Shred the gnar

Shred the gnar is a slogan or phrase that is originated from the spectator sports community such as snowboard, skiing, or skateboarding. It can be translated as to keep something at the extreme by putting maximum effort irrespective of the conditions or situations.

Ice skating; shred the gnar

What does Shred the gnar mean?

  • Shred the gnar is normally chanted during some spectacular sports activity like skateboarding and skiing. It may not be a specific term but it is a phrase or slogan that simply means “do it at your best”.

  • Shred the gnar generally refers to your engagement in the particular sport with fierce emotions and focus, no matter what kind of conditions are there.

  • It means to go very big, keep trying and never ever stop or thinking to give up on some task. Shred the gnar means to tear into pieces means accepting that nothing is impossible and every goal can be achieved if you want to achieve it.

For example

Shred the gnar is a stereotypical jargon that one can hear if he/she is present at the slopes or engaged in some challenging sport.

Origin of the slogan, shred the gnar

  • The trendy slogan “shred the gnar” means to ride exceptionally with fierce speed and zest most importantly in the conditions where it seems to be difficult or unattainable.

  • When someone is engaged in some spectator sports activity, the slogan raised by the audience “Go, man! Shred the gnar” encourages the sportsmen to perform even better than before.

  • A thorough internet research didn’t help me in finding any specific person who originated the slang Shred the gnar, neither there is any single specific source or language of origin.

  • However, it is obvious that slanging and surfing culture during the late 20th century has the main role in the origin of shred the gnar slogan or phrase.

  • Shred the gnar phrase has been an important part of a wide variety of daring and challenging sports such as skiing or skateboarding. Snowboarding and surfing are also part of this challenging sports community and share the part of the phrase “shred the gnar”.

  • No matter in which discipline shred the gnar term has been applied or used, it has the same meanings everywhere and anywhere.

In short :pencil2:
To shred the gnar or shredding the gnar is to be very excellent when coming in front of some challenging condition. Challenging conditions may include skiing, surfing, black diamond race or skating, etc.

What does gnarly means?

  • Gnarly from the phrase shred the gnar is actually originated in the 1980’s as a part of fascinating slang that was extracted from the surfing culture. Meanings kept on changing with the advent of time, however.

  • In the start, the word gnarly from which the gnar of shred the ganr is taken, was implicated to a thing that was thought to be difficult or tattered, for example, the failed act of skateboarding. Slowly, as time passed, gnarly that is a part of shred the gnar slang, changed its meaning to be used in a good and motivating way.

  • Nowadays, the word gnarly used in shred the gnar is used in positive ways according to the conditions or occasions at which it will be used, either in general taking or a sports event.

Girl with ice skates

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Popularity of the slang “shred the gnar”

  • Slangs have the interesting quality that no matter who originated them or who used them for the first time, they gain popularity. The same is the case of Shred the gnar slogan or phrase.

  • Although there is no specific source about the origin or source of shred the gnar, yet it became a popular part of slogans during some daring sports activities.

Google books ngram viewer

  • Shred the gnar gained popularity with time and this can be checked in google books ngram viewer.

  • Google books ngram viewer is an interesting search engine that generates the charts for the words that are used frequently in books printed during the time between the 1500s to 2008.

  • The chart generated by google books ngram viewer shows that the gnarly word from shred the gnar gained the highest popularity in the late 20th century and even after that.

Origin of the slang

  • Although the word gnarly or shred the gnar was used before the 1980s yet it is not being used in positive or good means. It was used for rough or ragged things that have a different meaning from the meanings of present times.

  • The graph obtained from the trending of google indicates that the google searches of “shred the gnar” is highest in the winter seasons and lowest in the summer season.

  • The reason for this fluctuation of the popularity of shred the gnar is may be due to the absence of some sports in summer and holding in the winter such as snowboarding.

Decreased popularity of shred the gnar

  • However, after 2005, it’s difficult to figure out the ratio of trending of the phrase shred the gnar. The only reason that comes to my mind for this decreased popularity is the things are forgotten when they get old.

  • As newest trends are taking over the old ones, the same case may be in the trending and popularity of shred the gnar. However, it’s my assumption, and it’s not a proven fact.

Skiing equipment

What does shred mean in shred the gnar?

Shred the gnar is the popular slang used in sports community. It consists of two main words, shred and gnar.

  • Literal meanings of shred, that is a part of shred the gnar slang, are to surf or rip up. In surfing terms, shred means to sail aggressively and with excellent force irrespective of the intensity of waves.

  • It may be affiliated with the sports that use some specifically shaped sports devices such as skateboards or snowboards. Shred the gnar is also used while skiing yet it has more popularity and origin among snowboarding.

  • Secondly, shred is used as “shred guitar” although the term shredding is more related to the players as compared to the music. However, a good musician can obviously shred anything so one can use the term shred guitar.

What does shred the gnar mean in skiing?

Shred the gnar means in skiing that skiing, skateboarding or snowboarding with the exceptional energy and enthusiasm even if the conditions are not favorable. It may be used in terms of speed or implying to the leaving behind the snow debris.

Such as:

“Ohh, man! you can do this, just shred the gnar.” Skiing competitions are also arranged at some specific events such as speed skiing or snowboarding.

Summary :writing_hand:
The slang “shred the gnar” originated in 1980s among the sports community and gained popularity up to the year 2004. After that, the popularity declined, may be because it became an old slogan and lost it’s attraction.

Boy Skiing
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Frequently asked questions

Shred the gnar is the term that is mostly related to some challenging sports. People ask certain questions about the use of shred the gnar and some of them have been answered below:

1. What does gnar stand for?

  • Gnar is the word that is used in the phrase shred the gnar. this slogan is used to boost up the morale of players.

  • Gnar stands for “Gaffney’s Numerical Assessment of radness” and according to the definition given in the urban dictionary, the word “gnar” can be defined as the short version of the word gnarly.

  • So, the word gnar that is a part of shred the gnar means the level of excellence in regard to daring and challenging activity such as surfing or snowboarding.

2. What does shred mean in slang?

  • Shred the gnar is a phrase that is used as a boosting slogan during some challenging and thrilling sports. It means to nail the game in the best possible way despite the lack of favorable circumstances.

  • Shred meanings in slang are performing a sports activity such as skateboarding or snowboarding in an excellent way also in the unfavorable conditions. One can chant that “yeah! She can shred it! Or “come on dude! Shred the gnar”, etc.

3. What is a shred diet?

  • The Shred Diet is actually a diet plan consisting of six weeks and is recommended by DR. Ian Smith. This diet plan is designed to help the people who are on diet to attain their required body weight.

Shred diet

  • Dr. Ian Smith designed a combination of foods with less glycemic ratio with proper spacing between meals and the best-replacing meals.

4. What are gnar points?

  • GNAR points are given depending upon the level of uneasiness that a typical situation holds and the behavior or passion of a person towards fighting and overcoming it.

  • For example, during rock climbing with proper precautionary measures and safety plan, you may be awarded the 200 gnar points depending upon the sharpness and roughness of rocks.

  • But if you climb the same rock with no safety dress and precautionary measures, you will be awarded about 600 or more points. It means that gnar points are the points of daring attitude according to the situation.

5. Why is snowboarding called shredding?

  • “Shred the gnar” is a slogan or slang that is used to encourage and boost the sportsmen during some challenging sports for example skiing, snowboarding, or skateboarding.

  • While in regards to snowboarding, the word shredding is the best term to represent the frozen debris of ice left on someone’s face.

  • There are several synonyms used for word shredding and the most common are “ripping up” or “mincing”, which means to conquer the situation and tear it into pieces.


  • Shred the gnar is the slang that was originated from the spectator sports community in the 1980s and gained much popularity up to the year 2004 while losing popularity after that.

  • It is translated as to do something at the extreme by putting maximum effort irrespective of the conditions.

  • It is a famous slogan that is raised by the audience to boost the courage of sportsmen engaged in some kind of challenging sports activities in some extraordinary situations.

  • Shred the gnar is most commonly related to the sports like skiing, skateboarding, or surfing that have an aspect of being challenging for the players.

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Shred the gnar is a slogan commonly used in sports which means ‘go skiing’. The term is used to motivate the sportsperson in a variety of games like skating, skiing, surfing etc. In these sports different kind of tricks are deployed to amuse the crowd. When there is some challenging kind of feat to be done the the slogan shred the gnar are shouted to motivate the sportsperson. The meaning in all kinds of sports is similar so wherever is it used theeanong will be same. The exact origin of the term is unknown but the term has gained much game after the 1980s surfing culture. The word gnar used in the slang is spelled so but it is pronounced as ‘nar’. Before the use of this slang shred the gnar there was this use of ‘gnarly dude’. Some may also use the phrase ‘pow pow’ which means powdered snow.

Past use of the term

The term was used in the 80s when surfing was an enthusiastic sport. There term first was used to show a failed attempt or something giingbwrong. It is more of an expression which was to show that the surfer who was trying to attempt a particular feat had actually gone wrong. With passage of time the use of the slang was still there but it turned out to be depicting something good. Since it is still an expression in sports we can have different meanings of it depending upon the stitaution.

Common uses of the slang

The slang has gained popularity after the 80s and after that the use only increased. Even the tools on Google can also tell how much popularity it is. It can also refer to a term that is gnarled or a material that has gone twisted with age. If the Google Trends are observed then it is evident that the use of this slang increased in Winters and declined in summers

The use is particularly associated with the sports which has boards in it. Be it surfing, snowboarding, skating or skiing. When there are some aggressive moves that sportsperson can do in surfing or other sports

Another use of the term is in playing the guitars. Well not just any guitar but you should think of the heavy metallic guitar or some fast playing guitars. Maybe shredding so much that the hands would bleed

While some massive kind of snowboarding or skiing has done the snow is all over the face and then this situation is perfectly defined by the shred the gnar. Other synonymous term will by ripping it up or ripping down the slopes or crushing it. So people have this gnarly gnarly gnarly shouting to motivate the sportsperson.
Snowsports us one fascinating sports and anyone be it the one nailing it or the one watching it both enjoy it. The slogans shouted are all part of the game to encourage the players in making their game better and better. No wonder the crowd plays an important role in motivating the player to work better.

Shred the gnar

The term has gotten normal in an assortment of sports, including skating, surfing, snowboarding, and skiing. Despite the control, the importance is something similar. To shred the gnar is to dominate when gone up against with a test. It very well may be an insane dark precious stone run, an enormous wave in the sea, or a bunch of precarious highlights in a skate park.

So what’s the birthplace of shred the gnar? A comprehensive hunt of the web has not turned up any single individual or source. However, in everyday terms, any reasonable person would agree that 1980s slang and surf culture assumed huge parts.

Gnarly, buddy!

We should start toward the end, with the strange word “gnar.” Occasionally you’ll see the expression spelled “shred the nar.” But you and I realize that piece of the fun of this slang term is the peculiar “gn” start to the word. That is to say, in case you’re a stoned snowboarder at height, that spelling could be out and out comical!

You will even see and hear the expression “shred the gnar.” Though I can’t really underwrite this excess, it does likewise have its tedious partner: pow, for powder snow.

Some time before we had shred the gnar, we had the expression “gnarly, fella!”

In Fast Times at Ridgemont High, the character Jeff Spicoli, played by entertainer (and columnist?!) Sean Penn, expresses a critical “gnarly” after seeing a ■■■■ body’s heart during a school field trip:

Here’s the manner by which (somewhat of a bunny opening for this Gen-Xer!) portrays the historical underpinnings of gnarly:

Gnarly is an intriguing piece of 80’s slang that came from surf culture yet had its significance shift throughout the long term. Initially, gnarly was applied to something that was extreme or somewhat battered, especially a bunch of transcending waves or a skateboard stunt turned out badly. “Did you see his arm after he ate it ■■■■■■■ that half-pipe? Gnarly, man.” Gradually, notwithstanding, it took on another significance as an approach to portray something great. “Gnarly cushion you have man. I’m completely stirred up for around evening time’s gathering.” Today, the word gnarly lives on, and can bear either significance relying on the circumstance.

Diagramming the ascent of shredding the gnar

The developing ubiquity of the word gnarly is obvious on the off chance that you inquiry the Google Books Ngram Viewer. This intriguing instrument diagrams the prominence of words and expressions in distributed books.

The realistic underneath shows that “gnarly” detonated in prevalence during the 1980s and past. Individuals were utilizing gnarly before then, however it was well-suited to depict some unpleasant and turned material that was gnarled.

Shred the gnar source: gnarly Google Books Ngram

The chart installed beneath is from Google Trends and shows that the ubiquity of looks for “shred the gnar” vacillates incredibly (up in the colder time of year, down in the late spring, duh!) But the general pattern since 2004 is difficult to perceive, maybe on the grounds that it’s the previous slang and not, at this point so cool?

Shred definition: surfing, soloing, and tearing it up

So what might be said about shredding, the predecessor to the gnar? There are a few hotspots for this word.

To begin with, there’s the riding slang term, which means to ride waves forcefully. That normally continued to snowboarding and skating, which utilize comparably formed gadgets. In spite of the fact that skiers will utilize the term, it appears to be more well known and established among snowboarders.

Second, there’s the expression “shred guitar,” which alludes to a quick playing, virtuoso. Think hefty metal and Eddie Van Halen.

Or then again perhaps Who guitarist Pete Townshend giving blood while whipping against the six strings?

Shred the gnar meaning pete townshend

Who guitarist Pete Townshend subsequent to shredding his guitar and hand. Photograph by Annie Leibovitz

At long last, with regards to snowboarding and skiing, “shredding” is frequently the ideal word to portray the haze of frozen rubbish left afterward, or one’s face.

Shredding unquestionably has a lot of equivalent words. We say some man was “tearing” down the slants or she was “tearing it up” in the landscape park. These days, expressions, for example, “smashing it,” “killing it,” and “killing” are in ascendance. We should simply trust we never need to find out about somebody “slaughtering the gnar,” which seems as though some confused journey in a youngsters’ dream book.

Shred the Gnar is prepared to commend those energetic rare sorts of people who fearless the influxes of Lake Michigan in the ■■■■ of winter. While our enthusiasm lies in fermenting, we understand doing what you love to the limit. We fermented this lager to be enormous and hoppy in light of the West Coast surf culture while adding a Midwest turn with tart Cherry juice from Michigan. To make this lager slightly more gnarly we tossed in some new lemongrass to make a splendid fragrance that keeps you returning for additional. We trust this lager will assist warm up every one of the individuals who with getting and Shred the Gnar in the manners they love this colder time of year.

Some slang words like gnar

Here are some other slang terms like shred the gnar:

1. Gnarly

Gnarly has been around since in any event the 1800s, a type of “gnarled,” which means knotty—gnarled hands, gnarled tree limbs, and so on. Surfers began utilizing it during the 1960s, depicting perilous waves. From that point, it’s spread to other games, generating the expressions “the gnar” and “shred the gnar,” utilized in skating, skiing, and snowboarding, to depict the demonstration of performing great on intense landscape, waves, or highlights. It later roused Robb Gaffney and Shane McConkey’s G.N.A.R. (Gaffney’s Numerical Assessment of Radness) Points scale, which appointed focuses to skiers doing rad things (like skiing stripped) and deducted focuses for un-rad things (like getting your ski pass disavowed for skiing bare) to choose who the raddest skier on the mountain was.

2. Splitter

Initially utilized by rock climbers to depict an ideal break in rock, utilization of “splitter” extended at some point during the 2000s to incorporate other things of top caliber—non-uniform breaks that are amusing to climb, and peculiarly, great weather.

3. Send

A stone ascending term utilized start in the last part of the 1990s to depict ascending a course without falling or laying on the rope, “send” has hopped sorts to mountain trekking, and now skiing, portraying the demonstration of a spotless run, for example “Send it,” or “She sent it.”

4. Pitted

A riding term portraying when a surfer gets barreled, or rides the empty focal point of a breaking wave. Made virally renowned (yet not created) by Micah Peasley, the surfer who was met in 2002 on a morning news show in a clasp that later became famous online, everlastingly naming Peasley the “So Pitted Guy.” As Peasley so articulately put, “Goodness, brah, it’s very much like … man, you get the best barrels ever, man. It’s actually similar to, you pull in and you simply get let directly out them. You simply drop in, smack the lip … waapah! Drop down … swoopah! And afterward after that you simply drop in, ride the barrel and get hollowed, so hollowed, that way.”

5. Bonk

Utilization of “bonk” to portray the reaching as far down as possible of glucose levels traces all the way back to the 1950s, when it showed up in a British film cautioning cyclists to eat when they accelerated or there will be consequences. To get logical, bonking is the thing that happens when a competitor has totally drained the glycogen stores in the muscles and liver. On the other hand, “bonk” is a landscape park move for skiers and snowboarders, which fundamentally intends to skip off an article.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some frequently asked questions related to the article shred the gnar:

Is it shred or shredded?

“Shred” is very old. The two words have likewise been utilized for quite a long time as descriptors, however “shredded” is more normal these days (“shredded wheat,” “shredded paper, etc). “Shred” has had many related implications, all including attacking strips or pieces.

What do snowboarders call skiers?

‘Planker’- slang for skier. ‘Park Rat’- a skier or snowboarder that invests the entirety of their energy in the snow park.

Day’s meaning could be a little clearer?.

Definition: Shorthand for the word ‘powder’, the term ‘pow’ is presumably quite possibly the most usually recorded words in skiing slang and can be heard on days when the snow is acceptable and the face shots are streaming. “The pow today is totally amazing.”

What does shred mean in slang?

To play out an athletic game like surfing, skiing, or skating admirably. She can truly shred. He truly shredded that wave, man. Get your board and we’ll go shred.

How would you shred muscle versus fat?

Some Best Ways to Burn Fat Fast

Start Strength Training. Strength preparing is a sort of activity that expects you to get your muscles against opposition.

Follow a High-Protein Diet.

Press in More Sleep.

Add Vinegar to Your Diet.

Eat More Healthy Fats.

Drink Healthier Beverages.

Top off on Fiber.

Eliminate Refined Carbs.

What does ripping means in weight training?

(Figure out how and when to eliminate this layout message) Ripping is a cycle that individuals, basically weight lifters, use to bring down muscle versus fat to a low rate. The thought is that assuming one’s muscle versus fat is low, muscle tissue is more noticeable.

**What amount of time does it require to lose 10% muscle to fat ratio? **

Around 10 weeks

Each week on the off chance that you are making a day by day calorie shortage of around 500 calories each day. Thus, on the off chance that you need to lose 15 lbs. to arrive at a muscle to fat ratio of 10%, that will take you around 10 weeks… or possibly 3 months if your body levels and quits showing results for up to 14 days.

What is slang for snow?

Metropolitan Thesaurus discovers slang words that are identified with your pursuit question. Eskimo snew syracuse yuki snain snowpocalypse yippee snurf yellow snow tuyet pow yack covered up snizzle smow snice snowball yellow covered up gnar snomg sneet snorricane cleaginning snowphobia.

Do snowboarders demolish snow?

This is generally applied to soaks and knocks. For soaks, skiers contend that snowboarders will side-descend the incline, and the huge surface space.

What is shred the gnar?

You won’t spend much time on the slopes without hearing the epitome of slang: Shred the Gnar, which means to ski with exceptional speed, skill, or enthusiasm, especially in difficult terrain and conditions.

The term has become common in a wide variety of sports including skating, surfing, snowboarding, and skiing. Regardless of the discipline, the meaning is the same. Crushing the gnar means facing a challenge. It could be a crazy black diamond run, a giant wave in the ocean, or a series of tricky features in a skate park.

Where did the ‘Shred The Gnar’ term came from?

Surfers first started using it in the 1960s, describing dangerous waves. From there it spread to other sports, spawning the terms “the gnar” and “shred the gnar”, used in skateboarding, skiing and snowboarding, to describe good performance on difficult terrain, waves or features.

What does shredding mean

For sports such as surfing, skiing or skateboarding She can really tear. He really broke that wave, dude … get your board and we’re going to tear it.

What is Gnar in skiing?

‘Gnar’ - A shortened version of Gnarly, meaning high on ‘cool’ or ‘radness’. GNAR is an acronym for Gaffney’s Numerical Assessment of Radness, a game invented by Shane McConkey and the late Robb Gaffney at Squaw Valley Resort. Simple game You’ll earn GNAR points for doing good things.

Where did Gnar come from?

It’s actually an acronym that stands for Gaffney’s Numerical Assessment of Radness. G.N.A.R. is also the bonus chapter in Robb Gaffney’s book Squallywood and was created by Shane McConkey. Squaw Valley skiers and snowboarders have G.N.A.R.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

1. What animal is Gnar?

Traditions. Gnar is a prehistoric yordle, at least 10,000 years old, dating from a time when there were no massive civilizations on earth. He was able to survive for millennia thanks to hibernation and being locked in True Ice.

2. What does Steazy mean?

Steezy is a sports slang that combines style and is easy to describe a very stylish athlete. The term is often used to describe extreme sports athletes, such as snowboarders, surfers, or skateboarders about its simplicity, style, and simplicity.

3. How big is Mega Gnar?

Gnar - 2’5 / 73.7 cm, 25 lbs / 11.3 kg (mini Gnar); 28 ′ / 8.53 m, 3 tons / 2720 kg (Mega Gnar) - The Mini Gnar is slightly smaller than your average yordle.


Shred the Gnar is the slang that originated in the spectator sports community in the 1980s and grew in popularity until 2004, after having lost its popularity thereafter.

It is translated to do something in the extreme by making maximum effort regardless of the conditions.

It is a famous slogan used by the audience to encourage the courage of athletes engaged in challenging sporting activities in exceptional situations.

Shred the Gnar is most commonly associated with sports such as skiing, skateboarding, or surfing, which are challenging for the players.