Definition of Community:

  1. A sense of brotherhood with others, the result of sharing the same attitudes, interests and goals.

  2. General interest group of the association.

  3. A group of people who live in the same place or have similar characteristics.

  4. A group of interdependent organisms of different species that grow or coexist in certain habitats.

  5. Self-created networks of people with shared agendas, concerns or interests who share ideas, information and other resources Virtual communities engage in online conversations about topics of common interest or visitors to specific websites.

Synonyms of Community

Symmetry, Good vibrations, Coaction, Phyle, Harmony, Corelation, Ashram, Union, Sharing, Equilibrium, Socialism, Persons, Good vibes, Common ownership, Ring, Offshoot, Affinity, State ownership, Inverse relationship, Cultural community, Democracy, Dwellers, Collaborativeness, People at large, Cooperativeness, Cement of friendship, Section, Agreement, Teamwork, Order, Fellowship, Likening, Religious order, Correlation, Collectivity, Mutual assistance, Everyman, Collegiality, Men, Ecumenicalism, You and me, Sympathy, Settlement, Common man, Esprit, Synergism, Linguistic community, Closeness, Version, General public, Cooperation, Collectivism, Caritas, Collaboration, Schism, Culture, Everybody, Likeness, Body, Mass action, Septet, Intercommunication, Morale, Solidarity, World, Reciprocality, Cochairmanship, Body politic, Public, Congeniality, Duumvirate, Joint effort, Duet, Social intercourse, Coadministration, Faction, Mimicking, Inverse ratio, Reciprocation, Population, Oneness, Family, Sameness, Resemblance, Circle, Approximation, Totem, Society, Communism, Coadjuvancy, Nuclear family, Comparison, Metaphor, Joining of forces, Social activity, Community at large, Mutualism, Association, Consociation, Collusion, Citizenry, Clan, Collective farm, Company, Simile, Body, Group, Class, Congress, Proportionality, Affiliation, Common effort, Constituency, Copying, Synergy, Symphony, Happy family, Amity, Communitarianism, Empathy, Ecumenicism, Group, Sectarism, Correlativity, Rapprochement, Everyman, Coagency, Trio, Comparability, Bipartisanship, Love, Commune, Imitation, Segment, Coequality, Symbiosis, Social class, Joint operation, Bonds of harmony, Ethnic group, Persuasion, Analogy, Common enterprise, Team spirit, Intercourse, Profit sharing, Branch, Relativity, Concert, Ecumenism, Cooperative society, Concord, Fellow feeling, Variety, Unity, Commensalism, Gens, Denomination, Compatibility, Kolkhoz, Equivalence, Coterie, Frictionlessness, John Doe, Converse, Companionship, Stock, Pooling, Assimilation, Party, Similarity, Kibbutz, Phratria, Commerce, Parity, Set, Communalism, Understanding, Sect, Extended family, Kinship, Church, Kinship group, Parallelism, Race, Inverse proportion, Inhabitants, Unison, Strain, Sharecropping, Equipollence, Colony, Mutuality, Moiety, Pooling of resources, Communal effort, Brotherly love, Triumvirate, Phratry, Accordance, Community of interests, Faction, Agape, Communication, Estate, Everyone, Pulling together, School, People, Accord, Town meeting, Approach, Folk, Communion, Conversation, Economic class, Polity, Subcaste, Concurrence, Aping, People in general, Codirectorship, Correlativism, Reciprocity, United action, Charity, Gentry, Whole people, Habitancy, Caste, Alliance, Simulation, Nearness, Folks, Balance, Sextet, Endogamous group, Company, Conformity, Octet, Consortship, Populace, Quartet, Troika, Public, Peace, Everywoman, Organization, Rapport, Complicity, Commonwealth, Partnership, Division, Alikeness, Public ownership, Correspondence, Intercommunion, Nation, Band, Social relations, Feeling of identity, State, Speech community, Similitude, Like-mindedness, Clique, Esprit de corps, Concordance, Semblance, Quintet, Identity, Nationality

How to use Community in a sentence?

  1. The community center was a great place to organize fundraising for the mayor's election campaign when his career began there.
  2. Under the auspices of religion, a sense of unity can be conveyed.
  3. A group of unsafe animals.
  4. If you have a good reputation in your community, people will find it easier to spend your money on your product or service.
  5. Make sure you always do something for your community, so that people respect your business and want to spend money on you.
  6. Scientific class

Meaning of Community & Community Definition

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