Definition of Journey:

  1. An act of traveling from one place to another.

  2. Travel somewhere.

  3. Travel from ticket origin to ticket destination, involving one or more legs and carriers.

Synonyms of Journey

Campaign, Career, Circuit, Course, Cruise, Excursion, Expedition, Fare, Gad about, Gallivant, Globe-trot, Go, Go abroad, Go on safari, Go overseas, Grand tour, Hie, Hit the trail, Jaunt, Journeyings, Journeys, Junket, Make a journey, Make a pilgrimage, Make a trip, Odyssey, Outing, Package tour, Pass, Passage, Passing, Peregrinate, Peregrination, Peregrinations, Peripatetics, Pilgrim, Pilgrimage, Pleasure trip, Proceed, Process, Progress, Push on, Range, Range the world, Repair, Roam, Round trip, Route, Rove, Rubberneck, Rubberneck tour, Run, Safari, Sally, Shoot, Sight-see, Stalk, Take a trip, Take the road, Tour, Transit, Transition, Travel, Travels, Trek, Trip, Turn, Voyage, Voyagings, Wander, Wanderings, Way, Wayfare, Wend, Travel, Go, Voyage, Sail, Cruise, Fly, Hike, Trek, Ride, Drive, Make ones way, Wend ones way, Trip, Expedition, Period of travelling, Tour, Trek, Voyage, Cruise, Safari, Ride, Drive, Transfer

How to use Journey in a sentence?

  1. They journeyed south.
  2. She went on a long journey.

Meaning of Journey & Journey Definition

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