David Bromstad's Partner

Full Name David Bromstad
Partner Jeffrey Glask
Nationality American
Age 48
Height 6 feet, 1 inch tall
Weight 77 kg
Hair color brown eyes
Eye color Dark brown
Ethnicity white Caucasian Ethnicity
Graduation Ringling College of Arts And Designs, Florida
Marital status single
Net Worth $2 million
His Mother’s name Diane Marley Bromstad
His Father’s name Richard Harold Bromstad
Star Leo
Birthday 17 August 1973
Country Born Cokato, Minnesota, USA
Siblings Dionne Racheal, Dynell Renee, and Dean Richard
Sexuality Gay

David Bromstad is greatly recognized in the world as a popular American designer and television personality He is the host and was the winner of the first season of HGTV’s “Design Star”.David is a Gay and David Bromstad’s Partner was Jeffrey Glasko he had been involved with him for 11 years.

David Bromstad:

As he has some distinct features regarding his sexuality, everyone wants to know about David Bromstad’s partner. We will discuss that but first, let’s have a brief introduction to David Bromstad.

David Bromstad is a famous American designer and personality who is very well-recognized as the winner of the first season of HGTV’s “Design Star". Moreover, he hosts his own television show as well which is named “Color Splash With David" and “Color Splash Miami” and “My Lottery Dream Home" which are its spin-offs.

Another factor that has contributed a lot to his fame is being the owner of Bromstad studio that is extremely famous for designing Children’s lavished bedrooms. Apart from that, he is an actor as well like henry cavil also you can watch their T.V shows on MyFlixer.

There were many rumors about David Bromstad sexuality that were called true by him in 2013, when he revealed his sexuality that he is a Gay. Talking about David Bromstad’s partner, he has dated his Gay boyfriend Jeffrey Glasko for 11 years.

Date of birth:

David Bromstad cried for the first time on 17 August 1973 in Cokato, Minnesota, USA.


Currently, David is 47 years old and will turn 48 in 178 days.

Zodiac sign:

People who are born on 17th August have the Zodiac sign of Leo. David is one of them.


David is of white Caucasian Ethnicity.


As being born in America, David has an American nationality.

Body measurements:

David Bromstad has a very attractive personality and appearance. He has got various tattoos all over his body.

  • Height: David Bromstad is 6 feet, 1 inch tall.
  • Weight: David Bromstad weighs around 77 kg.
  • Eye color: David has brown eyes.
  • Hair color: David has dark brown hair.


David has completed his graduation from Ringling College of Arts And Designs, Florida.


David has revealed that he is a Gay.

Marital status:

Currently, David Bromstad is single. However, he has been involved in a relationship with his Gay boyfriend for 11 years.


David Bromstad has no child yet.


His father is Richard Harold Bromstad and his mother is Diane Marley Bromstad.


David Bromstad has three siblings named Dynell Renee, Dionne Racheal, and Dean Richard.

David Bromstad’s partner:

David Bromstad always stays private and low-key when it comes to his personal life. He rarely shares something about his personal life and relationships. In 2013, in an interview at South Florida Gay News, he shared a bit about his personal life. He openly revealed his sexuality and confirmed that he is a Gay. In the same interview, he had also said that he has been dating his Gay boyfriend Jeffrey Glasko for the past eight years. David Bromstad and Jeffrey Glasko are reported for dating each other for almost 11 years. Their relationship was started in 2004 and was ended in 2015.

The couple had met each other several times on many occasions before dating each other. However, for the first time, they started their journey of romance on a Valentine’s Day single party at Firestone Bar, Orlando in 2004.

After dating each other for almost a decade the couple then parted their ways. The main reason given by Jeffrey Glasko for this breakup was David’s drinking and drug problem.

He stated that all of his money and wealth are ruined due to David’s strong addiction to drinking, drugs, and prostitutes. Soon after their breakup, Jeffrey filed a lawsuit against David; claiming that David has highly devastated him both emotionally and financially.

However, the final decision of the court was announced in the favor of David Bromstad. He won the case and all the charges against him were dismissed.

After his breakup in 2015, David decided to focus on his career and profession. It was determined from his social media posts that he isn’t much affected by his breakup. Although there were many rumors circulating that he is dating someone else, nothing is confirmed yet about his relationship status.

David Bromstad’s early life:

David Bromstad was born to his father, Richard Harold Bromstad, and mother, Diane Marley Bromstad. He is the youngest among his 3 siblings. David Bromstad was highly interested in arts and designs since his childhood and was always found much focused on it, by his parents.

He completed his matriculation from Wayzata High School in Plymouth, Minnesota. During his school life, he was focused to establish his career as a Disney animator. His passion, in this regard, made him to attend the “Ringling College of Arts and Designs” in Sarasota, Florida which is a well-known base for careers with Disney.

Initially, he decided to choose animation as his elective subject, but then he majored in illustration as he didn’t have any sort of interest in computer-aided designs.

David Bromstad’s career:

Soon after graduating in 1995, David Bromstad joined Disney as a retail merchandiser and then gained his recognition as an illustrator and animator. Apart from that, there he got a wide experience of making sculptures and painting murals for various Disney’s projects like “Walt Disney World", “Universal Studios” and “Islands of Adventures”.

However, after some time he lost his job at Disney. Soon after losing his job, he established his own company, Bromstad Studio which is well-known for designing lavished bedrooms for children. His experience at Disney made him able to produce extremely fascinating and unique designs in woodworking, painting and illustrating.

Being famous for his passion and talent regarding arts and designs, he was advised by his friends to participate in the first season of HGTV’s “Design Star" There he competed against 9 contestants and emerged as a winner.

From there, he got an opportunity to host his own show on the same channel. This gave a start to his show host career and he hosted many shows like “Color Splash” and “My Lottery Dream Home".

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Apart from being a show host, David Bromstad is also cast in many movies like “Behind the magic: Disney Holidays" and “Ultimate Color Guide”.

Moreover, he also became famous as a spokesman and mentor for “Mythic Paints" and an ambassador for many brands like “Meile Home Appliances”.

Apart from that, David is also the owner of his own design firm present in Miami which provides various attractive designs for homes and offices all over the US, Mexico, and Canada.

David Bromstad’s Net worth and salary:

David Bromstad is an extremely hardworking guy who has been working for the last 25 years. In this huge period, he has earned a lot of money from his multiple professions. His estimated net worth is around $2 million.

He has an estimated salary of around 500,000 dollars or above because of his businesses and works as a television personality. Apart from that, nothing is known much about the net worth of David Bromstad’s partner, Jeffrey Glasko.

David Bromstad’s internet popularity:

Bromstad isn’t only a television star; he is also a famous social media star having thousands of fans on his social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

On his official Twitter account, he has a huge number of followers which is nearly 500,000. He shares many of his posts, regarding his personal life, on his Twitter account.

On Facebook, he has a bunch of around 130,000 followers who are blessed to see David’s travel posts. David is also quite active on Instagram where he has around 60,000 followers. So, if you are a big fan of David Bromstad, you can quickly follow him on his social media accounts and can know much about him from his posts over there.

His official Facebook account where you can follow him at:

Facebook: :ballot_box_with_check:

His official Instagram account where you can follow him at:

Instagram: :mobile_phone_off:

His official Twitter account where you can follow him at:

Twitter: :ballot_box_with_check:

David Bromstad’s tattoos:

David Bromstad is a huge fan of Disney. Although he couldn’t make his career over there his passion and fandom can be judged by the crowd of tattoos on his whole body. Almost all of his body is covered with tattoos of the famous Disney characters.

He has got a tattoo of Mickey Mouse on his arms. On his leg, he has a tattoo of Disney houses with something written on it, and similarly, he has a tattoo with something written on it on his chest.

Summary: :writing_hand:
David was highly interested in arts and designs since his early life Jeffrey Glasko is David Bromstad’s partner. They had a relationship for 11 years. He has made his career in multiple fields including 1.Acting 2. Show hosting. 3. Designing and business.
His net worth is around $2 million. He is highly active on his social media accounts. He has various tattoos on his entire body.

Frequently Asked Questions: :question:

Here are some frequently asked questions that fans of David Bromstad want to know and they are as follows.

1. Who won the most money on my lottery dream home?

Megamillions jackpot of $180 million won by Rick and Lorie also they are looking at riverside country their dream home.

2. How does David on my lottery dream home get paid?

From his television show “My Lottery Dream Show” David earns $500 thousand as an annual salary. He not only does his dream show but also he does other shows and from other T.V Shows he earns approximately $30k.

3. Which HGTV shows are real?

As we know David Bromstad is the host of HGTV’s My Lottery Dream TV show it’s basically one of the “Realest” TV shows.

Now here’s the list of all those HGTV’s shows that are real According to real estate pros and they are as follows.

  1. “Beachfront Bargain Hunt”
  2. “Tiny Luxury”
  3. “Property Brothers”
  4. “Fixer Upper”
  5. “Love It Or List It”
  6. “House Hunters”
  7. “My First Place”
  8. “Flip or Flop”

Conclusion: :books:

Concluding David’s personality Apart from having a Studio which designs lavish rooms for kids David Bromstad is an actor Not only an actor but also he is known as being the host of my lottery dream home and color splash it isn’t known who is Bromstad’s partner, however; he has been involved in a long-term relationship for 11 years.

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