Kenya Duke

Kenya Duke is the name businesspeople in all the world knows she likewise is a proprietor of Premier Sports and Corporate Travel. She also has a privilege of showing up her acting skills in the shows like The Gary Owen Show, Aries Spears: Hollywood and DeRay: Power Play. She acted in shows that were produced by her husband , Gary Owen.
Kenya Duke

1- Full name Kenya duke
2-Height 5’7” (1.87 metres)
3- Birthday January 20, 1969
4-Nationality American
5-famous for wife of Gary Owen
6-Age 47 years
7-Marital status single
8-Zodian sign acquirias
9-Mother Name Not known
10- Father Name Not known
11-Sister name Not known
12-Weight 77 kgs
12-Ethinicity African
13 -Qualifications bachelors
14- Color of eyes Dark brown
15-hair color Black
16-occupation None
17-Net worth Not known
18-Religoion Christianity
19- In-law name Barb Randall]

Early Life Of Kenya Duke:

Kenya was brought into the world in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America. Duke comes with African American identity and has a dark complexion. She is extremely thoughtful and do not love people examining and reveling her data about someone close to her home and personal life, that is the reason there is little data. Her mom is called as Barbara Jean. About her schooling information to media, there was no data about her educational there Is not much about the name of the school she has studies. Kenya spent her most of the time or rather say a lot of her time in her old neighborhood of Oakland, where she was raised by her mom, Barbara Jean, and her dad, whose name has not been uncovered. Her identity is American, and she is known as someone that comes with the African that is black color . While her husband , gray Owen have a white nationality. As to religion, Kenya is a Christian. She used to read Life Changing Books in her early life. Early life of Kenya duke was not different from the life of Julie Lauren Curtis

Age and height of Kenya Duke:

Kenya Duke is currently 47 years of age and her star sign is Leo. . Kenya Duke is 5 feet 8 inches of height and weighs around 142 pounds. She in her early days have accepted to do Yoga for Weight Loss.

The height of Kenya duke is 1.5 m less than Joe Biden’s Height

Parents of Kenya duke

Her mom’s name is Barbara Jean. She said in a meeting “My father died when she was only six years of age. He has a black belt and was into wrestling. He was working in his bar when he was murdered by someone . She says that she misses his dad and she have many issues with the daughter and dada relationship. She also says that she wants her husband to have a good relationship with her daughters as a dad-daughter relation. She says her daughters Garry and Kennedy have good relationship with his husband.”

Children of Kenya duke:

Kenya duke’s youngest child
1- Full name Kennedy Owen
2-Height 5’9” (1.89 metres)
3- Birthday [July 3, 2002
4-Nationality American
5- Occupation None
6- age 14-years-old
7- ethnicity Afro-American
2- Kenya duke’s second child
1- Full name Emilio Owen
2-Height 5’9” (1.89 metres)
3- Birthday [January 18, 1996
4-Nationality American
5- Occupation None
6- age 25 years
7- ethnicity Afro-American

Emilio Owen is also like his father . he is a comedian like her father. He appeared in “Black Entertainment “ show in in 1997 . this was the first show of Emilio Owen . he is also a stand-up comedian. He has long black hair. He like other famous celebrities children wears 90s Hip Hop Fashion

Birthday of Kenya duke:

With regards to superstars and their birthdays , almost certainly every fan wants to know the birthday of their favorite celebrity so is the case with Kenya duke . Fans don’t know how old Kenya Duke is. But According to rumors, she has posted her picture on Instagram of his birthday on 26 July . It is also rumored that she was brought into the world in 1974, which makes her age 46 as of 2021. In short, her birthday comes on 26 July every year. Her Snapchat Birthday emoji shows that she is born in July. She also for her elder son birthday follow some 20th Birthday Ideas

Career of Kenya duke:

She is the proprietor of Premier Sports and Corporate Travel Company which takes in accounts the authority and gives helps to people in expert and school sports groups, music visits, music videos and film and TV production. Duke have also made some career in the acting by acting in s shows like The Gary Owen Show (2016) which is facilitated and created by her husband , Owen gray, and circulated on BET, Aries Spears: Hollywood, Look I’m Smiling (2011), and deray Davis: Power Play (2010). Her boyfriend ■■■ husband Gray is one name that quickly jumps out of the frame while discussing about the best comedians of America. Besides, she additionally also does house flipping in her career .Kenya Duke wants her elf a career that pictures her as a financial specialist and a businessperson. Despite the fact tat she have a career in acting, business and comedy shows she have a very high net. And the fact that her work is the marvellous piece of work , also have brought great success to duke Kenya career . Besides this , Kenya career also includes some short showbiz TV shows and her huge success in Kenya duke career is also because of her work in deray Davis: Power Play (2010), Aries Spears: Hollywood, Look I’m Smiling (2011), and The Gary Owen Show (2016) . Also she because of her huge success in her career is considered tycoon in finance. So, if you want to know Is Finance a Good Career Path? then you should ask her.

Husband of Kenya Duke :

This business visionary type of mindset , Kenya duke have a husband that was once her boyfriend. In 2003, nineteenth July she is hitched to her long-lasting boyfriend Gary Owen, who is an American entertainer, screenwriter, and a professional comic writer and reader. Gary did a few satire films Daddy Day Care, Little Man, Ride along. The husband of Kenya duke has a funny personality. She has a very good relationship with her husband. Kenya duke husband have a very professional and funny nature. She met her husband on a comedy show that was also hosted by Kenya duke husband. She said that day was the first days she met her now husband. After some time, she, and her now husband becomes friends and soon they started dating .her husband is now also doing some shows in American shows.

Apparently, both husband and wife met at a satire club, where Mr. Gary(her husband) was performing and getting praised by her now wife, Kenya duke . Dukes meet Kenya from that time and they soon turned into a husband-and-wife relation , and by the time the bond of them being the husband and wife got deeper step by step. In 2006, they remarry themselves again as husband-and-wife service because of some incident that happens at their wedding. These husbands and wife have two bright and intelligent kids Kennedy Owen and Austin Owen. Kenya’s husband is an entertainer and essayist in showbiz, who on numerous occasions specifies his wife, Kenya duke and his children that he have with Kenya duke as the greatest treasure of their life. Kenya duke when married his husband were risen by nights, the husband of Kenya duke’s is always a very caring person. Her husband is also friends with Maria Taylor’s husband. Her husbnad have appeared in many comedy shows. Some comedy shows of his husband includes the following.

Marriage of Kenya Duke: :wedding: :wedding:

Kenya is hitched to the famous entertainer , comic star, and actor Gary Owen. Kenya and Gary have been hitched for over 15 years starting at 2019. The couple have their marriage ceremony arranged on 19 July on a bright day. Marriage ceremony of Kenya and gray was simple yet elegant . In the marriage of Kenya duke, she wore a white dress, and her husband gray Owen wore a black tuxedo. The marriage theme of them was predicted by Kenya duke. She decided that her marriage should have a black theme . All the people in her marriage wore black and white dress. It was indeed one of the marriages in the history in which bride decided the theme of the marriage ceremony. Her marriage took place in Lake Tahoe Wedding Locations

Unlike other marriage ceremonies, the two remarried again on 19 December 2015, they began celebrating their marriages on 19 December as their new wedding day after 2015. The marriage ceremony of both the businesswomen Kenya and comedian gray Owen was done in a small island in America. They married in California, America. Her wedding dress include a white dress with a beautiful floral design on the side of her wedding dress. In the second marriage of Kenya and gray Owen two special guests also included that were their two children. The marriage ceremony of Kenya and gray Owen took place in a small restaurant when she marries second time with her husband , gray Owen. The reason why Kenya took the decision of doing her marriage with her husband second time is because their function was somewhat unsuccessful and since the minister left the wedding of Kenya and gray, also the wedding cake was dropped, and surprisingly a battle broke out in the marriage of both. In this way, they decided and re-established their pledges and arranged a subsequent function for their marriage, which occurred on 19 December 2016. Her marriage ceremony was not less lavish than Alexandra Lorex. She also wore a Red Wedding Dresses in her marriage.

Children of Kenya duke: :child: :child:

With regards to their marriage , Kenya has a child named Emily from her first marriage while her other child Austin and daughter named Kennedy are from her marriage with Gary. Apparently, Kenya’s two children with Gary have got white and black blended color as they both married each other having different ethnicity. Kenya and Gary’s three enthusiastic and energetic youngsters are the most energetic and bright part of Kenya and Gary Owen. In any case, Kenya and Gary have three children . The names of the children of them are Kennedy, Austin, and Emilio who is from Duke’s marriage that she did before Gary Owen. She have used some of the tips from How to Help Children Learn Using Games? to make her children sharp in studies.

Total Assets of Kenya duke and her relationship with husband: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:

According to the inner rumors , Kenya Duke is having a lot of asset with such grand accomplishment and an assortment of business which accumulated her to become eth richest person in the history soon. People are guessing that her total assets is approx. $10 million as of now. What’s more adding to the net worth of Kenya duke is that her hubby additionally has total assets not less than his own wife , Kenya duke. She has this much net worth because his husband also is a famous and also the richest comedian in the world. Also, it is rumored that she has this much net assets because she works at Premier Sports and Corporate Travel. Through these organizations, she accumulates an amount of $650 thousand to $1 million throughout the span of less than that of year. These organizations have added a lot of assets to the Kenya duke total asset count. The Net worth of kenya duke is much larger than Wayne Brady’s Net Worth

Relationship between Kenya and Gary Owen: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Kenya duke and her better half have a great chemistry between them. Their inside adoration and love for each other is evident and obvious, not just in their photos and stories they share o Instagram but also from the they way they see each other. They relationship with each other can be seen from each event that have lots and loads of fun, humor, and bliss in them. These shows are the proof of their relationship between each other that is great and eye catchy for people that adored them. Kenya duke in an interview says that her relation ship with his husband is friendly . Their relationship with each other can be seen in the picture that the share on the social media site of Instagram . That pictures shows that how Gary has a funny and humorous relation with his wife. She shared the humorous picture of them on New Year 2018 that shows the couple making pouty faces .Kenya came with a dark ethnicity and Gary came up from a white origin, but these didn’t affect the relationship they have between each other. Kenya in her one of the social media posts says that she has a very friendly type of relationship with his own husband. Kenya in one post on instagram revealed that she ddi not like Long Distance Relationships. e following video Gary tells how he met his wife and what is there relationship between each other now.

Appearance of Kenya Duke:

  • Kenya dukes have dark color eyes.
  • She is also called by her appearance the black beauty.
  • She has black silky hairs.
  • She appears to the public as a strong and independent woman.
  • She likes to appear in public as a businesswoman.
  • She likes to wear white and black colored dresses.

Social media of Kenya duke:

She is on Instagram with name truly Kenya . She seldom posts pictures of her on the social media site called Instagram. She has 149k followers. The last time she posts pictures on Instagram was in 2020. The most liked picture of her social media is when she posted a picture of her husband and her. The pictures got likes by 25k people . Apart from Instagram , she also has an account on Facebook , a social media site . Kenya was not seen much engaged in this social media site . She only shares few pictures of her on this specific social media site, called Facebook. She on her social media have also tried The Latest Social Media Trends You Should Know in 2021. She also have used business in her social media and have used some of the options from these 6 Top Performing Social Media Platforms for Business

Religion, ethnicity , family background and education of Kenya duke:

The religion of Kenya duke is Christian. She is not a very religious person but she once in a week visits the church. The ethnicity of Kenya duke is black but this ethnicity that was considered lower in whole of the America is a most successful ethnicity now days because of Kenya duke background and education level. Kenya duke completed her education from a neighborhood school in Ohio. She completed her intermediate in 1993 from Ohio college. She graduated from Harvard school of business and receives his bachelor’s education from the same college. She completed her master’s degree education from California university. There is not much background information known about Kenya duke, but the only family background known to public is of her mother named Barbara who was a housewife. Apart from her mother’s name no other family background is known. She said that due to her ethnicity she sometimes feels DEPRESSION a silent KILLER

Gary Owen early life:

Gary Owen was brought into the world on 26 July 1974 . He got a star of Leo. He was born in in Cincinnati, Ohio USA. He was raised close by his relatives and he lived near kin in a trailer park, situated in Oxford. Before turning into a professional comic and entertainer, Gary went through six years filling in as a Master-At-Arms in the US Navy and was even an individual from the Presidential Honor Guard. From that point forward, he filled in as a military cop in San Diego for a very long time. He likes to read Best Historical Fiction Books in her early life. He is also friends with the husband of Angela Victoria Johnson from his early life.

Frequently Asked Questions :question: :question:

There are many unanswered questions that needs to be answered off from Kenya Duke side.

1- Who is the stepson of Kenya duke?

Emilio William Toliver is the name of the stepdaughter of Kenya duke. Kenya was the first wife of Gary Owen, but gray Owen was the second husband of Kenya duke.

2- How many movies did Kenya duke acted on?

Kenya acted in 4 movies that are :

| Movies of Kenya |
| — | — |
|1-Aries Spears: Hollywood, Look I’m Smiling |
|2-DeRay Davis: Power Play |
|3- Steve Harvey|
|4-The Gary Owen Show |
|5- Gary Owen: Breaking’ Out the Park |

3 Did Kenya duke use twitter?

Yes, kenya is quite active in her Social media. She has a active Facebook Profile and on instagram she usually share about her business

4 What is the zodiac sign of kenya duke?

Kenya duke has zodiac sign of leo. She was born in 26 July , 1976

5 Who are the parents of kenya duke?

The parents of kenya duke are not celebrities. Her mother is a house wife and her name is Barbara Jean Cooper.

6 Name the companies whose owner is Kenya duke?

Kenya is the owner of Premier Sports and Corporate travel

7 What is the ethnicity of the husband of kenya?

Her husband is of African ethnicity while Kenya duke is of American-African ethnicity

8 How old is kenya duke as of 2021?

Kenya duke is 46 years old as of 2021.

9 What is the occupation of kenya duke?

Kenya duke is the CEO, business woman and enterprenuer.

10 Where did kenya duke met her husband?

She met her husband for the first time in comedy club where her comedian husband was invited for stand up comedy.


Kenya duke is a businesswoman, actress , model, and wife of Gary Owen. She is from African ethnicity. Due to the secretive nature of Kenya , nothing about her life is known too public. Kenya duke no doubt is an amazing lady and also wife to Gary Owen. Despite being the mother of a 25-year-old Emilio Owen he is stunning still as of 2021. Kenya duke have also worked in many movies as an actress. We have the vey best for Kenya duke!


Genevieve Gallen
Erin Angle
Samara Saraiva

Kenya Duke


Kenya was born in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, in the United States of America. Duke is of African-American descent and black race. She is very anti-social and dislikes sharing personal stuff, which explains why there is still information. Barbara Jean is her mother’s name. There was no detail available regarding her educational status.

In an interview, she said, “My father died when I was six.” He was a member of the Black Panther Party. He was also in a club and was very small. I believe I have a daddy problem because I do not have my father in my life. That is why I moved the Garry-Kennedy partnership. Kenya Duke’s Era. When it relates to famous people and their personal lives, people are often concerned regarding the tiniest information. People are curious about Kenya Duke’s age in this situation. According to the wiki, she was born in 1974 and marked his birthday on July 26, making her 46 this year.

Career Of Kenya Duke:

She operates Premier Sports and Business Travel Business, specializing in college and professional sports franchise travel, music festivals, and creative film and television development.
Duke has also been on many occasions, including The Gary Owen Show (2016), presented by her partner and broadcast on BET, Aries Spears: Hollywood, Look I’m Smiling (2011), as well as DeRay Davis: Power Play (2012). (2010). When addressing entertainment, one name that instantly springs to mind is her husband, Grey. She is also involved with home renovations.

Personal Life Of Kenya Duke:

This business owner is a married lady. On July 19, 2003, she married her lifelong lover Gary Owen, an American actor, film producer, and look comic. Gary appeared in many comedies, including Daddy Day Care, Little Man, and RideAlong. According to reports, the pair met at a nightclub where Mr. Gary was playing and getting acclaim. Duke met at the same venue again, and their relationship became more profound with each passing day.
Owing to unexpected conditions, they exchanged their marital vows in a second wedding service in 2006. Kennedy Owen and Austin Owen are the couple’s two adorable twins. On the other hand, Kenya and Gary have three kids together: Kennedy, Austin, and Emilio, who is from Duke’s x-husband.

Kenya Duke’s Net Worth Is Undisclosed:

According to her career, Duke is well compensated for her outstanding achievements and diverse entrepreneurial ventures, which have resulted in a phenomenal amount of wealth for her. Her current net worth is reported to be about $10 million. Also, her husband makes a good living from his profession. Her primary streams of revenue are Premier Athletics and Business Travel. Over a year, she earns between $650,000 and $1,000,000 from these companies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Discuss Duke’s Personal Life And Relationship:

Kenya is a country in Africa. Kenya Duke is a mother of three children who are married. On July 19, 2003, she married her lifelong boyfriend, Gary Owen. The couple is an excellent illustration of a happily married couple. Gray, the host of BET, adores his mom. Gray, is being a white comedian, has a large number of black fans and supporters.

Kenya Duke was previously married to another guy, with someone she had a son called Emilio. However, the pair divorced, and she eventually married comedic Gary Owen. The couple had two children lovely children: Kennedy Owen, a daughter, and Austin Owen, a boy. Gary Owen is the proud father of three wonderful daughters, both of whom reside in Ohio.

Who is Kenya Duke’s stepson?

Kenya Duke’s stepdaughter’s name is Emilio William Toliver. Kenya was Gary Owen’s first child, but Gray Owen was Kenya Duke’s second husband.


Kenya Duke is the name of a successful billionaire and businesswoman who also owns Premier Sports and Business Travel. She has also worked on programs like the Gary Owen Show, Aries Spears: Hollywood, and DeRay: Big Play.