Alexandra Lorex

|Full Name|Alexandra Lorex ||
| — | — | — | — |
|Height|5 ft. 5 inches||
|Weight|55 KG||
|Net worth|$33.2 million||
|Religion| Christianity ||
|Birth place|Ontario||
|Nationality| Canadian ||
|Profession|Host, and investor||

Alexandra Lorex

Alexandra Lorex is a host and investor. She became more famous after getting married to a well-known Canadian businessman and television personality, Mike Holmes. They got married in 1982 and after spending a long time together, the couple decided to separate their ways. They have three children from their marriage.

Alexandra Lorex:

Alexandra Lorex is well known as the ex-wife of a well-recognized Canadian businessman, investor, television host, and philanthropist, Mike Holmes. Before her marriage, she wasn’t much popular but after being introduced as Mrs. Mike Holmes, her fame and recognition got increased. The couple isn’t together at this time as they had separated their ways for a long time. They share three children from their marriage. We will discuss her married life but before that, let’s have a look at Alexandra’s bio and early life. She is an adorable personality like Gina Carano.


Alexandra’s exact date of birth is not available. She was born in the USA.


Alexandra’s exact age isn’t known. However, she might be in her 60s.

Zodiac Sign:

As the date and month of her birth are not known, her Zodiac sign is also not known.


Her ethnicity is not known yet.


Alexandra holds an American nationality.

Body measurements:

Alexandra Lorex has a very amazing and fascinating personality. Some of her body measurements are as under:

  • Height: Alexandra’s height is around 5ft 5in.
  • Weight: Alexandra weighs around 55 kg.
  • Eye color: Alexandra has beautiful dark brown eyes.
  • Hair color: Her hair color is blonde.
  • Shoe size: Alexandra’s shoe size is 5 (US).


Nothing is known about her academics until the present.


She is a host and a businesswoman. However, there aren’t any further details regarding her profession.

Marital status:

Alexandra’s marital status is shown as divorced. Currently, she is single.


Information about her parents and siblings is not disclosed yet.


Previously she was married to Mike Holmes.


Alexandra Lorex is the mother of three adorable kids from her marriage with Mike Holmes.

Alexandra Lorex’s early life:

Alexandra Lorex was an ordinary citizen of America before getting married to Mike Holmes. Therefore, all kinds of details about her initial life is not revealed. No one knows anything about her family background, parents, and siblings. Moreover, information about her academics is also not disclosed yet as Alexandra hasn’t told anything about it until the present.

Alexandra Lorex’s professional life and career:

Very few details are known about Alexandra Lorex’s career and profession. It is said that she is a businesswoman and a TV host just like her ex-husband. However, nothing is much known about her professional successes and achievements.

Talking about her ex-husband, Mike Holmes is a successful Canadian businessman, investor, contractor, TV host, and Philanthropist who had earned a lot of wealth and fame through his multi-professional career. Mike initiated a foundation named “The Holmes Foundation” (actually founded in 2006) with the goal to introduce young people to the construction industry. Additionally, it also helps those who have been provided with unsuitable renovations.

Mike was praised and recognized by the Canadian House of Commons in 2006, for his crafts and construction standards which are of promoted and improved quality. As a TV personality, he has appeared in many TV shows as a host including “Best of Holmes on Homes”, “Holmes Make it Right”, “Mike’s Ultimate Garage”, “Holmes and Homes” and many others. He also owns a television production company which is entitled “Make it Right Productions”. Apart from that, Mike is also known as the author of two of his successful books which are named “Canada’s Most Trusted Contractors” and “Home Renovation”.

Alexandra hasn’t achieved any award or title until the present whereas her ex-husband has won a number of awards including “The Gemini Awards”, “Holmes in New Orleans”, “Lifestyle/Practical Information Series”, “Queen Elizabeth 2: Diamond Jubilee Medal”.

Alexandra Lorex’s married life:

Alexandra and Mike’s relationship had a very interesting journey. The couple was legally and officially declared as husband and wife in 1982. Their marriage date and the venue are not disclosed yet. At that time Mike was just 19 years old. They started their journey together with a lot of love for each other. They were living a very peaceful and happy life and welcomed three children together from their marriage. It is said by many people that Mike has credited all his success and fame to his ex-wife Alexandra Lorex as his fame got a new level of height after getting married to her. And it was true up to some extent as Alexandra had supported him in every step of his career. She has supported him a lot in his show “Holmes on Homes” and also, in his construction company.

Everything was going in the right direction and the couple was leading a very happy and prosperous life together with their children. However, after a few years, things got changed and their marriage started falling due to some unknown reasons and after 11 years of their marriage, the couple decides to separate their ways as they wanted to get rid of all the negatives things in their relationship that were increasing day by day. The couple was officially divorced in 1993. The reason behind their divorce is not disclosed by anyone of them.

Alexandra Lorex’s other relationships:

After her divorce from Mike Holmes, Alexandra started to live a very low-key and private life. She is not seen much in the limelight since her divorce. Due to her privacy, nothing is known about her current relationship status. Many people have said that she is married again but nothing is known about her second marriage and her husband. As she is not seen with anyone in media and public places, it might be expected that she is living a single life.

On the other hand, her ex-husband soon after getting divorced from her started a love relationship with his new love partner Anna Zappia. Their first meet-up is still unrevealed. They had maintained their relationship for 18 years and still living a very peaceful life together. It should be noted that they are not married yet and still they haven’t decided to marry.

Alexandra Lorex’s Children:

Alexandra Lorex shares three children from her marriage bond with Mike. She has two daughters Sherry Holmes and Amanda Holmes, and a son Michael Holmes Jr. Her son has joined his dad’s construction company at the age of 13 and has decided to continue the same path as his career. Her daughters are married and are living peacefully with their husbands.

Even after getting divorced, Alexandra has always kept her children as her first priority. Her children had lived with their father after their parents’ separation but Alexandra has always managed to take out some time for them and give them proper attention. She had always used to visit her children in their father’s house and had spent a great time with them teaching them the basic things regarding life which every mother tries to teach her child to make him strong and bold. Alexandra had never neglected her children and had always tried to put them away from their parents’ personal issues with each other.

Facts about Alexandra’s daughter Sherry Holmes:

|Full Name| Sherry Holmes||
| — | — | — | — |
|Date Of Birth|21 June 1987||
| Net worth|$1 million US Dollar||
|Profession | Home designer, TV personality, motivational speaker, and home renovation||

Facts about Alexandra’s daughter Amanda Holmes:

|Full Name| Amanda Holmes||
| — | — | — | — |
|Date Of Birth|2 September 1984||
|Net worth|$30 million||
|Profession | TV personality ||

Facts about Alexandra’s son Mike Jr. Holmes:

|Full Name|Mike Holmes Jr.||
| — | — | — | — |
|Date Of Birth|25th July 1989||
|Net worth|Unknown||
|Profession | Professional contractor, TV Personality||

Alexandra Lorex’s net worth:

Just like her early life details, Alexandra hasn’t revealed anything about her net worth. However, it is quite clear that she is definitely engaged in some sort of professional activities from where she has earned a lot of wealth. Her exact net worth is not revealed by her but some sources have said that she owns an estimated net worth of $33.2 million USD. It is also said that she has received a big chunk of money from her husband after their divorce but the exact amount is currently unclear.

On the other hand, her former husband has an estimated net worth of around $35 million USD which is not a shocking figure as he has a highly established career as a TV personality and a businessman who has deposited a lot of wealth in his bank accounts through his reality shows and construction deals.

Alexandra Lorex’s social media presence:

Alexandra Lorex is not much active on her social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As we have mentioned earlier that after her divorce she is leading a very ordinary and low-key life and not share much about her current life. Nothing is known about her current profession as well as relationship status.

Alexandra lorex

Alexandra’s ex-spouse Mike Holmes Sr. :

Mike Holmes is the ex-spouse of Alexandra and they are divorced Michael James Holmes is a Canadian Businessman, Builder, Investor, Philanthropist, and host. Mike Holmes is widely known for Holmes on Homes, Holmes Inspection. He has constructed an International brand based on trust and quality Mike Holmes is an experienced and licensed contractor with 35 years of experience he has almost completed 220 home renovations remodeled some disaster projects and throughout his TV career he has done 52 home inspections He has an award-winning record in specials and in series.

In his first series of TV “Holmes on Homes” Mike Homes rescues homeowners from those renovations which gone wrong and he discovers major serious problems like Structural damage, wrong wiring, and mold, etc He promises with his team to “Make It Right” every situation they handle.

Facts about Mike Holmes Sr. are as follows

|Full Name| Michael James Holmes||
| — | — | — | — |
|Nick Names|Mike Sr. and Big Mike||
|Date Of Birth|3rd August 1963||
|Country born |Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada||
|Height|5 foot 4 inches||
|Weight|65 KG||
|Profession|Builder, Investor, Businessman, TV host, and Philanthropist||
|Marital status|Divorced||
|Children| Sherry Hilmes, Amanda Holmes and Michael Holmes Jr.||

Mike Holmes Sr. Personal Life:

Lorex’s ex-husband Mike Holmes Sr. was born in Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada in 1963. He learned this talent from his father Jim Holmes He taught him construction when he was 6 years old and when Holmes was 19 years old he started his first contracting company with 13 employees. At the age of 21, Holmes started his own renovation and run two contracting companies during these 20 years of the contract.

In 2006 Holmes started “The Holmes Foundation” and the purpose of this foundation is to encourage youngsters to enter the trades of building.

Mike Holmes Sr.year wise achievements:

In 2003: On HGTV Canada Mike’s first episode of Holmes on Holmes aired.

In 2004: He got Gemini Viewers’ Choice Award for his favorite TV personality.

In 2005: Mike’s involvement raised $1.5 Million, SOS Children’s Villages Canada.

In 2009: He won Gemini Award for Best Lifestyle

In 2012: He was awarded Queen’s, Diamond Jubilee Medal.

In 2013: He was appointed as Patron of the Royal Canadian Regiment.

On HGTV Canada Holmes’s 10th Anniversary Special was aired.

In 2017: Mike won Best TV Personality (GOLD).

Lorex spouse Holmes Net worth:

Mike Holmes is a home improvement contractor and TV host who has a net worth of $30 million.

Lorex Spouse Holmes Social media:

Mike Holmes Sr. is quite active on social media.

Instagram: He has 129k followers on Instagram You can also follow him by following the below link.

Twitter: He has 255.6k followers on Twitter You can also follow him by following the below link.

Summary: :writing_hand:
Alexandra Lorex rose up to the limelight after getting married to the famous Canadian Celebrity Mike Holmes. Nothing is known about her early life. She got married to Holmes in 1982 and separated after 11 years. They have three children. Her exact net worth is not known. She is not active on her social media accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions: :question:

1.Is Mike Holmes Jr still married?

Mike Holmes Jr. is married to Lisa Grant who is an herbalist and holistic health coach. They both met in school and dated for 3 months.

2. Where Does “Holmes and Holmes” get their money?

Some of the constructors hired to help homeowners in need and even donated materials, time, and labor. The remainder work is funded by the TV production company Also Mike Holmes himself contributes funds for the repairs.

3. What does Amanda Holmes do?

Amanda Holmes is the eldest daughter of Alexandra Lorex and Mike Holmes. She received her Ph.D. in comparative literature from the University of Oregon in 2001.

Amanda is into fitness and charity she raised awareness of illness Amanda with her father Mike Holmes take part often in the annual M&M meat shops charity which raises fund for CCFC.

Conclusion: :books:

Alexandra Lorex experienced a lot of fame after getting married to Mike Holmes. Before that she was an ordinary citizen and so is she after her divorce. She is living a very private and low-key life which is the reason nobody knows much about her.

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