Gina Carano

Full Name Gina Joy Carano
Nationality American nationality
Age 38 years
Mother Dana Cason
Father Glenn Carano
Ex-boyfriend Henry Cavill
Sibblings Sisters(Casey Carano, Christie Carano)
Height 5’ 8
Weight 65Kg
Net Worth $8 million
Ethnicity Italian
Star Libra
Birthday 16th April 1982
Country Born Dallas, Texas, US.
Profession Television personality, American actress, fitness model, and former MMA artist
Marital status Not married yet
Relationship status In a relationship

Gina Carano’s husband is not known yet as the famous actress and wrestler are not married yet. However, she has been involved in love affairs with Kevin Ross, Henry Cavell, and Kit Cope. Gina Carano had success in MMA.

Gina Carano’s Husband: :boy:

Gina Carano, a 38 years old actress and a role model for females, is not married yet. However, she has been involved in a number of love relationships. All the men she has been dated on are the very famous and handsome faces of the industry. We will discuss them one by one but before that let’s have a brief introduction of Gina Carano.

Who is Gina Carano? :girl: :boxing_glove:

We are more likely to hear about Gina Carano, who is the former American Mixed Martial Artist, actress, and fitness model. But, the famous actress is single as of 2020.

Gina Carano is popular and well known all over the world as being an amazing American actress, television personality, fitness model, and former mixed martial artist (MMA).

When Gina was 7 her parents got divorced and she was raised by her Mother.

Date of birth:

Gina Carano landed on the earth on 16th April 1982 in Dallas, Texas, US Her zodiac sign is Aries.


The wrestler-turned-actress has passed 38 years of her life.


She is an actress, TV personality, Fitness model, and former MMA artist by profession.


Gina attended The Trinity Christianity High School and then graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.


Gina has an American nationality.


Gina’s Father’s name is Glenn Carano, who is a former football player. Her mother’s name is Dana Cason. She has two sisters, one is elder than her and the other is younger.

Marital status:

As mentioned above, Gina’s marital status is shown as a single.


Gina doesn’t have any children yet since she is unmarried.

Body measurement:

Apart from being a skillful wrestler, Gina Carano is a very charming and attractive actress as well as having a very amazing personality. Her fascinating beauty is the reason for her being the heartthrob of millions of her fans. Here are some body measurements of her:

  • Height: Gina’s height is around 1.73 Meters.
  • Weight: Gina weighs is around 65 Kg.
  • Hair color: Gina’s hair color is dark brown.
  • Eye color: She has the same color of her eyes as her hair has which is dark brown.
  • Shoe size: Gina’s shoe size is 9 (US).

Net worth:

Gina Carano is a very successful actress and wrestler. Her estimated net worth is around $8 million.Her net worth is lower than Hyun Bin.


Gina hasn’t disclosed anything about her salary yet.

Career Highlights:

In 2005 Carano was seen in her first film Ring girls.

A ring girl is a lady who enters the ring and is often seen in the following.

  • Kickboxing
  • Boxing
  • And other martial arts

On the NBC show “American Gladiators” she was shown as a crush she appeared in the workout video.

In 2007 Gina served as a mentor and set everyone’s heart on fighting.

In 2009 she was seen in the film “Blood and bone”.

In 2011 she played a vital role in the spy thriller movie Haywire.

In 2014 she was cast in the action thriller movie “in the blood”.

In 2015 she was seen as the co-star in the film “Extraction”.

In 2016 she was shown in the film “Deadpool” where she played “Angel Dust”.

In 2018 she was shown in Lucasfilm’s first live-action Star Wars Series.

Gina is a successful actress and a fighter. The first TV show “Fight Girls" in 2007 was done by her. Her first film named “Blood and Bone" was released in 2009. Her MMA record is very outstanding with 7 wins and 1 loss.

Achievements and Awards: :trophy:

For her brilliant skills she got some awards and they are as follows.

In 2012 Gina Carano won Awakening Outstanding Contribution Award.

In 2012 Gina Carano won ActionFest Festival, Chick Norris Award for Best Female Action Star.

Gina Carano’s Filmography.

Gina is very popular due to her role in films, Video games, and Television.

The details about Gina’s are described briefly below.

In Videos:

Carano appeared in the video games below the list will show year wise collection of videos.

Year Video Name/Title Role Kind of role
2008 Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Natasha Volkova Voice Role
2013 Fast & Furious: Showdown Riley Hicks Voice Role

In Films: :film_projector:

Carano appeared in the films below the list will show year wise collection of films.

Year Film Name/Title Role
2009 Blood and Bone Veretta Vendetta
2011 Haywire Mallory Kane
2013 Fast and Furious 6 Riley Hicks
2014 In the Blood Ava
2015 Heist Officer Kris Bauhaus
2015 Extraction Victoria
2016 Deadpool Angel Dust
2016 Kickboxer: Vengeance Marcia
2018 Scorched Earth Atticus Gage
2019 Madness in the Method Carrie
2019 Daughter of the Wolf Clair Hamilton

:arrow_down: Below the videos will show Gina Carano’s Top 10 Movies

In Television: :tv:

Carano appeared in the Television shows below the list will show a year-wise collection of T.v shows.

Year T.v shows Name/Title Role
2007 Fight Girls Herself
2008 American Gladiators Crush
2014 Almost Human Danica
2019 The Mandalorian Carasynthia “Cara” Dune

Gina Carano’s love affairs:

Since Gina Carano is famous throughout the world for her talent, many questions are always raised about her marriage as all of her fans are curious to know about Gina Carano’s husband. We can’t say anything about her husband yet; however, the famous actress has impressed many handsome men with her fascinating beauty and has been dated to them. In fact, we can say that these men are quite lucky as they have been dated to such a beautiful actress. But, surprisingly, none of her relationships have turned into marriage and there isn’t any high number of Gina’s exes. As of yet, she has dated 3 popular men. Let’s discuss her relationships briefly.

Gina Carano and Kevin Ross:

Gina Carano and Kevin Ross have been in a long-term relationship with each other. According to Gina, her MMA success is all because of her boyfriend Kevin Ross, also known as “The Soul Assassin”, is a famous American Muay Thai fighter and former MMA artist. His relationship with Gina is not a new thing for their fans.

They both started dating each other in the early 2000s and had continued it for about 4 years. After that, they both broke up with each other and called themselves just friends for a decade.

But as it’s said that sometimes, two people are distanced from one another just to realize each other’s worth and importance in their lives, same was with these two after departing their ways for many years, the pair were finally reunited in June 2015 on 14th anniversary of their first meet up. They confirmed their relationship later in December 2015.

Gina and Kevin’s relationship has faced many twists, but apart from all the twists and downfalls in their relationship, they both really matter for each other.

Gina gives the credit for her success, as an MMA fighter, to her long-term boyfriend as he was the one who introduced and motivated her towards her fighter career. Her today’s position and success in the realm of MMA fighting is all because of her boyfriend Kevin Ross.

Kevin Ross was a professional fighter and Gina has supported him very much in achieving all his dreams. Although, Gina was a bit overweighted at that time so she also joined the fighting training upon her boyfriend’s and his trainer’s insistence, as they said it was a very efficient way to overcome her bodyweight issues. Later on, she initiated her career as an MMA fighter and now she is counted among the top female MMA fighters.

In this regard, now and again, she always expresses her gratitude towards her boyfriend. It was in an interview in 2009, when she openly said that she would have never been able to succeed, up to this extent, in MMA if Kevin wasn’t in her life.

Furthermore, she also expressed the same gratitude for Kevin in a birthday post in July 2020 in which she attributed her success to him and thanked him for never giving up on her.

So in this regard, having a long-term relationship and so much respect for her boyfriend, it won’t be surprised if she gets married to him as they both have been so much supportive for each other since forever.

Gina Carano and Henry Cavil:

Gina Carano has also dated on the famous Hollywood British actor “Henry Cavell” who is famous for his amazing acting skills. Also, their relationship has faced many ups and downs.

The couple began to date for the first time in September 2012 when Henry Cavell ended up in his relationship with his girlfriend Ellen Whittaker. However, they both broke up after a few months. But, after the short breakup, the couple again surprised their fans when they seemed on a romantic date in Rome, Italy in Oct 2013.

Henry Cavell is a famous and successful actor of the Hollywood film industry. We all know that a number of talented actors have done the role of Superman; Henry Cavell is the one among them.

The famous actor, having his career at the peak of success, has dated on many beautiful ladies of the industry. Gina Carano is one of them.

The wrestler-turned-actress has also attended many award-winning events, like “Vanity Fair Oscar Party”, with her handsome British Boyfriend. There, they were regarded as the “Harmonious couple".

After patching up again in 2013, they had kept their relationship low-key, until it was reported that they have adopted a dog from Big Bear Akitas.

Having a smooth and happy relationship made their fans assume that they both should get engaged and should start married life together.

However, the couple soon called to quit the relationship before thinking about their marriage. The couple was then reported to end up their relationship officially in December 2014.

Gina Carano and Kit Cope:

After breaking up with Kevin Ross, Gina Carano met a Muay Thai Kickboxer “Kristopher Lee Kit Cope" who was hosting a show “Wild World Of Spike" in 2007 and was greatly impressed by Gina’s self-confidence and her skillful fighting.

However, the exact time of the start of their relationship is unknown. But, their relationship was very brief. In 2009, the couple announced their engagement, but very soon they split up without giving any reason for their sudden breakup.

In the same year, Kit stated that he has a sex tape with Gina whom he kept in his bedroom and Gina was unknown to it. Then in 2016, Kit got married to Lacee Casas who was a Kickboxer.

Gina Carano’ marriage:

We can’t say anything about Gina Carano’s husband and her marriage. But she is in a relationship with her long-term boyfriend “Kevin Ross”. So, we might expect them to get married to each other as they are quite supportive of each other since forever. But again, I would say that it’s all our own thoughts as the couple hasn’t announced anything about it yet.

Summary: :writing_hand:
The famous actress and wrestler Gina Carano is currently unmarried. She has earned a lot of fame as an actress and MMA artist. Everyone is unknown of Gina Carano’s husband but, it is known that she has been dated on three handsome men including Kevin Ross, Henry Cavell, and Kit Cope. Apart from that, her marriage is not confirmed yet.

Frequently Asked Questions: :question:

Here are some Frequently asked questions that fans of Gina Carano want to know about and they are as follows.

1. Is Henry Cavill still dating Gina Carano?

Henry Cavill and Gina Carano used to be called Hollywood’s hottest couple. They were in a relationship in September 2012 then later they broke up after a long break they were shown back in October 2013 while dating each other in Rome, Italy.

2.Is Gina Carano married?

Gina is not married yet but had love affairs with Kevin Ross, Henry Cavell, and Kit Cope.

As we know she had a successful MMA carrier she credits this success to her longer relation boyfriend Kevin Ross Her partner is an MMA artist and American fighter.

3.What’s Mixed Martial Art record

A mixed martial record is listed below.

Professional record breakdown

8 matches 7 wins 1 loss
By Knockout 3 1
By submission 1 0
By decision 3 0

Conclusion: :books:

Gina Carano has owned the hearts of millions of her fans. Each of her fans is curious about Gina Carano’s husband, but the actress hasn’t disclosed anything about her marriage and husband yet. However, she is in a long-term relationship with her MMA fighter boyfriend Kevin Ross since 2015, but she hasn’t planned for getting married to him yet.

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