Alaina Marie Mathers

Alaina Marie Mathers was born on May 3, 1993. She is 27 years old. She was born in the United States of America. She is famous as the daughter of Eminem. Her father’s name is Eminem and her mother’s name is Dawn Scott, Kimberly Anne Scott. Eminem adopts a human child as his own, so Alaina Marie Mather is Eminem’s adopted child. Before Eminem took her in, Alaina was very close to him as she was the daughter of Dawn Scott who was the twin sister of his ex-wife Kim Scott.

The history of Alaina

:dizzy: Dawn Scott was devastated by her poverty; to deal with the situation she began using drugs when Alaina was just a few years old. Eminem made many attempts but failed in his attempts to make Dawn Scott normal. As things were not going well for her and she was not recovering and not getting out of depression so he decided to accept Alaina because he wanted to give her a better childhood. He takes her to his home and is now she is known as the daughter of a famous singer named Eminem. Alaina kept herself as she was not always in the public eye. As we always see that star kids want to stand out so they also have a public account on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. But she did not have a social media account.

:dizzy: She lives with her sisters Hailie and Whitney. Spending all the time with them, Hailie is Eminem’s real daughter but Whitney is one of the girls found. He accepted Alaina just to free Dawn Scott as she was depressed and she could not recognize Alaina’s real father. So he accepted Alaina to give her a better lifestyle as her mother was not out of that situation.

Alaina’s family background

Alaina was named Amanda Marie Scott at the time of her birth. Her mother, Dawn Scott, was extremely depressed in her life because she could not find her daughter’s real father. Eminem was the man who helped twin sisters Kim and Dawn and fell in love with Kim Scott who is the mother of his daughter Hailie.


:dizzy: Eminem’s nickname was Slim Shady. He was born on October 17, 1972. He was an American singer. He is 48 years old. His birth sign is Libra. He was born in the United States in Saint Joseph. Eminem is a famous rapper and songwriter. He is known as the most famous artist who has always influenced them. A magazine called ‘Rolling stone’ took him as the king of hip-hop. They put him in the 100th most influential artist of all time. Eminem loved his job very much from a very young age. He formed a group of singers called D12. The group became very popular in the area. After a while, he was caught in front of the famous producer Dr. Dre. Under Dre’s direction, he released several popular albums such as 'The Slim Shady LP and 'The Marshall Mathers LP. His self-proclaimed album loves anything and became famous in a short time. Sometimes, he has a problem because of his aggressive characters in his songs. Despite all of this, this famous artist wins people’s hearts and now leads as a star.

Alaina sister Hailie Jade

:sweat_drops: He was born on December 25, 1995. He is 25 years old. His birth sign is Capricorn. She is also known as Eminem’s Daughter. Hailie Jade is a college student. When she was born, Eminem was not a famous singer as he struggled so much. But her parents were able to give her a healthy life. In the late 1990s, his father was growing up like a star. Aside from their financial problems, Hailie had a very difficult childhood due to the worst relationship between her parents. People first got to know him when his father’s debut album ‘Hailie’s song’ and ‘Mockingbird’ were related to her.

:sweat_drops: Then she continued to be at the community level as she became an integral part of his father’s songs. As her parent’s relationship was not so good so she is always affected by this. However, her parents tried their best to give her a healthy and normal life. It has now become an influx of social media platforms.


:dizzy: Hailie’s parents, Eminem, and Kimberly Anne Scott met while still in school. Her twin sisters Dawn Scott and Kimberly Anne Scott fled their home in 1987, and Eminem asked her mother to let them stay in their home. A relationship soon developed between the two and Hailie was born on December 25, 1995. When their relationship was not good they decided to get married, only to divorce. They remarried in 2006, but she divorced again in April.

:dizzy: Hailie was raised by her cousin Alaina, who was the daughter of her maternal uncle. Her aunt’s name was Down Scott. Whitney was her stepsister as she was Kim’s daughter from another relationship. Both Alaina Marie and Whitney were Eminem’s adopted daughters.

:dizzy: All the girls grew up in a very difficult environment. Since their parents were not together. In 2001, Kimberly was charged with felony criminal mischief for allegedly possessing cocaine. Two years later she was arrested for 30 days as she was driving with a suspended license and this driving was unsafe. In 2017, Eminem performed a song ‘Bad Husband’ for his ex-wife apologizing for what he did with her.

Unlike other star children who were educated at home, Alaina and her child went to school regularly.

Alaina sister Whitney’s

:wave: Whitney Scott was born on 16 April 2002. She is 18 years old. Her birth sign is Aries. She was born in United State at St. Joseph Missouri. She is one of the three daughters of Eminem. As Eminem had adopted her from his ex-wife Kimberly. Whitney is Kimberly’s daughter from another relationship. Eminem has always shown love towards his family in his songs. So people are always inquisitive, that what relation he shares with Whitney as she is the biological daughter of his ex-wife. Eminem is always known for his soft corner towards his family and relations. In spite of that, he always comes in his songs as an arrogant man.

:wave: He is a private person as he did not talk about his family in a public place but he always shows love towards her daughters in his songs. He got married in 1999 to Kimberly, and both of them divorced in 2001. The reason for their divorce is the cheating of Kimberly Scott. After her divorce, Kimberly starts her relationship with an artist who made tattoos named Eric Hartter. In 2002, Whitney was born by this relation.

:wave: Whitney’s real parents were in trouble for their relationship. Kimberly was becoming a drug addict like her sister and Eric Hater was in crimes. Both of them were not paying attention to their daughter. There was no one, who could take care of Whitney. So because of Eminem’s soft-hearted nature, he was compelled to adopt Whitney for a better purpose. As he wanted to give her a better lifestyle.

:wave: Now. Whitney is studying in high school and she is very good at studies. All three sisters have a very good bond and she loves Alaina but Whitney looks up to Hailie. In 2019, Whitney’s real father died because of a high dose of the drug on 22 August 2019. Eric Hartter’s dead body was discovered by his mother in Detroit, Michigan.

Meetings of Alaina and her mother

:dizzy: During 2000’s mid, Dawn was taking drugs on a very high level, so Eminem was the person who rescues her daughter as her mother was not in a state of taking care of her. So Eminem adopted Alaina. Dawn on the other side was not in a condition to block his way, so she consumed a large number of drugs because of her complex personal life. The boyfriend of Dawn tells that she took all the drugs whatever she could avail. She consumes very high-quality drugs to make herself relax. Eminem wanted that Alaina should not meet her mother because of her drug addiction behavior. He was in the thought that Dawn would influence her daughter, so he did not allow her to meet her mother. But still, meetings happen between mother and daughter from time to time.

Step sisters get along with each other

:dizzy: Alaina Marie Mathers has grown up with her sisters Hailie, Eminem’s daughter from Kim, Whitney who was Kim’s daughter from another relationship. Alaina, Hailie, and Whitney became very good friends in a very short time and all three sisters always behave like true sisters. Eminem also tried his level best so that they should feel like real sisters. Eminem and Kim got separated when in 2001, she was cheating on him. Both of them parted their ways and Eminem was alone with his daughters.

Eminem, a great father

:dizzy: Eminem did not leave any stone unturned for the better brought up of his daughters. He loves all his daughters equally. He treats Whitney and Alaina in the same way he treats his real daughter Hailie. Eminem also showed love for his daughters in many songs i.e. Mockingbird, Crazy in Love, and going through changes are his songs that he dedicated to his daughters. When he adopted Alaina legally, he officially changed her name also. He changed the name because he wanted that, Alaina should be far away from her past incidents.

In an interview, Kimberly also said that Eminem is a great father to all three daughters.

Dawn Scott passed away

:dizzy: As Dawn Scott was a drug addict, so she decreased as a result of a high dose of heroin. Alaina’s mother was found dead in her apartment in January 2016. This death was a major loss for Eminem’s family. Eminem’s relations were very complex. The complexity of his relationships speculates in his songs. Now he lives in a house with all three daughters and a half-brother.


:dizzy: Alaina Marie Mathers is the adopted child of Eminem. Eminem adopted her because of her mother’s drug addiction. He adopted to give her a better childhood. Eminem’s biological daughter’s name is Hailie. Whitney is her ex-wife’s daughter from another relationship. He adopted Whitney too. Because is a soft-hearted person. Kimberly was also in depression so he adopted Whitney to give her a better life. He treats all of his daughters equally. He also expressed his love for family in his songs.

Personal Life of Alaina Marie Mathers

:dizzy: As Eminem is a private person, he did not want to show his life in public. He always tries not to speak private things in a public place, Alaina is also a private person as you did not find any information about her on social media. You will get information about her on very few platforms. She does not have any social media accounts. Like other star kids, she does not want any type of hype on social media. In 2016, there were reports that she is studying ‘Public Relations’ at the university of Oak land. Very few people know about her personal life here are some facts about her personal life;

Facts about Alaina Marie Mathers

:dizzy: Eminem is the undoubted king of rap. It is very difficult to find out a man who does not know Eminem. Then you will also find the people who will know about his personal life slightly. As we also know about Hailie, who has been mentioned in Eminem’s songs for different times. Her face is seen many times on TV screens and people are quite familiar with her face. People also know about Kim who has been seen in more diss-tracks than Nick Cannon. She is an unfortunate ex-wife of Eminem. Now we will talk about unremembered Eminem’s daughter whose name is Alaina. We will talk about her childhood, her siblings, and her future life.

She is the daughter of Eminem’s sister-in-law

:sweat_drops: She was born on the 3rd of May 1993 in Dawn Scott’s house. When she was born her name was Amanda Marie Scott. But when Eminem adopted her legally, he officially changed her name to Alaina Mathers. She is not the biological daughter of Eminem. When her mother Dawn Scott was taking drugs because of her personal life complexities, Eminem decided to adopt this girl to give her a better childhood.

Four Siblings

:sweat_drops: Alaina did not live alone. She has a whole family except her mother as she has died. Her mother in the past also has delivered a boy and a girl as her siblings. Their names are Adam Scott, a brother, and Amy Scott a sister. She is also a sister of Hailie Jade and Whitney Scott. So she has four siblings named Adam Scott, Amy Scott, Hailie Jade, and Whitney Scott.

Twin brother Adam Scott

:sweat_drops: Yes, Adam Scott is the twin brother of Alaina Marie Mathers. As Dawn Scott was taking drugs at the time of his birth. So he was born with mental and physical difficulties. If his mother would not take a high dose of drugs, there were chances that he would be normal today. Now Adam lives with his biological father and they live a very poor life because of less money.

Dawn Scott was a drug addict

:sweat_drops: Alaina’s real mother was in depression and take drugs because of her personal life difficulties. She did not live an ideal life. When Alaina was born, Dawn Scott was very young and just 18 years old. She was so addicted to drugs in such a way that she could not identify the real father of Alaina and her twin son Adam.

Alaina aunt and her mother were twins

:sweat_drops: Yes, both Kim Scott and Dawn Scott were twin sisters. Both were born on 9th January 1975. Both sisters ran away from their house because of their step-father. Their father abuses both of them sexually. That was the time when Kim and Dawn met Eminem and Marshall Mathers family. Kim and Eminem were school friends. So they fell in love in a very short time.

Alaina Marie Mathers graduate in Public Relation.

:sweat_drops: According to some reports, in 2016 Alaina Marie Mathers took admission to the University of Oakland to take the degree of social relation. From the reports of Muchfeed, in past, she had studied at Sneca Middle School. This was the private school that was present in Michigan.

Adam Scott is disabled

:dizzy: Adam Scott was unlucky in terms of his fate, as he was physically and mentally disabled. This was because her mother Adam Scott was addicted to drugs and she was in depression. According to some reports, Adam did not live with Eminem. He lives with his biological fathers. His Father Marshall Mather’s financial conditions are not so. They live a life of destitution.

Alaina does not have Social Media Account

:dizzy: Alaina Marie Mather is always been reticent. According to some reports, Alaina has always been a private person. You will not find any solid information about her. She has been brought up by the mother of her adopted father, Eminem. There is no news about her relationship. Eminem has also written one or two songs about her. But she is not vocal about her personal life.

Eminem gave her and her Sisters Necklaces worth $375,000

:dizzy: Eminem shares a very beautiful bond with his daughters. Eminem, Hailie, Whitney, and Alaina are very close to each other. Father loves them like real daughters and his daughters are also connected to each other like real sisters. According to some reports, he has given necklaces to each of his daughters worth $375,000. This was just the small gift from a proud father, who raised these three girls who are now strong ladies.

Alaina and Hailie were in the public eye in “In Mocking Bird”

:dizzy: As I have said in previous paragraphs that Eminem often writes songs about her personal life. He always displayed her daughter’s name in his songs. He displayed Alaina’s name in his hit song, ‘Mocking bird’. In the song, he explained that how her daughter was very young to understand her mother’s difficult life in the past. He also tells in his song that he is a proud father of what Hailie and Alaina become today.

She was given the nickname ‘Lainey’ by Eminem

:dizzy: This nickname clearly shows that Eminem loves his stepdaughters as real daughters. In his song ‘In Mocking Bird’, he stated that Hailie and Lainey were very young to understand the whole situation. He has also featured both of his daughters in his songs.

She has a personal life

:dizzy: The social media presence of Alaina is very less and she does not have any public account. There is no news about Alaina’s love life or relationship status. People always say about her love life because there are certain rumors. She has never been photographed, certainly with a guy, so there is no news about her relationship.

Kim was in a relationship with Eminem since 15 years of age

:dizzy: There was a party at a friend’s house and this party brings both of them close to each other. According to reports by Kidages, both of them are dating each other since Kim was only 15 years old. It is also stated that both of them eloped from home and Eminem took her to his mother and her mother became the support to them. She took care of Dawn Scott and Kimberly Scott.

All of her parents were drug-addicted

:dizzy: All of Alaina’s siblings have seen the worst side of drug addiction. Alaina’s mother was the first one who fell into Drug Addiction. She took drugs at a very young age. After that, Kimberly Scott was also addicted to drugs. But Kim recovered in 2006. But Alaina’s mother passed away due to her drug addiction.

Kim and Dawn escaped from their home

:dizzy: The stepfather of Dawn and Kim was an alcoholic. After Kim and Dawn’s real parents were divorced and their mother remarried a man. According to some reports, their step-father was very abusive towards his step-daughters. This situation forced them to run away from their house. This is because both of them were dependent on him and they were living there at the mercy of their step-father.

Amanda Marie Scott was her birth name

:dizzy: She was born in 1993, by the name of Amanda Marie Scott. But when Eminem adopted her he changed the name to Alaina as a nickname. As she is part of Mathers’s family so, they changed the sir’s name from Amanda Marie Scott to Alaina Marie Mathers. As they both have adopted her legally, they changed the name to Alaina Marie Mathers.


:dizzy: Alaina has four grandparents. Thanks to the adoption as she is blessed to have four grandparents. According to reports, her real grandparents are Casmier Sluck and Kathleen Sluck. Now after Eminem adopted her, she also has adopted grandparents. They were L. Nelson and Marshall Bruce Mathers.

She has no interest in singing

:dizzy: Alaina did not have had talked about becoming a musician and a rapper. She has no interest in becoming a singer. As I previously told that she is studying public relations at the University of Oakland. According to the news, she has great speaking skills in public.

Her grandmother took care of Alaina’s Parents

:dizzy: When Dawn and Kim eloped from their house, Eminem gets the permission of his parents and takes them to their house. So Eminem’s parents took care of all the ladies, i.e. Dawn Scott, Kimberly Scott, and Eminem, all of Alaina’s parents.

Frequently asked Questions

1. Who is Lainey in Eminem’s life?

Eminem gives a nickname to Alaina which is called Lainey. Alaina is the adopted child of Eminem. He adopted Alaina from Dawn Scott, who is the twin sister of his ex-wife Kimberly Scott. He adopted Alaina because her mother Dawn Scott was addicted to drugs and she was not in a condition of taking care of her daughter. Lainey is the nickname that Eminem has given to her in a song.

2. How much money does Eminem earn?

Eminem’s total earning as a whole is $230. He is one of the richest artists. Eminem is undoubtfully the most famous and great singer which America has. He is an American. His songs are very catchy. From a very young age, Eminem was very serious about his career. He faces many hardships in her beginning career.

3. Are Eminem and Kimberly Scott are still together?

Both Eminem and Kimberly were married two times not once. In 1995, Eminem and Kimberly were blessed with a baby girl, Hailie. Their married relationship has many shades which he also described in his songs. They were divorced in 2001. Both of them then remarried in 2006. This marriage also finished brutally.

4.Why Eminem mostly talk about Hailie?

Eminem mostly talks about Hailie as she is her biological daughter. There is no reason for him to talk about his daughters who are not born by him. So his song’s lyrics are always about her real daughter, Hailie.

5.Why Eminem hates his mother?

Eminem’s mother’ fell into drug addiction. He did not pay any attention to her son. It is not the kind of physical abuse but Eminem had a very difficult childhood. He used to theft money for his singing passion. When he was dropped out of school but his mother did not pay attention that her son is dropped out of school.

6. Does Eminem have a girlfriend in 2021?

Eminem is single nowadays. In an interview, he said he always finds difficulty in connecting with someone to which he could trust. But I would love to have a relationship someday. As his first marriage was not successful so he wants someone who can lead him towards happiness.

7. How many siblings does Alaina have?

Alaina has four siblings. Adam Scott and Amy Scott are from her biological mother Dawn Scott. Whitney and Hailie are her sisters. Hailie is Eminem’s biological daughter. Whitney is Kimberly’s daughter from another relationship. Adam Scott lives with his biological father, and he is very week financially. He is the twin brother of Alaina. He is disabled because of her mother’s drug addiction. He was born with a physical and mental disability.

8. Alaina, Whitney, and Hailie are close to their father?

As I said, Eminem is a great father. He behaves with all of them equally. He loves all his daughters as real daughters. He gave Alaina the nickname of Lainey in one of his songs. He also brings a necklace of $350,000 to all his daughters.

9. Is Alaina in a relationship?

Alaina is a very private person. She is not like other star kids who want attention. Even she did not have any social media account on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. There is no news of Alaina, in a relationship, nor had someone seen her with a guy.

10.What happened to Alaina’s mother, Down Scott?

Down Scott give born to Alaina at the age of 18. She was a drug addict because of difficulties in her personal life. When she was in depression, she started taking drugs. In this situation, no one was there to support her, not her own daughter because she was adopted by Eminem. So she died as a result of taking a high dose of drugs. She was found dead in her apartment.

11. Is Alaina’s brother was handicapped?

At the time of Adam’s birth, his mother was taking drugs. Due to drug addiction, Adam was born as a disabled child, who has many difficulties in her mental and physical appearance. He lives with his real father who has many financial issues.


:dizzy: Alaina Marie Mathers was born on 3rd May 1993. She is 27 years old. She is the adopted child of Eminem. She is the daughter of Eminem’s ex-wife Kimberly’s twin sister. As her mother was addicted to drugs so Eminem adopted Alaina to give her better childhood. She has four siblings named Adam Scott, Amy Scott, Whitney, and Hailie. Adam and Amy are her biological siblings. Adam is a disabled child as her mother was addicted to drugs at the time of his birth.

:dizzy: Eminem takes care of all his step-daughter and a real daughter equally. He always shows his love towards family in his songs. He has given a nickname to Alaina as Lainey in his song.

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Alaina Marie Mathers is popular as the adopted daughter of legendary American rapper – Marshall Bruce Mathers III aka Eminem. Eminem is one of the most influential players in the music industry and is been considered as the ‘Rap Guru’. Apart from his successful professional life, Eminem has a happy family life too. He is very much attached to her adopted daughter Alaina Marie Mathers and holds a special place in his heart for her. So here’s how Amanda Marie Scott became Alaina Marie Mathers , the beloved daughter of Eminem.
The Early Life of Alaina Marie Mathers:
Alaina was born in the United States of America to Dawn Scott, while the name of her father is still not revealed. Her name was Amanda Marie Scott at the time of her birth. However, after adoption, Eminem officially changed her name from Amanda to Alaina Marie Mathers, in order to keep her away from the tragedies of her past life.
Relationship of Alaina with Dawn Scott:
Dawn Scott and Alaina Marie Mathers share a relationship of biological mother-daughter. Dawn Scott had three children—Amy Scott (the eldest daughter), Adam Scott and Alaina (twins). Dawn was a drug addict and as a result, her son Adam Scott was born mentally and physically handicapped. She wasn’t able to take good care of her children because of financial crunch and drug addiction. So before Alaina’s adoption, she led a miserable life and faced many difficulties. Today, Alaina lives with Eminem while her biological siblings (Adam and Amy) stay with their biological father. On 9th January 2016, Dawn was found dead in her apartment of Detroit, due to drug overdose, which left the entire family in grief. Eminem ex-wife Kimberly (Her twin sister) was the most affected due to this mishappening.
Relationship of Eminem and Alaina:
Dawn Scott is the twin sister of Eminem’s ex-wife, Kim Scott Mathers. Both the sisters Dawn Scott and Kimberly Anne Scott ran from their mother’s home at the age of 13 since their stepfather sexually abused them. Later, Kim met Eminem in a house party and they became friends. After a few years of friendship, they tied the knot in a private ceremony in 1999. While, on the other hand, Dawn also got married to a guy whose identity is still undisclosed and gave birth to three children. So, technically Alaina is the youngest niece of Eminem. However, from a very young age, Dawn started taking drugs and alcohol due to depression and poverty. Eminem and Kim tried their best to get her out of this trap, but they failed every time. As a result, The Mathers couple decided to give a better upbringing to their niece Alaina and filed a lawsuit for her custody. In 2002, after several sessions in the court, Eminem won the case and legally adopted Alaina. He loves her like his own daughters and usually mentions her in his songs. In the song Mockingbird, he has mentioned Uncle’s crazy noting to Alaina, which shows the pure bond between the two.
Alaina’s Bonding with Her Siblings:
Alaina grew up with Eminem’s daughters – Hailie Mathers and Whitney Scott Mathers. Hailie is the only biological daughter of Eminem and Kim, while, Whitney is Kim’s daughter from another relationship with Eric Hatter. Alaina, Hailie, and Whitney live in the same house and share a strong bond of sisterhood with each other. Also, Eminem had left no stone unturned to surprise and make his three daughters happy in every manner. To express his love for his three daughters, he has also got their names tattooed on the index finger. He loves and treats both his adopted daughters – Alaina and Whitney, just like his own daughter.
Mentions of Eminem’s Daughters in His Songs:
Eminem’s love for his daughters can be seen through his albums where he usually mentions them. Some of his albums with their mentions are ‘Mockingbird’, ‘Crazy in Love’ and ‘Going through Changes’. In 2002, Eminem rocked the stage with his rap track- The Hailie’s Song . In fact, he has mentioned his daughter’s name in more than 20 tracks. The lyrics of rap ‘Going through changes” released in 2010 also has the mention of his daughters, which sings like: “Hailey this one is for you, Whitney and Alaina too, I still love your mother, that’ll never change.”
Educational Background of Aliana:
Unlike other star kids, Aliana Marie Mathers prefers to stay away from the limelight. And, therefore her exact educational background is not yet revealed in the public. However, according to sources, she studied at Seneca Middle School and then completed her high school from Chippewa Valley High School. As of now, she is pursuing a degree in public relations at the University of Oakland. Also, she is not interested in music and another entertainment world like her father Eminem.
Where Aliana Marie Mathers Lives:
Till 2002, Alaina Marie Mathers lived in the city of Boston, USA with her biological parents. Later, after legal adoption, she started living in Rochester, Michigan, with Eminem’s extended family.
Social Media Presence:
Alaina is a very private person. She keeps herself away from social media and prefers spending quality time with her lovely sisters and family. She likes to stay away from paparazzi. However, you may find many fake accounts in her name on Instagram that features selfies and throwback pictures of her family. But both her sisters – Hailie and Whitney are active on social media and have a huge fan following.
Alaina Marie Mathers is an avid animal lover, especially her fondness for puppies.
The Love Life of Alaina:
Alaina is ‘Single’, and also there are no rumors about her relationship on the internet. However, she was seen with an unknown guy in a picture and speculation is that she’s in a secret relationship with him.
Net Worth of Alaina:
Alaina is still a student and currently, she’s not working anywhere. However, her father Eminem is a legendary music artist and holds a net worth of 210 million, as of 2019. Recently, Eminem gave a matching necklace to all three daughters, with a price of around 3,75,000 each. Unlike other celebrity kids, Alaina Marie Mathers leads a very simple life and loves to keep her personal life personal with no social media accounts or public interactions. She keeps herself away from the limelight and loves to be with her family.