Amber Serrano

Full Name Amber Serrano
Nationality American
Age 44 years
Sibblings one elder brother and one younger sister
Height 5 feet, 7 inches
Weight 55Kg
Net Worth $15 million
Eye color Black
Hair color brown
Ethnicity Afro-American
Star Gemini
Birthday 29th May 1976
Country Born United states of America
Profession Actor, singer, and a visual graphic designer
Marital status Married

Amber Serrano

Amber Serrano is a well-known American actress, a singer, and the owner of her visual art company “Divine Inner Vision. She became more famous when she got married to Ralph Tresvant R&B singer.

Who is Amber Serrano?

Amber Serrano is a renowned name all over the world. She is a well-known American actress and a visual art designer who is the owner of her own company “Divine Inner Vision".

Though she gained a lot of fame through her profession her popularity got a new way when she got married to Ralph Tresvant. Ralph Tresvant is a famous American contemporary R&B singer, actor, songwriter, and record producer.

She became more famous throughout the world after getting married to a famous American contemporary R&B singer “Ralph Tresvant”. She is the second wife of Ralph Tresvant.

They are blessed with a child from their marriage. It has been 14 years of their marriage. Here is a short bio of Amber Serrano:

Date of birth:

Amber Serrano was born on 29th May 1976 in the United States.


As of now, Amber is around 44 years old.


People who are born on 29 May have the zodiac sign of Gemini. Amber Serrano is one of them.

Body measurement:

Ambar Serrano has a very charming and attractive personality just like Gina Carano.

Amber’s body measurements have further enhanced her beauty. Here are some body measurements of her:

  • Height: She has a height of around 5 feet, 7 inches.
  • Weight: Amber Serrano weighs around 55 kg.
  • Hair color: She has died brown hair color.
  • Eye color: she has black eye color.


It is not well-known about her education. But it is said that she has got her degree in arts and handicrafts.


Her profession is an actor, singer, and a visual graphic designer.


Amber is of Afro-American ethnicity.


As she is born in America, she has an American nationality.


Nothing is much known about her parents but is said that both of them were engineers by profession.


She has two siblings, one elder brother and one younger sister.

Marital status:

Amber Serrano is a married woman and her husband’s name is Ralph Tresvant.

Amber Serrano’s net worth:

Serrano has earned a massive sum of wealth throughout her career as an actress and artist. As of now, her net worth is estimated to be around 15 million dollars more than Gina carano However; she hasn’t disclosed anything about her salary and annual income yet. On the other hand, her husband Ralph Tresvant has a net worth of around 8 million dollars. Being a talented singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer he has earned a lot.

Amber Serrano’s social media:

Apart from being a popular personality Amber Serrano is not much active on her social media accounts including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook which indicates that she is not a socialite. She stays low-key and wants to live a private life.

Instagram account: Login • Instagram

Amber Serrano’s early life:

Talking about Amber Serrano’s early life, she was raised by her parents along with her younger sister and elder brother. Her parents were both engineers and they had always preferred their professional lives over their family.

This really affected their married life and their family. Particularly, her mother didn’t pay the proper attention to her children and home that became the very special reason for their clashes. When Amber Serrano was just 8 years old, she witnessed her parent’s divorce.

Her mother took over the custody of her 3 children because their father didn’t take their responsibility therefore her mother took over their responsibilities. It was a very difficult task to afford the expenses of 3 children but she never loses hope and never gave up. She overworked at her job to fulfill the needs and expanses of her children. That’s why Amber Serrano along with her siblings loves their mother and always pays special tribute to their mother for all the sacrifices she gave for them.

Amber’s mother then got married to another person when Amber was a teenager. In the start, there came some problems but they were resolved soon and Serrano slowly developed a very good relationship with her step-father.

Amber Serrano’s professional life:

Amber Serrano was highly interested in arts and handicrafts since her childhood. She achieved her professional career as a fine art aspirant and handicrafts artist. Besides that, she’s a wonderful singer and actress as well.

Amber is a highly professional visual art designer and is the owner of her own graphics company “Divine Inner Vision”. In the start, she gained some experience by doing many part-time jobs in her field of visual graphics. Her hard work, skills, and consistency made it possible for her to become the owner of a graphic company.

Apart from being a businesswoman, Amber Serrano has also made her name of being a good actress and singer. She started her singing career with her solo albums and later on, she sang soundtracks for various movies such as “MO’ Money" and “The Preacher’s Wife".

As an actress, she had acted in a popular comedy film” House Party” and also in a biographical series “The New Edition Story”.

Amber Serrano’s married life:

Though, as a wonderful actor, singer, and visual graphic designer, Amber Serrano has gained wide fame but her fame and popularity became twice when she became Amber Serrano Tresvant. Means got married to the famous contemporary R&B singer named Ralf Tresvant. Ralf and Amber, after dating each other for 8 years, got married to each other on 18th September 2004 at a double wedding ceremony along with his friend Rickey Bell and Anny Correa (wife) Being married once in her life, Amber is leading a very happy and successful life for the last 14 years. They both share a son from their marriage.

However, it should be noted that her husband Ralf had married twice. Firstly, he got married to his childhood sweetheart Jean Shelly who was his first love.

They had dated each other for approximately 14 years and after that, they got married in 1993. From their marriage, they were blessed with one son and one daughter.

They were leading a very happy and successful married life until Shelly gets to know about Ralph’s extramarital affair with Amber Serrano. They both took divorce and then in 2004, Ralf and Serrano got married to each other.

Now it’s been 16 years of Ralph’s and Serrano’s marriage and they are leading a very happy and successful married life with each other and their son. However, there were some rumors that the couple has parted ways and filed for divorce but these are just false rumors as none of them have confirmed it yet.

Amber Serrano’s husband:

Amber Serrano has gained wide recognition for being the wife of the famous personality Ralph Tresvant just like Charlie putt. Ralph Edward Tresvant is a famous American contemporary R&B singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer. He is widely known as Ralph Rizz Tresvant.
Below is the video of Amber serrano’s husband which shows us his bio and net worth etc

He was born on 16 May, 1968 having an age of 52 years. Ralph Tresvant started his career in 1990 by releasing his first song “Sensitivity “. This self-titled debut of Ralph Tresvant got huge fame and 2 million copies of this solo album were sold. It achieved double-platinum status. Apart from that, he had also featured his vocals on the soundtracks of “MO ‘Money” and “The Preacher’s Wife". In the movie “House Party 2”, he featured his two songs for its soundtrack “Rated-R" and “Yo Baby Yo".

Moreover, he is a radio show DJ on the channel “The Baas of Boston WZBR 1410AM". His show named “Inside the Ride with Ralph Tresvant” was premiered on Monday 5 September 2016. In 2019, “The New York Time Magazine” has listed him among the hundreds of artists whose material was badly destroyed in the 2008 universal fire.

Amber Serrano’s Children:

Amber Serrano, apart from being a beautiful actress, is the mother of one son named Dakari Tresvant from her marriage with Ralph Tresvant. Dakari, like his father, is a songwriter and singer. He has a sound cloud account named K.A.R.I on which he releases his music. It should also be noted, that Serrano is the step-mother of Ralph’s two children from Jean Shelly.

Amber Serrano is a well-known actress, singer, and designer. She has become more famous after getting married to Ralph Tresvant. She had a very tough experience of life in her early age. She got married in 2004. Her husband is a successful singer. She has one son. Her net worth is around $15 million. She is not highly active on her Social media accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions: :question:

Here are some questions that are asked frequently by the fans of Amber Serrano and they are as follows.

1.Who has Amber Serrano dated?

Amber Serrano dated Ralph E. Tresvant in 2004 they got married on 18 September 2004. Before this relation, Amber Serrano was in a relationship with someone else. But she kept her private life personal didn’t reveal anything about it.

2.Who was the first wife of Amber Serrano’s husband?

Her husband was married before to Shelly Jean and they had three children but their relationship did not go well and they got separation and the reason of the separation was that Kelly noted Ralph E.Tresvant was cheating on him, therefore, she got a divorce.

3.With whom Amber spent her childhood?

Amber’s parents got divorced when she was eight years old when her mother migrated with amber’s siblings and after this separation, her mother got many difficulties she overworked for educational expenses and left her kids to their grandparents Later she married again and they used to live with their step farther.

Conclusion: :books:

Amber Serrano has gotten huge fame after getting married to the well-known American personality Ralph Tresvant. They share a child from their marriage. They are leading a very happy and successful life. Amber is Ralph’s second wife. She has made herself a very strong and successful woman regarding her career.

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