Meltem Conant

Full Name Meltem Conant Height 1.65 m
Nationality Turkish Nationality Country Born Turkey
Age 49 Profession runs pet accessory store
Star Pisces Birthday 19,Feb-1971

Meltem Conant

Meltem Conant is mostly known from his famous chef husband Scott Conant.She is a mother of 2 daughters and she runs pet accessories store.

Who is Meltem Conant?

Meltem Bozkurt Conant is a famous personality who gained a lot of fame as being the wife of the famous chef celebrity named as Scott Conant. Meltem Conant opened her eyes for the first time in Turkey.

Meltem Conant is widely recognized all over the world as the wife of a famous American celebrity chef, restaurateur and a cookbook author named as Scott Conant.
Meltem Conant got married to Scott Conant in 2007 and has two adorable daughters from her marriage. Also, she runs a pet accessory store.
The detail information about her is given below.


As Meltem Conant hasn’t disclosed anything about her birth date yet, her proper age isn’t identified. However, she is expected to be in her early forties. On the other hand, her husband Scott Conant was born on 19 Feb, 1971 and now is 49 years old and her zodiac sign is Pisces.

Overall looks of Meltem Conant:

Meltem has a very charming and attractive personality. She has maintained herself in a good way to look amazing with her husband. Some body measurements of her are:

:small_blue_diamond: Eye color: Her eye color is light brown.
:small_blue_diamond: Hair color: Her hair color is Blonde.
:small_blue_diamond: Height: She has a height of about 1.65 m.
:small_blue_diamond: Weight: Her weight is about 122 Lbs.

Education: :open_book:

Nothing is known about her education as she hasn’t shared it yet.

Profession:strong text

Meltem runs a pet accessory store and has made herself in dog fashion.

Marital status: :couple:

Meltem is a married women and her husband name is Scott Conant.

Children: :child:

Meltem is blessed with two beautiful daughters.


Meltem has a Caucasian ethnicity.

Nationality: :tr:

As she was born in turkey so, she holds a Turkish nationality.

Meltem Conant’s professional life:

As mentioned above, Meltem Conant is a pet accessory manager by profession. However, there aren’t any latest updates about her job.

It is known that she runs a pet accessory store nowadays and has established herself in dog fashion.

Her store named as New York Dog sells accessories and apparel for fashionable Manhattan Dogs. She is reported to make substantial income from her pet accessory business.

According to Meltem, she would have done a lot and would have grown much more from what she is but she want to keep herself private and humble and want to live with her husband and children peacefully.

Meltem Conant’s net worth:

The exact net worth and earnings of Meltem Conant is not known much and it’s kept private by her up till now.

:small_blue_diamond: However, she is expected to earn around 38,000 dollars per year from her business. On the other hand, as a celebrity her husband Scott Conant has a net worth of about 5 million dollars as of 2020.

:small_blue_diamond: Her net worth is not as high as Wayne Brady’s net worth right now but is quite impressive being a women of 2 daughters she earns well.

:small_blue_diamond: It has been reported that he has an annual salary of about 45,000 dollars. Moreover, He has earned a lot of money and recognition by appearing as a guest judge in various TV shows.

Meltem Conant’s residence:

In 2017, Scott Conant purchased a beautiful house in Arizona and now his entire family is residing in Phoenix, Arizona.

He also has a Celliao steakhouse in the Catskill Mountains, New York. Meltem’s family spends their time in both their locales as most of Scott’s food shows are scheduled in New York at network’s studio, Chelsea.

Moreover, they often visit Meltem’s family that is still living in Turkey.

Meltem Conant’s married life:

Meltem Conant is proudly living a much lavished life with her husband. She got married to her long term boyfriend Scott Conant in 2007.

After many years of their dating, they both tied their knot with each other in a private ceremony in Meltem’s hometown Turkey.

For their honeymoon destination, they chose Tahiti, which is the largest island in French Polynesia.

:small_orange_diamond: Meltem and Scott’s relationship is undoubtedly one of the most amazing relationships in the world of celebrities.

:small_orange_diamond: There are a lot of ladies who madly falls for the famous and handsome chef but only one lady owned his heart and that is Meltem Conant.

They both represent the real meaning of couple goals. Whenever they are together, you will always find them truly made for each other and an inseparable couple.

:small_orange_diamond: Although, they both have very busy schedules, but they always manage to spend time together with their children.

Meltem Conant is raising her daughters very well. Although she has a busy schedule she gives time to her children.

Not only Meltem Conant is good business women but also a good mother and a perfect wife.

:small_orange_diamond: Another point to be noted is that Meltem Conant is Scott Conant’s second wife. Firstly, he got married to his business partner Chris Cannon. They had a very short-term relationship and they got divorced in 2006.

Meltem Conant’s Husband: :boy:

Meltem Conant is very well-known personality all over the world as being the wife of the famous American celebrity chef.

Also he is a restaurant owner and a cookbook author Scott Conant.

:black_small_square: Scott Conant also has a wide recognition for being the judge of the famous cooking and food show “Chopped".

:black_small_square: Apart from it he owns three stars restaurants named as “L’lmpero” and “Scarpetta". He is also the in charge of the four stars Scarpetts hotel in Miami.

:black_small_square: Scott’s career has started around 30 years ago. He started his career from working for a café.

:black_small_square: He is a well-known famous personality just like Hyun bin.

Later on, he became sous culinary in New York. It was in 1995 that he was selected by the Cesare Casella at 2 Toscanaccio.

For his progress toward becoming chef de cuisine, it was an Upper East Side Tuscan.

:black_small_square: After one year, he reorganized two foundations named as Chianti and Barolo that were in Upper East Side and Soho, respectively.

At the same time, he became as an executive chef at the City Eatery on the Bowery at New York.

Apparently, his strong and modern take over of the Italian food and it made him more famous and considerable by the New Yorkers.

:black_small_square: Moreover, in 2002 he got a two-star audit and in the same year he decided to open a restaurant named as L’lmpero in Tudor city which got 3-star reviews from the New York Times just with in seven days of its inauguration.

He also opened two additional cafes in 2010 in Las Vegas.

:black_small_square: Apart from opening restaurants and café’s, he also gained a wide recognition by appearing as a judge in many food shows.

:black_small_square: He appeared as a visitor judge in season 2, 4 and 5 of “Top chef", judge of season 1, 3 and 4 of “Chopped" and many TV appearances in shows like Martha Stewart Living, Good Morning America Just and The Today Show.

Being as a good judge, chef and a restaurateur, Scott Conant is also a famous cookbook author.

:black_small_square: In 2005, he wrote and published a cookbook named as “Scott Conant’s New Italian Cooking", “Bold Italian” in 2008 and “The Scarpetta Cookbook” in 2013.

Meltem Conant’s Children: :family_man_woman_girl_boy:

:small_orange_diamond: After getting married to Scott Conant, Meltem Conant had given birth to her two adorable daughters named as Ayla Sophia Reina and Karya Eva Maria.

:small_orange_diamond: Her first and elder daughter Ayla was born on 8th Feb, 2010 and her younger daughter Karya was born on 19 Sept, 2012.

:small_orange_diamond: Scott is regarded as the greatest dad by his daughters as he always manages some time for his family despite his busy schedule.

:small_orange_diamond: Meltem along with her husband, enjoy the parenthood as she has such a beautiful daughters.

They are regarded as the favorite sous chefs by their dad.

:small_orange_diamond: In 2013, in a questionnaire with Food network, Scott regarded his elder daughter Ayla as his favorite person to cook with.

:small_orange_diamond: On the other hand, his younger daughter Karya served as a camera operator for Scott’s IGTV cooking tutorials recently.

Meltem Conant Instagram:

Meltem Conant is a well-known personality but she is not much popular at social media. Although, she has an account on Instagram with user ID @meltemconant which is private at the moment. She has shared about 51 posts on it. Moreover, she has a less number of followers on it. She has 294 followers and is following about 626 people on Instagram.

On the other hand, as her husband is widely known all over the world, he has a lot of fans on his social media accounts.

:small_blue_diamond: On Instagram he has an account with user ID @conantnyc which is a public account. You can follow him to see his photos and videos.

:small_blue_diamond: He has shared about 2656 posts on his account most of which are the pictures of his dishes and cooking.

He has about 435.6k followers on Instagram and is following about 1772 people on it.
Meltem is a pet accessory manager and make a substantial income per year. She has a private account on Instagram.

Summary: :writing_hand:
Meltem Conant gained a wide recognition all over the world as being the wife of one of the top chefs in America named as Scott Conant. They share two children. Her husband is a famous chef, restaurateur and a Cookbook author. She lives in US with her family.

Frequently Asked Question: :question:

Here are some questions fans want to know about Meltem Conant and they are as follows.

1.How much does Meltem Conant earn?

She is a business women and she has a profession of pet accessories .She earns well from her business per year she earns around $38,000.

2.How many children does Meltem Conant have,and how old are they?

Meltem Conant has 2 daughters.

:small_blue_diamond: Her very first daughter is Ayl Sophia Reina and she was born on February 8,2010 .
:small_blue_diamond: Her second daughter is Kerya Eva Maria and she was born in 2017

3.What was the profession of Meltem Conant before marriage?

Before getting married to Scott Conant she made her name in fashion-dog fashion.

Conclusion: :books:

Meltem Conant has gained much fame as being the wife of a famous celebrity chef, Scott Conant. They both are living a much lavished life with their two adorable daughters in United States.

Meltem don’t want to be as social as her husband. She wants to stay private and humble and want to lead a peaceful life with her family.

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