Kelly Paniagua

Kelly Paniagua is a well-known model and actress who rose to fame after dating and then marrying Julian McMahon. Julian McMahon is a famous award-winning actor and also he is known widely as being the son of the former Prime minister of Australia. Kelly is the third wife of Julian McMahon.

kelly Paniagua

Kelly Paniagua:

Nowadays, love and fame from the public are achieved in several ways. Some people earn it by choosing the path of hard work and patience while some people get it at the very starting point of their career with the help of others. One example, in this case, is Kelly Paniagua.

Facts about Kelly are as follows

Full Name Kelly Paniagua
Age 43 years
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Ethnicity Spanish Portuguese ethnicity
Nationality Australian
Star Sagittarius
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Dark brown
Birthday 15 December 1977
Country Born Australia
Profession Actor, model, and a TV personality
Marital status Married
Husband Julian McMahon

Kelly Paniagua is a well-recognized actor, model, and TV personality. She was known widely as a Television artist in America. Her fame got a tremendous increase in several other countries after getting married to the son of former Australian Prime Minister, Sir William McMahon. Her husband Julian McMahon is an Australian American actor who has a brilliant acting career. Julian is an actor who has amazed his fans with his excellent acting skills in various TV series and movies. He has got several awards for his outstanding performances. He has a very shining acting career. However, our main focus is his spouse, Kelly Paniagua.


Kelly Paniagua opened her eyes for the first time on 15 December 1977 in Australia.


As of now, Kelly is 43 years old same as Simon Macauley.

Zodiac Sign:

Kelly is included in the list of people whose zodiac sign is Sagittarius.


Kelly belongs to a Spanish Portuguese ethnicity.


Kelly holds an Australian nationality.

Body Measurements:

Being a model, Kelly Paniagua has a very influential personality. Some of her body measurements are:

  • Height: Kelly is around 5 feet 4 inches tall.
  • Weight: Her weight and other body sizes are not disclosed yet.
  • Hair color: Kelly has a dark brown hair color.
  • Eye Color: Kelly’s eye color is also dark brown.


Kelly Paniagua has not revealed her academic information, school, college, and university.


Kelly is a well-known Australian actress and model by profession.

Family background:

Kelly hasn’t revealed anything about her family background and parents. Even, no one knows whether she is the only child of her parents or she has some siblings.

Marital status:

Kelly’s marital status is shown as married on her social media accounts.


Her spouse’s name is Julian McMahon who is an actor.


She has no child from her marriage with Julian.

Kelly Paniagua’s early life:

There is very insufficient information about Kelly’s life before getting married. Details about her initial education, her parents and their profession, and her siblings are remarkably deficient. On the other hand, her husband Julian was initially studying law at The University of Sydney, he dropped it out as he wanted to achieve his goals in the acting field. He is the son of the former Prime minister of Australia and is known widely in Australia and America for his amazing acting skills.

Kelly Paniagua’s professional life and career:

Talking about her professional life and career, Kelly Paniagua is a successful Australian actress, model, and TV personality. She has had a self-deprecating modeling career. She has been working as a ramp walker for several years, making her name in the industry. However, same with her personal life, many things about her professional life are also hidden from the public. Details about the major modeling deals she scored and the brands she has worked with are not available to the people.

Luckily, things aren’t the same about her writing career. Yes, apart from being a famous model, Kelly Paniagua has also made her name in the field of writing. She is multiple award-winning authors for her storybook “Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan”. It is a children’s Bedtime storybook. Her book has won several Royal Dragonfly books awards. She has also created an app for Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan.

Talking about her husband’s career, Julian McMahon initiated his acting career by appearing in the film “Wet and Wild Summer” in 1992. Likewise, he has also appeared in some music videos like “This Is It and This Is the Way”. From 1993 to 1995, he performed in the daytime soap “Opera Another World” which was his debut American television advent. Similarly, he has appeared in the superhero movie as Doctor ■■■■ in “Fantastic Four”. After the huge success of the movie at the box office, he recapitulated his role as the ■■■■ in the sequel which was launched in 2007. Also, he was chosen for the supernatural thriller premonition. Moreover, he has also performed in movies like “Chasing Sleep”, “Red” and “Bait”. He has made his name highlighted in the acting industry by working in 35 movies including TV series. Apart from being an actor, Julian is also a talented producer and has produced several documentaries. As of now, he is working on his new appearance as Jess LA Croix in TV series with the title “FBI: Most Unwanted” which is under work.

Kelly Paniagua’s married life:

The relationship of Kelly Paniagua and Julian McMahon was a source of gossips for the public of Australia and America for a long time. It was in 2003 when the couple gave a start to their dating relationship. After being divorced two times, Julian maintained his love affair with Kelly for almost ten years prior to their engagement. The couple got engaged in Paris and the event was planned by Julian and his daughter Madison McMahon. The couple then tied the knot after one year of their engagement on 1st July 2014. Their marriage ceremony was held in Lake Tahoe, a lakeside area in California where only close friends and family members were invited to witness their wedding ceremony. It’s been more than six years to their marriage and the couple is living a very peaceful and happy life until the present.

Kelly and Julian past relationships:

All the details about Kelly Paniagua’s love relationships. before her marriage was hidden. We can’t say anything about whether she was involved with someone else or not before getting married. On the other hand her husband, Julian had married two times before marrying her and was involved in many love affairs like Hyun bin. Firstly, he got married to a singer named Danni Minogue on 2nd January 1994. However, their marriage lasted only for a year and the couple decided to separate due to some issues between them. They were officially divorced on 12th August 1995.

Secondly, he got married to his fellow actress, Brooke Burns, on 22 December 1999. They became the parents of a daughter in 2001. Their daughter’s name is Madison Elizabeth McMahon. Unluckily, their marriage also didn’t last for a long time and the couple got divorced on 7th January 2002.

Kelly Paniagua’s Children:

Kelly and Julian do not share any child from their marriage until the present. However, Kelly is the stepmother of Julian’s daughter, Madison. Kelly and Madison have a very beautiful bonding. Kelly always loves to spend time with her husband and daughter. Their daughter is 20 years old as of now and is fond of playing beach volleyball. Currently, they are residing in Los Angeles, USA. Apart from that, Kelly is also in love with pet animals. She is having a lot of pets including cats, dogs, some birds, fishes as well as a horse. As time goes on, her love for her pets is increasing.

Kelly Paniagua’s net worth:

Kelly Paniagua hasn’t released any information about her net worth and salary until the present. She has established a successful modeling career and has worked for a long time. Therefore, a massive amount of wealth in her bank account can be expected.

Kelly Paniagua’s social media presence:

Kelly Paniagua is not active on social media platforms as she hasn’t created her social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is the reason why no one knows much about her life as she is living a private and low-key life.
kelly paniagua's social media

Kelly Paniagua’s spouse Julian McMahon:

Julian’s full name is Julian Dana William McMahon was born on 27 July 1968 is an Australian-American Ex-model, an actor, and the son of the Prime Minister of Australia, Sir William McMahon. Julian has played many supporting and leading roles his work in television with “■■■/Tuck” and “Charmed” made him more successful also this series won an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award. Julian McMahon is such a great personality as Henry Cavil.

Some Facts about Julian McMahon:

Some of Julian’s facts are described below.

Full Name Julian Dana William McMahon
Age 52 years
Height 6 feet 2 inches
Weight 83 kg
Parents William McMahon, Sonia McMahon
Siblings Melinda McMahon and Deborah McMahon
Spouses Dannii Minogue (194-1995), Brooke Burns (1999- 2001), and Kelly Paniagua​(2014)
Children 1(Madison Elizabeth McMahon)
Country born Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Date of birth July 27, 1968
Star Leo
Nationality American-Australian
Ethnicity Irish, English
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color blue
Profession Actor and Model

Kelly’s Spouse Julian’s Filmography:

Year Title of Movie
1992 Wet and Wild Summer!
1997 Magenta
1998 In Quiet Night
2000 Chasing Sleep
2004 Meet Market
2005 Fantastic Four
2007 Premonition, Prisoner and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
2010 RED
2011 Faces in the Crowd and Bait
2012 Fire with Fire
2013 Paranoia
2014 You’re Not You
2018 Swinging Safari and Monster Party

kelly’s spouse Julian’s Social media accounts:

Kelly’s husband Julian McMahon is frequently active on his social media accounts. He has around 53.2k followers on his Instagram account. Similarly, he has thousands of fans following on his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

You can follow him on Instagram by following thin below link

Instagram: Login • Instagram

You can follow him on Twitter, by following thin below link

** Twitter:**

Kelly’s spouse Julian’s Net worth:

Talking about Kelly Paniagua’s husband’s net worth and income, he has had a very brilliant and lucrative acting career. He has earned a massive amount of money up till now. Being an Australian actor he has earned a lot of fame through the roles he played in films including “Prisoner”, “Premonition”, “Fantastic” and more. His estimated net worth is around $16 million US.

Summary: :writing_hand:
Kelly Paniagua is a famous Australian actress and model who gained wide fame after getting married to Julian McMahon, son of the former PM of Australia. She hasn’t revealed much about her early life. She has a well-established modeling career. She is been living as the wife of Julian McMahon since 2014. She has no child of her own. Her net worth is hidden. She is not active on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions: :question:

Here are some questions that are frequently asked by the fans of Kelly Paniagua and they are as follows.

1. What does Julian McMahon do now?

Julian McMahon husband of Kelly Paniagua went on the popular medical drama ■■■/Tuck to play Dr. ChristianTroy right after leaving “Charmed” in season five.

2. Why did Brooke Burns and Julian McMahon divorce?

Julian McMahon spouse of Kelly before was married to Brooke Burns but unfortunately, they couldn’t live long and got separated due to the affair with Shannon Doherty who was an actress in “Charmed”.

3. No of the movies released by Kelly’s spouse Julian?

Julian spouse of Kelly Paniagua who is an Australian-American actor and model too has played astounding roles in movies and also in TV shows he has done above 35 movies including TV series.

Conclusion: :books:

Although as an actor and model, Kelly Paniagua was quite famous but her fame and success got a new way when she came to be known as the wife of Julian McMahon. Julian McMahon is a successful man who has made a huge name in the acting industry.

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What does Julian McMahon do now?

Julian McMahon husband of Kelly Paniagua went on the popular medical drama ■■■/Tuck to play Dr. ChristianTroy right after leaving “Charmed” in season five.

Why did Brooke Burns and Julian McMahon divorce?

Julian McMahon spouse of Kelly before was married to Brooke Burns but unfortunately, they couldn’t live long and got separated due to the affair with Shannon Doherty who was an actress in “Charmed”.

No of the movies released by Kelly’s spouse Julian?

Julian spouse of Kelly Paniagua who is an Australian-American actor and model too has played astounding roles in movies and also in TV shows he has done above 35 movies including TV series.