Environmental audit

Environmental audit,

Definition of Environmental audit:

  1. Assessment of the financial advantages and disadvantages of adopting a more environmentally sound policy.

  2. Independent third party assessment of the current status of an organizations compliance with local environmental laws and regulations.

Meaning of Environmental audit & Environmental audit Definition

Environmental Audit,

Environmental Audit: What is the Meaning of Environmental Audit?

Environmental Audit refers to An independent review of the party's current state of compliance with applicable environmental requirements or the party's policies, procedures and controls for compliance with the party's environmental rules and regulations.

Literal Meanings of Environmental Audit


Meanings of Environmental:
  1. Concerning the influence of human activities on nature and their condition.

  2. From a relative or someone's environment.

Sentences of Environmental
  1. Acid rain can cause significant environmental damage

  2. Noisy environment

Synonyms of Environmental

atmospheric, natural, meteorological, environmental


Meanings of Audit:
  1. Formal review of an individual or organization's account, usually by an independent organization.

  2. Have a formal financial review (individual or organizational accounts).

  3. Informal presence (in one course), not for academic performance

Sentences of Audit
  1. We cannot expect an audit to reveal all fraud

  2. Companies need to verify their accounts

  3. Using the knowledge he gained in economics

Synonyms of Audit

sift, dissect, look into, check, assess, inspect, be present at, go over, look over, observe, analyse, delve into, dig into, inquire into, go over with a fine-tooth comb, survey, evaluate, watch, vet, check into, investigate, probe, go through, review, study, examine, pore over, attend, be an observer at, peruse