Simon Macauley

Simon Macauley is a real estate developer and an American Entrepreneur; Businessman. Simon is an ex-husband of Kristian Alfonson who is a popular model and an actress.

Simon Macauley

Who is Simon Macauley?

Full Name Simon Francis Macauley
Age 43 years
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Ethnicity Caucasian ethnicity
Nationality American
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Net Worth Unknown
Birthday 1958
Country Born United States of America
Profession Real estate developer and a Businessman
Marital status Divorced
Ex-wife Kristian Alfonson
Children son named Gino Williams

Simon Macauley was born in the United States of American and he has a mixed ethnical background. Although Simon Macauley is an American Entrepreneur; a businessman who also is a real estate developer Simon keeps a low profile and does not share much information about himself he is thus more famous because of being the ex-husband of Kristian Alfonson who is a popular fashion model and a Hollywood actress.

Some Facts about Simon Macauley are described in depth below.

Date of birth:

Simon Macauley was born in 1958 in His zodiac sign is not known.


The real estate developer has passed 62 years of his life.


He is an Entrepreneur; businessman and a real estate developer by profession.


Gina attended The Trinity Christianity High School and then graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.


Gina has an American nationality.


Simon’s family details are unknown Although his father-in-law’s name is Gino Alfonson and his mother-in-law’s name is Joanne Alfonson.

Marital status:

As mentioned above, Simon’s marital status is shown divorced he did not plan to marry again.


Macauley has one son from his Ex-wife Kristian Alfonson who is in the custody of his Father right now Their child was born in October 1990 and he’s living happily with his Father Simon To him his father is an idol man wanted to become a man like his father.

Body measurement:

Here are some body measurements of Macauley:

  • Height: Simon’s height is around 5 feet and 11 inches.
  • Hair color: Simon’s hair color is black.
  • Eye color: He has brown eye color.

Net worth:

Gina Carano is a very successful businessman and a hard worker but his net worth is not calculated yet.


Simon hasn’t disclosed anything about his salary yet.

Simon’s career /professional life:

Simon is a hard-working businessman and estate developer he does not appear much on social media so no other information is known about his career or professional life.

Simon’s Social media Account:

As we know that Simon keeps a low profile and is famous due to his ex-wife.
Simon Macauley account
He doesn’t use any social media accounts just as other celebrities do like Henry Cavil.

Who is Kristian Alfonson?

Kristian Alfonson was born on September 5, 1963, in the US and is approachable being an American Hollywood actress, fashion model; figure skater.She is just beautiful personality like Gina Carano .She married twice. Once she got married to Simon Macauley from 1987-1991 The couple before marriage started dating each other then they tied a knot they had a son named Gino and he was born in October 1990.

She then got divorced after 4 years of their marriage and soon married Danny Daggenhurst in 2001 from her 2nd husband Kristian got 2 children and she is living happily with him.

Kristian joy’s biography:

Full Name Kristian-Joy Alfonson
Age 52 years
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Mother’s name Joanne Alfonso
Ftaher’s name Gino Alfonso
Son from Simon Eugene “Gino” William Alfonso Macauley
Son from Daggenhurst Jack Daggenhurst
Stepson Spartan Daggenhurst
Sister Lisa Alfonso
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Eye color Green
Hair color Blonde
Net Worth $5 million
Birthday September 5, 1963
Zodiac sign Virgo
Country Born Brockton, Massachusetts, United States
Profession Hollywood actress, fashion model, and a figure skater
Education Brockton High School
Marital status married
Ex-Husband Simon Macauley
Current Husband Danny Daggenhurst
Children 3 children
Shoe size 5 (US)

Facts about Kristian Simon’s wife are as follows.

:small_blue_diamond: Kristian Alfonson In Vogue, by age 15 was seen on the cover of 30 magazines.
:small_blue_diamond: Kristian at the age of 13 won the gold medal in figure skating.
:small_blue_diamond: She is also very popular for her portrayal of Hope Williams Brady.
:small_blue_diamond: She wore his wedding dress to play a character on “Days of our Lives”.
:small_blue_diamond: In 1983 she joined the TV show “Days of Our Lives” and also she had played the role of “Hope Williams Prodi”.
:small_blue_diamond: She is the head/owner of the Jewelry line “Miracle of Hope Faith” having a good salary her net worth is $5millions.
:small_blue_diamond: Her social media accounts are made on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. She has many followers as well.
:small_orange_diamond: She has 77,000 followers on Instagram.
:small_orange_diamond: She has 114.2K followers on Twitter.
:small_orange_diamond: She has 33,000 followers on Facebook.

Simon Macauley and Kristian’s Marriage:

In 1987 Simon and Kristian got married happily it was their love marriage They got married in the historic south church The wedding gown of the bride was very expensive at that time which costs $20,000.The designer Lee Smith designed her wedding dress which was made of imported Paris silk with Italian beading Kristian moved to her life and got married to Danny while Simon states that Kristian was the only lady he dated and loved he wants to remain single and working actively for his son’s bright career.

Their marriage stayed for four years and they became a parent of a son named Gino William Macauley.

Simon’s son Gino William Macauley:

Gino William Macauley was landed on earth in October 1990.

Full Name Gino William Macauley
Age 30 years
Date of Birth October 1990
Parents Kristian Alfonso, Simon Macauley
Siblings Jack Daggenhurst
Aunt Lisa Alfonso
Education Graduate

Some facts about Gino William Macauley son of Simon are as follows

:small_orange_diamond: Gino is 30 years old certified mechanical Engineer.
:small_orange_diamond: He works at Haas Automation as a Research and Development Engineer.
:small_orange_diamond: Gino is graduated from California State University.
:small_orange_diamond: Gino is living with his father and his mother has no problem with it because small_orange_diamond: Simon is an idol father he is perfectly taking care of all the responsibilities a man should do to his child.
:small_orange_diamond: Gino’s social media accounts are unknown.

The skills of Gino William are as follows.

Profession Mechanical Engineer
Skills , Microsoft Word, AutoCAD, Communication, and SolidWorks, Computer-Aided Design, Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Science (BS)

Simon and Kristian’s divorce:

Due to some personal differences, their relationship did not last long and led to separation after even trying ■■■■■■ to save their relation they got divorced in 1991.

Summary: :writing_hand:
Simon Macauley is a hardworking Entrepreneur; businessman also and estate life developer his net worth is not calculated yet he dated a girl and got married he has a son from his ex-wife Kristian and he is in his mother’s custody because Simon and Kristian split up their relationship and got divorced.

Frequently Asked Questions: :question:

Here are some frequently asked questions that fans of Simon Macauley want to know about and they are as follows.

1. Who is Simon’s ex-wife married to?

Simon Macauley’s ex-wife got married to Danny Daggenhurst who in Bangkok Not only manages the company which is Palm Oil Company but also he is a British businessman. Danny was previously married to Nabila Khashoggi who is the daughter of billionaire Adnan Khashoggi. Simon’s wife Kristian has a son with his 2nd husband. The name of her son is Jack Daggenhurst who landed on earth on October 13, 2011.

2. How much does Kristian Alfonso make per episode?

Kristian who is an ex-wife of Simon has such a bright career she earns per minute $1.57 and per second $0.03 she earns per hour $94.18 and she earns per day $2,260.27 with her excellent skills Simon’s ex-wife succeeded to have an amazing net worth of $5million as of 2017 as time has passed maybe she has earned much more but is not calculated yet.

3.Who is Jack Daggenhurst?

Jack Daggenhurst is the son of Kristian Alfonson He was born on 18 July 2002. He is 18 years old He has 2 half-siblings name 1.Gino Macauley 2.Spartan Daggenhurst. He is living a lavish life since his childhood as his father’s annual salary is $18k.his social media accounts are unknown Jack has a British nationality with Caucasian ethnicity.


Simon Macauley is a former businessman He got married to the famous actress and model Kristian Alfonson he gained his fame and is known due to his ex-wife Kristian otherwise Simon is not much popular. He got divorced from his wife and still single did not plan to marry.

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Simon Macauley is famous as the previous spouse of American entertainer, Kristian Alfonso. His significant other Kristian is a design model and an American entertainer. On NBC, his better half got acclaim through Days of Our Lives arrangement. With Kristian, he has a child, Gino William. He accepted accountability for their child in the wake of separating from Alfonso.

Simon is an American local and previous spouse of Christian. Besides, there are any insights about her introduction to the world date and origin. Also, this article is about his present spouse, kids, net worth, and the sky is the limit from there.

Simon Macauley Net Worth And Earnings

There is no any hint of Simon’s occupation. Thusly, it’s difficult to decide his present net worth and income. After his separation, he vanishes from the media and there is no any indication of his grounded occupation.

In addition, his ex is a previous model and entertainer. As a model, she was highlighted for some, magazine covers. Also, she aggregated an incredible bit of abundance through her acting vocation comparatively as Marilou Cantiller. Also, during those days her assessed net worth was $400,000 very much like Dianna Fuemana.

Macauley Current Relationship Status

There are no dependable sources to give any assertion with respect to Simon’s present relationship or marriage. After his separation with Kristian, she wen absolutely off from the media. Nonetheless, we assume that he may be single.

In the event that in the event that on the off chance that he was dating or has a spouse, likewise there are no hint of is available individual subtleties. Then, his significant other has proceeded onward and having a merry conjugal life. Look down to know more.

Jack’s mom Kristian is an entertainer. What’s more, she is otherwise called the olympic skater once. Aside from that, she is a notable style model.

Kristian is best associated with her character as Hope William Brady in the arrangement Days of Our Lives in the wake of participating in 1983.

Kristian-Joy Alfonso Wiki Biography

Kristian Joy Alfonso, brought into the world on the fifth of September, 1963, is an American model, entertainer and previous figure skating champion, broadly referred to in her part as Hope Williams Brady in the TV program “Days of Our Lives”.

So what amount is Alfonso’s net worth? As of mid 2016, it is accounted for by sources to be $5 million, acquired for the most part from her accomplishment in the displaying business and in her long-standing vocation as an entertainer.

Kristian Alfonso Net Worth $5 Million Dollars

Brought into the world in Brockton, Massachusetts USA, Alfonso is the most youthful girl of Italian guardians Gino and Joanne. During her more youthful years, she invested the greater part of her energy experiencing passionate feelings for and preparing as a professional skater; at last at the young age of 13, she turned into a gold medallist in the game at the Junior Olympics. Shockingly, because of a sledding mishap that brought about a leg injury, Alfonso had to stop figure skating. Nonetheless, upon the finish of her figure skating vocation, another one arose through displaying. During her secondary school a long time in Brockton High School, she was found by the acclaimed demonstrating organization Wilhelmina.

At 15 years old, she turned into a full-swore style model, gracing the fronts of unmistakable magazines like Vogue, Seventeen, Sports Illustrated and Bazaar. At a youthful age, she was at that point becoming well known and building her net worth. After a fruitful run as a model, she moved to acting, appearing in the film “The Starmaker” at 16 years old.

Alfonso’s acting vocation launch to progress when she was projected in the TV arrangement “Days of our Lives” assuming the part of Hope Williams Brady. The character turned into a hit among fans and Alfonso had the option to fill the role for four seasons until she left the character in 1987. The show made her a commonly recognized name and aided raise her abundance hugely.

Alfonso went on to different ventures, featuring in the show “Bird of prey Crest” in 1987. Following two years she left that show, and made a rebound temporarily in “Days of Our Lives”. She additionally showed up in different TV programs like “Full House”, “Who’s the Boss?” and “Melrose Place”. Alfonso likewise wandered in to film and featured in a few motion pictures including “Joshua Tree”, “Multitude of One” and “Blindfold: Acts of Obsession”.

Four years subsequent to leaving “Days of Our Lives”, Alfonso returned 1994, this time assuming the part of Gina, who later on ended up being her old character, Hope, and Alfonso is as yet assuming the part to the current day.

Beside acting, Alfonso is additionally a business visionary and a gems originator, beginning her own gems line “Expectation Faith Miracles” in 2006, which has likewise become a wellspring of her abundance.

As far as her own life, in 1987 Alfonso wedded Simon Macauley, to whom she had one child. Tragically the association just went on for a very long time. In 2001, she wedded long time sweetheart Danny Daggenhurst are still attached, with two children.

10 Facts on Jack Daggenhurst

  1. Jack Daggenhurst was brought into the world on the eighteenth of July, 2002. The entertainer Kristian’s child is 17 years of age now.

  2. The entertainer’s child has a good tallness just as a moderate body. Be that as it may, precisely how tall is he isn’t known. Nor the rough weight is thought about the superstar kid.

  3. Jack destined to big name mother and financial specialist father, he has been carrying on with an extravagant life since his introduction to the world. His mom has assessed net worth of $5 million and his dad’s yearly compensation is $18k.

  4. Jack being a major name kid has reliably preferred a place of wellbeing. So he kept his insurance and his matter like a relationship concealed. We were unable to say whether he has a darling as of now.

  5. Daggenhurst’s mother is performer Kristian Alfonso and his father is Danny Daggenhurst. He is the most energetic individual from his family and has 2 half-kinfolk. He has 2 senior kin each from his father comparably his mother’s side.

  6. His senior kin Gino William Macauly was brought into the world in October 1990 to Kristian and her ex Simon Macauly. His other kin Spartan Daggenhurst was brought into the world in 1993 to Danny and his ex Nabila Khashoggi.

  7. Jack holds the British personality with Caucasian identity.

  8. Jack is commended considering his VIP mother Kristian Alfonso.

  9. Kristian is known generally for her work in the course of action Days of Our Lives.

  10. Jack’s online media accounts are not found.

Jack Daggenhurst

A major name Kid Jack Daggenhurst is the senior offspring of an American performer Kristian Alfonso and monetary expert Danny Daggenhurst.

Thusly Jack’s father Danny Daggenhurst is a British monetary trained professional, similarly as a chairman of a palm oil association in Bangkok who obtained a yearly pay of around $18 thousand. His father Danny has a normal net worth of $3 million.

On the other hand, Jack’s mother Kristian Alfonso is an American performer who has a normal net worth of around $5 million. Both of his people are adding more proportion of money to their bank balance and will include all the more later also. As of now, Jack is continuing with a luxurious and pamper lifestyle with his people and family.

Thusly Jack’s father Danny tied the wedding attach with his durable performer darling/second life partner, Kristian Alfonso on 6th October 2001, at an individual capacity inside seeing their shut friends and family.

Later on eighteenth July 2002, they became gatekeepers of Jack Daggenhurst. Alfonso moreover has a kid Gino Macaulay from his ex Simon Macauley. In like way, Danny also shares a kid together, Spartan Daggenhurst.

Jack Daggenhurst with his family (Source: Instagram)

Since their marriage, Danny and Kristian are continuing with a perky presence with their three youths. They every now and again plan for get-aways to contribute energy with each other, as they keep on posting photos together on their social regions.

Similarly, they are considered as one of the ideal occasions of a gave married couple as there are no pieces of tattle about their detachment and segment till the date.

Early Life

On July eighteenth, 2002, Jack Daggenhurst was brought into the world some spot in the United State under the birth sign is Cancer. Beginning at 2020, his age is 18 years old. Jack is the senior offspring of American performer Kristian Alfonso and monetary expert Danny Daggenhurst.

Having British character, Jack is of Caucasian ethnical establishment. Jack has two phase kin named Gino Macauley and Spartan Daggenhurst from his people’s past married life. He is by and by gathering in auxiliary school and various nuances of preparing are at this point under overview.

His Father Career

Jack Daggenhurst is a school going understudy and has not started his calling at this moment. It is needy upon him to follow his parent’s capable calling line or not. Regardless, his future looks amazing, and continues with a give presence his people.

Jack Daggenhurst

Jack’s father Danny Daggenhurst is a Britsh account chief similarly as the executive of a palm oil association. Other than that, his father’s master calling is at this point under review. Nevertheless, he came into the spotlight ensuing to wedding the performer Kristian Alfonso. So as a result of their relationship, he told the media notice.

His Mother Career

Jack’s mother Kristian Alfonso is an American performer, past olympic skater, similarly as a style model who is well known for playing as Hope Williams Brady on the NBC passionate successive Days of Our Lives since the year 1983.

She appeared in the film, The Starmaker, in the year 1981. Kristian made another featured on the show, Days of Our Lives in the year 1983. Her film and TV credits join ‘Full House’, ‘Large number of One, also called Joshua Tree’, ‘Blindfold: Acts of Obsession’, ‘Burke’s Law’, ‘Melrose Place’, ‘Murder, She Wrote’, ‘Baywatch’, ‘Heartfelt stories’, ‘Shocking Stories’, ‘Who’s The Boss’ and ‘MacGyver’.

Moreover, she a past proficient skater, was a gold honor champion at the Junior Olympic Figure Skating Championships. Kristan has an embellishments line ‘Assumption Faith Miracles’ and runs an associated diamonds site.

Alfonso, who is furthermore a past olympic skater, was a gold saint at the Junior Olympic Figure Skating Championships. The entertainer ■■■ model additionally claims an adornments line ‘Expectation Faith Miracles’ and runs a connected gems site.