Definition of Weight:

  1. Treat the material to make it thicker and heavier.

  2. Determine the disabled load (of the horse).

  3. The ability of a person or thing to influence decisions or actions.

  4. Identify interests or values.

  5. A piece of metal that has a specific weight and is used in scales to determine the weight of an object or the amount of a substance.

  6. The relative amount of bodily components or substances contained in it, where the force of gravity creates the gravity of an individual or object.

  7. Statistics: A large number assigned to a feature, element or quantity to indicate its importance in relation to another feature, element or quantity. In the retail price index, for example, the price of bread weighs more than the SOAP (e.g., 2) because bread is more important to consumers.

  8. Shipping: Gross weight (weight of cargo and containers), net or empty weight (weight of cargo only) or legal weight (weight as per procedure prescribed by law).

  9. Support by placing a heavy object on top of it.

  10. The density of the fabric surface, which is used as a measure of its quality.

Synonyms of Weight

Weigh out, Spoil, Significance, Productiveness, Credit, Self-importance, Repute, Burden, Rituality, Importance, Crown of thorns, Put on, Difficulty, Draw attention to, Care, Lay on, Weigh down, Subject to, Preponderance, Foul up, Pomposity, Value, Momentousness, Emphasis, Ceremony, Kilo, Powerfulness, Consequentiality, High rank, Decagram, Moxie, Ballast, Ritual, Force majeure, Potency, Hold the scales, Mass, Strength, Predominance, Accent, Bitter cup, Put, Onus, Burden of care, Formalization, Favor, Signification, Hold, Good feeling, Whip hand, Cogency, Imposition, Steam, Grain, Vehemence, Drive, Note, Formality, Ounce troy, Lie heavy, Say, Hundredweight, Have weight, Interest, Centigram, Focus attention on, Woe, Push, Impose on, Stylization, Handicap, Hamper, Burthen, Megaton, Vigor, Weigh heavy, Authority, Curse, Mana, Productivity, Importance, Virulence, Trampoline, Might and main, Import, Grievance, Top off, Purchase, Black power, Ounce, Deadweight, Load, Pull, Levy, Supercharge, Superpower, Force, Force, Pack of troubles, Amperage, Gall, Punch, Inconvenience, Put down, Authority, Dint, Ram in, Bring attention to, Brim, Eminence, Priority, Ounce avoirdupois, Power pack, Fill, Paramountcy, Encumber, Virtue, Pound avoirdupois, Magnitude, Power structure, Suasion, Influence, Preeminence, Kilogram, Weightiness, Tax, Weight down, Primness, Cumbrance, Ceremoniousness, Demand, Mark, Dominance, Prestige, Value, Solidity, Trapeze, Main force, Highlight, Prominence, Rule, Ton, Mass, Beef, Stone, Influence, Muscle power, Impedimenta, Carat, Sorrow, Saddle with, Lay, Poop, Inflict on, Control, Plummet, Consequence, Personality, Infliction, Pennyweight, Plumb, Parallel bars, Sophisticate, Reign, Full blast, Load, Weigh in, Influentiality, Rank, Starchiness, Make a point of, Forcefulness, Charm, Charge, Sinker, Pad, Justness, Peck of troubles, Doctor, Dumbbell, Precedence, Cumber, Embarrassment, Sandbag, Concernment, Spotlight, Teeth, Significance, Horse, Carry weight, Saturate, Yoke with, Play up, Authoritativeness, Fill to overflowing, Barbell, Exact, Call attention to, Sway, Oppression, Virility, Heft, Mole, Millstone, Energy, Upper hand, Consequence, Dram, Weight down with, Satiate, Sea of troubles, Moment, Vim, Overfill, Soundness, Trouble, Duress, Materiality, Cross, Side horse, Disadvantage, Task, Flower power, Bitter draught, Point up, Weigh, Gravity, Brute force, Set, Cogence, Encumbrance, Freight with, Gram, Form, Stiltedness, Indian club, Validity, Seniority, Units of weight, Rings, High order, Extrinsicality, Clout, Compulsion, Muscle, Affliction, Efficacy, Waters of bitterness, Enchantment, Mastery, Armipotence, Bob, Thorn, Charisma, Substantiality, Duty, Rigidness, Excellence, Greatness, White elephant, Pomp, Effectuality, Pizzazz, Punching bag, Fill up, Cargo, Dignity, Burden with, Incidental power, Pack, Insinuation, Magnetism, Lade, Leverage, Strong arm, Impose upon, Vitality, Milligram, Effectiveness, Persuasion, Slug, Prepotency, Balance, Potentiality, Jam, Sway, Superiority, Saddle, Cankerworm of care, Stiffness, Power, Foreground, Esteem, Distress, Full force, Force, Ascendancy, Leverage, Dyne, Penalty, Merit, Jam-pack, Contaminate, Stature, Bitter pill, Pound, Leadership, Prestige, Puissance, Be heavy, Place, Scruple, Strike a balance, Power struggle, Pith, Bitter draft, Poundal, Wad, Congest, Domination, Power, Impersonality, Influentialness, Stress, Chock, Heaviness, Mightiness, Wattage, Decigram, Burden, Subtle influence, Inflict upon, Tip the scales, Might, Pressure, Substance, Potence, Concern, Consideration, Exerciser, Surfeit, Main strength, Worth, Enjoin, Gall and wormwood, Lead, Debase, Long horse, Impose, Supremacy, Stuff, Effect, Cram, Suggestion, Ceremonial, Counterbalance, Buckram, Dram avoirdupois, Corrupt, Impediment, Fasten upon, Put upon, Lumber, Solemnity, Primacy, Rowing machine, Pound troy, Pressure, Freight, Sinew, Crowd

How to use Weight in a sentence?

  1. The committee's recommendations will carry considerable weight.
  2. Weighs at least 175 pounds.
  3. When monitoring your weight, it is always important to measure the number of calories burned in relation to the number of calories burned through exercise or other activities.
  4. The manager asks the employee to think of ways to reduce the weight of the ship so that they can save on packaging materials and gas costs.
  5. The weight of the container is too much for the vehicle to transport, so some of the contents of the containers should be removed.
  6. Speaking, reading and writing should have equal weight in the assessment.
  7. Provide two weights of cloth for ironing and use it properly.
  8. A half cup of coffee hangs from a pile of paper.
  9. There are a total of 267 entries for the Melbourne Cup and 279 for the Caffield Cup.
  10. Abu Ammar thought about it for a moment as he placed the bag on the old brass scale and adjusted its weight.

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