Marieangela King

|Full Name| Marieangela King||
| — | — | — | — | — |
|Height|5 feet, 5 inches ||
|Net Worth|$1.5 million||
|Age|33 years||
|Eye color| dark brown eyes ||
|Hair color|blonde||
|Shoe size|5(US) ||
|Ethnicity| German and British Ethnicity ||
|Nationality| dual nationality Germany and Britain | |
|Father’s name |Michael Jaffray King| |
|Mother’s name|Irmgard King||
|Sibblings|2 brothers (Trillion King and David Lucious King) ||
|Sibblings|4 sisters(Jazzy King, Ruby King, Michelle King, and Jemima King)||
|Birthday|July 16, 1987, ||
|Country Born|Mumbai, India||
|Profession| American musician and member of pop band king||
|Marital status|Married||
|Spouse|Elijah Blue Allman ||

Marieangela King

Marieangela King is a famous American musician who gained wide fame as a member of her family’s pop band KING. She is married to a famous musician Elijah Blue Allmann.

Marieangela King:

Marieangela is a world-famous talented German-British singer who is very well known for being a member of the pop band KING which is her family band and is comprised of her and her siblings. Apart from that, her name also gained a lot of fame when she got married to a famous American musician Elijah Allmann, a captivating name in the music world. Marieangela has as pretty looked as the celebrity Gina Carano has.

Some facts about Marieangela King are as follows.


Marieangela cried for the first time on 16 July 1987 in Mumbai, India


As of now, she is 33 years old.

Zodiac sign:

People who are born on 16 July have the zodiac sign of cancer,angela is one of them.

Body measurements:

King is a 33-year-old beautiful singer who has a charming personality and a slim body structure.

  • Height: Angela’s height is around 5 feet, 5 inches less than Amber Serrano
  • Weight: Angela weighs around 55 kg.
  • Eye color: Angela has dark brown eyes.
  • Hair color: Angela’s hair color is Blonde.
  • Shoe size: Angela’s shoe size is 5(US).


Marieangela along with her siblings holds dual nationality of Germany and Britain as their father was a British citizen and their mother was a German citizen.


She has a German and British Ethnicity.


King, along with her siblings, was raised in different cities of 30 countries all over the world that’s why she and her siblings were homeschooled by their parents.


Marieangela is a famous musician by profession. She is a great social worker as well.


Marieangela King is a famous musician who speaks more than 4 languages as she is grown up traveling different parts of the world.

Marital status:

Marie King is a married woman.


She hasn’t any child yet.


Her parent’s names are Michael Jaffray King(Father), and Irmgard King(Mother).


She has 6 siblings. 2 brothers and 4 sisters her brother’s names are Trillion King and David Lucious King. Her sisters are Jazzy King, Ruby King, Michelle King, and Jemima King.

Her three elder siblings were born in India and the two younger ones, Jemima and Michelle, were born in Ukraine.

Marieangela’s Social media:

Social media is a great source of attachment of fans with their favorite celebrities and stars. There are millions of fan following on each celebrity’s social media accounts.

Marieangela King social media

However, Marie isn’t much active on her social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. She is highly active on her Instagram account where she has many followers. She regularly shares her posts and videos with her fans.

Marieangela’s Instagram where you can follow her at:

Marieangela’s net worth:

Marie works in many fields but her main source of income is her career as a musician. Her net worth is estimated at about $ 1.5 million. Also, she has earned around $100K from her various concerts and stage shows.

She also has got a lot of cash from her guest appearances in various TV shows and programs that contributed a lot to her fortune. On the other hand, her husband has a huge net worth of around $15 million. They own a beautiful and lavished house in Beverly Hills California.

Marieangela King’s professional life/ Career:

Marieangela King is always found to be very passionate and attentive in establishing her music career. In 1997 she, along with her siblings, founded her own band named “King Family".

Their band produces music including electronic raps, big melodic choruses and unique fashion styles. The band soon gained huge success as they took a start by performing on radio shows.

In 1998, they were offered a $4 million song recording contract by “Word Records/Warner Music Group”, which was rejected by their parents as they thought that their children are too young to take on their music career as a business. After a long time, in 2007 she started her career with her siblings in a formal way.

Their band was slowly and gradually gaining popularity and being liked by the public. Their band was comprised of 6 members. They used to write their own songs and produce their own music.

Very soon the band was lodged to EMI Capital Records in Germany. The band launched its first single “Carry Me Home" in January 2008. This was a step to enter into the German single charts. They released their debut by the same name “Carry Me Home” along with their second single “Perfect Day” after 3 months. In 2009, they were disconnected to EMI and also changed the name of their band which became “KING".

Below you can see the king band singers of “carry me home” along with Marieangela King.

They decided to leave Germany and moved to the US to establish a high career in music. Their journey from Germany to the US was cooperated by Doc Mcghee who is the manager of the famous band “KISS”. Their journey was documented by the VOX channel and was included in the series “Good bye Duetschland! Die Auswanderer”.

Furthermore, they also had fraternized with Mitch Allan, Glenn Ballard, John Ingoldsby, Bonny Mickee and Justin Trugman. Currently, they are recording their second studio album and are working on various Television Projects.

The band launched a music video “B.O.M.B" in December 2013. This video was directed by Nicholas Goosen.

Two of Marieangela’s siblings Jazzy and Ruby had left the band and are now working as a famous English pop duo, Blonde Electra. So, as of now, there are only 4 members in the band including the new member Jemima. All of them have homes in Hollywood, California, and in Mayfair, London.

Marieangela King’s social works:

Apart from being a famous musician Marieangela is also a great social worker who donates a lot in charities and other social events. Although having a busy schedule she always manages her time to take part in various social works and charity functions. She works with many non-profitable foundations like the International Committee Of The Red Cross(ICRC), Caritas, and many others.

Marieangela King’s married life:

Marieangela King is married to a world-famous musician and singer Elijah Blue Allmann. He is known widely all over the world for his work as a singer and guitarist. They got married to each other in 2013. He is the son of Cher Allmann and Greg Allmann. The couple started their love affair in early 2013 after they met on a blind date.

They eventually fell in love with each other and it was love at first sight for both of them. They didn’t prolong their love affair for years and years and very soon decided to get married. On 25th November 2013, the couple got engaged.

They were recognized as husband-wife for the first time on 1 December 2013 in their Beverly Hills home with the private invitees of close friends and family. It should also be noted that Elijah is Marieangela’s first love while Elijah had been involved in many love relationships with Nichole Richie, Bijou Philips, Kate Hudson, Paris Hilton, and Heather Graham. On his special moment, Elijah expressed his happiness by sharing the following words:

Elijah’s saying
“We eloped in a real Romeo and Juliet fashion in early December. We got married in front of the firehouse in my new house, we kind of christened it. Just a few friends came one of them was my friend, the rapper Mickey Avalon”.

The couple is leading a very happy and prosperous life with each other up till now. However, certain rumors say that the couple is not completely accepted by Elijah’s family. They are not closed to Elijah’s mother, Cher. She didn’t have congratulated them on their marriage and hadn’t attended their wedding ceremony. Moreover, the couple isn’t invited by Elijah’s mother in family gatherings.

Marieangela King’s husband:

Marieangela’s husband, Elijah Allmann, is a world-famous American singer and musician who is highly popular for his famous songs like “The Key To Grammarcy Park" and “Razor Love". He performs for the famous band named Deadsy.

His band has launched 2 albums “Commencement” and “Phantasmagore" on 26 August 2006. He has also worked with “Thirty Seconds To Mars” and also with other bands like “ ■■■■”, “Coal Chamber” and “Sugar Ray" by providing guest vocals for their songs.

Summary: :writing_hand:
Marieangela King is well-recognized all over the world as being a member of the famous music band “KING". She started her career along with her siblings by founding this band. She is also a social worker. She is also famous for being the wife of a famous musician Elijah Allmann. They tied the knot on 1st December 2013. She has a net worth of around 1.5 million dollars. She isn’t much active on her social media accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions: :question:

Here are questions that are frequently asked by the fans of Marieangela King and they are as follows.

1. How much is Elijah Blue Allman worth?

Elijah Blue Allman is a famous American musician and a modern up-to-date artist. Elijah has a net worth of $15 million.

2.What is a king pop band?

This is the band which is made by them and their band consisted of 5 siblings later 2 siblings left then the younger sister Jemima joined “King family” was the name of the band they made in 2007 after that they started producing their own songs and later signed to EMI Capitol Records.

In January 2008 their debut single was released w/c is “Carry Me Home” after 3 months their album was released w/c was "Perfect Day”.

3.Does Marieangela King has children?

No such public appearances seen the couple did not talk about kids yet maybe they are happily gaining success in their life and did not plan to have a baby yet.

Conclusion: :books:

Marieangela King is a talented singer and musician. Her fame got another point of height when she became the wife of Elijah Allmann. He is a famous and successful American singer and guitarist. Marieangela is a great social worker as well. She used to donate in many charities and foundations.

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Marieangela King is a renowned English Singer and known as Queen. She belongs to the band KING. She is the sister of Ruby and Jazzy who belongs to the English pop duet Blonde Electra. She is married to a USian musician, Elijah Allman. He is a famous singer and known for his work in ‘The Key to Gramercy Park’ and ‘Razor Love’. He also has the membership of a rock band. He is the son of great American Singer Cher and her husband Gregg Allman. This is the second marriage of Cher. Marieangela King’s band is made with the help of her 4 siblings. Her band is always on tour and it is very famous on television and radio. She gained more popularity when she started dating Elijah Allman. In 2013, she started her relationship with him, and in a week; both of them got married leaving Cher, her mother in law upset. Cher is a Philanthropist and she is great support for International Red Cross worldwide.

Marieangela King Age;

The singer born on 16th July 1987 in India, the city of Mumbai. Now she is 33 years old. She has German nationality but she contains different cultural expressions and identification. This is because her father Michael King is American and her mother Irmgard King in German. She had traveled a lot and she knows many languages.

Marieangela king Family;

Marieangela king’s father’s name is Michael Jeffery and her mother’s name is Irmgard King. She also has siblings. She has six brothers and sisters. She has four sisters named Jazzy King, Ruby King, Michelle King, and Jemima King. Two brothers named Trillion King and David Lucius King. As far as her education is concerned, the singer is well educated.

Marieangela height and weight;

she has a height of 5 feet in tallness or 1.65m or 165cm. her weight is almost 55kb or 121 Ibs. The color of her eyes is dark brown and she has light-colored hair. Her birth sign is cancer. she is a Christian by religion. Her body is approximately 34-28-39 inches. Her shoe size is 5 (US). She does not have any children.


she got married to Elijah Allman on 1 December 2013. Both of them dated each other in 2013. Firstly they met randomly and then they started loving each other. In past, Elijah Allman had also dated Bijou Philips, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Kate Hudson, and Heather Graham.

Marieangela King net worth;

As she is a singer so, singing is the main source of her income. Her net income is2.3 million$ (USD). Her income from every concert is about $100k.Her husband’s net income is 15 million dollar(USD). The couple has an expensive home as their earnings are very good.

Facts about Marieangela King;

Marieangela King has always been passionate about her singing from her childhood. She started her music career in 2007. Her brothers and sisters are also connected to music from a very young age. Her siblings and she together made their own band, King FAmil. They compose their own songs and form music. Rapidly, their band was signed to EMI i.e. huge record in Germany. In starting, their band has only six members, Lucius, Queenie, Jemima, Ruby, and Trillion. They released their debut song ‘Carry Me Home’ in 2008 which was her single. She is also on Instagram and a pet lover.
This song became very famous and form into German Single charts. After 3 months of the release of ‘Carry Me Home’, they release another single ‘Perfect Day. After these two successful releases of songs, this band starts touring all throughout Germany. In June 2009, the band gets divided from EMI and also they converted their name to ‘KING’. Then they moved to the US. The manager of the band ‘Kiss’ whose name was Doc McGhee supported them to move from Germany to the US, that’s why they make this decision. In the series ‘Good bye’ the VOZ channel shows their journey throughout. They also have worked with Mitch Allman, Glen Ballard, Jon Ingoldsby, Bonnie McKee, and Justin Trudman. The music video made by this band named B.O.M.B. was released in December 2013.

She was homeschooled;

Marieangela’s parents i.e. Michael and Irmgard did not want their children to go to the local schools in the areas. They always arranged a tutor in the home and all the siblings were educated in the home. The children had a very tough schedule because they were also working for their band. So they had to combine the time for their studies and for the band both. At the same time, they all were traveling worldwide., so this was tough for both the parents and children.

She met Elijah through a blind date;

In 2013, Marieangela went for a random date by thinking that he would remove her off named Elijah Allman. He is also a famous musician but is more famous just because of her mother ‘Cher’ i.e. ‘Goddess of Pop’. Both Marieangela and Elijah, when they met the first time, their vibes got matched very differently and they fell into love very rapidly. In the same year, both of them got engaged to each other on 25 November 2013. But to the surprise, the couple got married to each other just after 5 days of their engagement, leaving the whole world in shock. Their love is not finished until now and is growing day by day.

She is known to be the cause of the rift between her husband and his mother;

The singer Elijah Allman had always issues with her mother because of some personal reasons but is usual news that Cher never gave her blessings to his son and her wife. When both of them got married in a very private ceremony, Elijah did not invite her mother to the function and it irritated Cher the more. Marieangela’s father was present there when they exchange their rings. There are also reports that when Elijah’s mother was not agreeing to the marriage, both of them elope together and got married. As she was very furious because of this, so she did not invite the newly married couple to the Christmas party.

For explaining this situation Elijah said that;

‘I don’t need any consent and congratulations from anyone for my marriage. I did this just like I do many things in my life. I did not know any other strategy for this and both of us knew that it was the right time’

He also said that; ‘I and my mother have a different mentality. I have always been a rogue in my family.

Marieangela also said that I and Elijah eloped together in a Romeo and Juliet fashion and she also said that their wedding was a private ceremony. Just a few friends were there, we got married in front of the fire. One of my best friends, Mickey Avalon was also there.

In a recent interview, she said that she would love to have a grandson from her son’s marriage and we are trying to make our mother and son relationship better.

The King band;

In 1997, 5 King children decided to form a hip hop music group, and the name consisting of Michael nickname Trillion, Jasmina nickname Jazzy, Marieangela nickname Queenie, Natalia nickname Ruby and David nickname Lucius. After a year, a company offered them $4 million but their parents were not convinced as they were so much young for the commitment of all time musician. So they refused the offer. All of them performed in many television and radio shows.

They released their debut song Carry Me Home and it ranked in the #1 position on the German charts. Their second song also did well on the charts. This group has been together for many years except for Jazzy and Ruby, who have gone to make their own group called Blonde Electra, Jemima has joined the King group for replacing her sisters.

Marieangela King’s siblings;

As she has six siblings, 2 brothers, and 4 sisters. She is the second child of the family. Her older brother’s name is Michael Philips who was born in 1985. Then after her, there is Jasmina she was born in 1990, then Natalia was born in 1992, David Lucius was born in 1995, Jemima and Michele are the youngest in the King’s family.

She knows multi-language and is multi-cultural;

Marieangela is such a musician whom we can say as a true citizen of the whole world as she has traveled around the world so much, she has traveled around 30 countries and knows many languages which include the Dutch language, which she has learned from her mother side. Hindi is the language, which she learned from the place where she was born. English language she learned from her father’s side as he is British.


Marieangela is a famous singer. She is multi-lingual and multi-cultural as her father was British and her mother belonged to a German family. In her life, she traveled a lot and she knows many languages. She has her own band called King. She forms the band with the help of her 5 siblings. Now two of her sisters separated to make their own band called Blonde Electric. Now one of her sisters has replaced them.

In 2013 Marieangela met with Elijah through a blind date 2013. She gained popularity when she was dating Elijah. People started recognizing her as a girlfriend of Elijah. Both of them got connected in a very short time and in the same year they got engaged on November 25, 2013, and after 5 days of their engagement, they eloped from the home to get married. Elijah’s mother was not happy with their relationship so they eloped and married in a very private ceremony and they did not invite Cher. After that Cher did not invite them to the Christmas party. Both of them are very successful in their career as Elijah earns $15 million as net worth and Marieangela also earns $100k for one show or concert.

Frequently asked questions

1. Who are Cher and Gregg Allman’s children?

Elijah Blue Allman is Cher and Gregg’s child. He was born on 10 July 1976. He does not have good relationships with his parents. As their thinking does not match and they just always on the opposite poles. When he decided to marry Marieangela, his mother was not happy with his decision. So he and Marieangela eloped from the home and get married in a very private ceremony and they did not invite Cher. After that because of her anger, Cher did not invite them to the Christmas party.

2. Was Marieangela passionate about singing?

From her childhood, she was very passionate about her singing. When she was just schooling at her own home, she and her sibling also made a band named King. With her studies, she did not allow anyone to break her dreams she works very hard from her young age to pursue the career of singing. After she and her siblings release their first single, it ranks on #1 on the German music chart.

3. How was her relationship with her parents?

Mariangela’s parents were slightly strict as they did not allow their children to go to the local schools. All of her siblings and she was homeschooled in her childhood. When they were young, they got an offer from a company for $4 million, but their parents refused to do this as they thought that their children are too young for the commitment. From a very young age, they started doing shows on television and radio. But when she and her fiancée eloped from the house her father was there to support her daughter. When both of them were exchanging rings at their wedding, her father gave them his blessings.

4. Does she have a child?

As it seems that the couple does not have any children because they did not talk about having any kids and do not make any appearance with any children.