Sal Vulcano wife

Sal Vulcano wife Unknown
Sal’s Full Name Sulvatore Edward Anthony Vulcano
Age 44
Dtae of Birth November 6, 1976,
Country Born Staten Island, New York City
Height 5’8” (1.78 m)
Weight 65 kg 135 lbs
Nationality American

Sal Valcano

Sal Vulcano wife:

Sal Vulcano keeps his personal life secret up till now he hasn’t revealed anything about his married life but rumors spread that he is married and his marital status is shown married to Francesca Muffaletto none of his marriage photos seen on any social media proves that he is un-married even he has never dated anyone during his showtime. Sal Vulcano admits that he is a Gay but Sal Vulcano is neither married nor he is gay He is an actor, comedian, and producer and has been in many relationships.

Sal Vulcano:

Sal Vulcano’s full name is Sulvatore Edward Anthony Vulcano was born on 6th November 1976 he is an American comedian who performs live in front of an audience Sal is a stand-up comedian like Jo koy Not only a comedian but also is an actor and also a producer from New York City. He is a member of “The Tenderloins” who consists of some members including Sal Vulcano himself, James Murray, Joe Gatto, and Brian Quinn, etc.

He comes along with the members in the TV series “Impractical Jokers” which appears on the channel “TruTV” on 15, December 2011. He admitted on a TV show that he is gay but he is not a Gay and he does not have any wife he is single many rumors spread about Vulcano’s wife but no such photo with his wife seen together anywhere neither any information revealed he is single up till now.

Sal has written a Book name, Impractical Jokers. The book was published in 2014. their show has run for six seasons and every single season was adorable.

Some Facts about Sal Vulcano are as follows.

Marital Status Un-married
University St John’s University Queens Campus 1994–1998
School Monsignor Farrell High School 1990–1994
Eye color Dark green
Hair color Dark brown
Net Worth $7 million
Star Scorpio
Online active accounts Twitter
Vulcano Mother’s name Dianne Fernandez-Vulcano
Vulcano Father’s name Sal Vulcano Sr.
Siblings Kelly Ann, Diana and Jenna Vulcano
Occupation An Actor, Stand-up comedian, and a producer
Book Impractical Jokers: The Book

Date of birth:

Sal Vulcano came to this beautiful world for the first time on November 6, 1976, in Staten Island, New York City.


Currently, Sal Vulcano is 44 years old.

Zodiac sign:

People who are born on 6 November have the Zodiac sign of Scorpio and Vulcano is one of them.


As being born in New York, Vulcano has an American nationality.

Body measurements:

Sal Vulcano has a very attractive personality. He has got many tattoos all over his body.

  • Height: Sal Vulcano has a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.78 m).

  • Weight: Sal Vulcano weighs around 65 kg 135 lbs

  • Eye color: Sal has dark green eyes.

  • Hair color: Sal has dark brown hair.

Having a tremendous personality Sal is always seen in mustache and in the short beard.


Vulcano has completed his graduation from St John’s University Queens Campus from 1994–1998 and Monsignor Farrell High School from 1990–1994.

Sal Vulcano once revealed in a TV show that he is a Gay but he is actually not because he later said that he helped his friend Murray because as Sal said he is gay also his friend admitted he is a Gay too like David Bromstad.

Sal is a very helpful and caring friend the one who will be his wife will be surely the luckiest one.

Marital status:

Currently, Vulcano is single. However, he has not been involved in any relationship he keeps his love life secret


Sal Vulcano has no child yet.


His father is Sal Vulcano Sr and his mother is Dianne Fernandez-Vulcano.


Sal Vulcano has three sisters Kelly Ann is the eldest one Diana and Jenna Vulcano are his two younger sisters. Jenna also appeared in impractical jokers’ three episodes.

Sal’s parents got divorced so they live along with siblings.
Here you can watch out the video below that shows Sal’s family.


Sal Vulcano is a Screenwriter, an actor, and a stand-up American comedian by profession.

Sul Vulcano Early Life:

Sal Vulcano who is also known as Salvatore Edward Anthony Vulcano was born on November 26, 1976, in New York City Staten Island. Vulcano went to Monsignor Farrell High School and completed his graduation in 1994 He was keen on taking part in sports like Football, Basketball, and Hockey After this he took admission to St. Johns University and completed his graduation in 1998 he completed his degree in Finance.

Sal Vulcano career:

Sal Vulcano after completing his finance degree did the job in the office then ended up becoming a comedian and chosen to be a comedian as his career he also participated in the NBC Comedy Show and it was “Your Show” which was hosted by Carson Daly. He for the first time participated and won this show then came-to recognize as a fresh wonderful comedian in 2007, the troupe won the grand prize of $100,000 in its show competition for the sketch.

Then soon Vulcano touched the success with the Impractical Jokers where he worked as a co-creator along with his members named James Murray, Joe Gatto, and Brian Quinn. The impractical jokers are the show which is all about four friends who try dares and if anyone fails they punish each other Hidden cameras are there to capture their funny moments then shown through television.

In 2019 Sal Vulcano appeared in the game show name “The Misery Index” which is hosted by Jameela Jamil and was based on “Andy Breckman’s card game.
On February 21, 2020, Impractical Jokers then the Movie was released. Sal Vulcano is also the co-founder of “The Tenderloins” it includes three of Vulcano’s childhood friends Joe Gatto, Mike Boccio, and James Murray they met first at Monsignor Farrell High School in a drama who brought them together In April 2012 they also hosted The Tenderloins Podcast it is also available in their official websites and iTunes.

Also, Vulcano hosted a podcast with Brian Quin called “What Say You” which became very popular named the Best New Show at the 2013 Stitcher Awards. It was nominated for the comedy, Entertainment, and Best Produced Podcast Awards.

Sul Valcano Personal life:

Sal suffers from germophobia, acrophobia, and ailurophobia. Vulcano was hit by a car when he was four years old. Vulcano has a tattoo on his left thigh and it was a punishment on the show and the tattoo was of “Jaden Smith” In Impractical Jokers: The Movie Sal revealed an updated tattoo of Joden on his right thigh.

Sal Vulcano Social Media:

Sal Vulcano’s fans love to see him on his social media accounts being a comedian he posts his videos that fans love to watch Also he shares what’s going on in his life in his accounts.


Instagram: Sal Vulcano has 1.5m followers on his Instagram account you can follow him by following the below link.

Twitter: Sal Vulcano has 1.1m followers on his Twitter account you can follow him by following the below link.

Facebook: Sal Vulcano has 889k followers on his Facebook account you can follow him by following the below link.
Sal Vulcano

Sal Vulcano’s Net worth:

Sal Vulcano earns from his comedy, acting also from his Screenwriting a total net worth of $7 million per episode Sal Vulcano charges $20,000 in Impractical Jokers .

Sal Vulcano sister Jenna Vulcano:

Jenna Vulcano is a popular actress and an American comedian who is widely known for being showed in “impractical jokers” along with her brother Sal Vulcano.
Jenna is known as a comedian was born on 4th August 1986 with a zodiac sign Leo in New York in Staten Island She is 33 years old with an American nationality belongs to white ethnicity Jenna’s parents got divorced when she was very young she grew up alongside her siblings elder brother Sul volcano and 2 sisters Dana Vulcano and Salvator Vulcano.
After their parents got divorced Jenna and Sal had a great bonding and very close to each other also they are members of Impractical jokers.
Jenna is married to James Murray she is a great wife too. Jenna loves her father Sal Vulcano Sr. she says that she is lucky to have a father like him her father is her best friend He loves her unconditionally. Jenna’s sisters are married with children on the other hand her brother is a popular comedian, an actor, and a producer.

Some facts about Jenna Vulcano are as follows.

Full Name Jenna Vulcano
Born 4th August 1986
Age 34 years
Spouse James Murray
Marital Status Divorced
Siblings Sal Vulcano, Dana Vulcano and Salvator Vulcano
Profession medical receptionist and a comedian

Jenna Vulcano’s Career:

Jenna has worked as a receptionist and a coordinator she is currently working in New York, Staten Island as a medical receptionist. Jenna got famous due to impractical jokers although she did not come much into the show she left so much love in people’s hearts. In The “Strip High Five” episode Jenna made her debut appearance.

Jenna Vulcano’s married life:

In Impractical jokers season, 3 finales Jenna married Sal’s friend Murr legally in front of family and friends and it was Sal’s punishment.

As we know this show is all about punishing each other and truth and dare so if anyone fails will surely be punished. Also as a joke, they showed a video showing love pictures of Jenna with the other member just to get him punished.

Jenna got married to James Muray in 2014 Her husband is a producer and an author their marriage did not last at all and they got divorced because Jenna married James was a prank Although they are separate they talk about each other on social media. She then was not seen in any controversy and was not in a relationship with anyone.

Being a comedian they do post such things sometimes which are just jokes and are not true

She once posted on Twitter that she has a daughter and she is turning 19 years old her name is Leah but this was a joke and not true. Jenna is more focusing on her career

Jenna’s Net worth

As discussed above that she is working as a medical receptionist but her income is not known but working with Impractical Jokers Jenna has earned an estimated net worth of $100,000.

Jenna’s Social Media:

Jenna spent her time on Twitter most as compared to other social media accounts.

Twitter: You can follow her on Twitter by following the below link.

Summary: :writing_hand:
Sulvatore Edward Anthony Vulcano who is known as Sal Vulcano is from New York he is an American comedian who put a smile on everyone’s faces by cracking jokes his book was also released with the same name Impractical jokers This was a comedy game show where they play truth and dare Not only a comedian but also he is a screenwriter Sul Vulcano wife is unknown yet.

Frequently Asked Questions: :question:

Here are some questions that are asked by the fans of Sal Vulcano and they are as follows.

1. Who is Brian Quinn’s wife?

Brian Michael Quinn was born in Brooklyn he is a comedian, producer, and actor.

Brian Quinn has not been married only his romantic involvement made the public serious that Quinn is in a relationship with Emily Amick who is a makeup artist on “Impractical Jokers”.

2. What was the worst punishment on Impractical Jokers?

The worst punishments that went wrong on Impractical Jokers are as follows.

  • Art Class Saboteur
  • Bingo
  • Just Say No
  • Q Is That Dad
  • Murr Takes A Dive
  • A Toast From The Worst Man
  • Murr The Cigarette Bandit
  • Sal Cowell
  • Sal Goes Golfing
  • It’s An Expose

3. Did Sal Vulcano get married?

As far as we know that Sal Vulcano is married to Francesca Muffaletto but there are n proves[ he wears a ring in his ring finger and often tweets and writes about his wife but none of his wife’s photo seen yet maybe he is a comedian he must be cracking jokes about Sal Vulcano wife is unknown he is single.

Conclusion: :books:

Sal Vulcano is a famous American comedian He is neither Gay nor married Sal Vulcano’s wife is unknown yet. Sal Vulcano has a great bonding with his sister Jenna Vulcano she is also a comedian and was married to Sal’s friend James Murray and it was just a dare soon after that they got divorced Sal’s friendship is so old that they were childhood friends and now they are on impractical jokers.

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