Jerry Falwell Jr. Net worth

What is the total Net worth of Jerry Falwell Jr.? The total Net worth that Jerry Falwell Jr. holds is $125 million. Jerry Falwell Jr. has lived a long part of his life serving in the different sectors such as in law, administration of the Liberty University, and has remained President of the Liberty University as well, after his father’s death. From the services in his life, he was well able to make a good financial status which was later on estimated to be $125 million.

What is the total Net worth of Jerry Falwell Jr.?

:arrow_forward: Jerry Falwell Jr. had been acquiring $1.25 million every year in compensation from the school.

As indicated by a provision in his work contract, Falwell will probably be paid around $10 million as a buyout in the wake of venturing down.

His agreement calls for him to acquire his compensation for a very long time along with $8 million in the event that he at any point leaves.

Jerry Falwell Jr. is an American legal counselor, land designer and college overseer who has an overall net worth of $125 million. He is the child of Jerry Falwell and turned into the leader of Liberty University when his dad died in 2007.

On August 7, 2020 Jerry Jr. declared he was taking an endless leave from his job as president and chancellor of the college after a photograph of him off guard was posted on Instagram.

He resigned from his post on August 24, 2020 after his wrong images were displayed on social media with a girl.

Jerry Falwell’s wife had some relations with a guy which were exposed to him later on; he told the media that he and his wife were being threatened by some people.

Features About Jerry Falwell Jr.
Net worth $100 Million
Date of Birth 17th of July, 1962
Place of Birth United States of America
Profession/Occupation Businessman
Height 1.82 m


Jerry Falwell Jr. maintains a total Net worth of $125 million. He struggled a lot in his life from where he obtained this high Net worth. He was appointed at a senior post in Liberty University which marked the beginning of his career but later on, he resigned from the post after being insulted on social media.

The financial status and background of Jerry Falwell Jr.:

:arrow_forward: Under the Falwell family’s initiative, Liberty University developed from a little somewhat obscure school to a well-renowned institution with an average estimate of over ninety-five thousand students who are studying graduation.

Some have depicted the University as basically very little in excess of land speculative stock investments.

In 2007, the year Jerry assumed control, the school recorded $260 million in resources. Today the institution has assets of more than $3 billion.

Some critics claim that college subsidized development ventures and land acquisitions have been done exclusively to improve the Falwell family and their companions.

As per a 2019 politico article, “the line between where the Falwell family’s abundance starts and Liberty’s funds end is foggy.”

The article recorded a few affirmed models where the college made monetary advances or ventures to Falwell relatives or companions, speculations which were seemingly not in the school’s monetary advantages.

For instance, Liberty supposedly gave a companion of Jerry’s name Robert Moon an advance of $750,000 to dispatch a development organization called Construction Management Associates Inc., then, at that point continued to grant that organization $130 million in agreements.

Falwell professed to have not by profited from the organization’s dealings with the institution.

About the life of Jerry Falwell Jr.:

Features Jerry Falwell Jr.
Full Name Jerry Lamon Falwell Jr
Date of Birth 17th June, 1962
Age 59 years (as per 2021)
Place of birth Lynchburg (Virginia)
Country of birth The United States of America
Zodiac sign Gemini
Marital status Married
Gender Male
Father Name Jerry Falwell Sr.
Spouse Becki Tilley
Children Charles Wesley, Caroline Grace, Jerry Falwell III
Mother Macel Pate
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Language English
Height 1.82 meters
Net Worth $125 million
Twitter account Falwell Jr.
Siblings 2
You Tube account university/videos
Studied from Liberty University

Jerry Falwell Jr. was born in the year 1962, in Lynchburg, Virginia. He got his graduation degree from the Liberty University and obtained a degree in law (JD) from Virginia University.

He is an advocate and father of three children. In the year 2000, Jerry Falwell Jr. enrolled himself in the Board of Trustees at the University of Liberty.

In the Presidential elections held in the year 2016, in United States, Jerome Falwell went in support of Donald Trump and preferred him over his competitor Winston Churchill.

Jerry Falwell claimed that he was offered the post of Education Minister by Donald Trump but he didn’t accept the proposal.

Donald Trump wanted Jerry Falwell to take over the tasks of reforming the Educational Department of the United States but he didn’t go for the post.

On August 7, 2020 Jerry reported that he would not be present in the Liberty University for a short period of time but didn’t tell the reason behind his absence.

His assertion gave no real excuse for the change except for the declaration came only days after Jerry posted a photograph of himself to Instagram with a his arm around a lady and jeans hurdled down.

Incidentally, the photograph was an immediate infringement of his school’s set of principles.

The services of Jerry Falwell Jr.:

:arrow_forward: Jerry Jerome Falwell is a well-renowned American lawyer and has served his part in being the Chancellor of Liberty University for a long time period.

Apart from his services as being a lawyer, he has also served his role as a proactive member and a good administrator of Evangelical Christian group.

From the year 2007, Jerome Falwell Jr. maintained his position of being the fourth reputable president of Liberty institution till the year 2020, when in the month of August he resigned from his services.

The great American lawyer and a well-reputed minister of Liberty University, Jerome Falwell Jr. maintains a net worth of $125 million according to the details of 2021.

After the death of Jerry Falwell Sr., his son Jerome Falwell was given the post of president at the University of Liberty in Lynchburg. This was the post from where he later on resigned.

How was Jerry Falwell Jr. able to attain a high Net worth?

:arrow_forward: Through the money he earned from his professional life, Jerry Falwell Jr. soon attained a stable and good financial position.

From the information gathered about the life and financial achievements of Jerry Falwell Jr, it is known that most of his age in the thirties and early twenties was spent in his works and roles as an attorney and being associated with different organizations.

He worked for different companies apart from solving different cases as a lawyer.

During the precious fifteen years of life from his early twenties till the thirties, it is estimated that he was better able to earn a good amount of around 3 million dollars.

He obtained a good position of being the president of Liberty University just after his father’s death, who was actually serving the role as president of Liberty University before his son’s appointment.

In the year 2016, when elections were set-up in the United States of America, Jerry Falwell showed his inclination towards Donald Trump for being appointed as the new President of United States.

As soon as Jerry Falwell Jr. publicly showed his inclination towards Donald Trump, it brought a wave of unrest and suspicion among the members as well as alumni of the Liberty University.

They showed their suspicion towards Jerry Falwell Jr. A number of Congress participants including Jamie Raskin and Andy Levin went against Jerry Falwell Jr. for his direct favor for the Donald Trump.

These Congress members blamed Jerry Falwell for his strict prohibition and threats to the students of Liberty University for sharing their personal beliefs about Donald Trump.

These Congress members made a claim that Jerry Falwell is threatening students from writing columns which were against his nominated President Donald Trump.

The claims of Congress members against Jerry Falwell Jr. are still not proved.

What is the reason behind Jerry Falwell’s fame?

:arrow_forward: After the death of his father, Jerry Jerome was appointed as the president of Liberty University which made him a well-reputed personality.

Jerry Falwell Jr. was the eldest of all the tree children who were born to Macel Falwell and Jerry Sr. His father was a well renowned and respectable pastor of Southern school located in the Virginia region.

Falwell is the eldest of his two younger siblings having a younger brother, Jonathan and another younger sister, Jeannie.

In his childhood, Jerry Falwell went to different private schools which were located in the Lynchburg region.

Among these private schools, the most renowned one is the Lynchburg Christian Academy, the name of which was later changed to Liberty Christian Academy.

From Liberty Christian academy, Jerry Falwell Jr. obtained a degree in graduation in the latter half of 1980s.

After a short period of time being graduated from the Liberty Christian Academy, Jerry Falwell Jr. enrolled himself in the University of Liberty.

In the year 1984, Jerry Falwell Jr. obtained his degrees in Bachelors of Arts in two main subjects, the religious studies and history. Later on, he enrolled himself in the institution of law, named as University of Virginia, which was located in the Virginia region.

From the University of Virginia, Jerry Falwell Jr. obtained his degree in Juris Doctor (JD) in the year 1987. JD is basically an American law degree, after which Jerry Falwell Jr. made himself a well-known lawyer.

After obtaining his law degree from the University of Virginia, Jerry Falwell Jr. started practicing his degree in law different organizations which were linked to the Liberty University and in the University itself, too.

In the year 2000, Jerry Falwell Jr. was appointed as an official and trusted member of the institution’s Board of Trustees. After the death of his father, Jerry Falwell Jr. was given the post of being the well-known president of Liberty University.

How did Jerry Falwell Jr. become successful in his life?

:arrow_forward: The reason behind Jerry Falwell’s reputation lies in his hidden as well as well exposed talents which he showed in his life.

His career is marked with prosperity as he served a major part of his life working as an attorney, administrator for the University, as well as president of the Liberty University.

He obtained a well-known and remarkable degree in the American law, which he later on utilized in his works not only for the Liberty University, but also for different organization programs which were basically the projects of Liberty University.

He served his own self for the better of a number of people. He solved cases of many people not only in the University but also in the organizations which were linked to the University.

From the year after his father’s death, Jerry Falwell began his role as the president of Liberty University.

This part of his career as being the President of Liberty University was marked with achievements and his fame until the time he gave his favor towards Donald Trump in the presidential elections of 2016.

As soon as he showed favor towards Donald Trump, there began a period of decline in his reputation as being the head of University.

Some people from inside the University who were basically the members of the Congress, started propaganda against Jerry Falwell Jr.

They held a claim that Jerry Falwell Jr has started threatening his own students for speaking against Donald Trump. The truth behind this claim by the Congress members is still unknown, but it made a downfall in Jerry Falwell’s career.

People believe Jerry Falwell to have a strong inclination towards media due to his strong political arguments which he used to give.

Among these arguments are included the strong comments on Muslims, the homosexual relationships and the lifestyle of homosexuals.

The other reason behind Jerry Falwell’s success:

:arrow_forward: Apart from his services which made Jerry Falwell a much reputed personality, the second reason behind his fame is his deep bond and love for the Donald Trump.

In the year 2016, when the republic of United States had to select someone as the next President of America, Jerry Falwell Jr. went in favor of Donald Trump.

This strengthened the bond of affiliation between the two. In many of his radio and television news, he went against Winston Churchill and gave strong arguments in favor of the Donald Trump.

Among most the well-known and reputed television shows which included Jerry Falwell Jr, there come the following:

  • Thomas Road Live

  • Fox and Friends

  • Erin Burnett Out Front


Jerry Falwell Jr. had a lot of achievements in his life by remaining at the post of lawyer, administrator, and the President of Liberty University. He supported Donald Trump in the presidential elections of 201 which made a downfall of his career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

People ask a number of questions regarding Jerry Falwell Jr.'s Net worth. Some of these questions and their answers are given below:

1. Estimate Jerry Falwell’s Net worth.

His Net worth is estimated to be $100 million.

Net Worth $100 Million
Profession Pastor, Televangelist, Writer
Nationality United States of America
Gender Male
Date of Birth 17th June, 1962
Endorsed for Donald Trump

2. What is the estimated worth of Liberty University?

In the year 2016, Liberty University generated a total Net worth of $215 million, located in Lynchburg, Virginia. The university earned total revenue of $1 billion rupees.

The net assets of Liberty University are now exceeding and have reached an amount of $2.5 billion rupees, which is more than the $1.6 billion amount of 2016.

3. Which religion does Jerry Falwell Jr. belongs to?

Jerry Falwell Jr. belongs to Evangelical Christian Community.

Jerry Falwell Jr. had the following positions:

  • An American lawyer

  • President of the Liberty University from where he later on, resigned.

  • An academic administrator of the Liberty University

  • A prominent member of the Evangelical Christian Community.

4. How much older in age is Jerry Falwell Jr.?

Jerry Falwell Jr. is 59 years old, as per the year 2021. He was born on 17th of June, in the year 1962.

5. How do the funds come to Liberty University?

As with all the institutions which are given the aid financially, the loans which are given to the university basically go towards the students, not to the university.

Liberty University attains a highest position in receiving the aid from federal sources. These aids reach the institution through the Christian students who have been enrolled in University.

The aids basically come towards those Christian students and thereby under the name of Liberty institute. The university focuses in enrolling the maximum number of Christian students.

These Christian students have to qualify themselves for being able to be given the aids. To give the Christian students aid and loans is all the part of the University’s designed business model.

6. Does Liberty University comes under government institutions?

No, Liberty University is a private institution which doesn’t come under the government institutions.

The following are the key features of Liberty University:

  • The total numbers of students who have been enrolled in the Liberty University for the graduation program are 47,025.

  • The University takes its location in a city.

  • The size of the campus of Liberty University is seven thousand acres.

  • The academic session of the University is designed to be semester based.

  • More than 100 undergraduate programs are being offered in the Liberty University which students can opt for.

7. What happened after Jerry Falwell Jr. took control as the President of Liberty University?

After getting the post of President in the Liberty University, Jerry Falwell Jr. started working hard not only for the betterment of University but also for the better future of his students.

Initially, he got a high reputation due to her post, but later on some people turned against him.

After his vote in favor of the Donald Trump, in the elections of 2016, which were held in America, Jerry Falwell Jr. faced a huge criticism at the hand of Congress members.

The Congress members blamed Jerry Falwell for threatening the students of Liberty University and not allowing them to openly express their feelings against Donald Trump.

It is true that Jerry Falwell Jr. liked and showed his admiration towards Donald Trump and had spoken in favor of him in a number of news channels but the claims of Congress members against Jerry Falwell Jr. haven’t yet proved.

These incidents left a deep mark on Jerry Falwell’s career from which he had to resign, later on.

8. What became a cause of Jerry Falwell Sr.’s death?

Jerry Falwell Sr. was in office at the University of Liberty where he suffered from a sudden cardiac arrhythmia on May 15, 2007.

This cardiac arrest was a strong one and became a cause of his death. Jerry Falwell Sr. died at the age of 73. Jerry Falwell Sr. was laid down in the Liberty University’s ground.

9. Who is the spouse of Jerry Falwell Jr.?

Becki Tilley

Jerry Falwell got married to Becki Tilley and they live a happily married life in the farm house of Bedford County, in the Virginia region. They are the parents of three children.

10. Is Liberty University a good institution to be enrolled?

Liberty University holds an honor of being enrolled in the best educational institutes of year 2021. The academic fee of every semester of Liberty University is around $24,910.

The University is basically designed for the Christians, and is located in the Central Virginia region. The Liberty University offers a wide range of subjects which undergraduate students could opt for.

Liberty University is further divided into 15 sections which are basically the schools and colleges, the projects of the institution.


Jerry Falwell Jr. gained his reputation as a well-renowned celebrity due to his works in the field of law and being an administrator of the Liberty institute.

His position as the President of Liberty institute marks his fame, the value and respect given to him.

His personality started to become famous among the people after he took the responsibilities as the President of the Liberty institute.

According to the details of 2021, Jerry Falwell’s net worth is estimated to be around $125 million.

Jerry Falwell Jr. is regarded as amongst the well-known personalities of Virginia.

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