Definition of Profession:

  1. Occupation, practice, or vocation requiring mastery of a complex set of knowledge and skills through formal education and/or practical experience. Every organized profession (accounting, law, medicine, etc.) is governed by its respective professional body.

  2. A paid occupation, especially one that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification.

  3. A declaration of belief in a religion.

  4. An act of declaring that one has a particular feeling or quality, especially when this is not the case.

Synonyms of Profession

Statement, Sworn statement, Affidavit, Attestation, Affirmation, Assertion, Career, Occupation, Calling, Vocation, Line of work, Line of employment, Line, M├ętier, Declaration, Affirmation, Statement, Announcement, Proclamation, Assertion, Avowal, Vow, Claim, Allegation, Protestation, Acceptance, Acknowledgment, Admission, Affidavit, Affirmance, Affirmation, Allegation, Allowance, Announcement, Annunciation, Appreciation, Art, Assertion, Asseveration, Attest, Attestation, Averment, Avouchment, Avowal, Business, Calling, Career, Career building, Careerism, Claim, Compurgation, Concession, Conclusion, Confession, Confession of faith, Craft, Creed, Declaration, Declaration of faith, Deposition, Dictum, Disclosure, Employment, Enunciation, Field, Game, Handicraft, Instrument in proof, Ipse dixit, Job, Legal evidence, Lifework, Line, Line of business, Line of work, Manifesto, Metier, Mission, Mystery, Number, Occupation, Position, Position paper, Positive declaration, Post, Practice, Predicate, Predication, Proclamation, Pronouncement, Proposition, Protest, Protestation, Pursuit, Racket, Recognition, Say, Say-so, Saying, Situation, Specialization, Specialty, Sphere, Stance, Stand, Statement, Sworn evidence, Sworn statement, Sworn testimony, Testimonial, Testimonium, Testimony, Trade, Utterance, Vocation, Vouch, Walk, Walk of life, Witness, Word, Work

How to use Profession in a sentence?

  1. Studying hard during school years will allow a better choice of college which will then give a better choice of profession , doctor, lawyer, or engineer.
  2. You need to try to be the best at your profession as you can so that you can move up the ranks quickly.
  3. His profession of delight rang hollow.
  4. A profession of faith in Jesus Christ.
  5. His chosen profession of teaching.
  6. He had studied java coding for 20 years and had made his way up to the lead developer position for his company it was clear that Programming was his profession .

Meaning of Profession & Profession Definition

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