Timothy Crawford Jr

Full Name Timothy Crawford Jr
Age 58
Height 6 feet 4 inches
Weight 165
Country Born Houston, Texas, USA
Date Of Birth 17th Dec, 1962
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Marital Status Divorced
Ex-wife Yolanda Adams
Children Taylor Ayanna Crawford
Profession American Football Player
Education Kashmere High School & Texas Tech

Timothy Crawford Jr is a famous NFL player he attended NFL Draft with some other remarkable names like Jim Everest, Chuck Long, and Lesli O’Neal in 1986.

Timothy Crawford Jr:

Timothy Crawford Jr is a popular National Football League Player. Associated with a number of companies Timothy is a financial advisor He was married to a woman who is not only a singer but an actor too and she was his ex-wife “Yolanda Adams” The couple dated for many years and are separate now Timothy’s status is single right now.

Some Facts About Timothy Crawford Jr

There are some in-depth details about Timothy and they are as follows.

Date of birth:

Timothy Crawford was landed on the earth on 17th Dec 1962 in Houston, Texas, USA.


Timothy has passed 58 years of his life so currently, he is 58 years old.

Zodiac sign:

People who are born on 17th December have the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Timothy Jr is one of them.

Body measurements:

Crawford has a very impressive personality. Here are some of his body measurements.

• Height: Crawford has a normal height of around 5 feet 8 inches.

• Weight: Crawford weighs around 72 kg.

• Eye color: Crawford has black eye color.

• Hair color: Crawford’s hair color is Black.

He is very possessive for his body and for building up his body to the great level he spends lots of money Tim is living a healthy lifestyle and keeps himself in a strict diet and regular activities.


Nothing is much known about his ethnicity. All that is known is that he has mixed ethnicity i.e African-American.


He has an American nationality.


Crawford previously was studying in “Kashmere High School” later he joined college name “Texas Tech” for higher studies.


He is a financial advisor as well as a former National Football League Player by profession.

Marital status:

As of now, Timothy is divorced. His marital status is shown single everywhere. Moreover, he hasn’t been involved in any love relationship up till now.


As he was married, he does have a child name Taylor Adams Crawford .

Parents and siblings:

Timothy hasn’t revealed anything about his parents. Also, none of his fans know about his siblings as he has never discussed openly his family.

Timothy Crawford’s professional life and career:

After studying graduation from Texas Tech Timothy was drafted into NFL(National Football League). He attended NFL Draft when he was 24 years old with some other remarkable names like Jim Everest, Chuck Long, and Lesli O’Neal in 1986.

He left NFL so early that he couldn’t make his name and become noticeable throughout the world for a long time Timothy was keen to play sports and it was his passion but he couldn’t stay in this Initially in 1987 Crawford spent a short time of the single-season with the club then he became a financial advisor and quit NFL He got himself busy with other operations and business activities started from his own home’s first floor. In 1987 Timothy has connected NFL’s Cleveland Browns.

Timothy Crawford’s married life:

Timothy Crawford was married to American gospel singer Yolanda Adams in 1997 they were happily living their lives together then got separation in 2004 a lot of rumors spread about Yolanda’s first marriage but couldn’t come up with the reason of Timothy and Yolanda’s separation. They have got a daughter in 2001 and the name of their daughter is Taylor Adams Crawford.

Other than that Timothy has not been in a relationship with anyone else after his separation from his spouse his marital status is single.

Timothy Crawford’s Social media:

As we know that keeping in touch with Social media has helped a lot of people to stay connected to their loved ones especially the people who are highly impressed with their favorite television personalities in this way they can get connected with their favorite stars and know every single thing about them. But in this advanced world, Timothy is unfortunately not active on his social media accounts which are sad for his fans.

Timothy Crawford’s net worth:

Timothy has not spent much time in NFL though he couldn’t earn much so much of his earning is from his business activities so Tim has a calculated net worth of $5 million USD.

Timothy’s wife Yolanda Adams:

Timothy Crawford was born on 27 August 1961 and she is 59 years old. Timothy is not only a singer, record producer, and actress but also a host of her own morning gospel show Yolanda was previously married to Troy Mason from1987 and their marriage remained till 1990 then they got separation due to Troy’s abusive language after that she got married to Timothy Crawford and they have one daughter name Taylor Adams Crawford who was born in 2001. Timothy’s wife Singer Yolanda Adams has made her name in the music world like Mariangela King.In an American music award, Yolanda Adam was the first artist awarded.

She is most widely known as the queen of and first lady of gospel music. Yolanda is the eldest sister of six siblings. Initially, she started her career in teaching and in Houston as a part-time model then she got fed-up with teaching and perform a full-time singer.

Facts about Yolanda Adam:-

There are lots of facts and details about Yolanda and they are as follows.

Awards Yolanda Won:

Adam has won the following awards.

  • 5 Grammy Awards
  • 16 Stellar Gospel Music Awards
  • 4 of the Gospel Music Association’s Dove Awards
  • 1 American Music Award
  • 7 NAACP Image Awards
  • 1 Soul Train Music Award, and
  • 5 BET Awards.

Yolanda’s Social Media:

Yolanda is highly active on her social media accounts. She posts photos and videos and entertains her fans in a different way.

Timothy Crawford

:small_orange_diamond: She has around 415.6k followers on Twitter.

You can follow her on Instagram by following this link.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/yolandaadams?lang=en

:small_orange_diamond: 1.1 million Followers on Instagram.

You can follow her on Instagram by following this link.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yolandaadams/?hl=en

Yolanda’s net worth:

Yolanda is a very successful gospel singer, producer, actress, and radio host and she has a net worth of $5 million also she earned much more through her successful album recordings such as Believe, Just as I am, Day by Day, and many more.

Yolanda’s song albums:

Yolanda has sold up many albums and the list of albums released with the name is as follows.

Year Album name
1987 Just as I Am
1991 Through the Storm
1993 Save the world
1995 More Than a Melody
1996 Yolanda…Live in Washington
1998 Songs from the Heart
1999 Mountain High…Valley Low
2000 Christmas With Yolanda Adams
2001 The Experience Believe
2005 Day By Day
2007 What a Wonderful Time*
2011 Becoming

Taylor Ayanna Crawford:

  • Taylor Ayanna Crawford is the daughter of Timothy Crawford and Yolanda Adam.
  • Taylor was born on 26 January 2001 She is 20 years old.
  • Her grandparents are Carolyn Jean Adams and Major Adams.
  • Taylor has done her graduation and she is a graduate of St. Agnes Academy.
  • She has performed in many onsite and offsite productions.
  • Taylor is not just a singer but an actress and a great dancer.
  • She has 24.2k followers on Instagram you can follow her on Instagram by following this link.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taylorayannaa/

Summary: :writing_hand:
Timothy Crawford Jr is an NFL player then after completing higher education he took interest in business activities and is now a financial advisor he has $5 million net worth and is living single after he got divorced he did not plan to marry yet Tim has a good build and spend much money having a good physique.

Frequently Asked Questions :question:

Here are some frequently asked questions that fans of Timothy want to know about her and they are as follows.

1. How many albums sold by Yolanda Adams?

Yolanda Adams is an American multi-platinum-selling Gospel music singer who is also a radio host. Up till now, Yolanda has sold almost 4.5 million albums in the United States and worldwide 7 million albums.

2. Did Yolanda Adams get married again?

Yolanda being a multitalented singer and a multi-grammy winner of the award is quite busy with her shining career. She previously got married twice then got separation but now did not plan to marry again.

3. How much is Kirk Franklin’s net worth?

Kirk Franklin holding American nationality was born on 26 Jan 1970 He is a famous American gospel musician, author, and choir detector Franklin’s calculated net worth is around $8.5 million.

Conclusion: :books:

Timothy Crawford Jr is not much active on social media therefore his personal details are much unknown like family info. He is not much popular as compare to his ex-spouse Yolanda Adam she has made a big name in the film industry by being a singer.

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