Micol Merriman

Full Name Micol Duncan Merriman
DOB January
Age in between 30s
Spouse Ryan Merriman
Nationality American
Country Born United States of America
Religion Christianity
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Micol Merriman

Micol Merriman is known widely as being the ex-wife of famous actor Ryan Micol. Ryan Micol is a well-recognized American actor being known widely for his successful performances in “The Ring Two”, “Final Destination 3” and “Pretty Little Liars”.

Micol Merriman: :girl:

Micol Merriman wasn’t much famous before getting married to Ryan Merriman, a famous American actor who has amazed his fans with his mind-blowing performances in various TV shows.She is an ever green personality like Gina Carano. She hasn’t gained much fame through her own professional career. Micol and Ryan had spent a very precious time together after their marriage, however; due to some reasons, the duo was separated. We will discuss that but before that, let’s have a look at Micol’s bio and early life.

Date of birth:

Micol was born in January. Her exact date of birth is not known. She was born in the United States of America.


Her exact age is unknown due to her unknown date of birth. However, she might be in her middle 30s.

Zodiac sign:

Nothing can be said about her zodiac sign.


She holds an American Nationality.


Micol hasn’t disclosed anything about her education and academic life.


The exact details about her Profession are not known yet.

Marital status:

Micol Merriman displays her marital status as divorced. Details about her current relationship are not disclosed.

Parents and siblings:

Micol Merriman hasn’t disclosed anything about her parents and siblings.


She hasn’t any child yet.

Micol Merriman’s early life and education:

Micol Merriman was living an ordinary and low-key life before getting married to Ryan Merriman. She hasn’t told anything openly about her early life, family background, parents, and siblings. Even, no one knows about her academic life and education.

Micol Merriman professional life and career:

Micol Merriman hasn’t disclosed anything about her profession and career yet. It is known that she is engaged in some sort of profession but details about that are unavailable.

On the other hand her ex-husband, Ryan Merriman is an American actor. He has performed in various projects. He started his career by working in commercials and school performances when he was just eight years old. When he was ten years old he officially moved toward the television by performing in a TV series “The Mommies” which ran from 1993 to 1995. During 1990s, he had been seen in a number of series including “The Pretender”, “Smart House”, “The Luck of Irish House”, and “Lansky”. In 1999, he appeared in the film “The Deep End of the Ocean”. Similarly, in 2000 he appeared with the character of a Jewish boy in the film “Just Looking”. In 2002, he appeared in another movie named “A Ring of Endless Light”.

Merriman’s different jobs incorporate the blood and gore movies Halloween: “Resurrection (2002)”, “The Ring Two (2005)” and “Final Destination 3 (2006)”. He featured in “Home of the Giants”, a secondary school dramatization. He showed up in the CBS miniseries “Comanche Moon” in January 2008. He played Henry Dunn in the first pilot introduction for “Harper’s Island”, yet was supplanted by Christopher Gorham when the arrangement was gotten by CBS. From 2010 to 2014, Merriman depicted Ian Thomas on ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars”. In 2012, he featured Dennis Mack in the sixteenth scene of Season 2 in “Hawaii Five-0”.

Dwight little needed Merriman to play Jin Kazama in his film “Tekken”, however, Merriman turned it down. He featured in the Hallmark Channel’s unique film “Elevator Girl” as Jonathan, a fruitful youthful attorney who winds up falling for a free-lively young lady who is route beneath his compensation grade. In 2011, he showed up as linebacker Jon Abate in “The fifth Quarter”, a film about the 2006 football period of Wake Forest University.

Micol Merriman’s married life:

Micol was recently hitched to Ryan Merriman. The couple dated for a quite a short time and chose to make the stride further. They got married in 2004. Notwithstanding, the couple couldn’t work out together and separated away.

The couple authoritatively cut off their relationship, after having seven years in length relationship, in 2011. As of now, Micol’s present relationship status isn’t disclosed to the public. She went under the radar after her separation and individuals seldom think about her whereabouts.

Moreover, her ex-accomplice got married to his sweetheart Kristen McMullen. They initiated their relationship in 2011 and tied the knot in2013. The adoration bird had a personal wedding in presence of close loved ones.

Micol Merriman’s net worth:

Merriman has not uncovered anything about her total assets. Additionally, she has not covered her partition bond. As announced, her ex Ryan Merriman has a fortune of more than $2 million. He carries on a rich lifestyle. Moreover, he possesses a multi-million dollar house in his old neighborhood. Merriman likewise displays some the extravagant vehicles.

Social media presence:

Micol Merriman is not highly active on her social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Micol Merriman social media

Talking about her ex-husband, he has a huge fan following on his social media accounts.

Summary: :writing_hand:
Micol Merriman came to the limelight after getting married to Ryan Merriman. There isn’t any detailed information about her early life as well as professional life. She got married in 2004 and was divorced in 2011. Nothing is known about her net worth. She is not active on her social media accounts.

Ryan Merriman: :boy:

Ryan Earl Merriman who was born on April 10, 1983 in Choctaw, Oklahoma, United States is a famous American actor He is shown in various films and TV series. He is widely known for his marvelous performance in “Final Destination 3”, “The Ring Two”, and “Pretty Little Liars”

He began his work when he was too young before getting famous he started his acting career through local theater vocal performances, print work, and commercials in Oklahoma He has brilliant skills He married twice. Once he got married to Micol Merriman and got separation then again married to Kristen McMullen.

|Full Name |Ryan Earl Merriman||
| — | — | — | — | — |
|Nicknames|Ry Guy||
|DOB|April 10, 1983||
|Age|37 years||
|Height |6`0”||
|Weight|75 kg 165.35 Ibs||
|Parents|Nonalyn Merriman and Earl Merriman||
|Ex-wife|Micol Merriman||
|Current wife| Kristen McMullen||
|Sister|Monica Merriman||
|Hair color|Dark Brown||
|Eye color|Blue||

Ryan Merriman’s Career:

From 1993 to 1995 Ryan played a major role in “The Mommies” on the TV series.He is seen in several Television films which includes the followings.

:small_orange_diamond: The Luck of the Irish

:small_orange_diamond: Smart House

:small_orange_diamond: Meyer Lansky

He is seen in the film “The Deep End of the Ocean” in 1999 he has played the lost son of “Michelle Pfeiffer’s character. He played the main character in the film 2000 “Just Looking”.In 2002 on another Disney Channel he played Adam Eddington also he has appeared in to the following TV roles.

:small_blue_diamond: Taken

:small_blue_diamond: Dangerous child

:small_blue_diamond: Smallville

Ryan husband of Micol has appeared in the following Horror films.

:small_orange_diamond: Halloween: Resurrection

:small_orange_diamond: The Ring Two

:small_orange_diamond: Final Destination 3

He has done a school drama named “Home of the Giants” From 2010 to 2014 Ryan Merriman was seen in the drama “lan Thomas”. In “Hawaii Five-0” of the 16th episode’s 2nd Season Ryan Merriman has appeared as Dennis Mack Merriman was seen as Jonathan in the original movie “Elevator Girl”. In 2011 he has seen in “The 5th Quarter” it was a drama film which was about the 2006 football season of Wake Forest University.

Ryan Merriman’s Personal Life:

Micol’s Husband Ryan Merriman was married to Micol Duncan and their marriage lasted from 2004 to 2011 and due to some reasons they got separation then Ryan got engaged first to Kristen McMullen and announced the separation of his first wife then in 2014 Ryan got married to Kristen McMullen in September.

Ryan Merriman is an avid dog lover He has his own German shepherd mix and 4 Rottweilers. Ryan Merriman supports an organization named Infant Crisis Services of Oklahoma. In Bozeman, Montana Ryan is involved with Eagle Mount where they provide some adventure activities for disabled children. Ryan is quite supportive and helping nature He does support the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Ryan Merriman’s Social Media:

Micol’s Husband Ryan is quite active on social media accounts He has 42.7k followers on Instagram you can follow him by following this below link.


He has 64.5k followers on Twitter you can follow him by following the below link.


Ryan Merriman’s Net Worth:

Ryan husband of Micol has a very bright career and he has done a lot of films being an Actor also he has done many TV series His calculated net worth is $2.1 million.

Ryan Merriman’s Filmography

We saw Micol in many film series his yearly released name of the movies and the role he has played are listed below.

Year Name of the Movie Role played
1999 The Deep End of the Queen Benjamin Cappadora/Sam karras-Age 12
1999 Just Looking Lenny Levine
1999 Smart House Ben Cooper
2001 The Luck of the Irish Kyle Johnson
2002 A Ring of Endless Light(film) Adam Eddington
2002 Halloween: Resurrection Myles “Deckard” Barton
2003 Spin Eddie Haley
2005 Rings Jake Pierce
2005 The Ring Two Jake Pierce
2006 Final destination 3 Kevin Fischer
2007 Home of the Giants Matt Morrison
2009 Wild Cherry Stanford
2011 The 5th Quarter Jon Abbate
2012 Cheesecake Casserole Andy
2012 Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader Kyle
2012 My Hometown Rick ■■■■■■■
2013 Dose of Reality Matt
2013 42 Dixie Walker
2015 The Last Rescue Paratrooper Griggs
2016 The Congressman Jared Barnes
2016 A Sunday Horse Jonathan Collier
2016 Domain Denver
2018 The Jurassic Games The Host
2020 Robot Riot Main Role
TBA Model House The Neighbor

Ryan Merriman’s Television Series:

We saw Micol Merriman in many TV series as well his yearly released name of the TV series and the role he has played is listed below.

Year Name of the Movie Role played
1993-195 The Mommies Blake Kellogg
1995 The Client Jeff Dietrich
1996-2000 The Pretender Young Jarod/Gemini
1997 What’s Right With America Todd Gordon
1998 Everything That Rises Nathan Clay
1999 Night Ride Home Justin
1999 Lansky Meyer Lansky
2000 Rocket’s Red Glare Todd Baker
2001 Touched by an Angel Jason Harris
2001 Dangerous Child Jack Cambridge
2020 Taken Sam Crawford
2002 A Ring of Endless Light Adam Eddington
2003-2004 Veritas: The Quest Nikko Zond
2004 Smallville Jason Dante
2005 The Colt Jim Rabb
2008 Comanche Moon Jake Spoon
2008 Backwoods Adam
2010 Elevator Girl Johnathan
2010-2014 Pretty Little Liars Ian Thomas
2012 Hawaii Five-0 Dennis Mack
2013 Independence Daysaster Pete Garsette
2014 Ballers Frat Boy
2015 How Not to Propose Travis
2019 A Christmas Movie Christmas Dustin

Summary: :writing_hand:
Ryan Merriman was married to Micol Merriman and the couple lived together for a long time and was separated after seven years of their marriage Ryan is most known for his acting skills when he was very young he started his acting career at the age of 10 and has a net worth of $2 million.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some questions that are frequently asked by the fans of Micol Merriman who was an ex-wife of Ryan Merriman and they are as follows.

1. What is Ryan Merriman doing now?

Ryan Merriman husband of Micol is currently living a happy life with her second wife Kristen McMullen He keeps him busy with his acting instead of that he gives his precious time to golfing.

2. When and how Ryan Merriman did become famous?

Merriman’s first biggest role was The Mommies on Tv series which went from 1993 to 1995 He was seen in most episodes of The Pretender as a younger version through Mommies also from Halloween he became more famous.

3.Does Micol Merriman has any scandals or controversies?

Micol Merriman has not been in any controversy however his ex-husband Ryan Merriman in a movie named as “The Congressman” been in many scandals and controversies due to its political events.

Conclusion: :books:

Micol Merriman is living a private life after getting divorced from Ryan Merriman. Her life before her marriage and after her divorce is not much disclosed to the media. Her ex-husband, however; is living a very social life with his new partner.

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