Wayne Brady's Net Worth

Full Name Wayne Alphonso Brady Height 1.82 m
Nationality American nationality Siblings One Sister
Country born America Age 48
Star Gemini Birthday 2nd-june-1972
Film Producer
Screen writer
Game show host
Talk-show host
Voice Acting

Wayne Brady’s net worth is about $12 Million. Wayne Alphonso Brady is a famous American television personality who has gained a lot of fame as an actor, comedian, singer and a game show host. He has also performed in theatre productions. He has earned a lot of money by performing in many Television series and films.

Wayne Brady's net worth

Wayne Brady: :man_singer:

Are you a big fan of Wayne Brady? Do you want to know about Wayne Brady’s net worth? Do you want to know about his salary? You’ve landed on a right platform as here it is going to be shared some useful information about Wayne Brady’s net worth.

Wayne Alphonso Brady is a famous American personality who is considered as one of the most versatile comedians of the era. He is also well known for his acting and multiple skills. He is known the best for his acting in his most famous TV comedy series “Whose Line Is It Anyway”. He is a great singer with a great voice Not He is a singer but also a voice actor. Not only he is a Film producer but also a TV producer. Not only he Brady is a Screen writer but also a TV presenter. He is best known for his multi talents. He is famous like other celebrities like Hyun Bin


Wayne Brady was born on 2nd June, 1972. His birth place was Columbus, Georgia. His zodiac sign is Gemini.


He studied at Dr. Phillips High school and graduated from the University of Miami in 1989. For making a successful acting career, he moved to Las Vegas in 1992.


Currently, Wayne Brady is 48 years old.

Family: :family_man_woman_girl_boy:

As mentioned above, Wayne Brady was raised by his grandmother because his father was an overseas military officer and his mother Linda Marie Newton was just 17 years old at the time of his birth. Brady has only one sister named as Kim Brady.


Wayne Brady has an American nationality. He belongs to a Black and west Indian ethnicity. He belongs to the religion of Christianity.

Marital status: :couple:

Wayne Brady has a marital status of being divorced. Brady got married for two times and every time he got divorced.

Children: :girl:

Brady has only one daughter named as Maile Masako Brady.

Spouses/wives names:

Brady had two wives. They were:

:small_blue_diamond: Diana Lasso (m. 1993-1995): Wayne Brady got married to Diana Lasso on 31 December, 1993. They were officially divorced on 21 September, 1995.
:small_blue_diamond: Mandie Taketa (m. 1999-2008): Wayne Brady got married to a dancer named as Mandie Taketa on 3rd April 1999. They both lived for 9 years with each other. They have a daughter. Her name is Maile Masako Brady. Taketa helped Brady a lot during his mental depression. They were separated on 5th April, 2006. The couple was officially divorced on 2nd July, 2007.

Where does Wayne Brady live?

On June 2, 1972 Wayne Brady was born in Columbus, Georgia. When he was young child he used to live to Orlando in Florida. He was raised by his aunt and grandmother name “Valerie Petersen”. He was attached a lot with his grandmother because he spent his childhood time with her that’s why he gives more preference to his grandmother.

Television Debut:

Brady made his television debut in 1990. He performed for the first time in an episode of “Super boy" named the sons of Icarus.

Awards and achievements: :trophy:

For his excellent and fascinating acting skills he got many awards and achievements in his career. These awards include:

Award for outstanding individual performance in a variety of music programs at prime time Emmy awards in 2003.

:small_blue_diamond: Award of outstanding talk show host in Daytime awards in 2003,2004.
:small_blue_diamond: Awards of outstanding original song in Daytime Emmy awards in 2014.
:small_blue_diamond: Award of outstanding show host for the show “Let’s make a deal" in Daytime Emmy awards in 2018.

Wayne Brady’s net worth:

The famous television personality Wayne Brady has a successful career. He has worked very hard to achieve the position which he is having today. He had started his career since childhood and worked up till now. Wayne Brady has a net worth of about $12 Million. Most of his net worth came from his work in both TV and in films as an actor, comedian and singer since 1998.

Apart from that, he has also earned a lot of money by working as a performer in Theater production. Brady started his acting career officially by working as a performer in a community Theatre at SAK comedy lab when he was 16 years old.

:small_blue_diamond: The most essential step of Brady’s net worth was his performance in an improvisational theatre “Whose Line Is It Anyway”. He made most of his fortune from working for the same show. After that, in 2001, he started his own talk show that was named as “The Wayne Brady Talk Show”. This show then became as daytime talk show in 2002 with the same name.

:small_blue_diamond: In 2006, Brady’s two another TV shows that were named as “TV land’s that’s what I am talking about” and “Fox Show Celebrity Duets” brought a big increase in Brady’s net worth.

:small_blue_diamond: Moreover, his TV guest appearances included CBS, sitcom How I Met Your Mother, CBS’S comedy, Getting along Famously, Everybody Hates Chris, and Dancing with the Stars among Others.

:small_blue_diamond: Brady has worked a lot as a singer as well. In 2005, he wrote and sang a theme song for Disney’s animated series “The Weekenders". He also sang Jim Brickman’s original Disney song “Beautiful”.

All these performances contributed a lot to Brady’s net worth.

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Wayne Brady’s earnings and financial data:

Here are some records and data about Wayne Brady’s net worth that will help you understand which of Brady’s performances and assets contributed a lot to his net worth. This data includes the major earnings and assets of Brady’s net worth.

Since 1998 until now, as a host of “Vinyl Justice" Brady has earned a total of 5,000,000 dollars.

:small_orange_diamond: He earned about 4,000,000 dollars from being as a guest of “How I Met Your Mother" from 2006 to 2014.
:small_orange_diamond: He performed in a show named as “Don’t forget the lyrics" and earned round about 2,000,000 Dollars from it.
:small_orange_diamond: In 2013, Brady bought a 2,227 square-foot condo in Pacific Palisades, California, the maximum value of which was 1,750,000 dollars at that time.

Wayne Brady Salary:

Wayne Brady’s net worth is about 12.2 million dollars. Apart from this let’s discuss his salary/income. The following data will show you a total of annual, monthly and weekly income of Wayne Brady.

Annual Income/salary:

Wayne Brady’s annual income is about 1.7 million dollars per year.

Monthly income/salary:

Brady earns about 141,666.67 dollars per month.

Weekly income/salary:

The weekly income of Wayne Brady starts from 32,692.31 dollars per week.

Wayne Brady’s Music career:

Apart from being a great actor and a comedian, Wayne Brady has worked hard to establish his musical career as well. Up till now, he has released round about 40 songs and all of these have gained quiet much popularity. His most successful part in his musical career is his album “A Long Time Going" that comprises of 16 songs that has reached millions of downloads. Wayne Brady has made a lot of money from the sales of his music albums. All of these earnings have contributed a lot to Wayne Brady’s net worth.

Wayne Brady House:

Wayne Brady is always found to be involved in property deals, especially for purchasing his residential areas. In 2013, he bought a rustic Deer vale-stone canyon park for 1.8 million dollars. About six months later, he made another deal of purchasing a 3-bedroom ocean-view condo in Pacific Palisades for 1.75 million dollars which is just sold over two years ago for more than 1.8 million dollars.

2 Years ago, Wayne Brady has bought a Sherman Oaks home that worth’s of about 2.252 million dollars by selling his condominium in Pacific Palisades. His new house was built in 1954 which features a single story with an open floor plan, high ceilings and beautiful views of mountains and cityscape.

His new residential masterpiece has about 4200 feet of the living area that includes living rooms, family rooms and dining rooms.

The family rooms are comprised of five bedrooms with five baths. Apart from these, the house contains a powder room, breakfast and dining areas and a den/office. The ground is very beautiful and lavishly organized that includes a variety of mature trees and a lawn.

Wayne Brady cars:

The famous television actor Wayne Brady has dove many kinds of lavished cars in his life. Whenever he has gone out for any event or show, he has always gone in his beautiful and expensive cars. Although, it isn’t known very well about which car he is having currently, but he likes the white cars mostly. A few years ago, he went on an event in an extraordinary awesome car which was also appeared to be a super car. Everyone was trying to get known about the car’s name and logo, but it was hidden by Brady in his social media pictures.

Is Wayne Brady a Pet Lover? :dog:

Yes! Wayne Brady is a pet lover he has a dog as a pet he always owned dog .He named his dog “Phatty” and they always used to watch news together. Wayne Brady used to teach manners and trained his dog himself. For puppy training he used to look “Google” for tips

Has Wayne Brady suffered from Mental Health Issues?

As we can see a guy with lots of fame and name would definitely be happy but we do not know that behind every happy man there is always a sad man.

Brady being a comedian went through depression and suffered from mental health issues. His ex-wife supported him a lot.

Summary: :writing_hand:
Wayne Brady is a famous television personality. Wayne Brady’s net worth is about 12 million dollars most of which came from his acting shows. He has a definite amount of annual, monthly and weekly salary. Wayne Brady is also a very successful singer. He owns a house that worth of about 2.252 Million dollars. He also has many expensive cars.

Frequently Asked Questions :question:

Here are some questions fans of Wayne Brady want to know and they are as follows

:one: What’s Wayne Brady doing now?

Wayne Brady is currently doing a role in ‘Black Lightning’. In American Soap Opera he has a contract role as Reese Buckingham and currently In Black lightning he has been doing a role of Tyson Spikes and Gravedigger.

:two: Does Wayne Brady have children?

Wayne Brady with wife Mandie Taketa has one daughter only and the name of his their daughter is Maile Masako Brady. on February 3, 2003 Maile Masako Brady was born.

:three: What was Wayne Brady on the masked singer?

The masked singer season 2 winners was Wayne Brady but he never got the trophy.no body knew that because masked singer in this reality show celebrities wear costumes to hide their identity.

Conclusion: :books:

As being a successful actor, comedian and singer, Wayne Brady’s net worth is high. It is about 12 million dollars. Most of this net worth came from his earnings from his TV shows and movies. Apart from his acting skills, his singing skills and success also has contributed a lot to this net worth.

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