Sport Management Degree

Sport Management degree is Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree with high school courses in the area of business, economics, sociology, sports history, mathematics and statistics.

Sport management degree courses in bachelor

  1. Sport marketing
  2. Sports law
  3. Sports history
  4. Finance
  5. Communication
  6. Sport event management
  7. Law and ethics in sports

Three types of Masters in sport management degree

1)Masters of Science in sport management

It allows you to become a head coach, administrator and manager.

2) Masters of Science in sports medicine

After this degree you are able to become fitness expert of athletes.

3) Administration (MBA) in sports management

It helps you to work on management positions and develop business skills.

The study program for Sport Management is of 5-6 years. 4 years of bachelor’s degree and 1-2 years of Masters.

Top 10 Sports management degree colleges for Bachelor

1.University of Michigan

This university focuses on the business and cultural aspects of sport. Four-year program offers internships, alumni mentorship, world-renowned faculty, and student organizations total 120- credit. Majors get access to a dedicated career coordinator who helps with networking, personalized career assistance, and training.

2. William Marsh Rice University

The 120-credit program draws from business, law, management, and communication. The courses includes classes like sport management, quantitative analysis for the social sciences, and leading with service.

3. Saint Louis University

In this university program requires at least 2.0 GPA for all major courses and draws from fields like management, economics, marketing, and information technology. Strongly encourages sports business majors to complete an internship with Gateway Grizzlies, and university athletic department.

4. Drexel University

Sports management degree in this university designed for students who want to work with sport marketing firms, college athletic departments, professional sports teams and sport media networks. Classes like sports and the law, the business of sport, NCAA compliance, and sports gambling offers 180-credit.

5. Southern Methodist University

Sport management degree in this university offers concentrations in sport management and sport performance leadership. Classes include communication in sport and health promotion practice. Students should complete a 250-hour sport management internship.

6. Ohio Northern University

Sport management degree in Ohio Northern University provides experiential learning opportunities. Sport management majors should complete a 12-week, 450-hour internship. Students also help with marketing for Ohio Northern University’s 23 NCAA Division III varsity teams and attend conferences.

7. University of Miami

Sport management program in this university offers a four-year, 120-credit sports management degree that develops competition in marketing, ethics, leadership, and organization. Student complete courses like finance and budget in sport administration, essential leadership in sports and the professions, elements of sports psychology and public speaking. Students need to complete sport administration majors and 12- to 15-credit minor in another field.

8. Xavier University

Sports management degree in Xavier university facilitates student research opportunities with sport management faculty. Degree requires classes like facility and event management, history of American sports, legal and ethical issues in sports, and sociology of sports in 4 years.

9. Samford University

Samford university prepares graduates for leadership positions in the sports industry which features small class sizes, internships that give students the chance to connect with sports industry professionals. 128-credit bachelor’s degree requires classes like sport sponsorship and sales, legal and contractual issues of sports, sport facilities and events operations.

10. North Carolina State University

120-credit, four years sport management degree requires classes like sport finance, economics, sustainable sport facility management, sports programming and psychological and cultural aspects of sport. Student must complete 10-week, 400-hour internship during the summer between junior and senior year at organizations like the Carolina Panthers and the Carolina Hurricanes. Majors also get hands-on learning opportunities with NC State Division I teams, which compete in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Sports management degree jobs

1. Sales manager

They are responsible for tickets of players and team and also responsible for sales strategies and products.

2. Marketing assistant

They are responsible for helping sports marketing for a team, social media, press release and running a website.

3. Promotion manager

Responsible for promoting player or team through managing and planning campaigns and setting up sponsorship.

4. Media relation assistant

They help to prepare players for media interviews, coverage of events and many more.

5. Tournament director

They are responsible of budgets of travel and tournaments and booking hotels for players.

6. Sports accountant

They are responsible for managing the payroll to players, coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, medical staff, and club executives. Sports accountantsusually file all of the organization’s tax forms to report the earnings of players, including salary, game bonuses, sponsorships, image rights, and more at the time of tax payment.

7. Athletic director

They are responsible for hiring and firing coaches, supervising coaches, making sure that teams meet ethical and legal standards, promoting and fund-raising for athletic departments, supervising the ordering of athletic equipment.

8. Sports agent

They are responsible for finding best contract deal for athletes and their salaries.

9. League administrator

They are responsible for making league format guidelines, finding qualified head coach, forming financial goals and promoting league.

10. Sports broadcaster

Their task is prepare, write and present news of the sport world to the fans. They also responsible for analyzing sports news stories and offerings game prediction.

What is sport management

Sport Management is a business which deals with the sports. Sport management involves planning, administration, finances, marketing, law and ethics related to sports.

Skill requirements for Sports management degree

1) Time management

For management professionals time management is the key to success. When you learn how to manage time effectively than success will be yours.

2) Philosophical attitude

People who have philosophical mindset toward games and enjoy challenging ways in games, get success.

3) Ability to be easily modified

It is necessary in sports management job, you are able to do different tasks at a moment same as team need every player to be all in.

4) Organized

Being organized is the best thing in sports management, specially when you are in finance team. Make sure all the documents, files, books and reports are in there accurate place.

5) Inventiveness

If you are able to do qualitative analysis, able to start new things or new method in your field specially in player evaluation than you definitely get the position of sport management executives.

6) Communication

If you are in finance team or your duty is to evaluate talent in player, it is important you should have a communication skills. If you are in sports management team, you should continuously express need of your department.

7) Writing skills

Make your point valuable through writing is effective in sports management career. Regular documents preparation like memos and reports is very important for the success of organization.

Sport management degree online

Online sports management degree helps students to study foundational business areas like marketing, finance, human resources, and operations management. Many programs also incorporate an internship to provide practical experience.

Online sport management degree schools

These are some top ranked online sport management schools:

  1. Florida International University

  2. Southern New Hampshire University

  3. Keiser University-Ft Lauderdale

  4. University of Florida-Online

  5. Eastern New Mexico University

  6. University of the Southwest

  7. McKendree University

  8. Davenport University

  9. Concordia University-Saint Paul

  10. California Baptist University

Tips for success in online management degree program

  1. Time commitment involved in online education.

  2. Make work space that is a guide for learning

  3. Study at the same time every day, to set routine

  4. Don’t waste time

  5. For time management use online tools

  6. Give priority to work

  7. Set time table around professors’ online office hours

  8. Participate and speak freely in classes

  9. Interact with other students who is with you in your online study program

  10. Take online education seriously.

Sport management degree salary

Annual salary of business managers of athlete is $97,170. Earnings of sports statistical analyst is $95,680. Annual salary of coaches and scouts is $44,910, salary of sport agent is $97,170 and salary of sports marketing manager is $149,200.

Job growth projections of coaches and scout is 11% which is faster than average, sports manager and sport agent’s is of 5% as fast as average and sport marketing manager’s is of 8% a little faster than average.

Career Opportunities for sport management professionals

Some career opportunities that are open for sports management professionals:

  1. Sporting goods sales

  2. Sports agencies

  3. Fundraising

  4. Broadcasting

  5. Finance

  6. Law

  7. Athletic administration

  8. Travel/Tourism

  9. Public Relations

  10. Marketing

Responsibilities of sports management team

Like every industry or organization sports industry also need managers to run industry smoothly. This type of job is behind the scene.
Sports managers are responsible for:

  1. Finance balance of the organization

  2. Managing sport events

  3. Travelling of team players

  4. Dealing with sponsorship

  5. Wardrobe

  6. Managing the Businesses of the organization or players

  7. Events schedule

  8. Communicating between coaches, players and media

Principles of sports management

1) Functions

a. Planning

Planning for taking actions and make decisions for what type of resources are required.

b. Organizing

Build working relationship between worker to get success for organization.

c. Leading

Motivation, energy and inspiration for employees.

d. Staffing

Select and recruite employees for organization.

e. Controlling

Measure, compare, achieve goals and improve performance.

2) Effective management

Effective management plan budget and find what should be done, in what order it is to be done, and find what resources are useful in achieving the goal.

3) Roles of managers

They are decision makers and informational. As a decision makers, managers can perform as a entrepreneur, as a disturbance handler and negotiator. As informational role, they monitor, work as a spokespersons, and they share information.

4) Improving human potential

Manager is responsible to find a way to improve a team member’s skill into a higher level of performance, it is about improving human potential, one team member at a time.

5) Specialist role

Successful managers play a role as specialist, they are very experienced and have a knowledge of the principles of great management. They must learn and discover how the fragments of organization work together and improve performance.


Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree with high school courses in the area of business, economics, sociology, sports history, mathematics and statistics are useful in completing the sport management degree in college.

The study program for sports management is of 5-6 years. 4 years of bachelor’s degree and 1-2 years of Masters.

Sport management is a business which deals with the sports. Sport management involves planning, administration, finances, marketing, law and ethics related to sports.

Skills requirements for sport management degree are time management, philosophical attitude, writing skills, communication skills, ability to easily modified, creativity and organized.

Careers open for sports management degree professionals are Sporting goods sales Sports agencies, Fundraising, Broadcasting, Finance, Law, Athletic administration, Travel/Tourism, Public Relations and Marketing.

Sports management team is responsible for Finance balance of the organization, Managing sport events, Travelling of team players, Dealing with sponsorship, Wardrobe, Managing the Businesses of the organization or players, Events schedule and Communicating between coaches, players and media.

Thanks for such an informative thread about getting a sports management degree and making a career in sports management. However, I would also like to include more stuff here. First of all, I would like to make the people aware who want a sports management degree that you can apply for it even after your bachelors and masters. In this regard, you just need to pick the right college and get it without any particular restriction.

Similarly, you can also go with sports management courses that are not as tough as getting a degree. You can also choose this Sports Executive Path platform for sports management career details, certifications, courses etc. Even you can get answers to every sports industry-related career questions. Indeed, this platform is going to assist you either you want to make a career in the sports industry. It could be a sports data analyst, sports manager, agent and marketing specialist.

Moreover, while studying sports management, you can also apply for an internship. Yes, there are many sports clubs and organizations which offer internship programs to sports industry students.