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There is something you have to consider about Michigan auto insurance, is that its auto insurance has changed and now there are new auto insurance policies running in Michigan, from July 1, 2020.
These changes in insurance policy now make it more affordable and satisfying for the drivers.

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Policy of Michigan before and after amendment.


Bodily injury liability was 20,000$ per person or 40,000$ per accident.
Personal injury protection coverage
Divers were not allowed to choose their own type of PIP coverage according to their needs and demand.


Bodily injury liability is now 50,000$ per person or 1,000,000$ per accident
Personal injury protection coverage
Now drivers have the right and ability to choose their own PIP level according to their budget and need.
Therefore this law is more convenient, easily affordable, and attracts many Michigan drivers.

What Michigan’s new auto insurance law requires

According to michigan’s new insurance law, it’s necessary you have two coverages before you register and drive in Michigan.

Bodily injury to others;
20,000$ per person or 40,000$ per accident
Property damage liability;
10,000$ per accident

Michigan is seen as no-fault state, it means that if you meet an accident, no matter if is it your fault or the person’s,no-fault insurance policy pays for the damage.

Michigan is doing good to provide its citizens with every comfort of life. recently it has changed it’s auto insurance law, and is now very pleasing in order to offer the best policy it can! with its new insurance law, it provides many coverages which are also very satisfying.

What Michigan’s auto insurance covers.

Michigan’s auto insurance coverages are as follows.

1.Bodily injury liability
Per person 50,000$ or per accident 1,000,000$.

2.Property damage liability

3.Uninsured motorist
Not required

4.Underinsured motorist
Not required
5.Collision coverage
Not required

6.Comprehensive coverage
Not required

7.Property protection

Companies that provide cheapest full coverage insurance in Michigan.

1.Auto owners
4.State farm

Best insurance companies in Michigan

1.Auto-owners insurance
2.Frankenmuth insurance
3.Hanover insurance

How to lower auto insurance expenses

Buying auto insurance in Michigan sometimes can be very expensive and hard if have not got enough money, but no need to worry here are some methods through which you can a discount or can save some amount.

1.Always try to do online purchasing;
Instead of visiting insurance companies, wasting your time and efforts, buy your policy online, because some companies are cheaper if you use an online purchasing method.

2.Make a bundle.
Yes! try to collect all the insurance policies you have got, like house policy, etc, and get a discount.

3.Right track;
You can save up to 30% by simply getting rewards for your good driving behavior.

Frequently asked questions

1.what is no-fault auto insurance

No fault auto insurance is also known as personal injury protection coverage which helps you pay the costs of medical expenses for you and your passengers after an accident. These benefits apply to anyone in your vehicle, regardless of who is at fault for the collision.

2.what drivers must be informed of Michigans auto insurance

In Michigan, the law requires you to have no-fault insurance on your car. If you met an accident, this insurance pays for injuries to the people involved and for damages your car does to other people’s property and cars.

3.what you need to know about Michigan’s new auto insurance policy.

The new law requires average reductions of 10 percent in the personal injury protection area of auto insurance for motorists who continue to purchase unlimited medical
20 percent reduction for $500,000 in personal injury protection coverage
35 percent reduction for $250,000 of personal injury protection coverage and
45 percent cut in personal injury protection rates for $50,000

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How to get cheap full coverage auto insurance.

There are many ways through which you can get cheap full coverage auto insurance. but here are the simple and most used methods through which you didn’t fave any difficulty.

1.First step is to shop around.
Shopping around can be very helpful because you come to know about different companies; which company is providing a cheap insurance policy.

2.Second step is choosing good companies.
Always try to choose good insurance companies because you can save a huge sum by simply looking or choosing the cheapest companies available to you.


You can always look for Michigan auto insurance policy because it has been changed in 2020 and offers a very good and convenient policy.michigan insurance policy also provides no-fault insurance.the best thing about it’s that hundreds of companies are working in Michigan, you can find your best one get started