Jayne Posner

Full Name Jayne Posner
Age in between 60s-70
Country Born United States of America
Marital Status Divorced
Ex-husband Neil Diamond
Children Two daughters
Profession Unknown
Education Graduate

Jayne Posner is well recognized among the public as being the ex-wife of a famous singer, songwriter, and actor Neil Diamond. Jayne Posner also had worked as a school teacher after finishing her education.

Jayne Posner:

Nowadays, it is getting essential for fans to know each and everything about the person whom they adore the most like a famous on-screen celebrity. The same should we expect for the ones who are likely to hear Neil Diamond, a famous singer, songwriter, and actor.

Jayne Posner was an ordinary person before getting married to the world-famous musician Neil Diamond. So, she was introduced to the limelight after becoming the better half of a famous TV celebrity. However, the couple isn’t together anymore. They have two daughters from their marriage. Talking about her ex-husband, Neil Diamond is a well-recognized personality who has sold more than a hundred million records which lead him to become one of the best music sellers of all time. Most of his songs are preserved for being culturally, aesthetically, and historically significant. We will discuss their married life but before that, let’s have a brief discussion about her bio and early life.


Jayne Posner was born in the United States of America. Her actual date of birth is not available.


As her date of birth is not disclosed until the present, that’s why it’s difficult to determine her exact age. She might be in her late 60s or early 70s.

Zodiac sign:

Jayne Posner’s Zodiac sign is not known yet.


Jayne’s ethnic background is not known yet.


Jayne Posner who was born in the USA holds an American nationality.


Jayne’s education and academic background are not known by anyone until the present.


Jayne hasn’t disclosed anything about her current professional business, however; she had worked as a school teacher after completing her education.

Family background:

No one knows anything about Jayne’s family background, parents, and siblings. She has never said anything openly about her family.

Marital status:

Jayne Posner’s marital status is shown as divorced. Currently, she is single.


Previously, she was married to Neil Diamond.


She has two adorable daughters from her marriage with Neil Diamond.

Jayne Posner’s early life:

Jayne Posner is living a very low-key and private life. She is rarely exposed to the limelight. She hasn’t discussed anything about her early life and education in media. Nothing is known about her parents and about whether she was the only child of her parents or she has some siblings, all of these facts are kept as a secret by Jayne until the present.

Jayne Posner’s professional life and career:

Jayne Posner hasn’t revealed anything about her profession and career goals. All that is known about her profession is that she had been working as a school teacher, initially when she completed her education. Apart from that, nothing is known about what she is currently doing regarding her professional goals.

On the other hand her ex-husband, Neil Diamond has a well-established career in the music world. He officially started his career by recording his first four singles which didn’t get highly famous, but there were excellent reviews on them. After some time, he signed his contract with Colombia Records as a solo singer and on the same platform he came up with various singles but neither of them ruled over the charts.

In the mid of 1960s, he launched his project “Cherry, Cherry” which got the 6th position of the Billboard. The first milestone in his music career was “Sunday and Me” which he wrote very passionately. After few years, in 1969, he sang and wrote: “Sweet Caroline” which got huge success by getting 4th position in the Billboard. Furthermore, he has performed in back-to-back hits like “Beautiful Noise”, “Serenade”, and “Hot August Nights”. Until the present, he has succeeded by owning more than 45 albums, and by having various music tours and concerts.

Apart from being a successful musician, he has also made his name in the world of acting. He has played roles in many movies including “Lost and Found”, “The Jazz Singer”, and “Keeping Up with the Steins” as a singer. He has also performed various soundtracks for various movies and TV series. In 2018, he announced his retirement from live performances but still is connected with songwriting and composing.

Jayne Posner married life:

Jayne Posner and Neil Diamond started their love affair when they were in high school. They were teenagers at that time. Neil studied in Abraham Lincoln High school and after completing his graduation, he started to work in a Catskills Resort area as a waiter. Neil and Jayne met for the first time while he was serving his services at the resort. They continued their dating relationship for some time and decided to give their relationship a legal and proper direction. Jayne and Neil knew each other for a very long time.

Therefore, the couple tied the knot in 1963. They were having a very loving and peaceful relationship and became the parents of two adorable daughters, Ellyn Diamond and Marjorie Diamond. They were living a very happy married life together. Neil, until the present, gives the credit to the first ex-wife of his musical success and the inspirations of his songs because according to him, it was her who encouraged him to establish himself as a songwriter.

However, after some time things go a different direction and their relationship was not the same as there were many conflicts between them. Due to some reasons, the couple decided to depart their ways in 1967, and on 25th November 1969, they were officially divorced. Neither of them had given the reason behind their divorce but Neil was dating Marcia Murphy when he was married, so, this could be the reason behind their separation but not confirmed by any one of them.

Jayne Posner’s other relationships:

After getting divorced, Jayne is living a very low-key and private life and has never revealed what she is doing currently, whether she had married anyone else or still she is single, nothing is known about her current living standards. She just gained a little fame as being the ex-wife of a famous celebrity.

Talking about her ex-husband’s relationship status, he got married to Marcia Murphy very soon after his divorce from Jayne. They lived together for twenty-five years and became the parents of two children Jesse and Micah. They got divorced in 1995 and Neil paid her a very high amount for a divorce settlement.

After Marcia, Neil got married to Katie McNeil in 2012. They met each other for the first time in 2007, at that time Neil was 71 and Katie was 42 years old. And then after having a dating relationship they got engaged in 2011. According to Neil, it was a very tremendous experience for him to get married to her. He had thanked Katie for coming into his life and making him able to believe in marriage once again. However, there are some problems in their relationship as well but Katie always sensibly handles the problems and they are happily married.

Jayne Posner’s net worth:

As we have discussed above that Jayne Posner is living a private life and shares nothing about her current life therefore, no one knows about her net worth, salary, assets, and her professional and business earnings.

On the other hand, Neil Diamond has a very shiny and well-established career in the music world. He has earned a massive amount of money through his music career. His estimated annual salary is $32,000,000 US per year. His net worth as of 2020 is around $200 million. Furthermore, he owns a mansion in Malibu beach that worth’s around $725 million US.

Jayne Posner’s social media presence:

Jayne Posner is not active on her social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Jayne Posner

Talking about Neil Diamond, he is extremely popular on social media and has thousands of fan followers on his social media platforms. He has around 873.9k followers on Twitter, around 1.46m followers on Facebook, and 68.9 followers on Instagram.

Summary: :writing_hand:
Jayne Posner rose to fame after getting married to the world-famous singer, Neil Diamond. There is no specific information regarding Jayne’s early life, education, family, and profession. She got married to Neil in 1963, became the mother of his two daughters, and separated in 1969. She hasn’t disclosed her exact net worth. She is not much active on her social media accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions: :question:

Here are some questions that fans of Jayne Posner want to know about her and they are as follows.

1. What is Neil Diamond’s biggest hit?

Jayne Posner’s ex-husband Neil Diamond’s six greatest hits are listed below.

  1. Sweet Caroline
  2. I Am, I Said
  3. You Don’t Bring Me Flowers
  4. America
  5. I’m a Believer
  6. Solitary Man

2. Is Neil Diamond married today?

Yes, after the separation from Jayne Posner He and Katie McNeil got married. Neil announced on His Twitter account about his marriage.

3. Does Neil Diamond have children?

Yes, he does have 4 children. As we know that Neil Diamond got married twice so He got 2 girls from his first wife and two boys from the other wife.

  • Neil’s daughters with Jayne Posner are Elyn Diamond and Marjorie Diamond.
  • On the other hand Neil has 2 sons from Katie McNeil and they are
    Micah Diamond and Jesse Diamond.

Conclusion: :books:

Jayne Posner was an ordinary citizen of America before getting married to Neil Diamond. Her fame period was very short which she ended by herself after getting divorced. She decided to live a very private life. However, her ex-husband is a famous personality in America as he is a successful musician.

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