquiry, Inspect, Inspection, Instrumentation, Introductory study, Inventory, Investigate, Investigation, Junction, Juxtaposition, Ken, Leer, Leer at, Limit of vision, Line of sight, Look at, Look into, Look over, Lucubration, Make a survey, Measure, Measurement, Measuring, Memoir, Mensurate, Mensuration, Mete, Meter, Metric system, Mobilization, Monitor, Monograph, Morceau, Muster, Naked eye, Note, Observe, Ocular inspection, Ogle, Ogle at, Opinion poll, Outline, Outlook, Outlook over, Overhaul, Overhauling, Overlook, Oversee, Overview, Pace, Pandect, Paper, Paragraph, Pass over, Pass under review, Peer at, Perlustration, Perspective, Perusal, Peruse, Piece, Plumb, Poll, Pore, Pore over, Postmortem, Precis, Preliminary study, Prize, Probe, Prolegomenon, Prospect, Public-opinion poll, Quality control, Quantification, Quantify, Quantization, Quantize, Quarterback, Questionary, Questionnaire, Range, Rate, Rating, Remark upon, Research paper, Review, Rodeo, Roundup, Rubric, Run over, Run-through, Sample, Scan, Scanning, Scope, Scope of vision, Screed, Scrutinize, Scrutiny, Set an examination, Set at, Shortened version, Sight, Sightliness, Size, Size up, Skeleton, Sketch, Sound, Span, Special article, Step, Study, Superintend, Surveying, Syllabus, Synopsis, Take a long, Take a reading, Take stock of, Take the measure, Take up, Telemetering, Telemetry, Term paper, The eye, Theme, Thesis, Thumbnail sketch, Topical outline, Touch upon, Tract, Tractate, Treat, Treat of, Treatise, Treatment, Triangulate, Triangulation, Valuate, Valuation, Value, Vet, Vetting, View, Visitation, Vista, Visual examination, Weigh, Write up, Look at, Look over, Take a look at, Observe, View, Contemplate, Regard, See, Gaze at, Stare at, Eye, Get a birds-eye view of, Study, Consideration, Review, Overview

How to use Survey in a sentence?

  1. There were many ways the manager tried to figure out why morale in the company was so low, but he got the most insightful data from an anonymous employee survey .
  2. The author provides a survey of the relevant literature.
  3. He surveyed the coasts of New Zealand.
  4. The man had been using the website for quite a while and now was getting emails asking him to take a short survey about his opinion of the website.
  5. The flight involved a detailed aerial survey of military bases.
  6. Ted was annoyed when poll takers called during dinner time with yet another overly-long survey regarding local politics, so he started taking the phone off the hook while they were eating.
  7. 95% of patients surveyed were satisfied with the health service.
  8. Her green eyes surveyed him coolly.

Meaning of Survey & Survey Definition

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How To Define Survey?

  1. Study by insurance inspectors or risk assessors who are used for written purposes.

Meanings of Survey

  1. (Someone or your eyes) Look carefully and carefully (at someone or something), especially to guess you.

  2. Examine and note the areas and features (ground area) to create a map, plan, or description.

  3. Ask questions (a group of people) to find out feedback or experiences.

  4. Someone's picture, interrogation or description of someone or something.

Sentences of Survey

  1. Her green eyes stared at him coldly

  2. A visit to the coast of New Zealand

  3. 95% of the patients surveyed are satisfied with the health system.

  4. The author offers an overview of the relevant literature.

  5. The flight also includes a detailed aerial view of the military base

Synonyms of Survey

get a bird's-eye view of


Survey means,

  1. A study by an insurer or specialist about the risks used for underwriting purposes.

Meanings of Survey

  1. Take a closer look or investigate (someone or something).

  2. Research and note area and features (a plot of land) to create a map, floor plan, or description.

  3. General explanation, investigation or description of something or something.

  4. The process of inspecting the building

Sentences of Survey

  1. Her green eyes are staring at him with cold eyes.

  2. The construction company will insist that you investigate.

Synonyms of Survey

pricing, weigh up, behold, exploration, overall picture, scrutinization


Survey means,

  • The definition of Survey is: Risk assessment is done by inspectors or insurance experts for insurance purposes.

Meanings of Survey

  1. Research and note the area and features (a plot of land) to create a map, destination plan, or description.

  2. General description, investigation or description of something or something.

Sentences of Survey

  1. Her green eyes were staring at him with cold eyes.

  2. The author provides an overview of the relevant literature.