Definition of Personality:

  1. The quality or reality of being different from an object or animal.

  2. Law: The legal status of a person or organization.

  3. Famous people, especially in the field of entertainment or play.

  4. Offensive comments to someone

  5. General: A relatively stable, harmonious and characteristic combination of mental and emotional traits that a person exhibits when he is alone or when interacting with other people and their external environment.

  6. A combination of traits or characteristics that make up a person's distinctive features.

Synonyms of Personality

Egohood, Worthy, Nose, Esteem, Domination, The great, Celebutante, Human being, Conscious self, Ego-id conflict, Organism, Superstar, Figure, Unconscious mind, Uncomplimentary remark, Critter, Psyche, Prestige, Groundling, Name, Aspersion, Collective unconscious, Uniqueness, Earthling, Life, Important person, Subliminal self, Favor, Entity, Worthy, Thing, Sly suggestion, Singularity, Notability, Personage, Character, Customer, Tycoon, Personal equation, Mogul, Nature, Reign, Say, Big shot, Charm, Dignitary, Name, Body, Control, Weight, Submerged mind, Reflection, Consequence, Subliminal, Whispering campaign, Notable, Terran, Nonconformity, Object, Leading light, Individuality, VIP, Star, Racial unconscious, Suggestion, Head, Unconscious, Personal identity, Power, Lion, Pleasure principle, Influentiality, Establishment, Particularity, Hand, Selfness, Subtle influence, Identity, Hold, Moment, Big name, Power elite, Whip hand, Vital impulse, Elder, Baron, Sway, Panjandrum, Big name, Pillar of society, Innuendo, Person, Potency, Leadership, Subconscious mind, Notability, Enchantment, Person of renown, Leverage, Very important person, Being, Top people, Nominalism, Importance, Purchase, Differentness, Predominance, Effect, Force, Magnate, Personship, Notable, Integrity, Big gun, Ego ideal, Bigwig, Temperament, Individualism, Creature, Influence, Persuasion, Credit, Ruling circle, Charisma, Id, Particularism, Upper hand, Celebrity, Nabob, Preconscious, Clout, Disposition, Personal remark, Big man, Differentiation, The top, Identity, Insinuation, Superstar, Ethical self, Something, Libido, Incidental power, Famous name, Persona, Headliner, Imputation, Mind, Rule, Human, Persona, Humor, Somebody, Conscience, Primitive self, Foreconscious, Mortal, Anima, An existence, Self, Slur, Individual, Supremacy, One, Makeup, Joker, Duck, Self-identity, Guy, Someone, Luminary, Great man, Preponderance, Interests, Make-up, Complexion, Coconscious, Magnetism, VIP, Psyche, Unit, Superego, Pressure, Soul, Authority, Death instinct, Disposition, Adamite, Somebody, Worldling, Chief, Monad, Celebrity, Man, Eminence, Distinctiveness, Dignity, Star, Household name, Psychic apparatus, Mastery, Libidinal energy, Human factor, Personage, Father, Motive force, Chap, Cat, Top brass, Tellurian, Entelechy, Ascendancy, Man of mark, Homo, Party, Fellow, Luminary, Living soul, Sachem, Character, Temperament, Brass, Nature, Dominance, Temper, Lords of creation, Single, Oneness, Repute, Ego, Good feeling, Brass hat, Selfhood, Subconscious, Suasion

How to use Personality in a sentence?

  1. Official inauguration of celebrities.
  2. He is a cheerful person and very charming.
  3. She has such a beautiful personality that when she stands up during a meeting and shouts at the police, everyone is amazed.
  4. Women who are generally calm and calm have a very different personality when they present humorous routines in public.
  5. Although the two friends are very different, Sarah's friendly personality helps Mona to overcome her embarrassment over karaoke.

Meaning of Personality & Personality Definition