What Does Message Blocking Is Active Mean?

What does Message Blocking is active mean? It means that a person is blocked from sending or receiving any text messages by their carrier. If so - be sure the person you are messaging can send and receive text messages using your phone settings. It might be a general regulation or a penalty. When the message block is activated, no statements are sent to the receiver. You may view on the screen “Free Message: Cannot send Message, block Active.”

:small_red_triangle_down: Why is the blocking of messages active?

When the message block is activated, no statements are sent to the receiver. It happens when the sender or receiver is included in your blocked contact list. You can attempt to check this by contacting yourself and see whether or not the connection is successful. In certain situations, parental restrictions may also be unintentional.

Below is the list of the reasons why you may receive a notification "Message Blocking is activated."

1 - Short code Issue

The reason why many T-Mobile subscribers experience this difficulty seems to be explained. You will need advice from professional specialists to address this problem. This isn’t your fault again.

You may notice that blocking the message notification is operational owing to your service provider’s period. You might attempt to contact the relevant customer service to check if messaging services were incorrectly suspended.

2 - Premium Message Surplus

You may next pick an option to restrict the phone from receiving or sending premium messages. Although a few messaging apps employ this functionality alone, it is still an essential requirement for efficiency.

3 - Wrong Plan

It happens when your membership does not cover messaging services. Please get in touch with customer support to determine whether or not you have chosen the appropriate package. Even if your messaging services are under your current plan, you may not even have an adequate prepaid balance for sending the message.

:small_red_triangle_down: How is blocking the message fixed active?

1 - Towards the Check Range

Check whether the network coverage is sufficient. In the upper right corner of the phone, there is generally a pictogram. If the range is not stated, you may not phone or send and receive text messages if you cannot identify bars.

Go to your phone’s device settings and make sure that your phone is active. You may not make calls or send and receive text messages if you see Suspended or I’m still moving instead of Active.

2 - Check your plan that contains Messages

First, ensure that the text messages send/receive option is enabled on your account settings page. If you pick this option, blocking the message is probably an active message, as text messages are not part of your paid plan.

3 - Towards Check whether there’s Sufficient Room

To send a text message, you need at least 15 percent free space. Free disc space by removing unneeded apps, redundant documents, and outdated photographs. You may have difficulty blocking messages while you are on international boundaries merely because you’ve entered the wrong country code. You need to search Google to find out if you use the proper country code.

4 - Try to rescue the Contact

If all of the options mentioned above have been attempted and the problem remains, it might be associated with a particular contact. You may have mistakenly typed the wrong number. Remove the connection and rewrite the correct number of the communication.

As we have said before, you could not send the message because someone else has blocked your contact or vice versa. Go to your contacts and check the blocked contact list. Unlock it if it’s on the list. Ask someone else to do the same person. To determine if you have removed them from the block list, call the recipient.

:large_blue_diamond: Summary

The “Message blocking is active” error that you receive on Android smartphones and iPhones will imply that the other person is blocked. One of the first things you notice when this error is made is that you have a message in your block list or in your block list.

:small_red_triangle_down: Unblocking a Number on an Android Device

Tap the Advanced Options button and go to the Phone Number App. Navigate to Blocked Numbers Settings and scroll down. Next to the contact, you wish to unblock will appear an unblock option. Tap it to delete the block list contact.

Block Or Unblock iPhone Contact

Tap your Display or application library Phone Number Application. Go to Recent and tap the icon next to the particular contact. Scroll down the screen to locate the Block Caller option—Tap Block Unknown Contact on this. You can also unblock a contact.

Continuous Premium Access

It is relatively easy to check that you have premium access enabled on your phone. Go to Settings and click on Management of Applications. You should notice a Messenger branded icon. Tap it and browse Special Access. Premium access s should be permitted. If not already enabled, activate it.

Sometimes you may experience the problem of “actively blocking messages” because you incorporated all non-text components to your message. You will solve it in this situation by sending a pure text message without pictures, GIFs, emojis, or attachments.

For all essential messaging services, the character limit is 160 characters. If this character limit is surpassed, a regular text message can be converted to MMS.


You might be able to register your number as an Messaging number even after moving from iPhone to Android. To address this problem, please get in touch with Apple personnel.It is usually a final option if all the previous remedies fail.

Hold down your phone’s power button until it restarts. Try to remove your phone and put it back in if you have a detachable battery. Please remove the SIM card from the appropriate tray and insert it again if you cannot deplete the battery.

:small_red_triangle_down: Message Blocking is an Active issue in Several Applications

Message Blocking is an Active issue in Several Applications are following

1 - In Gmail

This problem concerns text messaging systems and can potentially extend other communication means, such as Gmail.For many different causes, an error may occur.

Some errors are below:

1 - Enter a wrong email address

2 - Type a time at the end of the email ID

3 - The type of time you want is sent to the email address, e.g., gaps between spaces.

Steps to Solve

1 - Check that the supplied email address is accurate. Avoid at the end of the email address putting a period.

2 - The Google algorithm can identify personal data collecting through spam mail. It might label you as malware and initiate the blocking of the message.

3 - Use Google Groups to send many individuals a message.

4 - If all the remedies don’t work, helpline help may be needed.

2 - In Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is most, if not all, Google phones’ default messager. You may send a Hangout message or regular SMS message, but only if the recipient’s number is connected with their Gmail account.

If you have problems, try some of the fundamental troubleshooting techniques that we outlined before. Check that there is enough wireless reception and that WiFi works correctly. If both of these procedures do not work, try signing up and registering via the Hangouts app.

Logging out of the phone is a straightforward process. All you need to do is launch Meetings and go to the top-left corner menu bar. Now click Settings and access your Google Account, and press Sign. Sign in again with the sign-in when the app is reopened. Ensure that your phone number is verified and that you can discover yourself in Hangouts via contacts.

3 - In Message

Like the default message application for Hangouts on all Google phones, Messaging is the default message service for all Apple devices. Texts can be sent using the conventional SMS platform if the receiver is not a registered user of iMessaging or if the messaging services have been disabled unintentionally.

Consider resetting network settings if iMessaging is not working correctly. It does not damage your data in any way. However, it will remove WiFi networks and VPN previously utilized.There is a risk that you have missed any updates, so browse the Software Updates Settings page.

A factory reset might be your only way out if you do not restore messaging services to all of these steps. The steps for effective backup and restoration might vary depending on the device, but the fundamental steps stay identical.

4 - Lycamobile

It looks that this problem is not limited to T-Mobile subscribers. Lycamobile subscribers also reported an active message filtering problem. As mentioned above, if your plans have expired prematurely, or you neglected to charge your telephone, you might receive a pop-up notice.

Steps to remedy the problem have been noted by users that disconnecting the Wi-Fi solution and messages appear to wake up once again

Remove the phone from the Lycamobile SIM card and place it on a different device. If you were explicitly tied to the SIM card, check that your Lycamobile SMS service is configured to the newest Lycamobile message center.

You should address this problem. This may be verified by heading to the Configuration page and clicking to Send Profiles. Contact your toll-free number if there is no current update of the message center. The best way to do this is to acquire a plan from your website. Plans start as little as 19 dollars

5 - Metro Computers

A frequent message for banning messages is that your plan does not allow international calls on Metro PCs (calls to the US, Canada, UK, or Australia). In these instances, it should assist in updating your plan.

If the problem is with a SIM card, it should not be deleted and placed on another device. The only solution is to reset the network fully.Check your recipient’s bill payments up to date. You might not get your message even if you did everything properly

Contact the local information center on Metro PC and request a fresh batch of cellphones or SIM cards. You can see that for a significant percentage of users, it fixes the problem.

:large_blue_diamond: Summary

If contact is blocked, its texts go nowhere. The person whose number you have blocked will get no evidence that your message to you has been blocked; your text will appear like it was sent and not delivered, but it is in reality gone for the ether.

Frequently Asked Questions

People ask many questions about message blocking. We discussed a few of them below :

:one: Can you inform anybody if your texts are blocked?

Look for that confirmation when you look at your messages with the person you think blocked you. "You know that the final communication has been received and replied. If you do not see the “given” signal in the messages you send later, it might mean that you are blocked.

:two: How can you say if somebody has blocked you?

If you receive a message such as “Not Licensed Message” or you receive notification, it is a hint of a probable block. Next, you could try to phone the person. If, once (or a half ring) you call voicemail or ring and it goes to voicemail, this is more evidence that you have been banned.

:three: Do blocked messages come when unblocked?

No. Those sent while blocked are gone. If you unblock them, you will receive anything when it is cleared, for the first time. The messages are not retained in a queue while blocked.

:four: Can you get blocked text messages back?

In general, Android phone owners can recover banned texts until they remove them from the block list. The steps are as follows. Choose the blocked message you would like to restore. Tap Inbox Restore.

:five: If he blocked me, can I see him online?

You can’t see the latest contact viewed or online in the chat window anymore. Learn more here. Learn more here. You observe no updates to a photo profile of a connection. Every message sent to a blocked connection will always show a check mark (message sent) and a second check mark will never appear (news delivered).

:six: Could SMS be blocked?

Tap the top three points of the screen and navigate Settings > Numbers and Messages > Numbers of blocks. Enter or choose the number from the Inbox or Contacts to be blocked, and then select the green + symbol to add the number to your block list.

:seven: Is there a text message, RoboKiller?

RoboKiller also gives you over 500 million known phone scams protection from its worldwide spammer database. RoboKiller also removes a large part of spam text. Normally, RoboKiller retails a three-year membership for $119.

:eight: How can I stop the messages of Vzwpix?

Open the default messaging app to block individual senders on Android devices. Tap the sender’s message you want to go to the block. Hit the vertical knocking points in the upper right corner. Select Contact Block.

:nine: How many messages can you send?

The maximum amount of messages when it comes to mass texting is typically not restricted. However, specific software may not transmit more than a few thousand text messages at once. This will aid in reminders of appointments or business texts. It’s still a lot more than group messages, however.

:keycap_ten: Why do I get a lot of spam?

Spam messages typically originate from unlawful email addresses and may include sexual or illegal information. These emails frequently utilize fearful techniques, including errors and false information, and are sent by an unknown sender in mass.

:large_blue_diamond: Conclusions

Although many people still rely on the good old text messaging services, even with the introduction of more popular messaging platforms. Therefore, it is irritating because blocking the notification message is active when you want to send a text message.

Many causes might arise for this particular notice. Your network may be poor, or your account balance may not be sufficient for sending a message. Another reason not to get a text message may be that your receiver has blocked your number. You can contact the person to discover whether he’s blocked you.

:pencil2: Related Articles

What is message blocking is active?

When message blocking is enabled, any message you send will not be received by the intended recipient. On your screen, you may simply see the phrase “free msg: unable to send message blocking is active.”

Why is message blocking active?

The following is a list of possible causes for the “message blocking is active” notification to appear.

  • Blocklist

Active notification popping up is one of the most typical causes of message blocking. It occurs when one or both of the sender and receiver are on each other’s blocked contacts lists. You could try to confirm this by calling each other and seeing if the call is successful. In some circumstances, parental controls may be enabled inadvertently.

  • Short Code issue

This appears to be the cause of the problem for a large number of T-Mobile customers. To solve this problem, you’ll need the help of skilled professionals.

  • Service Outage

Again, this is not your fault. Because of a lapse on the part of your service provider, the notification message blocking may be activated. You could try calling your respective customer support department to see whether your messaging services were put on hold inadvertently.

  • Premium Message excess

You may have chosen an option that prevents your phone from receiving or sending premium texts in this scenario. Even though just a few messaging apps use this feature, it is nevertheless a necessary component for them to function properly.

  • Unsuitable Plan

This occurs when your subscription plan does not cover texting services. To find out if you’ve picked the proper package, contact customer service. Even if messaging services are included in your current plan, your prepaid account may not have enough balance to send a message.

How to fix message blocking is active?

  • Check coverage

Examine your network’s coverage to see if it’s adequate. In the upper right-hand corner of your phone, this is usually displayed as a pictogram. You may be unable to call someone or send and receive text messages if the coverage is reported as None or you are unable to detect bars.

  • Check if your phone is active

Check if your phone is shown as Active in the device settings on your phone. You may be unable to make calls or send and receive text messages if you see a Suspended or Still Porting instead of Active.

  • Check if messages are included in your plan

To begin, make sure that the option Can Send/Receive Text Messages is activated on your account settings page. Because text messaging is not included in your premium plan, if that option is enabled, you’ll likely notice the message blocking is active notification.

  • Check if there’s enough storage

To send a text message, you’ll need at least 15% of your phone’s storage capacity free. Get rid of superfluous software, redundant documents, and old images to save up disc space.

  • Check if you’re using the right country code

If you’re crossing international boundaries, you may find that your messages are being blocked simply because you typed in the wrong country code. To figure out if you’re using the correct country code, all you have to do is do a quick Google search.

  • Try re-saving the contact

If the problem persists after you’ve tried all of the previous solutions, it could be related to a specific contact. You may have inadvertently entered the incorrect digit. As a result, delete the contact and re-save it with the correct digits.

  • Unblock

As previously said, you may be unable to send a message because the other person has blocked your contact or vice versa. So, go to your contacts and look at your blocked contacts list. If they’re on the list, unblock them. Request that the other person do the same. Verify that you’ve removed the receiver from the blocklist by calling it.

Blocking an unknown contact on your Android device:

To get more options, go to your Phone app and hit the More Options button. Go to Call History and select the call from the phone number you want to block. After you’ve made your selections, tap Block/Report Spam. The relevant contact will now be added to the list of blocked phones.

Unblocking a number on your Android device

To get more options, go to your Phone app and hit the More Options button. Blocked Numbers can be found by going to Settings and scrolling down to Blocked Numbers. Next to the contact you want to unblock, you’ll notice an Unblock option. To remove a contact from the blocklist, tap on it.

Block/Unblock a Contact on an iPhone

From your Home Screen or the App Library, select the Phone App. Block this Caller is an option that may be found at the bottom of the screen. To block an unknown contact, tap on it. In the same way, you can unblock a contact.

  • Enable premium access

It’s easy to see if you have premium access activated on your phone. Navigate to Settings and select App Management. You should notice a Messaging icon on your screen. Navigate all the way down to Special Access by tapping on it. Allowing Premium Access should be an option. If it hasn’t been turned on yet, do so now.

  • Text Content

Because of all the non-text elements being added to your message, there’s a chance you’re getting the “message blocking is active” error. If that’s the case, simply send a pure text message without any images, GIFs, emojis, or attachments to remedy the problem.


Even if you’ve switched from an iPhone to an Android smartphone, it’s possible that your phone number is still recorded as an iMessaging number. To remedy this issue, contact Apple’s customer service representatives.

  • Reset your phone

If all of the other options have failed, this is usually the last choice. Keep the power button pressed on your phone until it restarts. If your phone has a replaceable battery, try removing it and reinstalling it. If you can’t remove the battery, try removing the SIM card from the designated tray and replacing it.

Use Cases

  • Message blocking is active error in Gmail

This concern isn’t limited to text messaging services; it might also affect other forms of communication, such as Gmail. You may encounter the issue for a variety of reasons. Here are a few examples:

Inputting an incorrect email address

By accident, a dot was added to the end of the Email ID.

In the email, there was an error (spaces in between for instance)

Spam mail is constantly being sent.

Steps for resolution

Make sure the email address you’re using is accurate. Do not include a dot at the end of your email address.

The Google algorithm will recognize you if you collect personal information through spam mail. It’s possible that you’ll be labelled as malware, resulting in message blockage.
Send a message to a big group of individuals using Google Groups.

If none of the remedies work, you may have to resort to using the helpline services.

  • Message blocking is active message on Google Hangouts

In most, if not all, Google phones, Google Hangouts is the default messaging app. You have the option of sending a Hangout message or a normal SMS, but your recipient’s phone number must be linked to their Gmail account. Try some of the simple troubleshooting procedures we suggested earlier if you’re having problems. Check the cellular reception and Wi-Fi to see if they are both working properly.

  • Free message blocking is active notification on T-Mobile

T-Mobile customers appear to be the worst-affected out of all the service providers. If the device hasn’t been updated, they may view the message blocking as an active message or action prompt on the screen. It may also occur if you unintentionally surpass the character limit.

Solutions for message blocking in T-Mobile devices

For Android phones

Delete all data from the Messaging app’s cache.

Make sure you’ve typed the recipient’s phone number accurately.

Try uninstalling and then reinstalling your device’s messaging programme.

Access Point Names (APNs) should be restored to their default state.

For Apple phones

Restore the Network Settings to their default state.

Update your phone to the most recent version available.

Remove the SIM card and try it on a different smartphone to see whether the problem is with the network.

  • Message blocking is active error on iMessaging

iMessaging is the default messaging service on all Apple devices, just like Hangouts is the default messaging software on all Google phones. If your recipient is not an iMessaging subscriber or if you’ve mistakenly disabled iMessaging capabilities, texts can be delivered through the traditional SMS platform.

Performing a backup and restore on an iPhone

On your home page, go to Settings.

Go to General Settings, which may require some scrolling.

Swipe down until you find what you’re looking for.

Select Erase All Contents and Settings from the drop-down menu.

iCloud is a great way to back up your files and data.

When you click Erase Now, you may notice a dialogue box appear. It will take you to the first security checkpoint.

Click Erase iPhone after entering your password.

The second dialogue box displays after you re-enter your Apple ID password and confirm it. Once you’ve finished inputting the security information, the restart operation should begin shortly.

Remember that a factory reset will wipe off all of your personal data, including documents and third-party apps.

  • Message blocking is active error on Lycamobile

This problem does not appear to be limited to T-Mobile customers. Message blocking has also been mentioned as a problem for Lycamobile users. You may receive the message if your plans have ended prematurely or if you have failed to recharge your phone, as we previously stated.

Steps to resolve the error

Users have reported that shutting off Wi-Fi has remedied the problem, and messaging appears to be working again. Remove your Lycamobile SIM card from your phone and insert it into a different smartphone. If the issue was related to the SIM card in particular, this should solve it. Check to see if your Lycamobile text messaging service is connected to the most recent Lycamobile message center. You may check this by going to the Settings page and then to the Sending Profiles section.

  • How to fix message blocking is active on Metro PC’s?

Because your plan does not cover international calling, one of the most prevalent causes for message blocking on Metro PCs is that your plan does not include international calling (calls from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, or Australia). In such circumstances, upgrading your plan should assist.

What does Message Blocking Is Active Mean on Android & iPhone – Best Fixes?

The problem “free msg: unable to send message message blocking is active.” has been noticed by many users, and it can be annoying, especially when we need to send an urgent message. Because text messaging is such an important part of our daily lives, any problems with getting information over in a timely manner might be devastating.

What does message blocking is active mean?

On Android and iPhones, the “message blocking is active” error indicates that you have blocked the other person. When you get this error message, one of the first things to notice is that the receiver either has you on their block list or you have them on yours.

Service outage

The error message “free msg: unable to send message message blocking is active.” could indicate a service outage. So, before retrying, wait a few minutes or hours. It’s possible that your network provider is performing maintenance and has suspended the messaging service.

Short code issues

Another possibility, according to T-Mobile, is if the short code is incorrect. Short codes that were either inactive or wrong caused several “message blocking is active” errors. If you’re in the clear, the error is on T-end, Mobile’s and you’ll need to contact them so that their specialists can rectify the problem.

Text message app restrictions

The error “free msg: recipient unable to receive message - message blocking is active.” indicates that the receiver has communications from a certain set of people prohibited. Some messaging apps may not be able to communicate with your carrier in an efficient manner.

Data plan issues

You should also double-check the plan you’ve chosen. If you’re using a Data Only plan to send text messages, there’s a risk the message won’t get through and you’ll see this error message.

Check for premium message support

You should also make sure the provider to which you’re sending the message supports premium text messaging. We previously discussed not being able to send the message because your carrier doesn’t support a premium text messaging service; in this case, make sure the problem isn’t with the recipient.

How to fix and unblock “free msg: unable to send message – message blocking is active.” error issue on Android and iPhones?

You should attempt any of these alternative methods to resolve this problem message. In the comments, let us know which of these choices worked best for you.

How to unblock message blocking Fix 1: Check coverage

If a location’s coverage is marked as None, you won’t be able to send or receive texts or make or receive phone calls.

Fix 2: Is your phone active?

Check and confirm that your phone is Active on your account’s device settings page; if it’s displayed as Suspended or Still Porting, you won’t be able to send or receive text messages.

Fix 3: Are text messaged part of your plan?

This has already been mentioned. Check to see if the Can Send/Receive Text Messages feature is enabled in your account device settings page. If you haven’t already, enable this option.

Fix 4: What’s the country code?

If the issue occurred in a foreign text, a quick Google search of the country code will reveal whether you are using the correct one.

How to turn off message blocking Fix 5: Restart the process?

If the error “free msg: receiver unable to receive message - message blocking is active.” occurs on only one phone, the number may be problematic. It’s possible that it’s inaccurate. Retry by deleting and resaving the number.

Fix 6: Eject and Swap the SIMs

Change the SIM cards in your Samsung phone and try messaging with a different SIM card. If it works, the problem is most likely with the SIM. Check if your inability to send text messages is SIM-specific.

How to deactivate message blocking Fix 7: Unblock

If you’re still getting the “unable to send message — message blocking is active” problem, you can try asking the person who blocked you to unblock you. Call the number if you’re not sure if you’ve been blocked or not. If it doesn’t connect, it’s possible that you’ve been blocked or that the individual has blocked you.

How to unblock message blocking Fix 8: Text Content

Some users were able to get around this by only sending plain text in their communications. There’s a probability that all of the other non-plain-texts in the message contributed to this problem. Retry after removing all attachments, emojis, photographs, or graphics from the message.

Fix 9: Do A Complete Factory Reset

A complete factory reset of our gadget would be our last resort. To do this, go to Settings >> Reset >> Factory Data Reset >> input the information it asks for and perform a full factory reset of your phone to restore it to its default settings. If you do this, it should work, but I should caution you that it should only be used as a last resort.


What It Means And How To Fix?

It signifies that the person’s carrier has disabled all text messaging and they are unable to send or receive any texts. If that’s the case, make sure the person you’re texting has the ability to send and receive text messages enabled on their phone. It could be a general regulation or a disciplinary measure. This is something that just happened to me. Before you presume it’s on the other person’s phone, reboot your phone and call your carrier. Check to see if you have message blocking enabled.

What is message blocking is active?

When message blocking is enabled, all communications you try to send to the recipient are blocked. On the screen, you may notice “Free Message: Unable to Send Message, Blocking Active.” It can happen for a variety of reasons, but most of the time the sender or recipient is on a list of blocked contacts. Furthermore, T-Mobile customers frequently have this issue. In the following part, we’ll delve deeper into the causes.

Why is message blocking active?

Because there are current notifications, this is one of the most typical reasons for blocking communications. When the sender or recipient is on your blocked contact list, this happens. You can test this by contacting yourself and seeing whether or not the connection is successful. It may also mistakenly activate parental restrictions in some circumstances.

How to fix message blocking is active on Metro computers?

Your subscription does not allow international calls, which is one of the most common reasons message blocking is active on Metro PCs (calls to the US, Canada, UK, or Australia). In these situations, revising your plan should be beneficial.

If the problem is with the SIM card, it shouldn’t matter if you remove it and put it in another device. The only option may be to totally reset the network.

Check to see if your receiver has paid their bills on time. Even if you completed everything correctly, your message may not be received.

Request a new batch of smartphones or SIM cards from your nearest Metro PC information center. As you can see, this addresses the problem for a lot of people.


Check your device’s Message blocking feature, as well as parent controls and carrier allowances, to see whether they’re stopping you or your recipient from texting.

That message was sent to me through text from my girlfriend. They suspended her messaging because her bill was overdue, despite her wrongly claiming I had blocked her and being unhappy with me. Autopay was unable to process her payment since her address had changed.

Message Blocking is Active”

If you receive the “message blocking is active” error message on your smartphone after attempting to send a text message to your smartphone contacts, it will be extremely frustrating to resolve, especially if you have not recently changed your smartphone settings. This implies you won’t be able to send messages to the number shown as “Message Blocking Is Active.”

Regardless of the time, you attempt to send a text message to the contact number numerous times, but the network authority refuses to allow the message to be delivered. For the time being, we’ve looked into this error message and discovered some working solutions. The contents are hidden.

Can’t Send Text Messages on iPhone X – Unable to Send Message Blocking is Active

If you can’t send text messages on your iPhone X, make sure the text messaging feature is turned on. Simply go to your device’s settings. If you’re still unable to send a message and it says blocking is active, follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

If you’re having problems sending text messages or iMessages from your iPhone X, it’s most likely due to a software issue, which you should be able to resolve quickly.

The first step will be to figure out whether the issue is with I Message or normal text messaging:

Turn I Message off in Settings > Messages. Try sending a message after you’ve turned off I Message.

If the message is delivered,

Message blocking is active iphone: Simple Solutions

I believe that we, as ordinary people, are frequently perplexed by the fact that Message blocking is enabled on the iPhone. This is a mistake that we all make at some point in our lives. So here we are, with this blog, attempting to address this issue.

We also provide options for users of Android and iPhone. Text messages have been essential since the beginning of time. It has become well-known as a result of different messaging apps that have recently swept the globe. Some people still use text messaging apps as their primary mode of communication.

That is why it is a problem when the iPhone’s Message Blocking feature is turned on. And here we are, with the message blocking solution in place. Message blocking is enabled on the iPhone.
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Error 30004 “Message Delivery - Message blocked” when Sending SMS

When sending SMS, Error 30004 “Message Delivery - Message Blocked” occurs. If a message you sent is not delivered to the end device and a 30004 error code is returned, it signifies that delivery of your message was unsuccessful because the destination was blocked from receiving it.

Error 30004: “Undelivered” Messages

If your message is marked as “undelivered,” it signifies that Twilio’s attempt to send it to the carrier was unsuccessful. The following are some of the possible causes of error 30004 on “undelivered” messages:

A “Do Not Disturb” or “Do Not Call” list has been set up for the user, which prevents SMS from unknown senders. Due to a configuration issue, the user is unable to receive your SMS.


What does “message blocking is active” mean and the fix?

Are you trying to send an urgent text message but your carrier is telling you that “message blocking is active”?

Despite the fact that short texts have revolutionized how we interact on the go, concerns like not being able to communicate on the platform can be aggravating. In the event that you encounter the bug, there are workarounds available.

So, what does it imply when it says “message blocking is active”?

This error indicates that the text message could not be delivered to the intended recipient. It could be because you’re travelling in another nation or because the recipient has barred you.

T-message mobile’s blocking indicates that the shortcode is either inactive or wrong.

What does message blocking is active mean Android?

Many Android users have encountered the message blocking issue, which has resulted in the phrase “message blocking is active” being displayed many times.

When you need to send an urgent communication, it is really inconvenient. However, in order to resolve this issue, you must first understand what message blocking in your Android smartphone entails.

Text messages are an important tool for communicating with others. However, in order to fix this issue, you must first understand it and then investigate it. On the other hand, you can use your Android phone to prevent unsolicited messages. I’ve brought all of the relevant information with me.

Message filtering is enabled.


Have you ever received an Unable to Send Message?

Message Blocking is Active problem on an Android device while trying to send a text message? If you answered yes, you could assume that the receiver has blocked your contact, but this is not always the case.

There are a variety of different reasons why you might be unable to send a text message. But don’t panic, this is a common problem among Android users.

Make sure you’re sending plain text material to a valid phone number and that your phone’s signal is strong. If you still can’t send a message after checking these things, you can use the Android Data Eraser Tool to factory reset your phone. Well, it’s unavoidable.